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Greenie bashing session

Written By: - Date published: 11:09 am, October 3rd, 2012 - 38 comments
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Greenie bashing season has just opened and that could see the end of Bennie bashing for the mean time. (Or should that read Greenie and Judge bashing season opened)

Over the last week two high profile and one low profile National politicians (Steven Joyce, Nick Smith & Colin king) have come out in the media with scathing comments attacking opponents to two high profile cases currently before judges.

Joyce recently came out and attacked objectors to ‘Bathurst Resources’ Escarpment Mine project near Westport.’ Joyce said “I call on those objectors to the mine to reconsider their appeals and consider the economic future of the West Coast and its people”.

Then went on to say. “I also call on the EPMU, Labour and the Greens to join my call and back the West Coast community by supporting the immediate development of the Escarpment Mine”.

It appears that after 4 years of doing nothing and the recent high profile job losses Minister Steven Joyce is having to resort to blaming someone, as it couldn’t possibly be his fault.

Mr February over at Hot Topic has a very good piece on Joyce’s outburst here.

Then after a peaceful protest (that I participated in and believe me I have been to rowdier funeral processions) on Saturday against the proposed new salmon farms in the Marlborough sounds, which is currently before the EPA board and Judge Gordon Whiting. I read this head-line: “Protest flotilla ‘a lynch mob'”

Kaikoura MP Colin King said Saturday’s flotilla against King Salmon’s application to set up new salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds was “a bad look”.

And Colin went on to say:

“he’d been talking with Nelson MP Nick Smith earlier that day and they both felt it was “similar to an old-fashioned court case and having a lynch mob outside”.

Lynch mob my ass!

Picton station sergeant Kris Payne said “Credit to the protesters. They wanted to get their message across in a peaceful way and we were happy with that.”

So all you Bennies can get back to living below the bread line and filling out forms for a while at-least, as National have just declared Greenie Bashing & Judge bashing Season Open!


38 comments on “Greenie bashing session ”

  1. BLiP 1


    Never ceases to amaze me that National Ltd™ remains completely unable to defend even one of its policies on its intellectual, moral, financial, and/or justice merits and so, inevitably, resorts to attacking and blaming others. Attacks on innocents are also used for MSM distractions. Lashing out seems now to be its default setting. Still, keep it up, Tory Dogs, won’t be long now until you’ve pissed everyone off.

  2. The Gnats’ know the real truth …… They are full of shit.

    That’s why they get so emotional, it’s a Denial reaction to the fact they’ve been caught out at it.

    Like the saying goes ……

    “Beware the Cornered Gnat, they bite M8!”

  3. Glg 3

    Having listened to Question Time lately I have decided that the Greens are an evil underground force who spend their time plotting to undermine Stephen Joyce and his vision of Utopia for New Zealand.
    NB Utopia is a bit like Nirvana only on a different planet.

    • Kotahi Tāne Huna 3.1

      Planet Joyce? I hear it’s all coal mines and oil refineries, connected by motorways.

    • David H 3.2

      Yes. And the moon is made of blue cheese too???

      Steven Ahab Joyce the inventor of Mobie 2 and we all know what the last Moby did.

      Whatya smoking mate ? it must be good, to think that Joyce wants anything but a smoky polluting mine in the middle of conservation land, and the extinction of many species.

  4. bbfloyd 4

    And yet, even after it has become so obvious just how unfit they are to govern, there are still a significant number of people who will support them to the death…

    That old saying “it pays to never underestimate the stupidity of your average kiwi” is becoming an important factor dictating how decisions are made now, it seems….

    • bbfloyd 4.1

      Hit wrong button… that was a reply to blip….

      • alwyn 4.1.1

        Don’t spoil things.
        It makes more sense if it appears to be a comment about the Green party.

        • Murray Olsen

          Because the “average kiwi” is too stupid to vote Green and sucks up to NAct instead? I agree, Alwyn, it does make sense that way.

