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44 comments on “Daily Review 26/02/2018”

  1. Ad 1

    Time to strengthen our fundamental rights as New Zealand citizens?


    Nice move by Ministers Parker and Little: get closer to really embedding the Bill of Rights Act and give the higher courts real heft in pushing back dumb law, while at the same time sustaining parliamentary sovereignty:


    With all Coalition partners and Act supporting it, its up to National to show they support this strengthening of legal accountability to our fundamental civil rights.

    Resounding yes.

    We watched for 9 years as the National government routinely stamped over BORA legislative riders. Love to see the National leadership contenders position on this initiative now.

    Four months of the Labour-led government, another fundamental job on its way to resolution.

    • Macro 1.1

      Let’s hope that the BORA gets some teeth this time, and is not used as a doormat for monied interests to wipe their feet on.

  2. Ed 2

    Professor Brady exposed China’s secret influence in NZ.
    Then her house was burgled and her hard drives removed.
    Then Stephen Jacobi writes an article attacking her.

    Sounds like she is on to something.
    Which brave msm journalist will investigate?

    • Monty 2.1

      Can you put links to the articles. So people can read and make an informed view on what you say.

    • Cinny 2.2

      Is it this the article from the Herald?


      Stephen Jacobi is the executive director of the New Zealand China Council.

      • Monty 2.2.1

        Thanks for the link.

        Read the article and while he disagrees on some points, he has agreed that the professor was correct on others.

        I hardly see this as an article attacking her.

        She has put out a piece based on her research and opinion and he has responded based on his opinion and I assume working knowledge in this area.

        Both are entitled to an opinion and in my view it was not an attack on her.

        What is disturbing and really concerning is that burglary of the professors house it could be coincidence and really bad timing but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and some lingering doubts that it was deliberate. If was deliberate then that raise some serious national security questions.

        Just my opinion though.

  3. Cinny 3

    Who do you think will win the national party leadership tomorrow?

    I’m guessing amy adams

    Still laughing hard about the selection, what a choice, LMFAO !!!

    • Monty 3.1

      I personally believe they need to get rid of the old guard. See what a fresh start and new faces can bring to National.

      Joyce and Collins have had their time.

      Mitchell would be a terrible choice. His time in a private security company is not suitable in my opinion for office.

      That leaves Bridges and Adams.

      As I know very little of Adams which given her time in parliament means she hasn’t stood out.

      I am left with Bridges.

      If he does get it I hope he cleans house so to speak and removes some of the toxic past from parliament.

      • BM 3.1.1

        Simon Bridges = David Cunliffe.

        I can’t believe that you actually rate the man.

        • Cinny

          Who is your pick BM?

          • BM

            Prefer Collins, she’s the anti-Ardern.

            Will be disappointed when they pick the dour Amy Adams, I guess they don’t call National the conservatives for nothing.

            • Robert Guyton

              Yes, I see, BM. Jacinda Ardern’s hugely popular for her approach to issues and her style of leadership, helped along by her youthful appearance and ability to connect with young people everywhere. Putting up someone who is “anti-Ardern” would be a masterstroke from the National strategists!
              All the best!

              • BM

                Ardern gives me the shits, I find her I’m so nice and wholesome schtick nauseating.

                • McFlock

                  Nauseated and with the shits?

                  Are you sure it’s Ardern? Somebody might be sprinkling holy water or garlic on your food…

                • mpledger

                  It says something about you that you find someone who is nice and wholesome disturbing.

                  • BM

                    She’s supposed to be the PM, not a character in the Brady Bunch.

                    • fender

                      A PM isn’t supposed to be like one of the villains in one of those shit fantasies you have been harbouring BM 😉

                      It’s refreshing to have a genuinely nice person as PM, especially after what we’ve had to endure lately: cringeworthy.

                    • Tamati Tautuhi

                      Politics is all showmanship these days, people do not have the ability to think and understand policy and the potential ramifications for the country. At least the “lipstick on a pig” woman shows some compassion compared to those arrogant little blighters in the National Party.

                      Don’t actually rate any of the National Party Leadership Candidates, which is a sad reflection of the quality of the people in the National Party ?

                    • McFlock

                      Wasn’t one of Key’s strengths that he had the image that people would like to have a beer with?

                      Some people enjoy spending time with nice people, too.

          • Robert Guyton

            My (unasked-for) pick, Cinny – Todd Barclay – look, the guy made a simple mistake . Let’s move on. If not Todd, then Aaron Gilmore. Forgive and forget, I say.

            • mac1

              I like the ‘forget’ bit. 🙂

            • Son of Don

              Still haven’t got over your mate Ruby getting the flick have you Robert? Is Cindy your surrogate replacement?

            • Tamati Tautuhi

              JK was the Master, sucking on a Steinlager with Ritchie McCaw at a BBQ, everyone wanted to be JK’s mate, a fair dinkum Kiwi Bloke and the Remuera housewives thought he was a bit of alright, successful Merchant Banker.

              Even Mike Hoskings fell madly in love with the guy.

            • Cinny

              ROFL !!!!!!! re todd barclay

              Wonder if Glenys Dickson is allowed to speak openly now that both bill and todd have gone?

            • ropata

              What happened to Hekia Parata?

        • millsy

          I thought Collins would be more the Cunliffe candidate — ie backed by the base.

