Doofus of the week – June 3, 2018

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There were three contenders this week.

David Farrar went close with his all out campaign against repeal of the three strike law.

As part of his campaign he has been highlighting prisoners who are on their third strikes. Raw meat to the right wing masses, giving them the chance to froth and spit at how evil some people are and how they should be locked away for ever

For his first post he said this:

Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, and her Justice Minister, Andrew Little, want this man back on the streets so he can continue his career of home invasions and sexual violations of elderly women.

The idea was also used in his post titled “Labour wants to let them all out“.

Of course the claim is utter tosh. Repealing the three strikes law will not result in any criminal gaining their freedom. It will mean that he is sentenced according to conventional methods so that, for instance, he does not get 25 years jail for stealing a piece of pizza.  For the especially evil preventative detention will still be available.  But hopefully a level of proportionality will determine results, not complete arbitrariness.

And so in versions two and three of his meet a second striker posts Farrar amended the language to less incorrectly say that “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Justice Minister Andrew Little want him out of prison early to continue his lengthy criminal career of seriously harming others.” Again they don’t. They just want a proper judicial process to be conducted. Who knows given how bad these guys’ records are it might be that they may get close to if not the maximum. But to say that early release is Ardern’s and Little’s desire is bollocks.

And it appears that Farrar’s Curia Market Research has recently been commissioned by the Sensible Sentencing Trust to do polling for them.  Interesting …

Judith Collins also made an appearance in this week’s list of finalists, for mistakenly thinking that a two year old photo that I used in this post was current and was evidence that the Police were campaigning for Labour in the Northcote by election.

Glad you are still reading the Standard Judith.

But there can be only one winner this week.  After being the runner up last week Paula Bennett’s response to Peter Gluckman’s report on Housing Corporation’s methamphetamine contamination was the stand out performance this week.

National and Bennett were all over the place.  They did not know, they did know and asked the tough questions but were assured, they were not able to direct Housing Corporation to do anything.  That last claim is especially laughable when you think of the iron fist control National had over the state during the previous nine years.

And it is utter bollocks.  Housing Corp directors are hired and fired by the relevant Minister.  Spending $100 million on a fundamentally flawed policy is more than enough justification to fire and replace them.

Bennett was particularly awful.  She said that an apology and potentially compensation should be provided by Housing Corporation to the wrongly evicted tenants.  But she must have been involved in the decision making which saw English urgently walk back a promise in November 2016 to review the validity of the evictions in 2016.

For thinking the rest of us have no memory, no ability to google and are idiots Paula you are this week’s doofus of the week.

44 comments on “Doofus of the week – June 3, 2018”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    A good choice. It’s amazing Bennett doesn’t win this award every week, but then the right wing is full to the brim with doofuses.

    Farrar has moved into the space once occupied by Cameron Slater. He’s taking money and content from the SST without declaring it on his website. Dirty politics!

  2. Observer Tokoroa 2

    National is Sick

    The sustained use of distortion has it’s penalties. Paula Bennett is a major Liability.

    She will be called to account for her actions and neglect when A Commission of Enquiry digs into who gained on the splurge of $100 million – on a Contamination that did not exist.

    Likewise, Bill English will be caught up in explanations too.

    As for Mr Farrar, he seems to be under some mental stress. People are not accepting his ligubrious nonsence now. RNZ Is. But nobody else is.

    You see Farrar knows that if Judges apply the the third stroke for kicking a can down a lane – the prison will have to put up with extra person for many decades. Which clogs up the prison.

    Which. is why judges have not applied the third Strike. Execept once or twice. But Farrar is not very bright. It seems as if he as a very early onset of something. His distortions are increasing. poor fellow.

    • Robert Guyton 2.1

      “National is Sick”

    • Incognito 2.2

      You see Farrar knows that if Judges apply the the third stroke for kicking a can down a lane … [sic]

      As far as I know “kicking a can down a lane” is not a qualifying offence under the Act.

      • babayaga 2.2.1

        The ignorance being displayed by some here is astonishing. It’s Angry Andy’s own tag and release dog whistle club at its worst.

        • Liberal Realist

          The ignorance being displayed by some here is astonishing. It’s Angry Andy’s own tag and release dog whistle club at its worst.