          • Bob

            The average Kiwi votes National because rather than sitting on a left leaning blog site listening to bile being spilt they can see:
            -Reported Crime at a 20 year low (all time low if taken on a per head of population basis)
            -Hospital wait times continue to shrink
            -GDP Growth among the highest in the OECD, including out stripping Germany for the past 4 quarters! http://stats.oecd.org/
            -Unemployment almost half that of the European Union, and 2% lower than Obama’s Socialist government has managed http://stats.oecd.org/
            -Schools being forced to provide open information to parents about their overall performance (not perfectly by any means, but a step in the right direction)
            -Renewable energy supply at its highest % of overall production at any time in recorded history
            http://www.med.govt.nz/sectors-industries/energy/pdf-docs-library/energy-data-and-modelling/publications/energy-data-file/energydatafile-2011.pdf Table A.2, note the massive jump in renewable energy since National took office, those evil anti-environmental bastards!!!

            So that is Crime, Health, Economy, Education and the Enviroment all being well looked after, but of course you wouldn’t have noticed any of this because it doesn’t fit the Labour/Green manifesto.

            • Murray Olsen

              You a farmer, Bob? You’re up pretty early sitting on a left leaning blog. Probably why your cows are shitting in the creek. Get off the computer and plant some trees.

            • blue leopard

              @ Bob
              It is always good to hear about improvements to NZ and especially good to hear an explanation regarding the rationale of anyone continuing to support this Government.

              Points 1, 2 and 5 that you cite appear to be genuine improvements. I have my suspicions about point 1&5 however I will leave it at that.

              Points 3, 4 & 6 are comparative results and don’t say anything real about the reality of living in NZ at present.

              Point 4: Comparisons to the US-are you kidding me? The country is bankrupt if it weren’t for their ability to print money and cover it up.

              I sincerely hope that you are wrong about people continuing to view this Government as a viable option; the damage they are doing to the credibility of the whole NZ Government system is enormous and much damage control will have to be invested in years to come if we wish to continue to have some semblance of a functional democracy. This government is making huge work for those following in their wake and I hope those who follow have a damn sight more of NZers interests at heart, credibility, morality, respect for the laws of high office and respect for the privilege of their position than this Government has had, which appear to be entirely bereft of any of these qualities.

              • Bob

                Blue Leopard, I take most of your points on board, however this statement “credibility, morality, respect for the laws of high office and respect for the privilege of their position than this Government has had” really gets me. How can this Government really be worse than the previous Labour Government on any of these points?
                May I remind you of Taito Philip-Feilds corruption charges, David Benson-Pope and the allegations of physical abuse of children, Shane Jones and the cash for citizenship (Bill Lui) inquiry that is ongoing, Darren Hughes and the naked 18 year old, Shane Jones again using tax $ for porn, Helen Clark’s retrospective change to electoral laws when the auditor general picks up on their breaches and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head.
                Again, reasonable points made, but please don’t think that I will ever think that the Labour party is any more credible, moral or respectful of the laws than any other party (well, maybe NZ First).

                • Belated response to you Bob,
                  It is a real worry to me that you do not discern a difference between the misconduct being performed by this government and the misconducts you list.
                  It is a worry to me because you will not be the only one to view it this way.

                  This government is not solely committing misconduct against single members, or groups of the public, and thus duly being stood down as the examples you provided were (and one fired) they are committing crimes against the whole public, whole areas of governance are being treated with such incompetence they are in a great deal of disruption (GCSB, Education, ACC, RMA, OIA…the list goes on, and this is only what has been reported), and all this Government has done in response is outrightly lie and playing silly buggers with words. This is misconduct to such an extreme that in my view it is threatening the very authority of our system.

                  I do not condone the misconduct you cite, not at all, however a see a great difference in the severity of the list you provide and the list this Government is creating.

            • karol

              Low crime stats?

              Nothing to do with changing the categories they use to include in the stats? Like dropping domestic violence as a crime?

              Or that recorded crime was decreasing before the NAct government?


              That doesn’t add up, because the decrease began long before National came to power.

              This is bizarre. The Government is willing to spend $900 million building a 960-bed prison at Wiri – even though there are currently 1,600 empty beds in the prison system – rather than provide more programmes and put more prisoners into them.

              Crime is down for the third year in a row – and has been dropping since 2000 – but for some reason we need another prison and less parole board hearings. This is sensible sentencing? Yeah right.


              And National Standards? Does what to improve and NZ education system that already performs well? In fact is just as likely to undermine it.

            • MrSmith

              Bob some light reading for you.

              Abdicating our global responsibility

              Cheers BLiP.

