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IRaqi surgeon came by boat

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25 comments on “Daily Review 21/06/2016”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    Great news! Market theory will now apply to everyone. Well, the inmates of Auckland, at any rate.

    Watch in amazement as the rats desert the ship.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.1

      Auckland motorists will need to start paying motorway tolls in the next few years if the city is to avoid gridlock, the Government says.

      It seems that everyone except the National Party and a lot of their supporters already knew that which is why we’ve been pushing for good public transport for the last 50+ years. The fuckwit politicians kept telling us that we wanted cars though.

      Tolling the motorways would require a law change, and despite lobbying from Auckland Council the National Government had remained “lukewarm” on the issue, Prime Minister John Key told reporters as recently as January.

      Yeah, that would be because their donors make large profits from the uneconomic use of cars and trucks. Kill the car and those profits drop to very, very little.

      However Transport Minister Simon Bridges said on Tuesday the ATAP project was finding that embracing intelligent transport systems early meant Auckland could make the most of any future benefits from connected and shared vehicles.

      That would have been the case if we’d put them in back in the 1920s.

      “As demand increases, the productivity of the existing network needs to improve.”

      The problem that roads have is that it’s physically limited (this is true of the entire economy) which means that throwing more cars at it reduces its productivity. Doing the opposite and using more buses would increase its productivity but even that’s limited by the physical nature of roads.

      Adding good trains, preferably subway, right across Auckland is about the only thing that would get our transport system working now.

      • jcuknz 1.1.1

        Or a Sky-way as Vancouver did stretching across the suburbs on stilts.

        Else as if you must have roads liked in the states where double lane roads piggy-back on each other through a canyon…. each one taking traffic in the opposite direction to the other.

        Both I imagine cheaper than tunnelling.

  2. Sorry for forgetting to let you all know, but yesterday was Pee on the Earth day;
    I hope you all gave generously, and didn’t have to employ the old excuse, “I gave at the office”. I know I gave weely freely.

    • mauī 2.1

      My one concern is that I thought pee also contained toxins expelled from the body. So I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to be peeing on plants that you end up eating. Probably just me thinking that though.

      • Richardrawshark 2.1.1

        Lemon tree’s like the high nitrogen content I heard.

      • Relax and let it flow, mauī, pee is good for the soil and good for plants. You’d have to be fully-medicated up before your pee could be of concern. If it worries you, pee below your ornamental plants and watch them flourish from the extra nitrogen. Try this party trick; place a bale of straw in the garden and invite your guests to use that as their preferential peeing place. In the morning, spread your pee-straw around your roses 🙂

  3. Nick 3

    ShonKey has his stock reply…. I have no idea, wasn’t briefed, don’t know, ….. He makes me vomit he’s so unaware of basically anything.

    • Greg 3.1

      And tax havens, though they were his stock in trade when he ran Myrille Lynch in Ireland.
      With the catch phrase, ‘we want to make NZ the financial hub of the South Pacific,’
      just dont mention tax haven.

      Irve said,it before, history will make John Key the new face for Guy Fawkes celebrations.

    • Richardrawshark 3.2

      I am pretty sure his next performance review is going to wake the silly Clown out of his narcissistic pleasure cruise.

  4. Greg 4

    And is anyone reading the body count of ISIS casualties in the Iraqi assault.
    It seems incredibly low considering reported authentic captured recruitment documents claimed ISIS had 20k Saudi Nationals in their force, and where’s all the captured Humvee’s when ISIS overran Ramadi and Fallujah ?

    Key is cheering the current Iraqi successes, are they just fighting a rearguard?

    • Stuart Munro 4.1

      ISIS is somewhat elastic – when it was expanding it rapidly drew new members, now that it’s not some will return home. The lads sign up to beat the forces of evil in the mother of all battles, not to wear Assad’s or Putin’s ordnance.

  5. NZJester 5

    I see the Wolf-Pac in the US has notched up another state in their quest to try and get money out of politics there with an amendment in their constitution . They want to reverse the Citizens United ruling of their courts and get the US real democracy back.

    We need to try and get money out of politics here also. National has found so many ways around the reporting of donations over a certain amount that the anonymous donations rules here are a joke. Our democracy is being brought by big business just like in the US.

    • Wayne 5.1

      What ways are those? If you going to make such an assertion you need to point to at at least something to back it up.
      National has around 30,000 members, probably 5 times more than the next largest party. That is the main reason it does well.

      • Stuart Munro 5.1.1

        The systematic corruption of cabinet club together with stolen assets give the Gnats a huge warchest – an antidemocratic object that any honest party would be obliged to eschew.

        Gnats ‘do well’ because they cheat and steal – they do well at the public expense without contributing to the common good. NZ has, under their vile and ineffectual leadership, run up record debt and record poverty without increasing productivity, improving environmental or representative outcomes. It is fair to state that the Gnats are an unmitigated disgrace that no first world democracy should tolerate for a moment.

        Clean up your act Wayne, you shabby, filthy, corrupt little trougher.

      • reason 5.1.2

        If people click on and watch “The Hollow men”, you will be informed of some of the “trusts” that national uses, and how they cheated the money rules with the exclusive Brethrens.

        Wayne was there but may be unaware of Nationals sneaky cheating …..as he was busy fueling racism under Brashs election strategy .

  6. Pasupial 6

    A recipe for disaster:

    • Principals would determine the split between cash and credit, with the flexibility to make adjustments during the year.

    • Unspent credit would be paid out at the end of the year and a process for recovering credit overspends would be established.

    • Teaching staff salaries would be charged against the “credit” portion at an average rate.

    • Non-teaching staff salaries would be charged against the “credit” portion at actual cost.


    So Principals will be rewarded for having a lack of principles if they; designate teachers work as nonteaching, employ unqualified staff, pay below union rates, pocket the difference.

    This is not Bulk Funding mind you, this is; “Global Budgeting”.

    • ianmac 6.1

      “Night time s not night time,” stated Parata. “This is just a time when it is not sunny,” she claimed without a tremor or a moment of doubt. “Henceforth there will be no mention of the N…….. word.”

  7. ianmac 7

    John Key’s best friend?
    “Q&A exposed one of the Prime Minister’s biggest problems: Mr Turnbull can’t seem to talk in a straight line.

    Many of Mr Turnbull’s answers last night began with “well, I, when, uh, can I just say …”
    Meandering from topics and introducing new arguments mid-sentence saw Mr Turnbull bring up former treasurer Peter Costello’s budget record in a question about a 2020-21 return to surplus, clearly distracting from the point.

    Stumbling over words in a clumsily formed answer has allowed the Opposition to seize on one of Mr Turnbull’s unintended statements today. ….”

    Luckily our PM gives straight unequivocal honest answers. Phew!

  8. Pat 8

    “The Panama Papers have once more driven home the point that shell companies associated with offshore secrecy providers play an outsized role in the real estate markets of some world cities,” argues Zinnbauer.


    • mauī 9.1

      Beat me to it! Posted the same thing. After taking down the Liz Gunn piece the media in the end decides to cover the Hosking dissent.

      • Richardrawshark 9.1.1

        Man I pray “HOSKING OUT”, I so want to see his face when the petitions handed in, I can almost hear him screaming from wherever the Hosk poses,

        “WHAT , what do you mean Kate, a petition?, what’s that leftie nonsense.?”

  9. Richardrawshark 10

    Bloody bad news for the government popping out all the time now, pains my heart after 8 years of she’ll be right and rock star economy crap.


    Home building, the truth, and from the respected, cough, Herald.

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