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Mr Fail strikes again

Written By: - Date published: 11:35 am, January 10th, 2013 - 7 comments
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On Monday, Steven Joyce promised lots of new jobs in the wood manufacturing industry thanks to the wonders of foreign investment and a do nothing government, and called the Left anti-jobs. On Wednesday, wood manufacturer Norske Skog sacked 110 workers. What’s Joyce’s next trick, attend a funeral, tell the departed to ‘wake up’, and blame the rest of the congregation when he doesn’t?

[Man, Camp Collins must be loving this]

7 comments on “Mr Fail strikes again”

  1. tc 1

    Probably a ploy to throw taxpayer money at a party to keep ‘jobs’ in the industry, the timings just appears a little too cosy.

    Or he could always cue up the ‘9 years of poor management under labour’ theme as that’s probably due for a remix and a new beat chucked underneath for a re-release.

    • mike e vipe e 1.1

      How long can the Nats keep papering over the cracks before the Media get stuck in!

      • xtasy 1.1.1

        Much of “the media” have best connections to National politicians, so there is not much hope for anyone getting stuck into the government there.

        I am anyway struggling to think of any issue or topic “the media” really seriously got stuck in over recent months.

        Hence Mr Joyce gets away with his spin.

  2. Saarbo 2

    Joyce, the man with a Zoology Degree, small time radio man from New Plymouth who rationalised some radio stations and got lucky. His announcements are 100% PR. He knows that the chinese will never invest production facilities in NZ ( I do know that some Chinese groups have been touring Central NI with some Iwi discussing this possibility, but the economics will never work compared to chartering a ship and shipping whole logs to China). Joyce talks about our cheaper electricity, but the only wood processing that uses a lot of electricity is paper making, but in paper making fibre and labour are bigger components and we are never going to match SE Asia in these areas (with the US/NZD >0.65).

    This is one of the problems, National are very good at PR…but hopeless at actually governing our country in a progressive way.

    The other problem of course is that the only person in Labour who could be refuting this bullshit with his knowledge and experience has been muzzled…good work Mr. Shearer.

    • Georgecom 2.1

      Cheaper electricity being a draw card?

      Hmmm, a large smelter down south with access to cheap power. They want, um, cheaper power or threaten to walk.
      Norske Skog have power generation close by and they have, um, closed part of their mill.

      Cheaper electricity Joycey?

  3. leftriteleft 3

    Norske Skog layed off the workers because they shut down 1 paper machine.
    WHY: Because newspaper circulation has been dropping for years.
    Two reasons for that: Current polically biased MSM and the Internet.
    As a person who served 44 years producing (Newspaper Printer) I have seen circulation dropping daily. I know what we printed. An example: Wednesday and Saturday were traditionally the days that the Sits Vac went in. There’s no bloody jobs now = no sales = try Seek etc.
    Printed media is becoming extinct. At a very big cost to supply industries.
    But Dear Leader loves big figures. Example: 173,000+ unemployed.

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