      • alwyn 3.1.2

        “Joyce and Collins have had their time”.
        In terms of “had their time” can you explain how long you think that time is?
        After all Ardern has been in Parliament for the same length of time as Joyce.
        As has Grant Robertson and Phil Twyford.
        And lots and lots of others.
        So if Joyce’s time is up so is their’s. I am quite happy about Twyford of course. The man is an idiot.
        Robertson and Ardern may, when they get a bit more experience, have something to contribute. At the moment they are way out of their depth.
        Joyce, on the other hand, has already demonstrated a great deal of ability and is just about to enter his prime years.

        • Monty

          In my opinion without researching the facts in great detail.

          I believe Joyce is tainted from the failed election campaign and some of his statements during that time.

          I maybe wrong I just think the public won’t warm to him and will remember the negative aspects from the previous govt and associate those points to Collins and Joyce meaning they will be starting from the back foot.

          The public (voters) can be very fickle in nature and base voting based on what they like at the time and hopefully what is required for the country.

          For example if National came out with a policy that provided free breakfast and lunch for all state school children giving them a chance to be feed and learn in a safe environment I would consider changing my vote but it would also depend on the other policies on offer, one policy does not make a government.

          As I said just my humble opinion

          • Cinny

            With you re joyce and election campaign Monty.

            I almost feel sorry for the nat’s with their lack of options for the leadership, almost, yeah nah… I can’t stop laughing

    • weka 3.2

      Stephanie Rodgers,

      Claire Trevett at the Herald has a piece up examining the five National Party leadership candidates’ views and voting records on various social issues. It’s interesting reading. And the conclusion I draw is that whoever’s on top when the dust settles will take the party screaming back into good old-fashioned conservatism.


      • Psycho Milt 3.2.1

        Fuck, that was interesting. I had assumed Adams at least might be at the less-conservative end of what Stephanie Rodgers wonderfully calls the “daddy state,” but nope – staid conservatives all. If they were at least competent to run a country without writing off a quarter of the population, that would be something – but instead, we get incompetent, punitive, illiberal and just so fucking dull. Judith Collins fancies herself as a cut above the others in terms of personality, but Richard Pryor’s phrase “How come you whiteys got such a tight ass, man?” could have been written for any of them.

    • McFlock 3.3

      I can’t figure out whether the worst opponent from labgrn perspective would be a pale, translucent clone of Ardern, a yapping puppy, or Francisca Urquhart.

      I actually think mark the merc might be the worst option from a progressive point of view – low public profile, seems amiable, has a reasonable veneer.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 3.4

      I think JC, but it will be a political car crash. JA will show her up by just being her sweet self.

    • JC 3.5

      Adams has some real baggage in the closet that needs further investigation re her involvement with ECAN, and conflict of interest with Central PLains water, and her vast land holdings in the area most benefitted by the scheme.

      This old post here is damming reading. That if followed up should eliminate her, and the party from ever being allowed to govern again!


      “The Central Plains Water scheme would not have been viable if the National government had not passed the ECan bill in 2010. The value of land with access to water for irrigation is greater than land which does not. Adams owns a large amount of land which is within the CPW water scheme, and also owns shares in the scheme itself. It is difficult not to conclude that the actions of this government, including Adams and Carter, have benefitted their farming portfolios.”

      • Tamati Tautuhi 3.5.1

        So she has been “milking the cow” ?

        • JC

          New Zealand: Polluted Paradise (Part 2)

          ” Al Jazeera team examines disturbing allegations of undue political interference in the irrigation scheme at a national level. The episode also looks into the circumstances of the central government’s highly controversial 2010 sacking of anti-irrigation scheme councillors from a regional authority in Canterbury in New Zealand’s South Island and their replacement with non-elected officials.”

      • Keepcalmcarryon 3.5.2

        So an entirely fit leader for the National party.

      • Cinny 3.5.3

        Thanks for the link JC, I knew she had farming interests but dang I didn’t know about that, greedy dodgy dirty amy.

  4. greywarshark 4

    Guardian article from Neal Lawson on how Brit Labour is still altering the surveyors pegs every time they go to the polls so that they can depose Greens candidates – never the twain shall meet apparently.

    Challenging this monopoly socialism has never been more necessary. Jeremy Corbyn would now be prime minister if Labour had given even an inch to the idea of a progressive alliance last June. In over 60 Tory seats the progressive vote was bigger than the regressive vote – but division on the left meant that purity was preferred to power. While Labour cleaves to the myth of one more heave, the reality is that such an alliance is likely to be needed again…

    During the last election many Greens reached out and backed Labour and looked for solidarity in return. As Green candidates stood aside and Green, Liberal Democrat and Labour supporters voted tactically, they saw something bigger than their single-party interest.

    Some in Labour reciprocated, but others were punished for doing so. In South West Surrey, three Labour members who backed a National Health Action party candidate were expelled from the party..

  5. Andrea 5

    I agree with the moves to get more plastic out of the ecosystems.

    Unfortunately it comes at the same time as the daily newspapers are going into decline and the weekly local rags are disappearing.

    Just what are we to wrap the rubbish in now? And what are we to put it in?

    For people without compost heaps and worm farmlets – what are we to do with the spud peelings from week to week?

    Wonder what new fees the councils will come up with to cover this issue…

    • Brigid 5.1

      Throw them on the lawn.

    • Whispering Kate 5.2

      My dear old Mum used to go out into her back garden (or front garden) each evening and dig a small hole among her plants and bury her food scraps for the day, she plotted where she had dug them in and systematically got around the garden. Her garden was not big but it did the job. She didn’t need to buy plant food in, she had a ongoing supply of it. I realise this will not help people in apartments but most have food wastes built into the kitchen bench. There is always a way if you have the will to think it out.

      We do not want plastic bags in our environment and its well past time we got rid of them. This Government just has to find the will to legislate for it.

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