Doofus of the week – April 28, 2018

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Politically it was a quieter week this week.  Parliament not sitting does this.  And the Labour-Green-NZ First Government announced a new fully funded Auckland Transport Alignment Project and hogged the limelight.  National tried to claim that it would have done all this and more anyway.  I hope they have spare sets of pants as the ones they are wearing must have combusted by now.

But there was an outstanding example of stupidity from a politician that really attracted my attention.  It involved the gross plaigarism of some ACT social media.  To plaigarise David Seymour’s stuff you have to be rather desperate.  To do a copy and paste and not change (almost) anything you have to be crazy.

So Matt King, National MP for Northland and the owner of a twitter account that has 131 followers and the tweeter of a total of 41 tweets, you are this week’s doofus of the week.

23 comments on “Doofus of the week – April 28, 2018”

  1. Cinny 1

    copy/paste…thesaurus…..job done… wonder if matt has been issued with the national party thesaurus of propaganda yet?

    Broke the news to mum that seymour will be on dancing with the stars, the look on her face was priceless 🙂

    Dancing is therapy for the soul. No matter what happens, good on seymour for giving it a go.

  2. What about Jack McDoofus?

    A Green Party staffer says Kennedy Graham’s presence at a National Party event proves the former Green MP was never a good fit for the party.

    Jack McDonald, a former candidate, campaigner for co-leader Marama Davidson, and current Parliamentary staffer, wrote a post on an internal Green Party Facebook group saying Graham’s planned attendance at a BlueGreens conference on Saturday proved excluding him from the list was the right decision.

    “Kennedy Graham is speaking at the BlueGreens forum in Canterbury this weekend. … No wonder he sabotaged us and Metiria [Turei] when it mattered most,” McDonald wrote.

    “In the context of Kennedy still apparently having many supporters in the Party who were upset he wasn’t allowed back on the list, we need to make sure there isn’t the ability for this to happen in the future and prevent the election of Green MPs whose politics are incompatible with fundamental Green kaupapa.”

    “We all need to work on bringing together the party and reaching out to those who disagree, but there also needs to be a line in the sand, and for me, Kennedy represents it.”

    Blaming Graham for Turei’s self destruction (and near destruction of the Greens in Parliament) is worse than doofusness.

    Dumping on a three term MP who was respected for his cross-party work on climate change seems incompatible with fundamental Green kaupapa to me, unless it has switched to arrogance and intolerance of different views.

    If we are to get enduring climate change policies in place it will require broad agreement across the parties. something Graham understood but a line McDonald seems unwilling to cross. That puts the Green party future at risk.

    • Sabine 2.1

      Oh dear, let me fix this for you.

      Not having any viable coalition partners puts the National party future at risk.

      There, see? And i used less words.

      • Pete George 2.1.1

        The risk of not being in Parliament in the future is even less words.

        Turei nearly achieved that for the Greens, and McDonald’s divisive attitude will increase that risk.

        National will almost certainly come back again at some time in the future. Greens risk self inflicted oblivion.

        • KJT

          Another self righteous twot who has no compassion for the impossible situation people on social insurance, welfare are put into by the decisions of successive Governments to keep parents in poverty.
          Turei did a good thing.
          The Pete Georges of this world do not like having their fundamental mean spirited small minds, exposed, however.
          Where was the condemnation of English’s accommodation allowance. If I did that to my employer, I would be in court.
          But. He was not a Brown solo mum. Something which seems to bring out the worst in angry white men.

          • Pete George

            “Another self righteous twot who has no compassion for the impossible situation people on social insurance, welfare are put into by the decisions of successive Governments to keep parents in poverty.”

            Are you referring to Kennedy Graham? He stood on a principle that a party seeking a place in Government shouldn’t advocate or support breaking the law,

            “Turei did a good thing.”

            That’s debatable. What she did wasn’t good for her political career. It nearly sunk the Greens, cut their caucus from 14 to 8 MPS, and severely affected Green Party finances.

