Have a happy and legal election day

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At 12pm tonight, the comments section on this site will (largely) stop accepting comments. The reason for this is that the electoral law and the electoral commission are quite clear. On  election day you may not urge others to vote or not vote a particular way.

This means that we won’t accept comments on this site as a simple way to ensure that no-one may use this site to violate the law or to get this site into trouble. Besides you all should be out working for parties to turn the vote out.

  • Labour campaign is here.
  • Greens are here.
  • Internet Mana  are  here.
  • and for luck.. NZ First are here.

In the morning, I’ll put a post up where people may leave private non-displayed and fully moderated comments up. This will be to report violations of electoral law.

Bearing in mind some of the dirty politics that has been going on, I’m rather expecting to hear of allegations country wide. If you see something whiffy, then put it up ideally with the photos. This site works fine with most smartphones and tablets.

If I do not think that it is likely to be an electoral issue then I’ll leave it hidden after the election period. If I don’t then I’ll also be on the line to whoever I think can get it rectified.

This includes

  • Billboards and other advertising not taken down. This includes rosettes with party names on them.
  • People telling other people how to vote, including electoral staff and people acting as “ushers” at polling booths (a trait most noted amongst our conservative brethren in recent elections at large voting centres)
  • Electoral staff refusing to take votes for any reason. They should be taking “special” votes when people aren’t  on the printed electoral roll.

Remember that parties are entitled to and should provide scrutineers at booths. They aren’t allowed into interfere much and especially not with the polling staff. They are allowed to challenge (but usually they should just note down violations and complain later).

I voted last weekend especially so I could sit at home and do this task. The only problem is that I still haven’t modified the code. 😈


BTW: If you get a cool snap of election day, put that up as well. We’ll montage them sometime after 7pm after comments go back on line.


Updated: Woke up with a fuzzy head, a throat cold and a cough.  This coding will have to wait. In the meantime, send email to lprent@primary.geek.nz

16 comments on “Have a happy and legal election day”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Can you set up a web chatroom ap in time for 7pm? Trying to post comments here won’t be particularly fun. I’d recommend IRC, so those who know how can use a client without adding extra load to the webserver, in case it should crash.

    Also, ACT’s closing campaign video was just as bad as their opening. They also seem to have set their sights very low – just 28,000 votes will get them 2 MPs, and 50,000 votes for 3!

  2. lprent 2

    A whalefool reminded me that “Let’s keep the buggers honest” is phrase previously “stolen” by Cameron Slater.

    I’d point out that Cameron Slater is high on my list of organising suspects if there is any poll fiddling. I realised many years ago that he was an arsehole taking pay for attack blogging. However I didn’t have an appreciation for exactly how much of an arsehole he was until I read “Dirty Politics”.

    BTW: “steve”, you are now permanently banned..

    • Richard 2.1

      LMAO. Was “Steve” Slater OMFG. he needs a long, long, Psychiatrist enforced,rest at a mental health resort publicly funded of course(just so he knows what public benefits he’s entitled to). I’m very happy to contribute once DC landslides to victory tomorrow. The left are going to wipe the nasty nats and acts smiles off there faces I predict.

      Good luck everyone I feel like it’s the start of the dam busters raid, no one knows if we’ll succeed but the weight of the nation is squarely upon our shoulders. We must oust the Nats it’s that important a mission.

      If I see anything dodgy from Midnight i’ll just phone the police.

      BTW when do the electioneering restrictions lift? after the results announced?

  3. cogito 3

    Great closing election broadcast this evening by Labour… which was in marked contrast with the boring re-run of the Nats’ Key monologue.

    Cunliffe has come a long way in recent weeks, and deserves a great result tomorrow!

  4. greywarbler 4

    Best wishes to us and may the best parties win.

  5. RedBaronCV 5

    Thanks for the tips Lprent. Be handy when I am doing my bit tomorrow.

  6. RedBaronCV 6

    And before I forget, if Joe/ josephine public complain about any particular booth to you is there a feedback loop so that the booth is alerted plus any parties that might want to send along extra scrutiny?

    • Lanthanide 6.1

      Lynn said this:

      “If I don’t think that it seems too likely to be an issue, I’ll leave it hidden after the election period. If I don’t then I’ll also be on the line to whoever I think can get it rectified.”

      I think the “don’t” in the second sentence is supposed to be “do”, ie, Lynn will do what he can to try and rectify any issues raised.

  7. finbar 8

    Why is it that you say,dont comment after midnight.Is not the electrol rule about don!t show a party candidate on your rosett.Is it not law that you can wear your party rosette in the ballot room.Is it not law that the adjuicators who question your right to vote can also do that.What is your fright.

  8. finbar 9

    Grow up,you say you wish to change the unfairness, yet are not going to allow the questioning.

  9. finbar 10

    Heard all them radio and well paid comentators,asking what was your opinion of the biggest gaff of our political leaders.And they loved to talk about their, im me, this is my mind remember seen him, seen her, do and say that.tHE BIGGEST GAFF in truth was Labour saying we care for Maori,and by the looks they have lost two of their seats to Maori,and up north,no matter the win,have they not shot themselves big time..

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