            • Jokerman

              So…if drug DEALING reports are up 5.7% in Auckland (or there-abouts), how great is the demand for anomic opiates being met by each supplier?

            • Draco T Bastard

              From Mini – True

              • Jokerman

                Got it.
                we are not just “pretty faces” 🙂
                Time though. (i put up a real bean frame for a friend today)
                improving self-discipline, earlier to bed.

                May God continue to bless you (Draco)

            • national socialism

              Are you well Bob or just a little heady with the wondrous spin from the Dept of Fudge
              Do you really believe all those stats ?
              Obama is still trying to pay off the Middle East wars of the first decade of this century spent by Bush
              The Free market crash of 2008 ring a bell at all in your rosey appraisal
              How big is your small world
              The renewable energy supply has nothing to thank this govt for
              It was designed to work over 40 yrs ago and all this govt wants to do is sell it because it is actually returning a dividend to the whole of the nation not just a privileged few who want to have the lions share
              As for crime well if all the white collar crimes came to light in the finance industry plus the banking and real estate sectors it might tell a different story but like you Bob we are all entitled to our opinion and express it still because we are a free democratic society

    • BLiP 4.2


      I don’t think its stupidity, I think its denial. Poor trusting saps that they are, Kiwi Punters were lured into attaching emotionally to John Key and voting for him – and National Ltd™ – not because of the policies or Labour or anything other than the fact that the spin merchants had generated the “nice giuy” they all could relate to. Didn’t hurt either that the MSM-owners cartel was, and still is, invested in a continued “rolling maul” of privateer National Ltd™ policies. My spidey senses are tingling , though. I suspect there’s not much longer to go before the veil slips.

  5. mac1 5

    The two Top of the South MPs , Smith and King, got a good serve in the editorial of the Tuesday 2 October Marlborough Express, available on line.

    After properly defining what a ‘lynch mob ‘ actually is- “lynching is an unlawful execution carried out by a mob”- the editorial writer goes on to say “Saturday’s protest was not staged by a mob, but by a group of voters who wanted to make a point they cared deeply about. Top of the south MPs might want to bear this in mind next time they feel prompted to speak out.”

    I did enjoy the reference to Colin (lower case) king in the post. So underperforming is he (‘low profile’ in the post) that in the same issue the Marlborough Express asked the ex-mayor Gerald Hope whether he was in fact aspiring to the Kaikoura MP job. Several local notables amongst the National party have been vying for the job and dissatisfaction is quite open around here. They know that Marlborough has not been represented well. In fact the former MP, Dr Scott, opined during her term that it was easier for an MP in opposition to advocate for the electorate they represented. Especially if they are so ‘low profile’ within their own party.

    I am actually wondering whether the attack by the two MPs on the protesters as a lynch mob is a precursor to a blame campaign based on emotive issues rather than the arguments of the case, should King Salmon fail in its further moves into the Sounds.

  6. A famous quote on how to get a population to go against what they want:

    “… it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. [**big money interests**] That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, [**Your employment opportunites are under threat**] and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. [**Greenies, you are stopping people earn a livelihood-thats not good citizenship**] It works the same in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

    In the above example it was war the authority was trying to promote. With National’s latest approach with regards to these green issues its big-money interests and the angle they are taking appears to be a carbon copy of the above quote.

    I am in very little doubt as to why this Government seems to have been apathetic about creating good sustainable jobs whilst very motivated in spreading negative propaganda regarding beneficiaries. They are creating a pressured and pliable population for the big money interests; despite their proposals being damaging to NZ interests in the medium to long term.

  7. Draco T Bastard 7

    Mr February over at Hot Topic has a very good piece on Joyce’s outburst here.

    Well, as the link has been missed from the post it’s actually here.

    • Good article.

      This raises a slightly divergent, yet another topical cause for concern. A similar train of litigation has occurred in my locale; it is disturbing to recognise the same old routine. First a dubious (compromised) ruling is made. Members of the public then appeal the decision. The appeal is overturned or they get knocked out and the litigation always seems to end up at the high court.

      There must be a hell of a lot of ratepayers and tax payers money unnecessarily wasted by this process. I believe this type of litigation will have increased since the “streamlining” of the RMA/Environmental laws, which has created a push for rushed decisions. Huge costs could be saved immediately by environmental laws being tightened.

