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The Greens’ new TV ads are up on Youtube. Pretty sparse, but they get the message across clearly.

[Hat tip: frogblog]

22 comments on “Green TV ads”

  1. lukas 1

    Much better than Jim Andertons radio adverts!

  2. Tane 2

    I haven’t heard them. What’s the gist?

  3. lukas 3

    basically Jim gets asked a couple of questions about business tax… haven’t actually seen the tax policy from the Progressives though. Maybe Jim’s party is the party with the real secret agenda! I think I might be onto something here…

    Captcha- truth 27 hmmm I am only 21 but its better than the 29 I got called the other day!

  4. The Green ad is a good one. It’s too late to get into detail on any issue. The media deliver a skewed version of what’s REALLY “important”…and it isn’t Winston Peters or tax cuts.

    The Greens put the core values up front and ask for the votes.


  5. Tane 5

    lukas, cheers. sounds rather uninspired. a pity, cos jim’s pretty good on the stump.

  6. lukas 6

    no worries

  7. Joel 7

    Is that Robin Malcolm doing the voiceover?!

  8. G 10

    “The world is changing. Politics needs to change with it.”

    That’s it?! That’s their “clear message”? That’s their “core values”? Maybe if you smoke enough green… 😛

  9. Steve:

    It’s too late to get into details on any issues???

    This is now the time that parties have to get into details on the Issues.

  10. G 13

    That’s right, Brett, it goes like this:

    “National has no policies!! National has no policies!! National has no policies!!”

    “What about the Greens?”

    “Clear message mumble mumble core values mumble mumble too late to get into details mumble mumble…”

  11. G. Relax dude. looks like you’re going to have another 3 years in the wilderness to decide if you stand for anything.

    Personally, I would suggest the National party needs to fracture like the Left did in the run up to MMP. Currently, you’re this nonsensical amalgam of conservatives, freemarket liberals, bigots, businessmen, farmers, ditzy women, and born to rule types.

    Of course, National only formed as a reaction to Labour gaining power. It combined the farmer-backed Liberals, business-backed Reform, and the fascistic New Zealand Legion. Split back into Liberals and Conservatives, then you can each stand for a coherent, if stupid, ideology.

  12. G 15

    How about sticking to the point, Steve, or is that too hard for you?

  13. Felix 16

    Sparse is a fairly generous description. Brett’s first comment summed up my initial reaction.

    But I think the Greens seem to have realised something important – that without the resources of the larger parties you can’t beat them at their own game.

    The Greens have less airtime, less public space, less cash. The narrative must be simpler, easier to reproduce, more absorbable.

    So they’re going for an emotional chord, a simple gut reaction. And from a marketing perspective it’s probably the most efficient use of the resources available.

    I’m tentatively picking at least 10%. But it’s early days.

  14. It would be a sad indictment on the New Zealand public if the Greens get 10%, by just using manipulative Telecom type ads.

  15. Brett – that’s exactly what National has been doing the whole time. Is it a sad indictment that they have 52% 48% 40.5%…

  16. G 19

    Actually, to be fair, Mr Sod, National’s campaign messages are policy-driven: more font line medical staff, tougher sentencing, national standards in education, world class infrastructure, lower taxes — hardly the cheap emotionalism of a forlorn child begging for your vote.

    You’d think wearing spectacles that had one eye covered in green and the other in red you’d get more of a 3D perspective on things, Robin, instead of your blind ideology. 🙂

  17. If you saw the party political broadcasts, labour’s ad was about how much Aunty Helen loves everybody and how much everybody loves her.

    While National’s ad talked policy.

    What are Labour’s poll numbers by the way, 30 0dd percent?

  18. Paul Williams 21

    That’s a very good ad indeed. You could ask questions about what they’ll do specifically, and I’m sure they’ll elaborate, but as a simple statement of their strategy, it’s very good and makes National’s look all the more ridiculous.

  19. presspassbob 22

    Vast amounts of impressionable young kiwi’s and the great unwashed out there (personal hygiene habits we all know are a pre-requsisite to voting green) will lap up this enviro”mental” tree hugging clap trap. The fact is that the marxist-leninist trotskyites that really are the greens peddle their sentimentalist nonsense without a wealth generating policy statement in sight. They leave for others to sort out the wealth creation and therefore tax generation bit to pay for everything they espouse.

    But their core message in this ad, applying the principle of ‘less is more’ is very effectively delivered. This is clever stuff that will get them more votes than the rest of us deserve. Someone in their marketing team knows what they are doing. By comparison National’s adds are ludicrously complicated and Labour’s are implausible with a fuzzy edged smiling HC in ‘caring’ mode. That said, same unwashed will lap that up all their clap trap too.

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