Don’t ask directions from Colin

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Needed a laugh. Luckily, C Espiner always delivers:

“The amount of time Key has put into Asia – and China in particular – is staggering. While his predecessor was fond of visiting Europe, Key has virtually snubbed the northern hemisphere since he has been prime minister.”

Ah, yes, Asia. That great Southern Hemisphere continent. Right next to Terra Australis, isn’t it? And China. People often think half of it’s actually at the same latitudes as Europe. But those people are anti-Key idiots.

I bet Espiner’s also substantively wrong. Bet Key spends most time in the US – Hawaii. But I can’t be bothered checking.

14 comments on “Don’t ask directions from Colin”

  1. deWithiel 1

    Is China in same hemisphere as ‘tax cuts north of $50 a week’? I understand from relatively non-partisan sources (not Mr Espiner) that Hawai’i is also in the northern hemisphere, possibly next to the tax cuts because you have to be rich to get there and them.

  2. Tigger 2

    Superb Z!

    By the way Colin, your spin really needs to be buried better. Clark was ‘fond of visiting Europe’ (screaming she was merely a tourist who enjoyed the trips) while Key puts a ‘staggering’ amount of time into China (screaming he’s a workhorse who travels because it’s part of his job)?

  3. ghostwhowalksnz 3

    If you get to the end of the story he asking for a vote for his blog for netguide ?

  4. TePunga 4

    Colin, have you been to Hawai’i recently ? It’s pretty ‘Asian’, in many ways.

    Then there the matter of polynesian genomes including mitochondrial DNA from SE Asian peoples and originating in pre-Han Taiwan.

    Asia ? You are standing in it.

  5. cough cough 5

    boringly pedantic but why worry about important issues such as Labour imploding

  6. tc 6

    cough cough has a point…. putting any weight on what Espiner produces (both of ’em) has about as much merit as that great sideshow cycleway that’s gonna solve all our employment woes.

  7. ghostwhowalksnz 7

    Looks like Key has been worrying about old titles – again
    The use of Rt Hon titles will be resurrected. All because Key has pushed for this
    The Queen doesnt come up with these things without ‘advice ‘ from the PM.
    Technically the Rt Hon title coming from membership of the Privy Council lapses on the sovereigns death but Key will have it for the rest oh his life, since he will certainly outlive the Queen.

    How surprising that he wants all this old world stuff

    • Tigger 7.1

      Not that surprising when you look at what drives him. He constantly seeks reassurance or recognition – especially from authority figures or the ‘majority’. Key loves baubles that indicate he has that he has pleased someone he perceives as powerful. It’s also why he is an incredibly weak leader. He isn’t in control, his ego is.

      All seems a like a giant waste of time to me. So Mr Key, how are we going to catch up to Australia exactly?

      • Bored 7.1.1


        Last time I lived in Oz I went river fishing and got hassled by the numerous venomous snakes, where ever you sit in Oz ants climb up you, and something else lethal tries to bite you. At the beach there are sharks in the water and on the land behind you. The sun is too hot, they are running out of water, and they play league and some other ridiculous code. What, I repeat what, is there to catch up to in Oz?????????

  8. tc 8

    Tigger the only way we’ll catch Oz under NACT is to move there and pretend you’re still here……that’s the kind of step change this govt’s creating, step across the ditch for good.

    Muldoon would be proud of his ideological proteges but at the same time apalled at their lack of ability in the house and general stupidity in key portfolios but with our MSM they don’t matter anymore as it’s oh look the PM made a funny everyone….awww cute.

  9. erm 9

    Is this the same ‘Asia’ where Helen signed the first free trade agreement with China, as well as one with Singapore (and others late afternoon memory fail) and instigated talks with Korea and Japan?

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