John Oliver on New Zealand’s new flag

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12 comments on “John Oliver on New Zealand’s new flag”

  1. dukeofurl 1

    Can we have a late entry: #CheekbyJowl.

    Use your imagination

  2. greywarshark 2

    Looking at John Oliver with his central finger up gives me a suitable motif for our present new flag design. A groucho marx face with a thick moustache with an upright finger and clenched fist beside the nose. That would acknowledge the joke that is the proposal and our concept of the country it represents.

  3. shorts 3

    somewhere in the beehive someone is muttering about how great the rebranding exercise is going, twice now featured on US TV… estimated value to NZ in the hundreds of millions

    if we rebrand every five years 150% of the population will be able to afford a house in Auckland

  4. Coffee Connoisseur 4

    How awesome would it be if all kiwis voted for ‘explosion’ just to show how ridiculous this whole flag thing is at this point in time.

  5. keyman 5

    brilliant idea

  6. Wayne 6

    Not the usual Standardnista practice to let the Yanks dictate to us what our flag (or anything else) should be. But I guess because the flag change is promoted by John Key any opportunity will do. Certainly seems to also be Labours stance.

    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      Strange, I don’t see anyone around here saying that we should let the Yanks dictate our flag. Of course, I do see people around here saying that we should let the Yanks dictate our foreign policy – they’re all supporters of National and our present government.

    • Macro 6.2

      John Key is a joke – and so is his stupid flag. Every proposed design is a nightmare and disrespectful to the thousands who have served under our existing flag. We are still part of the Commonwealth as I last recall, and the Queen still is our monarch – and as a commissioned officer I held my commission from the Queen – not the Prime Minister or anyone else – although your pals do seem to like acting more and more like dictators these days. (How come Key is happy to reintroduce the archaic and uniquely british concept of knighthoods, but wants to rid our flag of the union jack which links NZers to Britian?)
      If Key wasn’t so full of his own importance he would quietly point out to the organisers of any conference that he attended where an Australian flag had been incorrectly positioned, (which seems to be his sole reason for launching this absurd referendum in the first place) that we had the blue ensign first – and that the Australians had copied us – and maybe the Australians might like to be sitting behind their own flag rather than ours.

    • lprent 6.3

      Last time I heard his accent he sounded rather British to me. Have you ever actually watched the show?

      Or does criticism require not knowing what you are talking about these days?

      In fact I am pretty sure that he still is on a English passport after getting his green card in 2009

  7. yip 7

    Saw today on stuff that Donkey is telling the sheep which is the best flag to pick.

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