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In case you haven’t been able to make it to any of the leadership hustings, here’s the speeches from the Nelson meeting last week. (This is from the portion of the evening which is open to media!)

There are still eight hustings to go:

  • Hawke’s Bay – Monday 3 November
  • Tauranga – Tuesday 4 November
  • Hamilton – Wednesday 5 November
  • New Plymouth – Thursday 6 November
  • Whangarei – Saturday 8 November
  • Central Auckland – Sunday 9 November
  • West Auckland – Monday 10 November
  • South Auckland – Tuesday 11 November

Details of the hustings are on the Labour website.

Voting closes 18 November. If you’re an unfinancial member or you haven’t received your voting papers yet, check the Labour website for who to contact to make sure you get to vote.

12 comments on “Labour leadership hustings video”

  1. adam 1

    Silly me thinking labour would go to a venue that is on regular public transport for West Aucklanders and/or is disabled friendly – just a thought.

  2. fisiani 2

    Did the parts that were closed to the meeting include apologising to the public? I did not hear it in the video clip provided. Half a million people voted for a Labour government but were let down by the leader, the campaign and the caucus. Forgiveness starts with an apology. Then it really listens to the 500,000 and to the 1,000,000 who did not vote. Changing a leader without the above is pointless.

    • Atiawa 2.1

      Labour has nothing to apologise for. If the million who never voted want to be heard they need to get off their bums and get themselves involved in democracy. Labour shouldn’t pin their hopes on this lot or take the blame for their inaction, they are unreliable and predominantly concerned with themselves.
      I know people who never voted and when asked why, they bull-shitted themselves by saying it was the CGT. Yet they haven’t a hope in hell of ever owning one house let alone a rental. Pathetic.
      For whatever reason’s, we are becoming a very shallow, uncaring, self centered society. They deserve a right wing government to bring them to their senses.

      • fisiani 2.1.1

        So many posters here were confident of a Labour victory in August and September. When The Cunliffe finally confessed on the Paul Henry Show on Friday 19th September that Labour would poll 24-26% My jaw dropped at the same time as PH. He was actually correct. They scored 25%. He was finally being honest. When he took over the leadership the Left/Right blocks were virtually equal. 500,000 citizens placed their hopes and dreams in Labour. They were badly let down. They surely deserve an apology.
        The idea that John Key will deliver a right wing government is laughable. A minor rebalancing of dinosaur industrial laws heavily favouring unions is hardly right wing. Getting the Salvation Army and Wellington City Council and Iwi et al to administer 20% of the state housing stock is hardly Right Wing. For goodness sake, The front page of the Dom Post had Annette King applauding the concept if not the detail.

    • Tony S 2.2

      Cunnliffe isn’t there, so no apology.

  3. Atiawa 3

    I’m not sure where to start in response to you fisiani, so I won’t attempt, suffice to say that Paul Henry’s show is not something I watch. The Disney channel is far more informative.

    • fisiani 3.1

      Apparently The Cunliffe was “tired”. He just looked like he had seen the latest internal poll. It was worse than the election eve performance on Campbell live by Phil Goff in 2011 and that was pretty dire. I love New Zealand and want to see a strong Centrist government held to account by an efficient Loyal Opposition that chooses to fight appropriate battles rather than simply bark at every car in passing traffic. Sadly I see no evidence of contrition by Labour and Atiawa’s blaming of the voters is symptomatic of the current head in the sand attitude. (you can see more of the ostrich’s arse than its head)
      I used to be member of Labour. I even spoke at National Conference as an electotate delegate. The Lange government was a real breath of fresh air after the megalomania of Muldoon. I saw the light 20 years ago listening to the Trotskyites who regularly post here. Labour used to be a “broad church”. It no longer is. Not one of the current leadership contenders wants Labour to be a broad church. The Leftist Tea Party activists have taken over the selection process and over half of the Lange cabinet could no longer gain selection as a Labour candidate.
      I may never see another Labour government. Seriously! How will it ever get 45% support? 12 years ago Labour support was over 50%.

      • felix 3.1.1

        I used to be member of Labour. I even spoke at National Conference as an electotate delegate. The Lange government was a real breath of fresh air after the megalomania of Muldoon.

        BREAKING NEWS Today on the internet a right-wing extremist admitted that they once supported an extreme right-wing government.

        Here’s Tom with the weather.

  4. Tony S 4

    Great to see they are coming to Palmerston North ….. oh they are not. One of the few area’s of red in a sea of blue and they don’t bother to come and talk to the people who have regularly returned Ian Lees Galloway.

    They will however go to New Plymouth which failed to elect Andrew Little.

    • Atiawa 4.1

      Keep up Tony. Palmerston North has had its candidates meeting a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Little was outstanding.

  5. Tony S 5

    Lets not elect Andrew Little.

    He did not win a seat, had to rely on the list to get in.
    Lowered the labour candidate vote in New Plymouth
    Lowered the labour Party vote in New Plymouth.

    Lets chose someone who is well thought of enough to actually get elected to Parliament.

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