            “Where was the condemnation of English’s accommodation allowance.”

            There was a lot of condemnation at the time – it 9 years ago, in 2009, and i recall Greens being taken to task for their housing arrangements to, but I don’t know what relevance either has here.

            “If I did that to my employer, I would be in court.”

            I’m not aware of anything illegal being determined. Are you?

            I note that you are not condemning Turei for illegally claiming benefits.

            • KJT

              Green polling went up after Turei.

              Went down after the seeming disunity, with Graham etc.

              I don’t think the Greens expected the huge chorus of hypocrisy, bad faith racism, meanness and bene bashing that occurred. We thought that New Zealanders were better than that.

              English. It was not illegal because they changed the law after the fact. As you well know. If you or I did the same thing, we would have been before a court.

              Just as National politicians getting jobs with businesses, they have helped during their political career, is Not illegal. Or Key making his fortune by currency manipulation which cost every individual in New Zealand thousands. Is Not illegal.! And keeping thousands of children in poverty, so that some high earning National voters can have tax cuts, is Not illegal!
              Selling off National assets over the express opposition of 80% of the owners is Not illegal, either!

              And no, I do not criticise people like Turei, caught in an impossible situation.
              Then being honest about it, with the aim of ensuring others were not stuck the same way.

              The immoral crooks, are the ones that put them in it, by deliberately keeping welfare below living costs and blocking those on welfare from higher education.

      • Norman Grey 2.1.2

        “fewer” words!

    • solkta 2.2

      Blaming Graham for Turei’s self destruction (and near destruction of the Greens in Parliament) is worse than doofusness.

      Where does he say this?

      • Pete George 2.2.1

        “No wonder he sabotaged us and Metiria ”

        As quoted above.

        • solkta

          He did very deliberately actions that certainly harmed the Party and Metiria, and the outcome of those actions were predictable. That sounds like sabotage to me.

          Acknowledging this is quite a different thing to blaming him for the whole debacle.

        • In Vino

          Fail. One or two pieces of sabotage do not equate to total destruction.
          Wishful thinking from a man with preconceived attitude.

    • McFlock 2.3

      Your whataboutitis is flaring up again.

  3. Incognito 3

    It is a tight race for relevance between mighty minions for Twitter followers. Currently, David Seymour is in the lead but I would not yet write off Matt King as one brain fart might propel him further ahead. Oh, how much I would give (up) to become a Twitter follower courted by these two might minions for my likes. I feel jealousy …

  4. james 4

    I would have thought that the person standing in Northcoate for Labour who listed an MBA on his linked in that he had not earned would have been a bigger doofus.

    • Barfly 4.1

      James I presume you will be off to the police then?

      Surely this is big news effectively falsifying your CV in attempt to gain pecuniary advantage?

      Why isn’t this being “Heralded” on the front page of the National Party Newsletter

      • alwyn 4.1.1

        As Charles Anderson Dana said
        “When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news”.
        The Herald isn’t going to publish this story. When a Labour MP, or someone wishing to become a Labour MP lies it isn’t news. It is just the normal course of events.
        If a Labour MP or candidate was to tell the truth it really would be news. I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting though.

  5. Stunned Mullet 5

    Has Clare Curran got laryngitis ?

  6. AsleepWhileWalking 6

    They must use the same bot.

    • KJT 6.1

      Crosby Textor.

      Not the first time every RWNJ in the country parrots the same script.

      They have all read the memo that parroting the same thing ad infinitum, makes it true.

  7. NZJester 7

    To be fair he might not have copied David Seymour’s words. They likely just both posted the latest talking points memo word for word they were both given by their Dirty Politics master fiction writers.

  8. Stuart Munro 8

    I think he represents an enormous step up from Hoss. Still well short of being a credible candidate, but that’s true of most Gnats. Plagiarism? Well it’s not as if he’ll be doing what he says anyway. Should’ve had Seymour’s Dad write him a bit more though – looks like a poor communicator on top of his other faults.

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