Mr Key’s exciting Washington adventure

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Following this masterpiece from Rabid Fire on Key’s F#ck Everybody policy, here’s a lovely summary of Mr Key’s exciting Washington adventure.

… the PM soon brightened, opening the Prime Ministerial lunchbox to show the press gallery his special lunch.

“Look! Look! Bronagh’s made me special aeroplane shaped sandwiches for when I go on the aeroplane!”

Key, holding a special aeroplane shaped sandwich in each hand, then swung the bread and egg salad based sculptures above his head, beaming joyously.


18 comments on “Mr Key’s exciting Washington adventure”

  1. ghostwhowalksnz 1

    The President of Armenia …. meeting with Obama and advisors
    The PM of Malaysia….. meeting with Obama and advisors
    The pm of nz… meeting with motor mouth Biden and a tour of the rose garden
    Its just too embarrassing how hes desperately wanted to be seem shaking hands with …anybody.
    The ‘Great Salesman’ has turned up and everybody was too busy too see him.
    Could it be he has no diplomatic skills at all… there will be hell to pay for McCulley for making him a laughing stock

    • Bored 1.1

      Hell, its a lot of work getting such great photo ops and sound clips, does not leave much time for doing anything else.

  2. Tigger 2

    Who is Rabid Fire? And why are they so genius? Best two posts I’ve read on Key, ever.

  3. Sookie 3

    I insist Rabid Fire does a blog post every day. I have been sniggering at the ‘F**k Everybody’ policy announcement all week. Whoever he/she is, I salute them.

  4. tc 4

    Sideshow John has replaced little johnny howard as their sycophant from the south pacific….makes the name remembering so much easier.

  5. ianmac 5

    Rabid Fire does capture the uneasy feeling that I have.
    He seems like one of those passers-by who stumbles accidentally onto a stage to find himself in front of an audience of thousands. He giggles nervously, struggles to find a place for his hands and the audience is embarrassed for him.
    And he is on this stage thanks to a Labour decision from 20+ years ago!

  6. What a two faced lot these Tories are . Here we have Key making whoopee over the Nuclear Free Aotearoa ruling .as if it was his idea .
    Bloody Hell! They fought it tooth and nail .Its Only a short time ago when they were declaring “Gone by Lunch Time.”
    The same thing happened when Mandela paid a visit to Aotearoa , There was Bolger lapping up the praise Nelson Mandela gave us for our stand on “Rugby with Apatheid South Africa”, when Bolger and his National party mates fought like mad to retain it.
    However at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that we in the Labour Party was right on both occasions.

  7. outofbed 7

    Also good decision not to go to Iraq Johnie and co would have been there in a flash

    • ianmac 7.1

      And what do you reckon will happen if USA attacks say Iran? Will Johnny say “Me too.Me too?” Except it won’t be Johnny or his family will it?

      • Of course not ,it will be working class kids. In Aotearoa the majority will be with brown faces. The same applies to mining you can bet your bottom dollar that Key and his mates sons wont be down working in the mines.

  8. starboard 8

    what a bunch of floggers you retards are…the anger ..the venom…the bitterness…geez I d hate to see what ya like after 4 terms in opposition.

    • Bright Red 8.1

      after one term you lot were referring to ‘that woman’ and ‘helengrad’. after two terms you were desperately whipping up the racial divide to win votes. three terms you lot weere marching in the streets calling Labour Naz!s and saying that the free press was about to be abolished (Hooten wrote that).

      You’ll never find out what we’re like after four terms. The way your hero is running the show, the left will be back in power in 2011.

  9. I know this is a Labour Party hangout but I wouldn’t tar us all with the same brush. I consider myself an anarchist and come here because I like the discussions. But that might be a bit hard for your talk back radio mentality to process.

  10. Mutante 10

    And good discussions they are. They keep me coming back and reading them beats working.

  11. Jobsworth 11

    @ Thepunkpostman – perhaps you should look at the last sentence of your post and correct your grammar. Educated under a Labour Govt. were you?

    @Mutant – shows how necessary you are in the workforce if you can find time to read blogs during working hours. I guess you are not an A&E doctor then?

    [lprent: Hello probable idiot troll.

    I’d suggest you look at the policy. It is clear that you have very few manners (spoilt child were you?). But as a guest there are a few principles there that you should look at before I start having to notice how much of a fool you are.

    Simply abusing people without having at least a modicum of debate is a right reserved here for the moderators. It isn’t there for some bloated ego with an inflated opinion of their own worth such as yourself. It is extremely stupid (or in your case probably just a symptom of general thickness) not to inform yourself of the rules of debate in a moderated forum such as this.

    Learn some manners before I give you a lesson in them. ]

  12. Mutante 12

    I would at least expect trolls to try a bit harder. Hate to say it, but I’d say they were probably entirely serious like most angry talkback callers are.

    So, to avoid falling into the same trap (This isn’t an argument! It’s just abuse! I paid for an argument!), I’d take a long hard look at who the real bastards of society are if I were you and also seriously examine the issues you have with misdirected anger and resentment.

    What’s more, if you can’t find a bit of time to slack off, you’re doing it wrong. : )

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