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Naff off Key

Written By: - Date published: 12:48 pm, December 13th, 2010 - 51 comments
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So John Key predicts an unhappy New Year for Phil Goff who is at risk of being rolled…  Because the ShonKey DonKey knows so much about the Labour Party (I guess he did claim to lead it at one point…) and the extra-secret hidden leadership battles that are certain to be going on, according to his own imagination.

He imagines that because National try and roll their leader every time the polls dip, Labour must too.  Yet despite Key speculating that Goff was about to be rolled about every month for the past 2 years, Goff still doesn’t seem to have any challengers.  Still the media report the Gospel according to John, rather than looking at the real issues the country is facing…

Get on with running the country John, and get us out of a double-dip recession before you start speculating on things you know nothing about.  Because at the moment it looks like you know how to speculate, but don’t know how to actually do anything for your country – much like your previous job.

51 comments on “Naff off Key ”

  1. BLiP 1

    And so it begins . . . National Ltd™, unable to face a debate on ideas or acknowledge the real-world consequences of its actions, pulls out the Crosby/Textor manual and starts the personal attacks and white-anting the opposition leadership. Should be a fun election.

  2. Shazzadude 2

    If the Roy Morgan doesn’t match this poll, Key’s going to look like a right pillock.

    • TightyRighty 2.1

      this poll was the most accurate of the lot last election.

      • Bright Red 2.1.1

        and roy morgan was most accurate in the previous election. Luck, rather than skill, I think leads to one pollster being clsoer than the others on the day

  3. randal 3

    this government is hanging on by the skin of its teeth.
    with no policy of their own and in hock to another party the only thing they can do is slander and cast slurs on everyone else.
    something they are very good at.
    democracy watch out!

    • Mark M 3.1

      yeah right randal , hanging on by the skin of its teeth just North of 50% with the most popular PM in history.
      Keep taking those pills

  4. Goff still doesn’t seem to have any challengers

    It’s not really a great point of pride that Labour’s desperately unpopular leader has no viable replacement.

  5. Colonial Viper 5

    Labour just needs to go up another 5% over the next couple of months and it will be panic in the NATs engine room.

    LAB regularly at 31-33% now, at 40% the NATs are done and dusted.

    A bit of hard yakka (lol) but very do-able.

    (and for gawds sakes LAB don’t fall into the trap of trying to look like the NAT’s, give New Zealander’s a real future with a real alternative TARA)

    • Draco T Bastard 5.1

      (and for gawds sakes LAB don’t fall into the trap of trying to look like the NAT’s, give New Zealander’s a real future with a real alternative TARA)


      We need our politicians to openly and loudly to say that the experiment of the last 3 decades is over as the policies brought in over that time mostly hurt NZ and not made it either better off or wealthier.

  6. sally 6

    Phil’s iPredict stock have been heading up for several weeks now – if that means anything…

    • Lanthanide 6.1

      Prediction of what? That he will stay on, that he will win the election, that he will be rolled?

      Also, does anyone recall if Clark publicly made similar statements about the National Party’s (various) leaders?

  7. tc 7

    More diversionary tactics from the CT handbook sycophantically trotted out by the currency trader…..nobody’s fooled, the hardship is biting and a summer of discontent will not fade by the time the election comes around.

    Steady as she goes for Labour with a focus on 10sec soundbites and the PM’s favourite cures like a cycleway/financial hub/surgical mining and Ireland’s economic model….keep the gags coming sideshow john.

    First term govt’s lose elections rather than oppositions win them and with stellar performers like Brownlee/smith/tolley/wilkinson/wong/bennett on top of the so called movers and shakers like Mccully (the meddler) /Blinglish (say no more)/Joyce (2 years of nothing on UFB)/Findlayson (my way or the highway) it’s hardly a high performing team but one that specialises in placing a spanner in the works because that’s all they know.

    • pollywog 7.1

      exactly…the election is Key’s to lose not Goff’s to win

      tha arrogance of the man astounds me eh

      it’s a wonder the average NZer can’t see it…yet

      • Tanz 7.1.1

        Yeah, his arrogance is grating, and its the main reason I hope he loses. Plus the fact that he is a left-winger leading a right wing party. He just doesn’t have genuine warmth, from what I can see. Millions of photo ops, not much else. Also, he is not factoring in the unforseen. As this year has proven, anything outside the norm can happen.

        • felix

          Tanz you keep saying that.

          Anytime you want to provide some examples to show how “left-wing” Key is, go right ahead.

          • Lanthanide

            He hasn’t sold any state assets yet.

          • Tanz

            Endorsing all of Labour’s policies; the EFA, the emmissions trading scheme, Kyoto, the anti smacking law (in the face of a huge referedum result), the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, and even endorsing MMP. Labour Lite indeed, is Key. Raising GST, minimal tax cuts…need I go on?

            • felix

              Yeah, you can go on and explain what is so “left-wing” about the things you’ve listed.

              Take your time. There’ll be a test at the end.

              • Tanz

                All of them are obviously left wing, Felix, all of them. What was the point in changing the government? Bring on the Don Brash party, soon, please!

                • Armchair Critic

                  Bring on the Don Brash party, soon, please!
                  Seconded. I’d love to see Brash lead the National party again. I think felix might be keen, too. Maybe not for the same reasons as you, though.

                • Zorr

                  It is so obvious now that you told me they are obviously left wing! Well, I’m going to go see if I can get that pay rise I obviously deserve by using the same argument with my boss.

                • felix

                  If they’re all obvious, Tanz my dear little difficult friend, then you should have no trouble explaining why that is the case.

                  Take them one at a time if you like.

