Deja vu: alle par dejeuner

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Reading Hager’s observations in his select committee testimony got me thinking.

That big business lobby which used to sit behind Dr Brash now sits behind Mr Key.

I’m sure McCully has explained to those monied types that National has to be careful about how to describe the true policy agenda. But Mr Key and his colleagues (English and Ryall etc) have, in recent weeks, gone to some lengths to show those business groups that they should keep donating the money flowing in, as assets will be up on the block under the Nats.

But i predict you’ll see them try and back away from all those words now, as they try and soothe the public that they’re just throwing some ideas around – it’s all very tame.

And who does that two faced messaging remind you of? Well see if you spot any similarities here (from the last election):


9 comments on “Deja vu: alle par dejeuner”

  1. Here’s an idea: if you’re going to try a French title, make sure you don’t just pull a few words out of a dictionary.

  2. Robinson 2

    IP – you’re versed in the language of love? I mean you?! Talk dirty to me bigboy…

  3. Monty 3

    Nicky Hagar – wasn’t he the guy who wrote about corngate? Certainly Clark thought that book was not fit for toilet paper – why the change?

  4. all_your_base 4

    Help us out Ä­nçêlënte prÄ©kè.

  5. burt 5

    Good post

    National Bad – Labour Good.

  6. Robinson 6

    Burt – that’s just dumb. Why don’t you fuck off back to kiwiblog and leave the adults to talk…

  7. Geez burt, Robinson gets touchy when someone else plays his little game eh. You’d almost think that he had patented trolling!

  8. Robinson 8

    Bro – I’ve got several trolling patents waiting approval but thank you for backing me up on the fact Burt is a troll (he got shirty about beings described as such on another thread) perhaps he’ll listen to a fellow rightie.

  9. Cheers bro! I was hoping you’d refer to me as a troll too – you know, pots, kettles and all that!

    Have a nice day!

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