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Jami-Lee Ross: But Wait, There’s More!

Written By: - Date published: 6:09 pm, October 19th, 2018 - 191 comments
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It just gets worse and worse for the Nats as Jami-Lee Ross sets the agenda for the long weekend.

What we’ve learned in the last few minutes is that Ross has had an affair with another MP. He has told Newstalk ZB who that person is, however in a rare show of good taste, the station has refused to release the name. I suspect they wouldn’t have been so caring if we were talking about Labour MP’s.

Ross has also changed his mind about resigning. That will allow the rogue Tory to torment his former colleagues from the safety of the House. So no Botany by-election, no choppering in a National Party white knight. This isn’t so much waka jumping as scuppering the entire fleet with all hands on board.

Ross has also released a second recording of a conversation with Simon Bridges. In this one, Simon, a proven lawyer, denies Ross natural justice regarding the allegations of harassment.

It seems clear that Jami-Lee Ross is going to let this one run and run.

Frankly, this is exactly what National, the nasty party, the party of Dirty Politics, totally deserves.

191 comments on “Jami-Lee Ross: But Wait, There’s More! ”

  1. Liberal Realist 1

    Let’s just hope that the allegations of corruption and foreign influence are not buried by the behavioral aspects of this mess.

    If the CPC has its long tentacles embedded in National’s pockets, our democracy is in real trouble.

    • Incognito 1.1

      If the CPC has its long tentacles embedded in National’s pockets, our democracy is in real trouble.

      I like to think that’s minor compared to one million ‘missing voters’.

    • Tony 1.2

      Time for the rules regarding political donations to be tightened in light of this shady saga.Limit needs to drop to $10k and all political parties need to be deemed reporting entities under the AML-CFT act. Banks,finance companies,lawyers, real estate agents are all required to onduct due diligence on individuals, trusts and companies. ‘Bout time the political parties were hauled in. Donations are potentially cancerous to NZ democracy.

  2. Cantabrian 2

    Which MP was it? Presumably a National woman MP. Can we speculate?

    • Dukeofurl 2.1

      Ive already worked out one of his previous clinches was a female journalist- whos gone quiet this week but was happy to get exclusives from that relationship.

      I would think a woman Mp in parliament would be a fair catch to name – but dont know who it is.
      if its not a public person who otherwise didnt gain from being with Bridges that wouldnt be fair.

      National have wheeeled out their previous candidate for Manurewa to show how JLR was ‘mad , bad and dangerous to know’ , so the old rules dont really apply.
      I think this is what has triggered JLR to name the woman MP.

      • Zhang Yikun CCP 2.1.1

        Initials [deleted] and subordinate to [deleted] perhaps? I’ve been wondering where she was. Perhaps she’s gone on stress leave too.

        [Don’t go there. TRP]

    • Good question to ask, Cantabrian. Thanks.

      I’d lean toward No myself. It would just be gossiping, rather than making the more nuanced political observations we prefer round these parts.

      However, if there is a counter argument to be put, I’m happy to consider it. Mind you, anything posted that has a hint of misogyny about it will be goneski.

      • AsleepWhileWalking 2.2.1

        Good call

      • Muttonbird 2.2.2

        I’ve got a counter argument. The female (I guess) MP will have to be named because the speculation will hang over all of National’s female MPs until that happens. The speculation isn’t going to go away.

        • marty mars

          Yep the non naming is futile. Speculation is also futile so I guess wait.

        • Chris

          But aren’t there enough female MPs to make speculation meaningless?

          • Liberty4NZ

            Most of them are senior in age, I’ve narrowed it down to three, not including Paula Bennett.

        • mike

          happy days

          • Chris T

            Depends whether you call a bloke treating a woman like shit and then her being thrown into the national press for speaking out “happy days”

            We don’t even know it’s a Nat MP

            • Muttonbird

              Don’t be so naive. Or perhaps don’t be so deliberately naive.

              • Chris T

                It is interesting how concern over potential abusive relationships seem to have different weights of believability depending on who they are on here

                Even when there is 4 separate alleged victims

            • KJT

              At least two women who entered into a relationship with “someone they didn’t find attractive” for gain.

              One for “scoops” and one for political advancement. Doesn’t say much for those concerned. The sort of people National attracts.

              • Chris T

                So asking for it?

                • KJT

                  I understand the relationships were consensual.

                  So. “Asking for it” in a broad sense, but not in the way you are trying to insinuate.

                  I don’t think assuming women are always helpless “victims” does women any favours. They were probably much more mentally mature than JLR, for a start.

          • Psych nurse

            outofbed did you have to post a link to kiwiblog, its my day off. following your link has led me back into the world of the delusional,narsistic personality disordered, sociopathic and grandiose that I would rather forget for at least a day.

      • mickysavage 2.2.3

        Yep. I know who it is and there is no need to go there.

        • Muttonbird

          Can you give us a hint?

          • mickysavage

            She is a female …


            There is no political angle. Sometimes we should let personal stuff slide by.

            • RedLogix

              Exactly. I’ve consistently taken the approach that sex and politics should be kept at arms length. (With the usual exceptions of gross hypocrisy or political blackmail.)

              The women involved have so far gotten a free pass, a polite curtain of discretion drawn over their sex life. Why? Were they not consenting adults? Are they not powerful, capable women with agency and responsibility for their choices?

              But here’s the thing mickey, no-one here has objected to all the revelations made around JLR’s private life. His ‘personal stuff’ has been tossed into the public arena as chunks of bloody meat for dogs to fight over.

              We say the two genders are the same, but we don’t act as if they are.