          Care to substantiate your assertion? What is this ignorance you claim is on display by some ‘here’ that is so astonishing?

          Exactly what is this “tag and release dog whistle club” and who is “Angry Andy”?

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            Give the poor dupe a break: at least he’s got the sound and fury down pat.

            • Liberal Realist

              They may be a dupe, but poor I highly doubt! Poor in form, intellect, tact, and retort yes indeed.

              On a troll scale of 1-10 I’d rate ‘poor’ ol’ babs maybe a 2.. 3 at a stretch (for at least being consistently rabid).

          • Baba Yaga

            “What is this ignorance you claim is on display by some ‘here’ that is so astonishing?”

            Happy to help out old thing.

            Some examples of the ignorance on display here:

            “Repealing the three strikes law will not result in any criminal gaining their freedom.”

            “It will mean that he is sentenced according to conventional methods so that, for instance, he does not get 25 years jail for stealing a piece of pizza.”

            “:You see Farrar knows that if Judges apply the the third stroke for kicking a can down a lane …”

            There are many more examples.

        • Incognito

          Being ignorant is neither a shame nor a crime. Wilful ignorance OTOH is a whole different kettle of fish … However, IMO the worst are the ones who aim to keep others ignorant …

        • tracey

          Are you saying Farrar is correct and the people he describes will either be realeased from prison or not imprisoned at all?

          • Baba Yaga

            I’m saying people don’t get imprisoned for kicking a can down a lane. I’m saying no-one gets 25 years for stealing a piece of pizza. I’m saying many commenting here have zero idea of what Labour’s catch and release will actually mean to our communities. And yes I applaud Farrar for publishing each day the profile of another steaming ratbag.

    • babayaga 2.3

      You can learn more about the three strikes law at

      And about public opinion on this issue at

      Perhaps before you label someone you disagree with ‘not very bright’ and ‘under mental distress’ you should do some homework of your own.

      • adam 2.3.1

        Dumb, dumb, dumb…

        It’s the return of the illogical rwnj from the collective of hate. babyaga, repeating lies to feel better. Making stuff up, because staying on point is too hard.

        Here the deal. Paula Bennett has a higher IQ than babyaga – a hard feat, for even snail’s have been streaming past her the last few day.

        Who cares if you think the hate crowd thinks three strikes is a good law. It’s not, and we are right – so get over yourself.

        Quite simply it’s getting beyond insulting putting up links to the front organisation for private prison. None of the research outside what the corporate prisons want, backs three strikes laws. In other words, I’m over you being duped, and pushing that lie you have consumed ,on me, and others.

        I’d link to something intelligent, but I’m afraid babyaga you would let your ignorance win, and not read it. Instead I’ll live with your next lie, and attempt to make shit up – rather than engage with logic, reason and rational debate.

        • Baba Yaga

          So you reply to two very clear pieces of evidence that support my opinion with an adhominem rant. The lefties will love you.

          • adam

            Oh look lack of intelligent life does what is predicted, who would have thought it…

    • Marcus Morris 2.4

      Whenever Farrar is on The Panel I switch to the concert programme. There is nowhere else to go. He is a self confessed Party National apologist and cheer leader. He should not be allowed on the programme.

    • tracey 2.5

      Farrar is not under mental stress he is following the money. SST is next on the payroll. Facts dont matter to Mr Farrar but the cheques do.

  3. JustMe 3

    The entire NZ National Party has made itself look like a major joke over a long period of time.
    To date we have heard of Judith Collins having a go at Phil Tyford over ‘hearsay’. Now how crazy is that of an irrational National Party politician? That is Collins carried on like an idiot over saying Phil was caught standing up on a plane.
    Quite honestly it does look like Judith’s ‘priorities’ are obviously misplaced and edging on pure insanity on her part.
    Paula Bennett credits a mention because she would have known the Meth testing Witch-hunt was a myth but there was “Diddly-squat” from her the WHOLE TIME she was the Social Welfare Minister.
    It is likely some organisations with perhaps close National Party links made alot of money out of the NZ taxpayers during the Meth-obsession witch-hunt. But we are unlikely to find out who has made alot of money out of it due to the right to privacy of individuals.
    Mind you Paula Bennett didn’t seem to mind making beneficiaries names who criticised the past National government public news to the NZ media. But those who made alot of money out of a “Meth Myth” will not be ever known.
    I doubt one National MP from the previous government will be held accountable for their actions through any court of law let alone Commission of Inquiry. They will not pay a cent in compensation because they deem themselves as being absolute perfection and they are totally incapable of making any mistakes eg evicting people from homes during a housing crisis due to a myth.

