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Syrian child

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15 comments on “Daily Review 19/08/2016”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Is greed good? No, it’s seriously bad for your wealth

    The opposing views of the priests, and of the founding fathers of free-market capitalism, are clear enough. God and Mammon have often been in conflict. But now, armed with the tools of behavioural finance, which applies behavioural psychology to finance, it is possible to choose between the two. And fresh international research, produced under the auspices of State Street’s centre for applied research, suggests that greed is not good after all. In fact, avarice can be seriously bad for our wealth.

    More research showing that capitalism is an absolute failure.

  2. b waghorn 2

    hay god , why did you let someone do that to the little boy in the photo?

    • Anne 2.1

      It transpires his physical injuries were minor but the poor little fellow’s psychological injuries long term? That could be a different story. He is now the face of the countless thousands of little boys and girls hurt/maimed and killed in the Middle East. It would be nice to think it might be a turning point but it won’t.

    • joe90 2.2

      obligatory fry

    • My reaction to the photo is that my blood began to boil and I wanted to smash and destroy the people that hurt him and instead I just had a cry for that little wee man – so fucked that a young child has to go through this shit and it is happening all over the world.

      but that is just me – you waggy thought it was worth having a dig at those who believe in God – bit fucked up that too eh.

  3. The Fairy Godmother 3

    Paul de Jonge and Victoria Yao who run the Auckland night markets have decided no political stalls or religious stalls. This is not on their website but is a new edict. I think this anti political stuff is another nail in the coffin of our democracy. Awful that corporate types like this can have such influence. Also housing nz say tenants can’t have political hoardings on the properties as they have to be politically neutral. Scary stuff.

    • alwyn 3.1

      Can I assume that you will feel equally strongly about a Green MPs suggestion that picketing and protests outside an abortion clinic should be banned?
      Are we only allowed to protest about things that the controlling authority disapproves of? If they are in favour of the activity protests will be banned,

      • The Fairy Godmother 3.1.1

        False equivalence Alwyn. Picketing abortion clinics is more like picketing John Key’s house. You are intruding in people’s private lives. Markets are in the public domain and if we ban parts of public life and thought from them we are shutting down debate and ithinkdemocracy.

        • alwyn

          Your comparison of an Abortion Clinic to a private home is ridiculous.
          A much better example would be to a bank or some other such business.
          Unfortunately, just as we must tolerate the crass idiots who picket Abortion Clinics we have to allow the Green supporting imbeciles who picketed the ANZ Bank recently.
          We cannot claim to support freedom of speech but then only support it for things we are in favour of.
          Where do you stand? Do you follow the statement credited to Voltaire, but actually written by Beatrice Evelyn Hall, that “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” or are you selective in your support?

  4. mosa 4

    Our problems pale into insignificance when compared to this nasty preventable Syrian holocaust that is harming and killing little children like this that are just like our children here and dont deserve this hell being inflicted on them and can never understand why there is noise ,pain, blood and horrendous injuries and fear in their parents eyes.
    They just want too play and not be frightened or be woken in the middle of the night as their house is bombed and have too leave the place they know and travel hundreds of miles not knowing where they are going and how long it will take.
    The only option if they can is too escape.
    As a parent i just cant imagine what it must be like to see your own children suffer like this and not being able too stop it.

    • Garibaldi 4.1

      Guess what mosa …. all wars are preventable. The West has a lot to answer for in its disingenuous spreading of “Democracy” in the Middle East since WW1. We cannot claim we are innocent bystanders and we basically deserve all the meagre responses ( otherwise called “terrorism”) we get from these people who have been subjected to “Pax Americana ‘.

  5. Instauration 5

    Looks like an unfortunate but “unremarkable” kid from Sana’a
    The civilian toll of Saudi aggression in Yemen appears “unremarkable”

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