              Of course it also plays well to the ‘all males are sexual predators’ #metoo meme, which by implication paints all women as weak, fragile creatures, liable to be shattered by an off-colour joke, or an unwanted advance. Neither is of course true, but it makes for a very effective political tool in the hands of the cynical.

              • cathy

                “no-one here has objected to all the revelations made around JLR’s private life. His ‘personal stuff’ has been tossed into the public arena as chunks of bloody meat for dogs to fight over.”

                all very well, poor victimised Jami Lee.

                except he is the one who tossed his own personal stuff into the public arena

            • Kevin

              I agree, but after the constant attacks on Jacinda’s partner I say fuck it, the Nats have it coming.

              • Tony

                The Nats shagging each other forpersonal gain makes a nice counterpoint to the 9 years they spent shagging the country.

            • Patricia Bremner

              No doubt she regrets the liaison now.

        • marty mars

          Unscrupulous people will leak it very soon I’d say. I spose most mps would know.

          • Chris

            Ross will make sure it’s known.

            • Michael

              He tried last night on Newstalk ZB. Word will get out sooner rather than later.
              The Honourable lady in question would be wise to identify herself before others do.

              • Westiechick

                um. I’d like to take a leaf out of Jacinda’s book and remember kindness. No one needs this. it is not important. 100K for a Queen’s Birthday honour and a list MP is.

                • Muttonbird

                  She still needs to come out. How is she going to effectively do her job and represent the people of _________ without doing so?

                  • outofbed

                    Jesus hasn’t anyone got google

                    • Muttonbird

                      I get it oob, but I’m not going to be someone who identifies that person.

                      She must do that herself.

                      Same with the journalist who was sleeping with Ross in return for information.

            • Skinny

              It is published as [Dude, really? TRP] Paula.

          • Dukeofurl

            The leaker was Ross. hes denied it just because he would have used an intermediary to give plausible deniability. They all do leaks that way.

            • McFlock

              The nats brought up affairs and “harrassment” / bullying political behaviour in order to distract from their political vomit and detract from their Botany opponent.

              JLR would prefer people leer about affairs than harrassment, because in some sectors an affair shows manliness.

              I’m much more interested in MPs for donations, and whether their hubris actually ended up with them breaching elections laws, again.

              • Robert Guyton

                That’s right.

              • Draco T Bastard

                I’m much more interested in MPs for donations, and whether their hubris actually ended up with them breaching elections laws, again.


                What JLR has said so far should already have triggered a royal inquiry into political donations and influence buying.

                • Chuck

                  “What JLR has said so far should already have triggered a royal inquiry into political donations and influence buying.”

                  Why do you think Labour are so quiet?

                  If you want a very obvious one then look no further than NZF and Winston re – racing and fisheries.

                  • Draco T Bastard

                    NZF and Winston have already been investigated.

                    What I want and believe that the country needs is a serious look into influence buying through political donations and other means especially foreign influence buying. From there suggestions on how to prevent it from happening again.

                  • Muttonbird

                    Labour are quiet because they don’t get a hard on for destroying their opponents when they are down.

                    Contrast this with National…

                  • joe90

                    Why do you think Labour are so quiet?

                    Because talking is difficult when you’ve laughed yourself into an intercostal spasm?.

                  • KJT

                    Don’t like that one either, but at least we knew where Jones and Peters, funding came from.
                    It was then put to Parliament for agreement, through proper process. Unique National’s secret deals..
                    All out in the open, at least.

              • Yes, all else is “noise”

              • JLR would prefer people leer about affairs than harrassment, because in some sectors an affair shows manliness.

                In overlapping sectors, harassment shows manliness.

          • mike

            there troys how many peoples privacy have they abused in 9 years her name will be leaked lololololo happy days

    • John 2.3

      Instead of National MP’s shagging each other why don’t they represent their respective electorates like what we pay them for? Or are they all fucken useless????

      • Draco T Bastard 2.3.1

        The National Party represents the 1% and they do that quite well.

        • RedLogix

          Nope; they represent the 40% or so of the population who will vote for them. (Not always, but can be reliably counted to support them on a good day.)

          The reasons why politics has a left and a right wing run a lot deeper into human psychology than superficial economic interests. (And is why we actually need a non-corrupt, non-dysfunctional National Party for our democratic model to work.)

          • Draco T Bastard

            Nope; they represent the 40% or so of the population who will vote for them.

            I’m sure that’s what the majority of National voters would like to think. It just so happens that it’s not. Just have to look to Brash’s Punters in Punterland to understand that.

            And is why we actually need a non-corrupt, non-dysfunctional National Party for our democratic model to work.

            A party that represents the 1% while ignoring everyone else and reality to boot is always going to be corrupt.

            • RedLogix

              Yes they have become corrupted by the money and influence the 1% can bestow upon them, but this is not necessarily an ‘always’ condition.

              At some point in the future there will be another National led govt; we have to hope that from this episode a better National party arises from it; one not so beholden to narrow interests, or worse still a despotic totalitarian CCCP.

          • Dennis Frank

            Yeah, but both you & Draco are correct re Nats representation. Your point re left/right political psychology is true, profound, and relates to my ongoing exasperation with leftist intellectuals. Illuminating it would be a mutual-benefit endeavour. Anyway, if the next Colmar Brunton poll shows up on the weekend as predicted, we’ll see if Nat voters still constitute around 40%. If so, the caucus unity pose will have worked. Temporarily, at least.

            • RedLogix

              and relates to my ongoing exasperation with leftist intellectuals.