      Lawyers working for big money have found a way to worm their way around the legislation created to protect the environment from the type of short-sighted plans these companies are putting up. This phenomenon was described to me by an expert recently who works in the environmental field this; that such lawyers are able to wheedle their way to a win, despite such wins being completely against ‘the spirit of the law’. They win on technicalities.

      Sometimes, when the developer isn’t hugely wealthy, the only real beneficiaries of such “wins” are the lawyers. It would be good to see the commissioners who make the first ruling be held somewhat accountable to what follows; because had their ruling not been so compromising in the first place the following costs would be avoided. (i.e they should state clearly to the developer to go back to the drawing board and keep well within the coastal policies and RMA framework.)

  8. ianmac 8

    Now Mr C King MP for Marlborough (Kaikoura) is smirking as he hints that he has inside knowledge that the Cook Strait Ferries will probably go to Clifford Bay on the East Coast instead of Picton. Wink Wink. Instead of working for Picton he is not only backing the Salmon Industry in the Sounds but also backing the loss of the glorious touristy Sounds Ferry service.
    Lucky he is on our side! Ha!

    • mac1 8.1

      ianmac, being only a resident of Marlborough and the electorate for that matter, since just before becoming MP, Mr King doesn’t know that this little canard of shifting the ferries out to Clifford Bay has been around for decades. It usually surfaces as a bargaining chip when it comes to setting the port charges for Picton’s terminal berthing facilities etc.

      Note King said he might be talking about 25 years from now. Stated at this very time, it’s probably a hasty media release to distract the media/readers and take the heat off his ‘brain fade’ when he called legitimate protesters a “lynch mob.”

      I reckon that King has also gone for this as a counter to the argument from the ferry management that they would have to slow down in the Sounds as they went past the proliferated salmon farms which they are not happy to be forced to do. If the ferries go to Clifford Bay, then there is no bottleneck in Queen Charlotte Sound. As you say, backing the salmon farms and spurning Picton.

      The move to Clifford Bay, btw, has some strong economic/conservation reasons to support it, though.

    • Draco T Bastard 8.2

      WTF do they keep talking about Clifford Bay for the ferries? Bloody ridiculous place to put marine infrastructure as it wide open to the bloody ocean. They’d have to build a bloody harbour and then connect it to the main line which would be another expense.

      These people have to have rocks in their heads to even consider the idea.

  9. captain hook 9

    1. They dont care about about Clifford Bay per se.
    Its the contracting fees and all the other kickbacks that are important.
    2. Yes Draco they like to bash greenies. Being a greeny means making a choice not to consume and to conserve while the idiotes only want to spend (other peoples money) AND TO USE EVERYTHING UP SO NOBODY ELSE CAN GET IT.
    It’s called a ‘deathwish’ and the idiotes riding round on farting hardlee davisons are leading the charge.
    closely followed by the fools that prefer a windblower to using a rake and countless other examples of contemporary lunacy where the conventional wisdom is to be a fucking pig.

  10. mac1 10

    Draco T- the argument goes that a car/truck trip has 1.30-2 hrs cut off the journey if a ferry goes to Clifford Bay and trains save two hours. The rail from Picton needs extra engines to get them up the incline out of Picton and the hills between Picton and Clifford Bay are steeper and slower than average. If I remember the facts correctly, a million vehicles a year do this trip off the ferries. The second factor is the bottleneck in the Sounds which restricts the frequency of traffic. The third factor is the speed at which ferries can travel across the Strait as opposed to within the Sounds.
    Counter arguments include the economic loss of through traffic to Northern Marlborough- Picton, Blenheim, Seddon, the $200,000,000 cost of the new berthing at Clifford Bay.

    Cabinet is considering it, though they want a public/private partnership to build the thing as Kiwi Rail couldn’t.

    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      Oh, there’s certainly some arguments for it. My arguments against it are that any strong blow from the north through to the east is going to make it impossible to get into the harbour meanwhile the nice and expensive infrastructure is also getting pounded into bits by wave action.

      And, yeah, moving the port to Clifford Bay will pretty much be be the death knell for Northern Marlborough- Picton, Blenheim, and Seddon.

  11. Jokerman 11

    Must helpless man, in ignorance sedate,
    Roll darkling down the torrent of his fate?


