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Luxon goes to Te Puke Hawaii

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, July 27th, 2022 - 58 comments
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The question of what has happened to Christopher Luxon was answered yesterday in a shambolic messy way that must have National operatives in despair.

He was apparently in Hawaii for a holiday.  Which is fine.  John Key used to do this all the time without any political repercussions.

But there was a difference between Key and Luxon.

Key did not tell fibs suggesting that he was working when he was holidaying.

From Thomas Coughan at the Herald:

National Leader Christopher Luxon has admitted he was in Hawaii last week during Parliament’s winter recess – while posts on his Facebook page made it look as though he was visiting regional New Zealand.

The posts, on his official social media accounts, suggested Luxon was spending the recess connecting with parts of heartland New Zealand like Te Puke.

On July 21, a post on Luxon’s Facebook page showed him saying “provincial towns like Te Puke” were “the backbone of New Zealand” and discussing issues like skill shortages that were taking the region and the country backwards.

“I love getting out into the regions to explore places like Te Puke,” the Facebook post read.

While the text of the post did not say Luxon was in Te Puke on that particular day, the video attached to the text said that Luxon was.

“Today I’m in Te Puke, the heart of Kiwifruit country,” Luxon told viewers.

Instead, Luxon left that day for an overseas holiday with his family. He was actually in Te Puke a week earlier.

He initially denied that the posts were misleading.  By yesterday afternoon he admitted they should have been captioned differently “to make clear it was in recent days, not on the day”. He also said he didn’t personally make the posts, but took responsibility for them.

This is real amateur hour stuff.  Maybe the fuck up theory applies and this is just a comedy of errors, not an attempt by Luxon’s staff to fool most of us that he is out working hard in the provinces of New Zealand rather than sunning it up in Hawaii.

But the implications are clear.  Either or both propositions apply.  You cannot trust Luxon and he lives in a world entirely different than the world most of us live in.

58 comments on “Luxon goes to Te Puke Hawaii ”

  1. Incognito 1

    I tend to go to Hawaii in July, so Aloha!

    Sounds so familiar.

  2. RosieLee 2

    Don't you love it when people keep saying everyone's entitled to a holiday? Well, yes they are. But how many can afford a holiday of any kind these days, let alone one in Hawaii?

      • Incognito 2.1.1

        Some MPs consider it a privilege and honour to represent us in Parliament and some consider it an entitlement with perks and they have the matching attitude.

      • lprent 2.1.2

        Back bench salaries look barely higher than mine. I'm pretty well paid.

        After paying for Auckland housing, even if I could afford the time, I really couldn't afford a holiday in Hawaii.

        I guess National voters like yourself live in a different world to people who work where the work is.

        • arkie

          Meanwhile the median wage as touted by Immigration NZ is $27 an hr or $56,160 per annum, over $100,000 less than a backbencher.


          • lprent

            I still don't know how anyone can live in Auckland on that these days. I know that I did – but that was more than 30 years ago.

            I brought my 51 square metre apartment to live in 1998 for $169,000 off the plans. The following year the top tax bracket was set at 60k and I fell into it for a increasing chunk of income. Roughly 3x gross income.

            I just sold that apartment for $570k. That is a ~3.4x the original price. Great?

            But I'm buying into the same market. If I was buying it now then it would be more than 4x my current gross income. This is a fairly cheap 1 bedroom apartment. The norm around my area for a 50 m2 1 bedroom is usually $800-1000k because they splash the places up with excessive fittings.

            This time I need a 3 bedroom house because the household has acquired a partner, a cat, and a new requirement for two of us to work from home at the same time.

            BTW: My preference was to leave Auckland (west coast, south island, levin or northland). After all I only need a fibre line, a courier service, and some kind of hospital services. However I got overruled by the resident Southlander (not the cat) for family and work opportunities.

            So probably hiya West Auckland …. And keep on working while I work off the residual mortgage.

            Basically I’m working for the bank to stay in Auckland.

        • Alan


          We booked a week away to a sunny location – we made the booking 7 months ago and got a really good rate.

          Most of the people there were from NZ.

          We chatted with a broad range of people, carpenters, plumbers, truck driver, two secondary school teachers, an office administrator, three nurses etc etc.