              Sighs … form an orderly queue here mate.

            • Ankerrawshark

              Collar brunton due out this weekend? Wonder what the time period is. Anyone know?

              • shadrach

                I heard Soper say tonight there are two polls out in the coming days, both including polling from earlier this week. Soper pointed out the remarkably high level of support the Nat’s have enjoyed for years, but predicted this was going to burn them hard. Get the pop-corn!

              • veutoviper

                Usually Sunday night 6 pm News for TVNZ Colmar Brunton.

                • Ankerrawshark

                  Thanks veutoviper…… I ll have the telly on even though we have visitors……then q and at 9:30pm….

                  • veutoviper

                    It may change being a long weekend, but TVNZ tend to have a lead up to it via their Twitter account and individual TVNZ reporters’ Twitter accounts. I will keep an eye out and report any changes via here.

                  • Anne

                    I gather there will be an extensive interview with Professor Anne Marie Brady on Q&A. She will be talking about Chinese influence on NZ’s politicians. Should be extremely interesting – and timely.

                    • veutoviper

                      Thanks for that. IMO that is where the focus should be, not the bedsheets stuff.

                      In fact, I am really pleased that she is now getting the focus and publicity for her research that had been ignored. A silver lining perhaps …

                    • patricia bremner

                      That is pleasing. This work by Professor Anne Marie Brady was treated lightly as a “sensitive” area.

                      An exposed nerve indeed. one that needs surgery smartly imo.

                    • Ed

                      It had better be an improvement on the awful journalism evidenced by the Nation on the subject.
                      Awful awful stuff.

          • Sabine

            You or other might vote for them, but that does not mean you and others get representation from the Party with No mates.

            In the best of all cases voters get what they vote for, but then National has clearly demonstrated that they do not represent the electorate – voters and non voters alike. They represent business interests that align with their own interests and bank accounts, after all they only need voters once. 🙂

            • RedLogix

              Never voted National in my life. Of the roughly 15 or so elections I’ve ticked boxes in, most times it went to the Greens or Labour, and the last time to TOP. I consider myself a moderate leftie; probably middle of the road socially and more radical economically.

              But otherwise I suspect you missed my real point.

      • patricia bremner 2.3.2

        They have a high level of self importance and sex and power plays often go together. Not all MPs but quite a number.

  3. Dukeofurl 3

    Kiwiblog is giving more claims
    ““I was asked to help exit Todd Barclay because he was becoming difficult for Bill English. Bill English was kept clean. Paula Bennett was pulling the puppet strings. But recordings about him came out and ended up in the media.”

    He said he had a number of text messages between himself and John Key about a donation that had become difficult.

    “I was asked by John Key to go in and talk to the donor and see if there was something about the Labour Party that we could find out. John Key and I ended up discussing that later on in text messages.

    “The National Party has now decided to smear my reputation as much as possible. I simply can’t run in a byelection on that basis. I’ve decided it’s more important to continue talking about the National Party.”

    Farrar is now calling for waka jumping law to be invoked next week. Schadenfreude alert.

    Its to protect the delicate ears in parliament….apparently

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Ooh. Can’t wait for these John Key texts to come out.

      As for the other MP well Paula Bennett will have to admonish that person as well! Could happen to a nicer bunch.

      • Sarah 3.1.1

        Can they be requested on an OIA? I don’t know what the process is but it would be very interesting to know.

      • Chuck 3.1.2

        Hey, no issue with all the hype around the last week or so, plenty of ammo to fire at National etc.

        But you do realise this is Lusk / Slater behind JLR and their utu against the National party when they were shown the exit door.

        Slater mentioned “2 informants” had told him the game plan is to set up a new centre-right party…that was days ago before yesterday events and JLR getting cold feet about the by-election.

        So if in the future when they turn their guns back onto the left (which they will) please don’t cry “dirty politics” !!

        • Muttonbird

          I certainly will cry dirty politics because one thing is common in all of this and that is the bad eggs are all from the right. The Nats, Slater and Lusk, and Ross. All from the right. The right don’t seem to know how to act ethically at all.

          I was hoping for a mea culpa from National after this but no, they are just looking for ways to escape rather than ways to clean up their act…

    • Fireblade 3.2

      National can’t use the waka jumping law. They opposed the bill and voted against it.

      Using it now would be an admission that they can’t be trusted to formulate sensible government policy.

      • Ankerrawshark 3.2.1

        Apparently they have to wait 21 days before it’s enacted so it gives him a bit of time,…….I hope he’s got text that expose key….er um I mean Sir John (titter, titter)

        • Muttonbird

          I suspect the Nats will fight that harder than their fight to defend Soymin. The thought if their god bring tainted will be too much to bear.

        • Chris

          Ross will be saying “and it gives me a bit of time, too.”

      • Chris 3.2.2

        They’ll use it all right. They’ll say they still oppose it but that “the present situation is unprecedented” and that in the absence of rules now required to deal with situations like this they have no choice “for the sake of our democracy”.

        • Dukeofurl

          Peters has been reading their speeches at the back to them….

          • Dennis Frank

            Watching him during its replay on the TVNZ news earlier, with Shane Jones alongside breaking out into such spontaneous natural laughter as Peters & the other NZF guy were grinning uncontrollably, I realised I’d been chuckling away unconsciously myself for quite some time in resonance with them. The words of the Nat moral objection to the waka-jumping bill were rolling out of Peters mouth like a stream of pure gold. 😄

      • Rae 3.2.3

        Nah, Bridges actually said earlier on, before the real shit hit the fan that he would consider invoking the waka jumping law, so don’t feel so certain there.

