Last chance to save our Assets

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This election is about a lot of things – having a plan for the economy, trying to put in long-term solutions to encourage our woeful savings and help investment in productive Kiwi business instead of residential real-estate, helping children out of poverty so that everybody gets a fair start in life and more.  But it is also essentially a referendum on just one thing:

Do we want Asset Sales?

Polls suggest 76% of us don’t.  But if you vote for John Key and National, that is what you will get.

I’ve had people around the Shore saying they trust John Key.  But the one thing you can trust him to do if he remains Prime Minister is Sell Our Assets.  And if that’s not what you want him to do, then you must not vote for a party that supports Asset Sales.

Tomorrow, we face a massive, irreversible choice.

You can vote for long-term solutions to New Zealand’s problems, or you can vote for short-term fixes that cause worse problems down the track.

I want the best country I can provide my kids with – a fantastic environment, with good education, health and high-skill high-wage jobs.  In a country that still owns something of itself.  That’s what I’ll be working for.  Will you?

5 comments on “Last chance to save our Assets”

  1. Tom Gould 1

    “In a country that still owns something of itself.” A fine notion, Ben. However, there is another viewpoint held by a small cartel of folks, who all know each other quite well, and share a binding common cause, shifting the wealth from everyone else to themselves. And they have been wildly successful over recent years. So, how come some people are not following normal human nature and getting with the winners? Curious.

  2. Perhaps the link in my Decanker name just up there might help! (I’d type it here but may get caught in spam) One last push, c’mon mums you can do it!

  3. Barb 3

    You’d think we’d already voted according to the media & their polls. I would so love them & ‘Their Polls’ to be proven wrong Saturday…

    • Draco T Bastard 3.1

      I would so love them & ‘Their Polls’ to be proven wrong Saturday…

      I actually think they will be but I’m nail-biting tense about it.

  4. Lucy 4

    Last chance to save our climate!

    As a young person I want to vote for the candidates and parties that will take decisive action on the number one issue that will affect my future.

    Want to find out who they are?

    Want to find out how are asset sales and climate change related?

    Go to

    nga mihi nui,


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