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Labour party cheerleader employed by National party cheerleader

Written By: - Date published: 5:57 pm, November 1st, 2012 - 54 comments
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NBR is reporting that, in the style of a not quite so grand “grand coalition”, prominent Labour party booster Josie Pagani will be replacing Martyn Bradbury as the leftwing commentator for the truth; the newpaper now edited by prominent National Party booster Cameron Slater. It’s a funny old world.

54 comments on “Labour party cheerleader employed by National party cheerleader ”

  1. alwyn 1

    Even more funny is that Chris Trotter says that he wanted the job. He may not like what Cameron Slater says but he appears to regard him as superb at attracting attention to his stories. In Trotter’s own words “Mr Slater is a highly effective communicator”.

    • PlanetOrphan 1.1

      Communicating what?

      • blue leopard 1.1.1

        @ Planet Orphan
        Good question. I believe the answer is…

        …Spew…I believe the dude is good at communicating spew…
        or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, simply spewing…
        …unsure if that comes under the definition of “communicating”,
        .. however Mr Trotter clearly has chosen to view it that way.

    • That is explained in the comments page of Bombers article on the subject. (Tumeke!)
      Mr Trotter relayed words to the effect that you shouldn’t abandon the field to one such as him. I thought it was a good point. Trotter would be better than Pagani at putting left wing points across (from what I have heard of Pagani recently)….I trust that is why Trotter wasn’t chosen…

    • alwyn 1.3

      I was simply quoting Chris Trotter’s own post on Bowalley road. I suggest that you look directly look at what Chris has had to say there.

      • blue leopard 1.3.1

        Have gone to have a look and he is saying the same thing as the comment he made on the Tumeke! comments page.

        On Bowalley road he mentions that Whalespew gets 600,000 page views per month (boy NZ is full of sickos innit?) and goes on to say:

        “At present, the paper’s readership is made up, to the tune of around 80 percent, of the social group I have elsewhere dubbed “Waitakere Man”. Mr Slater will be doing everything he can to keep these blokes attached to the National Party and, if possible, recruit their friends and workmates to the right-wing cause.

        If ever there was a time to throw one’s hat into the ring as a potential Truth columnist, it was the day Mr Slater’s editorial appointment was announced and his left-wing nemesis, Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury, resigned. Getting on board what could become one of the great publishing adventures of recent years (and hopefully seeding whatever left-wing ideas one could squeeze past the Fox News-style of journalism Mr Slater so clearly favours) was certainly worth a try.” ~From Bowalley Road [my emphasis]

        It is pretty revolting reading any article that appears to praise a person such as Cameron’s “achievements”, yet I do think he makes a good point re getting a left-wing point of view in there.

        • Beaumont

          The latest rankings have been published today. They are available over at openparachute blog.
          Cam Has managed to extend his lead over David Farrar and actually managed 767923 page views in October. This while he went through a family bereavement and other interruptions.
          This site seems to now have a solid lock on the bronze medal with a large gap to fourth.
          The Truth and the combined weight of Kiwiblog (600,000 plus page views) and Whaleoil in an ad package makes a compelling offer for potential advertisers.

          Sales monkey
          Time to go home.

        • Rich

          600k isn’t really very many – how many unique and genuine readers does that equate to – a thousand?

          The Truth has an even smaller audience. First, you’re starting with moronic proletards (sorry, “Waitakere Men”). Then subtract those who can’t or won’t read – which is a fairly large percentage. Then take off the ones who are happy to get their bigoted crap (and views of norks) from the internet (where an unlimited amount is available for free). And those who habitually spend any spare cash on pokies/booze/fags before buying a paper gets a look in.

          • Pascal's bookie

            People buy truth for the boxing and league coverage.

            End of.

          • blue leopard

            Yes, I was thinking that too after writing my comment. Probably a group of the same people going to that site, also perhaps left-wing people who might be prepared to check the site for free to see what crap he’s writing, yet wouldn’t pay for his spew.

        • David H

          And what he don’t like we will use his editorial discretion to rewrite in his usual bullshitus vomitus.

  2. I cannot begin to express the gratitude that all of us here at the Truth are feeling towards you guys today.
    The PR avalanche over the last two days has come from a 15 minute chat over a mountain dew and a meat pie while the press release was written. Literally thats all we did, and then Cam sent it out to his evil cabal of internet squirrels and mayhem has ensued. Nowhere more than here.
    Your efforts have been stellar.
    We would like to do something for you in return. Sadly we are a small paper hoping to survive and thrive in a dificult advertising market so our offering to you should be seen more as a token of our appreciation rather than a grand gesture.
    We would like to send you a small bundle of papers each week so that you may dissect this weeks offering and offer your insight and robust commentary on whether we are heading in the right direction.
    Advertising enquiries are welcome. Bundling a group of the countries leading websites alongside print ads in the Truth will ensure that potential advertisers will benefit from the best value ad spend in the country.
    Again, thanks.