      • patricia bremner 3.2.4

        That would confirm their hypocracy!!

    • mickysavage 3.3

      “I was asked by John Key to go in and talk to the donor and see if there was something about the Labour Party that we could find out. John Key and I ended up discussing that later on in text messages.”

      It was the freaking Donghua Liu donation. Ross hid it.

      It should have been released by National at the time that Williamson was sacked.

      But then the media got fed a tame line about how Liu had donated to Labour and that was the story.

      Looking at you Herald.

      That cost us a couple of percent support at a critical time of the election campaign in 2014.

      • Ed 3.3.1

        Did you hear the ZB interview?
        It was as if the interviewer (was it du Plessis-Allan?) was trying to stop him revealing stuf.

      • Ankerrawshark 3.3.2

        Mickey I really hope he has and releases those texts from key

      • Anne 3.3.3

        Looking at you Herald.

        That cost us a couple of percent support at a critical time of the election campaign in 2014.

        That was a shameful episode. And don’t forget John Armstrong was the Herald political editor at the time and he wrote an appalling article where he demanded Cunliffe immediately resign. So, John Key and National hid a big donation that should have been declared, and Labour’s leader, David Cunliffe was supposed to resign over it. That is what Armstrong was effectively demanding.

        He had the grace to apologise – many months down the track when it didn’t count – but if ever there was a deliberate and calculated attempt by the NZ Herald and its [then] tawdry reporters to destroy Labour’s chance of success at the election that was it!

        • Anne

          But then the media got fed a tame line about how Liu had donated to Labour and that was the story.

          Except Liu was told to lie about it. No such donation to Labour existed. Iirc, Labour called in a well known reputable firm of accountants to go through their books with a fine tooth comb. They found no donation from Liu existed – a fact that was under-reported by the NZ Herald.

          • Draco T Bastard

            Yes, the incestuous corruption between the MSM and the National Party stinks to high heaven but so many still think it’s perfume.

            • Unicus

              “Still think it’s perfume”

              The Herald publishes for a ” Blind Blue ” audience – they don’t recognise stench either

    • Robert Guyton 3.4

      “He wants to pull the temple down.”

    • Incognito 3.5

      National is now haemorrhaging so badly it is a full-blown arterial bleed end before it turns into an aortic rupture they’ll have to do something. In other words, they have nothing to lose and will )have to) invoke the waka jumping law.

      The ink isn’t even dry yet – it became law on 27 September – and it’ll be a good test case. And National can finally claim that they’re holding the Government to account on something 😉

      • Fireblade 3.5.1

        Can National use the Waka Jumping law for Jami-Lee Ross? He is no longer a member of the National Party and is now an Independent MP.

        Does anyone know?

        • Incognito

          As far as I know they can if it somehow has changed the proportionality in/of Parliament. I have no idea what it means in legal terms though 😉

          • Aaron

            If they kick him out then he gets the chance to be a martyr – much more likely they will keep smearing his reputation. Even more likely since the media is more than happy to make him look crazy – they’re as much a part of the establishment as the National Party as we all know

            • Incognito

              Oh, I agree, but it is National who are turning him into a Martyr. My point is that they should stop throwing dirt on JLR, because he’s simply shovelling it back in heaps, and deal with him decisively. That would require cool heads, leadership and guts, all of which are in very short supply in the National Party at the moment.

    • Fireblade 3.5.1 Winston will poke that sore spot!!
      I bet they regret their rowing advert for the election!!! Waka sinking instead???

  4. Ankerrawshark 4

    Dukeofurl @ 3……..holy crap. I predicted a catastrophic ride for National yesterday but started to wonder if that was all and it would fizzier out……….

  5. Johnr 5

    To stay on is probably a smart move on his part. I think he needs an extra two years to get to 9 years and qualify for the parly pension.

    I’m happy for him to get paid for this time if he’s going raise the scab on this corrupt festering sore of parliament, as he implied he would do in his interview on ZB

    • alwyn 5.1

      There is no such thing for any existing MP except Nick Smith. You have to have been in the House, and remained there ever since, from some date in 1992.
      He’ll get whatever he contributed plus the subsidy but there is nothing special about 3 terms..

      • Tricledrown 5.1.1

        Alwynger Nick Smith has some dirt to come out to Exclusive Brethren contracts with ACC.

        • alwyn

          Your comments are just like those from Jami-Lee Ross.
          In that wonderful Texas phrase, you are all hat and no cattle.
          Besides, what does your sneer have to do with Ross’s super entitlements?

  6. outofbed 6

    So there are potentially three or four guys waiting for their partners to come home this weekend afraid to ask the question. Could be a very long weekend I almost feel sorry for them.

    • Muttonbird 6.1

      That person will have to be named eventually otherwise it will hang over them for the rest of their career.

      • Chris 6.1.1

        Surely it’ll be Ross who makes sure it comes out. He’ll be pissed off the media’s chosen not to report who he’s named. He obviously intended to, and he’s pissed off with that person.

        • Dukeofurl

          Whaleoil will supply the name…

          Ironically he had all the raw data of his private conversations released by rawshark and when Slater went to court, the public interest applied to most of it except stuff like personal financial, medical or family. of course the main object was to stop the media from using it.

          National doesnt have a hope ( other than a prelim injunction) if they try an
          full injunction to keep the political stuff quiet- especially when they have been giving out private stuff about JLR-but they might get a favourable judge… and again the main object isnt JLR but muzzling the media

          • Michael

            Whale Oil is already filling in a number of the gaps, naming names, as per usual. Although he is only doing so according the script he’s given, from …?

