Justice denied for Dotcom

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When the Dotcom raid happened, I was taken in. Sure the Police are playing FBI wannabes with the armed cops and helicopters, I thought, but there must be some truth in it. Now, it’s shades of the Urewera shambles as Dotcom’s extradition drags out.

It’ll be a year between the raid and his day in court. Meanwhile, they’re using extra-judicial punishment: bankrupting him by freezing his assets while his legal bills stack up.

Going to end in Dotcom not being extradited because the evidence against him was gathered illegally. Then, he’s going to sue the Crown for millions.

BTW, this made me chuckle:

“Dotcom is preparing to release the first song on an album recorded with Black Eyed Peas producer Printz Board and his production team…

The video preview seen by the Herald included an image of Prime Minister John Key holding a sign saying “For Sale”, standing in front of a New Zealand flag. Dotcom said the image was being removed because it confused viewers outside New Zealand who did not recognise Mr Key.”

10 comments on “Justice denied for Dotcom”

  1. Treetop 1

    The way the Dotcom saga is being managed by Crown Law and the Office of the Commissioner of Police Vs the American judicairy, I draw similar parallels occurring with the sale of energy assets when a big overseas investor starts playing power games.

    My solution for Dotcom is to reverse everything to do with Dotcom to 19 January 2012 and START all over again within the law.

    It is most unfortunate that Key really now has his head in the clouds over the sale of energy assets, Key cannot even deal with the Treaty of Watangi legislation and he is the Prime Miniter of NZ.

    Dotcom is being singled out when you compare how those who ripped off finance companies have been treated.

    NZ is going down the sink hole on too many levels.

  2. grumpy 2

    Have to agree with you on this one Zet.


  3. ochocinco 3

    How far has the Left fallen that we are supporting a capitalist, far worse than any Kulak, who made his money through manipulation of markets?

    The only thing we should want for Dotcom and his ilk is a 20 year sentence in a work camp, sowing pine trees so as to build up our forests again

    • he wasn’t killing people, he was dealing in pixils FFS. he was just making money out of nothing, just like John Key and his ilk.

      • Reality Bytes 3.1.1

        Key was merely speculating on price shifts of an intangible value of theoretical things.

        Mr Dotcom was providing a practical technical solution for everyday people to move and access their data from all over the planet.

        Sure they both earned good coin when they were active, but one provided a really useful service, the other was just in it mostly for his own personal benefit.

    • Colonial Viper 3.2

      weird viewpoint, why do you ignore all the issues of natural justice and lack of due process which the NZ authorities have caused.

    • rosy 3.3

      I’m not supporting a capitalist – I can quite happily dislike Dotcom and everything he stands for in his business life at the same time as recognising the farce that is Crown Law, the NZ Police and that this government has given up a degree of sovereignty by pandering to U.S law enforcement agencies.

  4. Reality Bytes 4

    This whole fiasco has always been a fucking joke. I think Mr Dotcom came across very well on that John Cambell interview.

    Sure you could argue JC treated him with kid gloves or whatever. But that interview got people thinking about the issues at hand, and at the end of the day the German guy was open and got his point across.

    We can all go read up on his background if we care and make our own minds up.

    To me, it always came across as a purely economic fight between the German guy and his Californian adveseries.

    It’s just really sad that it eventuated in a family, nannies, working staff and young kids being terrorised on the orders of wannabe FBI fanaticist kiwi cop chiefs.

    Hopefully we all learn a lesson from this dickish behaviour, and we change course and try to be a bit nicer to one another.

  5. xtasy 5

    As much as I disagree with some of what Kim Dotcom has been up to, I sincerely hope he can and will sue the shit out of this country! That is what NZers deserve, voting in a corrupt government, now being exposed for handling immigration matters worse than poorly, selling visas and residency permits for huge cash amounts, selling farmland to big number investors, no matter where they are from and what they do, to also force so many Kiwis to leave their country as virtual economic refugees to go to work in Western Australia, to make a decent living.

    NZ is sold out, going to sell out more and is a lost and abandoned ship in the wide ocean, where few stand up for anything, where racism is rampant, where division and hatred and envy abound, and where the social fabric is rotten to the core.

    So one migrant has been treated like crap (once again), and he dares to take a stand. Wow, take it further, Kim Dotcom, take this dumb lot at the top for the cleaners, sue them left, right and centre, lodge more judicial reviews, also make dozens of Official Information Act requests, dig deep, expose the rot and corruption here, and show the world that NZ is at least totally sellable, double standard and needs to be exposed as one of the biggest cons out there.

    Think of “100 per cent pure”, “clean and green” and all those other lies we are told, dig up the crap, expose the rot and challenge this actually quite corrupt political elite here for the double standards and lies the people are told daily, the mainstream media spreads, and that sadly so many complacent people here fall for. Congratulations, you are in the right place at the right time now.

  6. tc 6

    Yet another of the Hollowmen led Shonkey affairs that the taxpayers will have to clean up.

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