    Kind Regards

    Sales monkey

    • IrishBill 2.1

      It’s “country’s” not “countries”. I hope you’ve nothing to do with the subbing.

      • Beaumont 2.1.1

        Well spotted sir.
        We have a couple of responsible subbing/spelling/grammar adults and I am not one of them.
        I am sure Cameron will make it a personal crusade to defy their efforts to break his spirit by fixing the ty[p0ing problems that stem from feverish punching of keys when he is breaking another hilarious story about left wing troughers.
        I shall stick to putting in the prosthetic gold tooth, popping on the shiny shoes and trudging from door to door spruiking ads.
        On that note I should mention that we are looking for a couple of management interns to work on a circulation project. If they are studying journalism or media/communications as well would be usefull. The job will pay as much as internships ususally do but we can promise a hilarious workplace, long hours and only small amounts of inappropriate behaviour.

        Thanks again
        Sales monkey
        Still at my desk.

        • Pascal's bookie

          If they are studying journalism or media/communications as well would be useful.

          Tip: Employment and media law would even more useful.

          Good luck!

      • felix 2.1.2

        Don’t worry Irish, the editor doesn’t do subbing.

    • Don’t worry Beaumont.  We still won’t be buying your paper.  Losing Bomber was your last chance and appointing Pagani will put everyone off.  And as for advertising, no way …

    • fatty 2.3

      Good luck with that Russell, its a shame for you its not the 1980s, papers are slowly dying, nobody wants to read news that’s 12+ hours old.
      You should work on your website – it currently looks like the Buy, Sell & Exchange

    • PlanetOrphan 2.4

      Nice shot M8!, Y’know spam bots aren’t paying customers aye M8? 😀

    • xtasy 2.5

      Beaumont: I am not sure, you are not Dr Beaumont, the beautiful kind of man who advised ACC, now advises WINZ and MSD on reforms and the likes? To kick sich and long term claimants off the list to end up on WINZ benefits. I doubt it, so I take it you work for the “Truthanasian” media, so desperate to get a desparado from the fringe to take over, to get something “rescued”.

      Wonderful news I heard, Cam is going to put the death-nail into another obsolete media outlet in NZ, that nobody wants and needs. It is one of questionable character, and we will not waste more time and energy on even mentioning it.

      I look forward to some radical changes in many respects in the media, social media and more in the coming months. I encourage Labour members to do the inevitable, throw over board ballast and the captain that should, like Bligh on the Bounty, be sent off on a little boat, to work his way out to a refuge, be this Timor perhaps?

      Where is “leadership”, where is action, where is a resolute plan, where is the solid voice to defend welfare rights now, that submissions are being closed for the Social Security (Benefit Category and Work Focus) Amendment Bill?

      I hear nothing, I see nothing, the members from Labour on that Select Committee are all “light weights”, I wonder bloody why? Most are mere “list” MPs, and the ranks are stacked highly in favour of the most staunch right wing Nat members on that Committee, to set the tone. Why did Labour put only “light weights” into welfare? Why is there little about the reforms proposed by slasher Bennett to be heard? Why is there NO opposition on many issues in Parliament? Why is nothing much happening?

      Labour does not CARE about beneficiaries, that is the truth. I heard through the grapevine also that this website and forum was sent some crucial, very interesting info of what went on at MSD and WiNZ over recent years, suggesting it would be taken up and perhaps written about, I read NOTHING! So maybe you guys do not want to bite the hand that still somehow “feeds” you, the favouratist last Labour Party supporters and members?

      I am disappointed, had enough, have NO faith anymore in all this clap trap little bit of pretended discussion and debate, it seems rather, that few here have any true answers and commitment. Sorry to say so, that is my impression.

      Good nigth all.

  3. Martin is spelled with a ‘y’.

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    This shit is so funny you couldn’t make it up. Next they’ll have Richard Prebble touting for the welfare state.

    • higherstandard 4.1

      As long as Trevor Mallard doesn’t turn up on page 3 in a bikini……..

      • lprent 4.1.1

        The bikers clothing is more than enough.

      • alwyn 4.1.2

        Oh God!
        I should never have had a look at these comments tonight.
        I don’t think I will be able to sleep until I can get the image of Trevor as a page 3 girl out of my head.
        On the other hand the thought of Parekura Horomia or Gerry Brownlie is far, far worse.