    But I can’t think for you
    You’ll have to decide,
    Whether Judas Iscariot
    Had God on his side


    • MrSmith 11.1

      Like it Jokerman.

      “Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
      Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise”

      My favorite of his quotes:

      What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.
      Bob Dylan
      US singer & songwriter (1941 – )

  12. Roy 12

    I disagree with the first line of this article. I think that Nats are perfectly capable of bashing Greenies and bennies at the same time.

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  • Business boost to transition to new COVID framework
    We know that over the last twenty months the approach New Zealand has taken to COVID and Delta has saved lives and livelihoods. Along with one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, we have also had strong economic growth, low unemployment and one of the lower levels of ...
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    6 days ago
  • COVID-19 funding boost to protect maōri communities
    Tēnā koutou katoa As you have heard from the Prime Minister, the new protection framework will support us to keep people safe especially our vulnerable communities and minimize the impact COVID-19 has on business and our day to day lives. If you want to protect yourself, your whanau and your ...
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    6 days ago
  • New COVID-19 Protection Framework delivers greater freedoms for vaccinated New Zealanders
    New COVID-19 Protection Framework provides pathway out of lockdown and ability for businesses and events to re-open to vaccinated New Zealanders Simpler framework to minimise cases and hospitalisations without use of widespread lockdowns Auckland to move into the new framework when 90 percent of eligible population in each of the ...
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    6 days ago
  • New fund to accelerate Māori vaccinations
    The Government has established a $120 million fund to accelerate Māori vaccination rates and support communities to prepare for the implementation of the new COVID-19 Protection Framework. The new Māori Communities COVID-19 Fund will directly fund Māori, Iwi, community organisations and providers to deliver local vaccination initiatives for whānau, and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government extends hardship assistance for low income workers
    Income limits for Hardship Support through the Ministry of Social Development have been temporarily lifted so more people can recieve assistance. “Cabinet has agreed to make it easier for low income workers to recieve assistance for items such as food and other emergency costs,” Carmel Sepuloni said. “We know the ...
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    6 days ago
  • More support for learners with highest needs
    Students most in need of extra help in the classroom are the focus of a new review that gets under way today, Associate Education Minister Jan Tinetti says. About 50,000-80,000 children and young people are expected to benefit from a Ministry of Education review into Highest Need Learners that will ...
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    6 days ago
  • Parts of Waikato to stay at Alert Level 3 for next six days
    The parts of Waikato that have been in Alert Level 3 will remain at that alert level till Wednesday, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “Based on the latest public health information, maintaining level 3 in those parts of the Waikato continues to be the most prudent course of ...
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    6 days ago
  • Hon Peeni Henare September 2021 Proactive Diary Release
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    6 days ago
  • NZ passes world-first climate reporting legislation
    New Zealand has become the first country in the world to pass a law that will ensure financial organisations disclose and ultimately act on climate-related risks and opportunities, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark and Climate Change Minister James Shaw today announced today. The Financial Sector (Climate-related Disclosures ...
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    6 days ago
  • Prime Minister NZ UK FTA opening remarks
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. I am delighted to announce today that following a conversation with Prime Minister Johnson last night, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have Agreed in Principle a historic high-quality, comprehensive and inclusive free trade agreement. I’m joined today by the Minister ...
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    7 days ago
  • New Zealand secures historic free trade deal with the United Kingdom
    A boost of almost $1 billion to New Zealand GDP, unprecedented access for New Zealand exporters to the UK market UK to eliminate all tariffs on New Zealand exports, with over 97% being removed the day the FTA comes into force NZ exporters to save approx. $37.8 million per year ...
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    7 days ago
  • Quarterly benefit numbers show more people in work
    Benefit figures released today show a year on year fall of 9,807 people receiving a Main Benefit in the September Quarter.  “The Government is working hard to tackle COVID-19 and it is clear our strong response to the initial outbreak has created a resilient labour market which is providing opportunities ...
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    7 days ago
  • Health reforms bill introduced to Parliament
    Legislation central to fixing the health system has been introduced into Parliament by Health Minister Andrew Little. “Rebuilding the public health system is critical to laying the foundations for a better future for all New Zealanders,” Andrew Little said. “We need a system that works for everybody, no matter who ...
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    1 week ago