      • Robert Guyton 6.1.2

        This is weird, from “Yournz”:
        PDB / October 19, 2018
        No doubt not naming the female MP he had an affair with will mean social media will be full of suggestions and not-guilty female MP’s will all be put under a cloud of suspicion.

        1 0 Rate This

        Pete George / October 19, 2018
        Yes, he has probably stuffed up the weekends of a few female MPs.

        3 0 Rate This

        Tipene / October 19, 2018
        South Island – like, REALLY South Island.

        2 0 Rate This

        PDB / October 19, 2018
        Please! I don’t think Hamish Walker is like that…

        1 0 Rate This

        Tipene / October 19, 2018
        Keep going South………….

        1 0 Rate This

        PDB / October 19, 2018
        Husband may not be pleased…

        1 0 Rate This

        Screeching Widow / October 19, 2018
        They’ve split according to rumour

        1 1 Rate This

        • Rae

          Thank you, you added to my suspicion who it was and a quick google has confirmed it. Not surprised she has much of the same entitled and arrogant air about her as Ross

          • Muttonbird

            I thought the same when I took another look at all those Nats in their group portrait. It was difficult to do let me tell you.

          • Michael

            That was my first conclusion when I watched the ZB interview.

  7. Herodotus 7

    There are now 35k of us now having to say that we don’t live in the botany area.
    whist the last few days were interesting to say the least, how do we face up to others and tell them when asked that we live and are represented by JLR 🙁
    He has now tarnished not just Botany BUT all politics.
    Nats may not like it but there will be growing sentiment within this area that a by election IS required, and to use the Waka jumping. Eating a rat I have heard this called.

  8. Ed 8

    Jami-Lee Ross’s Twitter feed.

    “There is serious rot in NZ politics, and the way the National Party undertakes it’s activity. There is a greater responsibility to continue exposing the National Party’s activity and the way the leadership conducts itself.

    I have not submitted a resignation letter to the Speaker. I intended to do that today. I will instead stay on as an MP to continue speaking out about the internal operations of the National Party. I will no doubt continue being called a liar by Simon Bridges and the National Party. That’s a very good reason to keep telling the truth that I have witnessed first hand since 2011.”

    Since 2011.
    This is getting thermonuclear.


    • What a repellent person he is. Yuck. That lowlife trying to take the moral high ground makes me feel ill.

      • Chris 8.1.1

        He was smiling when he was talking about how this has affected his family and about all the hard work and apologising he’s going to have to do. Pure narcissim.

        Still, we should be grateful. He’s guaranteed at least 21 days of blow-by-blow action we would likely have never otherwise seen. This is better than On the Mat.

        • Ankerrawshark

          As I have said previously it’s has taken one of their nasty own to finally (hopefully) bring them down.

      • McFlock 8.1.2

        Pretty much applies to the entire nat caucus too. Bunch of arseholes one and all.

        • Cantabrian

          Exactly McFlock. Most of them are as bad or worse than Ross. I have some sympathy for him.

        • Cantabrian

          Exactly McFlock. Most of them are as bad or worse than Ross. I have some sympathy for him.

      • Muttonbird 8.1.3

        I think he’s doing the country an important service. The revealing of the inner workings and vile values of the National Party is of incalculable worth.

        • Dennis Frank

          Perhaps doing so provides a teachable moment to political novices. Perhaps ensuing discussion in many a home or social gathering generates a sense of the rights and wrongs of being a whistle-blower, in respect of the public interest, and the tribal interests of National voters. Apparently he sees providing a sequence of such teachable moments as a moral endeavour. National voters who believe in the integrity of our system of democracy may even agree with him!

          • Patricia Bremner

            We have to hope that is one outcome, Dennis.

            As more comes out some thin veneers will crack and peel away to reveal? in fighting??? underbelly?? crime?? fraud?? the truth?? Time will tell.

            The undignified scramble to shut JRL down will be painful and public.
            This saga reminds me of the song.
            “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly” It went way past a rat!!

            • Dennis Frank

              I remember that old song from childhood. Watching a couple of Nats debating the situation just now on The Nation, they aren’t owning up, still in denial. Interviewed by Simon Shepherd who I worked with for years in the TVNZ newsroom in the nineties. Simon’s a good guy (Australian) but he let an opportunity slip past him in regard to that recording of SB talking to JLR about the 100K donation. He failed to correct the narrative issuing from the bald-headed guy, making it seem as if JLR is solely responsible, when the recording proves the contrary.

              • patricia bremner

                Some impressions after the interview.
                Heather Duplicity Allen couldn’t wait to shut him down, or re-interpret what he said. She asked loaded questions and tried to direct his answers.

                The whole interview was the relationships, and when he tried to introduce the pattern of fund raising and cover ups by the power brokers in the party, she dissed his evidence as “B” grade. WOW!!

                So if evidence infers behaviours, it isn’t good enough??
                If it varies in any aspect it is suspect??

                You are a poor excuse for a reporter Heather, and a very biased interviewer. Your “Protect the party” strategy was very evident.

                Now this man is a manipulator, and has a rictus smile/ habitual smile which probably is used to disarm /deflect when in a confronting situation.

                He doesn’t bluster or threaten, he just reports in a detached manner. That would have made him good as a Party fixer/whip.
                He wants to appeal to reason and logic, but his opponents know he lacks emotional depth and that is his archilles heel, so they concentrate on his relationships, his weakness to distract from the “Donations”

                By saying he has mental health issues they have forced him to behave in a “controlled” manner so he is presenting how he thinks a sane person would. This serves to make him appear stilted and rehearsed.
                The faux horror from HDA was laughable. That was false and staged.