          I guess they are just careful with their money and forward plan well.

          • Robert Guyton

            Did you make a social media post showing you were in fact, in Eketahuna?

          • AB

            Excellent – good to hear. It sounds like a nice experience. Just a couple of questions.

            • Do you do this every year?
            • Do you have tenants of the multiple houses you own contributing to the funding of your well-deserved holiday?
            • Do you lead a political party that is advocating tax cuts that will favour the people who already have the greatest ability to afford such nice holidays?
            • Did you secretly realise that the 3 previous points make you sound a bit out of touch and so tried to hide the fact that you were away at all?
          • Muttonbird

            Literally the first thing I do when on holiday is talk to people about work.

            • Sacha

              Straight from the airport to an ordinary local family to assess their lifestyle and hygiene requirements, I say.

          • lprent

            Auckland housing? I seem to remember that you're from the provinces where the housing costs are lower and the opportunities for interesting work are diminished. If you are whom I am thinking of?.. 😈

            I guess they are just careful with their money and forward plan well.

            I can't actually book 7 months ahead. All of my work and that of my partner is project orientated. It is very seldom we can agree on a combined schedule for next week let alone in March next year.

            Just to give you an idea, I've been known to fly to the other side of the world for work with a 2-3 days notice. Or to drop everything to work on a bug in a remote server. In other words, I work and I deal with critical problems that affect a lot of people. But I don’t like travelling for holidays. That is what I consider to be work.

            Kind of like a politician more than "carpenters, plumbers, truck driver, two secondary school teachers, an office administrator". Nurses work at that level, always a good idea to ask them about being able to plan holidays 7 months ahead. The ones I know will tend to laugh at your ideas about planning for holidays…

            I drop 10% into kiwisaver and more into other investments.

            I guess you drop your money into forward planning frivolity in holidays that you could just do here in summer?

        • higherstandard

          "I guess National voters like yourself live in a different world to people who work where the work is."

          Not quite sure what that actually means, also FYI …I haven't voted National in the last three elections.

    • Alan 2.2

      Rosie, many, many people in NZ can afford a holiday.

    • Mike the Lefty 2.3

      National believes that everyone is entitled to a holiday – just a short one and not often.

      ACT believes in holidays only for themselves, everyone else should keep working.

  3. SPC 3

    Is it a holiday on the Big Island for the family while he scouts for more expensive property – for hosting the contacts he expects to make while PM?

  4. Robert Guyton 4

    Thinking about the low melting point of those wax-cones worn on the heads of women in ancient Egypt, I worry about Luxon holidaying in Hawaii.

  5. observer 5

    This story is even more revealing about Luxon.

    Original Facebook post: July 21.

    Luxon's "apology" (in fact, only after journalists challenged him): July 26.

    Either he lied about not knowing his own posts, or he genuinely doesn't know what he is saying on his own social media account. Too busy? And yet he wants to be PM, a workload far greater than being leader of the opposition.

  6. Blazer 6

    ' He also said he didn’t personally make the posts, but took responsibility for them.'

    Clustopher uses the 'junior staffer'….defence so loved by his…'hawaiian' mentor.

    • Patricia Bremner 6.1

      laugh If he believes in 3 strikes… ???

    • Shanreagh 6.2

      But was the junior staffer 'emotional' That was a key (he he) component.

      It certainly does give the impression of not a tight ship and also flying to Hawaii as 'we often do in July' is one thing but then to be upset about Matariki.

      Many people do have a holiday by adding scarce annual leave to long weekends such as Labour day, Queens Birthday and now Matariki. Then the joy if Easter and Anzac are within stretching distance to have a longer holiday then. Families often find that annual leave entitlements have to be used for child sickness, school holidays and don't stretch to a trip away anywhere with the family, unless you take LWOP or anticipated annual leave. Many firms do not allow LWOP or AAL in quantity.

      Let's face it he is out of touch with how many folk live. And I guess he is not much interested bearing in mind his outburst about Matariki which is important from a Te Ao Maori point of point and recognised as being a way of reconnecting with family.

