Just resting in his account?

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Did anyone else see the Herald article beginning: “A priest working as a senior executive at the Auckland University of Technology has resigned after “accounting discrepancies” involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.” and think “the money was just resting in my account“?

No? Just me?

9 comments on “Just resting in his account?”

  1. Deb 1

    Looks like a lovely piece of works doesn’t he!

    That will be an interesting story when it all comes out, but until it does what can you say except why do people keep on fouling what appears to be a rather comfortable nest! It’s somehow even worse when it’s poor old Johnny Taxpayer being fleeced.

  2. Terry 2

    Note how quickly (Bishop Ross Bay) the Anglican Church disowned him (a “Christian action?)

    • Bored 2.1

      An “Act of God”….Force Majuere no less.

    • burt 2.2

      They disowned him as quickly as they should to retain any credibility in their internal controls. Pity the voters are not as quick to insist politicians are held as accountable for breaking the law.

  3. chris73 3

    Mr Kirkpatrick has an MBA degree in commerce from Otago University and an honours degree in theology from the University of London.

    I’d like to see him reconcile his actions with “you shall not steal”

  4. burt 4

    He resigned immediately… What sort of man is this – he should know by now that the way to win the respect of the people is to deny he stole it, then say he will pay it back and tell us to all move on.

    Hell, he should just join the Labour party and claim he didn’t know it was illegal and the ref changed the rules, other people did it too, it’s the way he has always done it and it’s not fair to just prosecute him.

  5. When I was 14 I left home to be an apprentice in a racing stable at Newmarket UK. My father a Spanish Civil and 2nd world war former soldier gave me some advice ,of course ! dont smoke ,dont drink , and the bit that stuck.” If somebody says they are a good Christian ,run like hell.

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