    • OnceWasTim 3.1

      “But we are unlikely to find out who has made a lot of money out of it due to the right to privacy of individuals.”
      That’s only if ‘officials’ would rather NOT know. A proper inquiry with some forensic auditing of participants in the whole affair could unearth part of the bulsh – i.e. HCNZ.
      Let’s hope Phil T is not completely stupid (which I doubt he is).
      Contracts were entered into, money changed hands, evidence of the flawed ‘soince’ that was relied upon to initiate those contracts is on record, and action/inaction by the responsible Munster is also on record when any timeline is pieced together.

      “Oim layvung”!!!! I’ve got another round of re-ummujing to go through

  4. babayaga 4

    “It will mean that he is sentenced according to conventional methods so that, for instance, he does not get 25 years jail for stealing a piece of pizza.”

    1. The offences that qualify for the the ‘three strikes’ are very specific.
    “There are 40 qualifying offences comprising all major violent and sexual offences with a maximum penalty of seven years or greater imprisonment, including murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, sexual violation, abduction, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery.”
    Stealing a pizza does not qualify.

    2. For subsequent offences, the convicted party serve the maximum penalty for that offence.
    “If that offender is subsequently convicted of another qualifying offence they receive a final warning and, if sentenced to imprisonment, will serve that sentence in full without the possibility of parole.
    Stealing a pizza does not attract a 25 year sentence.

    • mickysavage 4.1

      Stealing a pizza does not qualify.

      Ah but it might. The person involved was convicted of “felony petty theft”.

      Grabbing a piece of pizza from someone and using force could result in a robbery charge which is a three strike offence.

      • Robert Guyton 4.1.1

        Australia! Send them to Australia!!
        Let’m rot in Hell!

      • Stunned Mullet 4.1.2

        Well I would hope that grabbing Pizza and using force in the manner in the article below would attract a third strike.

      • babayaga 4.1.3

        1. Stealing a piece of pizza is not a qualifying crime.
        2. Using a more offence (eg grievous bodily harm) while stealing a piece of pizza is not the same as stealing a piece of pizza.
        3. Felony petty theft does not carry a 25 year sentence.

        • mickysavage

          1. Robbery does not require any harm at all, only force.

          2. The pizza case is an American example of what happens when legislatures pass idiot sentencing laws.

          • chris73

            Are we under any obligation to follow american law?

            • mickysavage

              Absolutely not. Nor are we under any obligation to follow idiot American penal policies.

              • chris73

                So if we can change three strikes to one that gives better results (manifestly unjust) why are you banging on about America (apart from America being the great satan so any change to bring America into the argument can’t be ignored)

                • mickysavage

                  The pizza case shows the absurdity of the proposition. Why rely on “manifestly unjust”? Why not have a coherent system that takes into effect the seriousness of the offending and the circumstances and background of the offender?

                  • chris73

                    I agree, I’d like to see that that as well. A system where the victim is treated at least as well as the criminal, where parole is earned not automatically given and where the judges first act is to protect the people

                • tracey

                  What do you mean by one strike? Upon sentencing our Judges are required to consider prior offending

              • Paul Campbell

                nor their silly sports metaphors, I always thought it should be “6 balls and it’s over”

  5. NZJester 5

    At this stage halfway into the year, how is she also doing on the Doofus of the Year stakes?
    She must be very high up in those stakes right now.
    I’m not sure whether to put my bet in now for her winning that title or Judith.
    I don’t think Simon will be very high at the end of the year as I doubt he will last that long!

  6. Philg 6

    Simon is trying hard to raise his profile and keep Judith at bay for the time being. Holding his leadership to account, you could say.

  7. R.P Mcmurphy 7

    paula beenit has become manic and megalomanic.
    she suffers from machbarkeitswahhn or fantiasies of omnipotence.
    she refuses to face reality and the result is a very nasty sort of trashing anybody and everything and lashing out.

  8. Sweetie, the ‘ Motel Lady’ Bennett.

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