  7. Red Blooded One 7

    Seems it's a common problem for National and the truth

    Nationals Lying Leaders

    Bill English on Takapuna Beach when he wasn't.

  8. Tiger Mountain 8

    Sirkey–pony puller in chief–seems to have mentored Baldrick well indeed on the two track strategy. Except it did not take the skills of a Hager to expose the Te Puke FB ruse.

    Wonder if Mr Key and Mr Luxon caught up at a Tiki Bar or Shrimp Shack for a catch up, or possibly Key’s new luxury pad?

    Does the standard natzo born to rule modus operandi really need to be restated? yes, it seems it does–Do as we say not as we do!

    • Stuart munro 8.1

      I hope Luxon didn't make a Faustian pact with Key – sacrificing his hair for political coaching. But he looks like someone who lost a bet.

      • Robert Guyton 8.1.1

        You're thinking Key has Luxon's locks, in a drawer somewhere, for a'strokin'?

        • lprent

          Hair, nail clippings,…

          Some of the paraphernalia of practitioners of sympathetic black magic.

          Ummm – lets not start another conspiracy theory here.devil

          • Robert Guyton

            Too late – we have a necromancer in the House!

            Actually, with black rings around his eyes, he'd be Uncle Fester – a much scarier proposition!

        • Stuart Munro

          Well, let's take the counter argument – is it really plausible that Key has been coaching him for free?

  9. roy cartland 9


    NZ has bigger problems than a social media post – Christopher Luxon

    Like the LOTO is a tone-deaf liar, and f^cks off to Hawaii while half the country is underwater?

    • Muttonbird 9.2

      Yeah, doesn't ring true for him to scream in from Hawaii to tell us what a shit time we are all having.

    • MickeyBoyle 9.3

      And who's fault is it that half the country is underwater? Certainly not Chris Luxons.

      Most of the comments on this story are absolutely pathetic. The guy is allowed to spend his time and money, wherever he damn well pleases.

      Luxon was in Te Puke days earlier and then went to Hawaii, big deal.

      Funny I didn't see all the whinging comments when Jacinda holidays in Tokelau?

      Grow up you lot. This is partisan bullshit that is beneath you.

      • Robert Guyton 9.3.1

        The complaint isn't where he went, why he went or how he went, it's why he pretended to be in Te Puke, when in fact he was in Hawaii.

        • MickeyBoyle

          I know what the complaint is.

          It's childish nonsense and gotcha politics.

          Be better.

          • dv

            The irony is Luxon gotcha himself!!!

          • Robert Guyton

            Luxon and his team were trying to pull a swifty on the NZ public.

            He got busted.

            Making much of that is a public service.

            Well done those who didn't want the duplicity swept under the carpet (I could say "rug" but Luxon's taken enough ragging over his holiday – we'll leave his appearance out of it).

            • In Vino

              "An honest mistake!' Luxon claims. More like pre-planned honest cheating, I suspect.

          • observer

            If Jacinda had gone to Tokelau without saying so and then pretended she wasn't there OR got her office to do that, then it would be the equivalent and there would be serious questions about the PM's behaviour.

            But she didn't, so there aren't.

            5 days, Mickey B. 5 days and then only admitting it under questioning.

            He took a small problem and turned it into a bigger one and he's still doing it because that's what he does. Walking his own words back, time and time again. And the more he talks, the worse it gets.

  10. William 10

    Dave Armstrong has it sorted out.

    I'm wondering where he stayed in Hawaii, did he get the keys to his mentor Sir John's apartment 😉

  11. James Simpson 11


  12. Paddy had fun taking the piss. Look closely..

  13. Ffloyd 13

    So luxon had a lowKey holiday in a lowKey holiday home in Hawaii…Possibly!……..did he have to take protection goons with him like our last lowKey pm used to I wonder? Probably doesn’t matter whether he did or didn’t as NZ has ‘bigger things to worry about’ I’m sure he can sort everything out while IN HAWAII! …….Meanwhile, in Te Puke?………….

  14. georgecom 14

    It's a timely gaffe as both Air NZ and Hawaiian airlines both restarted flights to Te Puke this month

    Air NZ and Hawaiian are doing 3 return flights Auckland to Te Puke every week

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