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Australia refugee pedophile priest


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21 comments on “Daily Review 26/02/2016”

  1. mickysavage 1

    The internet is a strange place …

  2. Paul 3

    CVs outstanding post on the Death Economy really raised the level of discussion on this site.
    Other suggested topics
    Abrupt Environmental collapse
    Ukraine – the truth
    Syria – not what the western propaganda machine is saying
    Species extinction
    The end of white gold and the sale of NZ farms to overseas interests.
    The case for the arrest and trial of Roger Douglas

    • mickysavage 3.1

      Get writing! Guest posts welcome.

    • AmaKiwi 3.2

      I would be keen to see a post on Syria. I know what the western propaganda machine and RT news are saying. I’d appreciate another perspective.

      P.S. I agree. Colonial Viper did an excellent piece.

    • Smilin 3.3

      Nice you mention Roger Douglas the man who rogered the low paid back in 1984 about $400 extra in tax before Xmas that year
      Definitely needs to be tried for extortion and well take your pick .

    • Murray Simmonds 3.4

      Some interesting stuff on Zero Hedge this morning.

      Tyler Durden’s article on PEAK STUPIDITY is a must read if you believe (as I do) that the next GFC is getting closer by the day.

      And this article is very interesting:


      Take a good look at the graph showing IMF predictions of global GDP over the last few years. (I tried to paste it here but I can’t).

      Makes you wonder just who the IMF is “working” for. (Certainly not the “person in the street”, given their propensity to overestimate GDP; or as some would say, “given their propensity to fudge the figures”).

  3. mickysavage 4

    Mhiari Black eviscerates the UK conservatives. Dang she is good.

    • ianmac 4.1

      Wow again Micky. Where is our Mhiari? Know any politician here when faced with an issue instead talks about something else?
      Wish I could attend one of the TPPA Roadshows and see if “they” can get away with it!

      • mickysavage 4.1.1

        Good question. My personal view is that Carmel Sepuloni is our local version. She just needs a bit of help and guidance.

        • weka

          Any chance that vid could go up as a Notices and Features? Might be good to talk about NZ in context of that, including Sepuloni and others that could do with support and attention.

      • Draco T Bastard 4.1.2

        Know any politician here when faced with an issue instead talks about something else?

        All of them.

        There was a documentary done back in the 1995 called Spin and that advice was repeated time and time again. Watch any politician when they’re asked a difficult question and they will divert. It’s how they’ve been trained.

  4. Anne 5

    I have watched to episodes of the Daily Blog’s ‘Waatea 5th Estate’ (7pm – 7:30pm ) twice now and I recommend it to Standardistas. It’s a vast improvement on those 3rd rate crappy shows ‘Seven Sharp’ and ‘Story’.

    Tonight’s guests were:
    David Slack, Efeso Collins (City Councillor) and Claudette Hauti. Remember her? She was a National Party List MP for about 18mths before she was forced to resign because she had wrongly used her MP’s credit card. I had the impression at the time that she was given the card and nobody bothered to tell her what she could and couldn’t use it for and of course the inevitable happened. During a discussion on Don Brash’s latest racist slur, Claudette told a story about Murray McCully. She only saw him at caucus twice the whole time she was an MP and on one of those occasions she smiled and said hello to him. He looked straight through her as if she didn’t exist and walked away. She assumes he thought she was the tea lady or some such thing.

    The gross entitlement attitude of the National Party for you.

  5. joe90 7

    Come home George.

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