                JLR probably “lost it” when first confronted by those insincere people.
                His job, his status, his importance and erstwhile friends seeking to sideline him, triggered a reaction.. “Don’t forget!” he would say, ” I know where the skeletons are buried” Game on!!

                Main point. “They want to shut down the Donations aspect” IMO. He has to appear vindictive., they reasonable.

                • Ed

                  I noticed the same
                  Hdpa wasn’t acting as a member of the 4th Estate.
                  Rather, she was acting as a representative for the National Party establishment.
                  Next time, JLR should go to a decent journalist like Hager, who would ask him about the donations thoroughly.

      • One Two 8.1.4

        JLR catalogue of antics seem to have been conveniently put to one side … agree…

        What else is going on behind the running of interference…

        Just how stage managed is all this…’news/entertainment’…

  9. mauī 9

    There is one open position for New Zealand’s highest honour, the Order of New Zealand. I think we know who deserves it for “Services to the left”.

    • woodart 9.1

      not services to the left. services to the truth! far more important. how does one put up his name?

  10. Ankerrawshark 10

    I was writing #lets keep Simon

    Sorry about this Herodotus but#lets keep Jami

    • Chris 10.1

      Absolutely, and after that we’ve got the knifing of Bridges to look forward to, followed by knowing who the next political liability who will replace him is.

      Like the nats after English is 2002, the current mob will recover. But it just might be a longer than usual fun time before that happens.

      • Dukeofurl 10.1.1

        I think it was Margret Whitlam who said ‘she didnt know how to hate until she was involved in politics’- and I think she was talking about Labour!

        Plus there is the old saying about Parliament – your opponents are in front of you, while your enemies are behind you.

        personally I think the backstabbing and the mix of sex and power is nothing new in the place….its just that ist become more public than most times …added by modern tech on mobile phones which keep txts and can record conversations.

    • Herodotus 10.2

      I will remember your comments over summer as 35k of us will become the butt of Summer BBQ conservations, still I feel for the few married female MP’s and I imagine they will be feeling 🤮
      How can us local who have an issue now take this to our local MP ??
      For those not local, JLR’s electorate office is adjacent to Hells Pizza. Even they could be thinking that their neighbour warrants them moving !!
      Feel really sorry for his family and what they are going thru

      • Ankerrawshark 10.2.1

        Ok Herodotus understand.

        Could you take issues to the labour candidate? Nearest list MP? Email National to share your concerns?

        Probably Ross will go and there will be a by-election. Meanwhile he is doing the country a favour by exposing what’s be going on, even if he is a complete arsehole.

        Seems obvious now but the only way this was going to come out was via one of their own

  11. barry 11

    So the National party hushed up abuse and enabled his behaviour all these years, and now that he is on the outer they release it all. How many other MPs have also been protected by them?

  12. Flossy 12

    Quick question…

    If he stays in parliament and uses parliamentary privilege to make accusations, release documents and recordings, is he protected from an injunction by the party or individuals?

    When I saw that National was discussing an injunction it seemed logical he would stay on to maintain as much privilege as possible, but then I realised I’m not sure of the relationship between an injunction and privilege.

    • Dennis Frank 12.1

      Now that is an extremely good question! My guess is that parliamentary privilege defeats an injunction, but the latter would stop him repeating stuff in media interviews. Unless Lusk or his lawyer advises him that our free speech law will defeat an injunction – even if Ross has to take it over the head of Nat-leaning judges to the Supreme Court to prove it.

    • Craig H 12.2

      Completely covered by privilege – injunctions are about preventing unlawful actions (using a broad definition of unlawful to include anything which might give rise to damages), which talking in Parliament isn’t under any circumstances.

      • Sacha 12.2.1

        Injunction would prevent releasing more tapes, though not talking about them in parliament. That’s likely to be attractive enough for the Nats to try it asap.

      • Flossy 12.2.2

        If there is an injunction against him releasing it unlawfully, but he then releases it in Parliament, the media would be fine to report on what has happened in Parliament, right?

  13. Fireblade 13

    Well this is all very grim for the National Party and it’s supporters, but in the spirt of kindness…

    Happy LABOUR Weekend

    • Draco T Bastard 13.1


    • Cinny 13.2

      Fireblade, Miss 11 came home from school the other day and announces they have Monday off school.

      Why do you have Monday off? I asked, completely side tracked with the jlr drama.

      Because of Labour! Replies Miss 11

      Is there another teachers strike, i haven’t heard anything…. I say to Miss 11

      I don’t know mum, but we have Monday off because of Labour.

      Five minutes later…. the penny dropped….. dang it’s Labour Day! That should always happen 🙂

  14. Dunno if this natural justice , – but it sure is poetic justice for the National party. They’ve had it coming to them for years.

  15. Gabby 15

    Peda Goodfellas will be fronting up to explain everything any minute now..

  16. Robert Guyton 16

    “Ironically Ross’s actions have also strengthened Simon Bridges’ position. Even if there was some disquiet about the leadership – and I have no knowledge of any – everyone in caucus knows they must show 100% discipline and unity so as not to reward Ross.

    He may well try to release more of what he sees as ‘proof’ but the media needs to ask itself, if it would be in the public interest and safe for his mental health, to carry on publishing it.”