        • Anne

          The Standard already has one of a reclining Gerry Brownlie. It’s so revolting I have to scroll over it swiftly for fear of long lasting effects on my psychological well-being.

      • David H 4.1.3

        OH Please Not with a mouth full of coffee , Next job dry out Keyboard!

  5. the sprout 5


  6. Bryan 6

    It is just about as funny as anyone who regards Chris “Commentariat” Trotter as a serious voice for anything. Other than his own meal ticket of course.

    • Colonial Viper 6.1

      Why do you keep describing the likes of Pagani, Hooten and O”Sullivan? :confused:

    • @ Bryan,

      I take it your comment is referring to my comments and please note, that I consider that Chris Trotter may be a worthier left-wing voice over J Pagani, is not saying a whole lot.

      I would prefer to read Mr Bradbury’s articles any day and yet can hardly blame him for walking on finding out Whalespew was to be his boss. It wouldn’t have made any difference anyway-he would have been pushed out according to comments made by Spew in the NBR article on the subject.

      • David H 6.2.1

        And as for Whaleshit’s 600k page views, that’s also a scam he is using something to do with religion, and gun nuttery as well, plenty of clicks there the better question would be of the 600k clicks, how many instantly feel the desperate need for a complete body scrub, with caustic soda, wire brushes and scouring pads, and clicks away?

        • Gosman

          Yet they seemingly keep coming back. Go figure.

        • blue leopard

          Yes, it has started dawning on me there must be a scam about.
          I have attempted to go into that site a few times and immediately regretted it; usually before its loaded up; resulting in only having read one article and comment in total from memory. I definitely come under the instantly feel the desperate need for a complete body scrub, with caustic soda, wire brushes and scouring pads, and clicks away category!

          …In fact feel much the same about discussing the subject matter of this thread.

  7. toad 7

    So it is a National-Labour coalition after the 2014 election, with the Greens as the main opposition party.

    Guess that could have been predicted. The neo-libs will always hang together, despite their differences on social policy.

  8. xtasy 8

    Hey, hey, hoooray! Cameron is the NEW People’s Voice!

    He was on Radio Live this afternoon, full of praise of Willie Jackson and John Tamihere!

    The social media scene was supposed to be created. We are all friends, I just suggest you dump Hooton he (Whaleoil Cam Bam) said. He seems to dislike his more educated competitior.

    So it went on for about 20 minutes, Cam getting high profile advertising to promote “The Truth”, a fringe paper, that hardly ever had a true handle of reality and real truth. Maybe things are “slipping” now with “Whaleoil’s” website? Maybe less traffic, or is this an opportunistic move? It may be both.

    Out of desperation comes invention and ideas.

    He uttered so bizarre flattering comments about WJ and JT, I though, is mental illness having to take you that far? He was going to get things moving at “The Truth”, for sure, I trust.

    Print Media was never more popular, was it, and have they got a website too now?

    Pagani is surely well placed there, if this story is true, as that is a top front page on the hearse. It always pays to get onto the front seat of the hearse if you want a good watch over any funeral.

    I am delighted. When will Shearer sign off and on as a Truth Advocate writer for the weekend edition, like Matt McCarten is so popular as the left voice at the Herald?

    Things are moving, and I suggest more will move. I rather see more jump the rotten ship and new faces getting dragged out from the sea to bring fresh blood, sincerity, determination and real political action on Ship Labour, which seems rather than the Titanic before reaching New York on that fatal night.

  9. lefty 9

    First Nine to Noon, then the Truth.

    The world has certainly been turrned on its head when the media uses neo liberal apologist Josie Pagani as the voice of the left.

    But if they insist on calling her left, how are they going to describe socialists, anarchists, communists and all others who have been, until now, described as the ‘left’.

    • Gosman 9.1

      Too easy.

      I believe the term is ‘Nutters’

      • thatguynz 9.1.1

        I believe that term is simply reserved for blind neo-liberal ideologues and free market adherents..

        • blue leopard

          @that guynz

          Despite the term “Nutter” being more accurate for blind neo-liberal and free-market-osexuals (they get turned on and lose all reason when it comes to these subjects), I believe for once Gosman is correct.

          These people, blafmosexuals (ref prev paragraph), are entirely retarded not only in intellectual capacity & forward thinking, they also lack emotional maturity, this means that they tend to project their own negative qualities and failings onto those who are too intelligent to agree with them.

          They have to revert to childish name-calling, due to having no serious defense for intelligent debate.

          One should perhaps pity them, although I think, more importantly, we need to address en masse this very real problem that these idiots appear to be taking over this country at present.

  10. busman 10

    After reading these comments re Pagani & Trotter it certainly is clear how the labour party have lost so much support.

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