  17. Robert Guyton 17

    “Will says:
    October 16, 2018 at 1:00 pm
    0 0 Rate This
    What about these allegations of bribes from a Chinese businessman? Appalling if even slightly true. Will damage the party for years to come. Hopefully there is nothing to them but if there is…God help us all.”


    • RedLogix 17.1

      It occurs to me that the ghost of Robert Muldoon must be spinning in it’s grave ….

      • Treetop 17.1.1

        Muldoon said to his press secretary the one thing he regretted most in his life was what he did to Moyle.

        In short, Muldoon used an incident on file with the police which did not result in any charges to try and ruin Moyle.

        There are a number of issues I have with Sir Alfred North’s inquiry in December 1976 regarding the police involvement into the incident concerning Moyle.

        • RedLogix

          I was thinking more in terms of the ‘Reds under the beds’ narrative and dancing Cossacks.

          But yes the Moyle affair was probably Muldoon’s nadir, and he never really recovered his moral authority after that.

          • Treetop

            As bad as the Moyle/Muldoon stoush was (and throw the then commissioner and deputy commissioner of police in the mix) what is going on within the National Party tops anything I have seen in NZ politics.

            There is going to be a lot of tension and dribble within the National Party.

  18. Muttonbird 18

    Who is the journalist who has been having the pillow talk with Ross?

    • RedLogix 18.1

      It’s my view that almost none of us would want the full gloriously non-pc story of our sex lives tossed into the arena of public derision and scandal; so in the normal course of events I wouldn’t want to know.

      But when professional lines get tangled up in the bed-sheets as it were, it’s hard not think there might not be some ‘conflicts of interest’ going on here.

      • Muttonbird 18.1.1

        It’s not clear where the line is but ordinary people’s sex lives should be their own and that obviously extends to public servants and the media in general.

        But when you get celebrity status that changes. Ambitious MPs and hot shot media like to promote themselves in celebrity fashion in order to advance themselves.

        It might be that if they keep their head down and were honest, clean, professional and uncorrupt then no one will bother them even if the odd affair happened.

        But if they as media force themselves into our living rooms having slept with politicians for scoops, or if they as politicians pervert justice by manipulating journalists in the same way then their sex lives should be open to the public and they should get all the scorn they deserve.

        • Stuart Munro

          It’s not so much, in my view, that the public are entitled to the salacious details of “affairs of National significance”, as that having multiple affairs is not consistent with the kind of balance people need to make well thought out decisions, and thus good law. They disqualify themselves.

          The same might be said of soliciting large private donations; they suggest a kind of volatility in which “the market” may dictate quite different things, or select quite different people on different days. It’s not merely unfair, it’s unlikely to deliver acceptable outcomes.

      • Incognito 18.1.2

        You mean like the Profumo affair?

  19. Ankerrawshark 19

    So many many questions

    The excellent David Fischer has done a great article about the timeline re what bridges has said and how it doesn’t add up.

    Also occurred to me if ross behavior not widely known, kept secret how did so many women get to talk to newsroom. I guess in workplaces people open up and word gets round there’s a journalist interested in talking to you. Just wondering

  20. Observer Tokoroa 20

    Who owns the Politics and Democracy of New Zealand

    Should we thank Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, Judith Collins and the entire National Caucus for Awarding “THE ORDER OF NEW ZEALAND” to a significant Chinese Donor ?

    Do we now bower in humility to each wealthy Chinaman who lives in the Wealthy Greed areas of Auckland. Such as Remuera, Pakuranga, Botany ?

    Has Simon and Judith and Paula signed us up name by name to the Communist Party of China – ? Has Mrs Boag given you this power? Along with The Herald ?

    Please – tell us no lies – for once Mr Bridges. Do you hear me !

    • Pete 20.1

      Your insinuations are unfair. Due diligence would’ve been done.

      They had Jian Yang to help and refer to.

  21. Ankerrawshark 21

    Just watching the Nation. What a disgrace. Two National party stooges on and then the panel with Connor English! And questions like “can jami take the moral high ground”

    This is bull shit

  22. I wonder if there’s a poll coming up this weekend, what with the first anniversary of the current government due soon? It’s been over two months since the last public poll (One News/Colmar Brunton).

  23. cleangreen 23

    The media and National caucus leadership are both negligent in their duty to come clean as at present, because their own honesty is wanting.

    Let us see the time capsule here beginning from last monday when Jamie Lee Ross said he was going to the police;

    At 1pm Monday 15th October 2018; – after the meeting was confirmed with them; – to take his evidence of Simon Bridges conducting illegal activities over a Chinese investor donation of $100 00.

    By 16th October 2018; – when the confirmation was made for his evidence delivered of illegal activities of a $100 000 donation,

    We heard a series of reports from National Caucus leaders; including;
    Simon Bridges,
    Judith Collins,
    Amy Adams,
    Paula Bennett,
    Mark Mitchell’
    Lawrence Yule.

    All said; – there was no evidence found of a “$100 000 donation was ever made to the national Party relating to the allegations made by Jami Lee Ross.

    Judith Collins said clearly that it was a “fictitious claim just made up by Jami Lee Ross”.

    From the 16th October 2018 the National Party caucus had expelled Jami lee Ross without learning the truth of the truth and existence of the $100 000 donation.

    From 16th no retraction/correction of apologies has ever been forthcoming by either National Party caucus, nor any media error of reporting false stories of “no evidence found of a “$100 000 donation was ever made to the national Party relating to the allegations made by Jami Lee Ross.”

    So we have sen both the national Party lying and the Media backing those falsely quoted allegations.

    The voting public demand honestly and integrity here so we hope the police get the true facts straight now for the NZ Public, and it shows national were releasing the “fictitious claim just made up by (them and not from) Jami Lee Ross”.

    National – un-trustworthy.

  24. The Nacthnul party….

    The Highwaymen – The Road Goes On Forever – YouTube

  25. Sacha 25

    Sharp analysis from Danyl Mclauchlan:

    Finally, a huge component of Ross’s unique toxicity is his political lineage. He was a supporter of Judith Collins, a friend of Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk, who has been advising him through this trainwreck. They comprise the core of the nihilist faction of the National Party made famous in Dirty Politics and sundry other scandals.

    Lots of politicians from across the political spectrum resort to unethical tactics to achieve their goals, but what was so unusual about the Dirty Politics crowd is that they didn’t seem to have any goals, other than to be in politics so they could lie and leak and bully and smear and ruin people’s lives. For them that IS politics.

    And, in the grand tradition of the ‘you knew I was a scorpion’ parable, empowering a faction of ruthless, amoral assholes whose only goal was to destroy everyone around them has been a predictable disaster for National.

    It’s a disaster that’s shone light in some interesting places though: like those scuffles in Scooby Doo where someone falls backwards through a tapestry revealing a hidden disguise and secret passageway.

    • Dennis Frank 25.2

      Yes, his nihilism thesis, been discussing it on Public Address (gave it 8/10). Amongst a spectrum of good talking points Danyl provides is this gem:

      “‘Politics should be about policy and values,’ is a sentiment we’ve heard from a few commentators in response to recent events; an understandable reaction to the torrent of malice and lies vomiting out of the many orifices of the National Party. And that’s all very well and good, but for professional politicians ‘values’ are mostly just a form of marketing: the current government talks about transparency and open democracy but is obsessed with secrecy and cosy with lobbyists”.

      Think machine. Think political parties as cyborg: individual components human, the amalgum super-organism. Internal values of politicians are authentic motivators of their political behaviour. When invoked via group-think, consensual values become a set of marketing levers on the cyborg…

  26. Dukeofurl 26

    Interesting comments in the story by Tracy Watkins- usually a national party apologist

    Bridges’ valve burst Wednesday evening when he phoned around political editors to warn them he had been defamed and his reputation damaged.

    In his conversation with me, he threatened to walk away from our weekly interview because I was too negative.

    Warning the Political editors ehh. I bet it was the full intimidation.

    No wonder they switched from Bridges transgressions over to JLR as ‘mad bad and dangerous to know’

    • Dennis Frank 26.1

      She still came across as sympathetic to National. Enough for Farrar to display some finesse in block-quoting her to frame the current NP line, while also signalling to Ross that peace could break out amidst the warfare if he’s interested in doing a deal. Sufficiently Trumpian to be worth a try, eh?

      • Muttonbird 26.1.1

        Buying people off is what has led National in to the mire of rotten values they operate under now.

        Extending this practice to buy Ross off is doubling down on the same ugly dishonest ways and I hope that is conveyed properly to the voting public.

        I this not though because Watkins early para in the same article laud’s John Key’s method of keeping things behind closed doors.

        They will never learn it seems.

  27. Philj 27

    Let’s not forget, the MSM’s credability is at issue also.

  28. Delia 28

    Go into the index of Nick Hager’s book and see the names there. Should tell you enough.

  29. Jackel 29

    I remember how it felt when the Nats attacked Labour, with some success and glee, for sticking to their moral compass. Now look at them, sickening.

  30. Henry Filth 30

    One wonders if George Chapman and Keith Holyoake are turning in their graves or p*ssing themselves laughing.

  31. Frankie and Benjie 31

    As tempting as it might appear for the gNats to use the waka jumping law to try to get rid of Jami-Lee Ross (despite hypocrisy), I don’t think it would work.
    They have to show that him staying changes the proportionality of parliament.
    All he needs to do is continue voting in line with their whips etc, then he can use privilege to say what he wants to say. If they try to kick him out anyway, he can take them to court.

    They are not contemplating it to make him vote with gNational but just to shut him up.

    • Chris 31.1

      If Mallard tells the nats the test hasn’t been met there’ll be a scrap over what “the proportionality of parliament” means. The nats will try to say that even if Ross votes with them he’s declared war on the party so has upset that proportionality. All very new territory.

    • Dennis Frank 31.2

      Apparently Mitchell told Checkpoint that they ought not to use the waka-jumping bill. Inasmuch as he’s current front-runner to take over as leader, plus being a client of Lusk – along with Ross & Collins.

      Lusk plays the long game. His goal is to get a Nat leader who will shift the party further to the right. He’s obviously advised Ross that fighting the by-election is a waste of time, better to continue destabilising Bridges from within parliament. So his strategy is clever. It’s also perfectly suitable for the coalition government. I doubt Lusk is clever enough to have figured this out yet!

  32. Brian Tregaskin 32

    I think the reason Melanie Reid Newsroom’s lead current affairs and investigations journalist has been working on the story for over year now is because Howick Local Board chair David Collings contacted her and said I have a guy that makes Todd Barclay look like an angel. He says so here in the interview towards the end.


  33. Ed 33

    This is a party in crisis.
    Taking people’s phones off them.
    Staffers writing answers.
    More will happen..

    “Take the case of Maureen Pugh. This is the MP described by Bridges in a secret recording as “f**king useless”. As soon as that tape leaked, National took over her life. They took her phone off her. A staffer answered it on her behalf. They probably drafted the tweet she sent out accepting Bridges’ apology. They marched her out to tell TV cameras she was fine. They sent another MP for support. Or supervision.”


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