            • Lanthanide

              “minimal tax cuts”? I guess you weren’t in the top tax bracket.

        • Irascible

          Key left wing??? A joke statement? The writer can’t believe that surely? Key is a neo-liberal dressed in borrowed robes by a media company whose strategy was to persuade the NZ voters to trust him and the parties he represents rather than enquire into the policies that the parties planned to impose on the country.
          Like Pansy Wong, Key is there for one reason only- to benefit himself and the businesses that prop up NACT.

  8. SHG 8

    See “Brer Rabbit”

    “Oh whatever you do please don’ keep Phil Goff on as dat dere Leader of the Opposition!”

    Phil Goff remaining as Labour leader is exactly what John Key wants because it almost guarantees a National win. So Key will talk up leadership tension in the Labour Party to ensure that Phil Goff is strengthened in the role.

  9. John Dalley 9

    The average NZ’er can not see past the end of there collective noses.
    As for John Key, the only poll that counts is the next election so why would Labour or any other party worry about polls now?

  10. Frederick 10

    Also, does anyone recall if Clark publicly made similar statements about the National Party’s (various) leaders?

    Well of course we do. Every government mocks the opposition leader (especially if they are not polling well) and hints that the BBQ season is about to begin.Such mischief making is part and parcel of politics (but ok only if labour are doing the mischief making apparently)

    The labour government constantly teased poor old Don Brash (and English before him) about how they were due fof the chop.Funny what you wish for sometimes. How labour would have loved to have fought the 2008 election against Brash instead of Key.

    Despite Key saying that Goff might be for the chop I am sure that this is the last thing he wants as he knows labour are most unlikely to win with him in charge. Reverse psychology I would suggest.

  11. Well I just cannot understand these polls . I can only believe they are a lot of codswallop. I have no doubt Key gained a bit of publicity over the Pike Mining disaster , but will that collapse as the truth of this tragedy unfolds.
    As I have commented before I have been involved in politics for years but have never been asked to take part in a poll. Do they just select areas or certain types of people. I am unable to understand how, when we have the country in a shocking state, that voters can still favour this chaotic government ,

    • Swampy 11.1

      Well we can easily understand
      Just get used to the idea of how unpopular Clark and Goff made themselves after the last election.

      Obviously most people still believe Key has what is needed, they are not going to back Labour again so soon after the last election since Goff is so closely connected to the previous administration. its like saying Bill English had a show in 2002

  12. Carol 12

    Wasn’t the Nat/key gain compared with the last poll only a point or two? Margin of error? We need a consistent pattern across several polls over time for it to mean anything…. and then there’s the question of the accuracy of phone polls. What was that poll recently that wasn’t phone based? Horizon?


    Come next year’s election, I will be interested to see how useful these phone, TVOne & TV3 polls have been.

    NAct of course, like to put all their focus on leaders and personality…. in keeping with Key’s US presidential-style bias (or is it sycophancy?).

  13. AB 13

    When are TV3 and Read Research its pollster going to tell us: the number of people interviewed. The number who had decdied their party vote, the number who have not, how many won’t say; how the survey was waited; how many they had to call to get their respondent number; how they get people under 30 who don’t have landlines; the number who say they’ll vote, and the voting intentions of the don’t knows? Surely a new standard has been set for disclosuing a full picture of the electorate? The HorizonPoll survey also showed National’s vote up, but expressed it as a percetage of the whole adult population. Surely the media should ask pollsters to give them ALL the results for publication, rather than just results for about 60% who have a view, expressed as 100% of the electorate.

  14. deemac 14

    the latest figures are likely to be a blip similar to the alleged 6% for NZ First – no-one with any sense would put money on NZ First returning to parliament next year. The numbers polled are small so it only takes a few odd replies to skew the result.

  15. Bill 15

    Little things coming from the government on the economy all help. Just today they announced that the finances are worse than thought. So far, so good.

    But they followed that up by saying it was because people weren’t spending enough. (ie, not our fault) And that, that was okay because it meant people were saving money. (delusional at best)

    Out here in the real world, nobody is going to be buying that kind of crap any time soon. And if the government keep it up people will turn away from them because they will have illustrated just how out of touch they are.

    Which goes back to Labour hooking into popular sentiments (as argued for on the ‘open mike’) and articulating a vision that fits in with those sentiments.

  16. bobo 16

    The polls must just phone the Aucklands north shore i’m thinking, or did a quick whip round their office xmas party who was voting for who… More interesting would be how is the Maori party polling lately ? Will they keep all their seats?

  17. tc 17

    Polls smolls…..much like TV ratings and HR performance systems….start with the desired result and work backwards mostly if the first result isn’t to your liking. Much like IQ tests pass it off as data anomolies etc etc.

    It’s emminently winnable the NACT have already chucked the wrecking ball around enough, Opposition just need a clarity of soundbite the msm can’t twist as they will given the opportunity.

  18. dave 18

    Goff still doesn’t seem to have any challengers

    Shit, I wonder why? Who’d want to challenge for the Labour leadership and risk a polling lower than Helen Clark?

  19. M 19

    Fab photo – he looks more like Muldoon every day.

    Taking the country in the right direction? Only if he’s delusional. He must not be drinking enough -either that or he’s off his meds.

    Phil does need to get himself out in the public eye and media – he’s made a couple of speeches and then … not much. Is it a crisis of confidence, a lack of vision, not ready to gird his loins?

    C’mon Phil, if you put your mind to it, you could take Key easy – apply a bit of pressure and you’ll have him running scared – after all Key has done marvelously well thus far with the few talents he’s got.

    • Colonial Viper 19.1

      When Key’s popular support ebbs below 44% or 45% you will see the NAT vultures begin to circle.

      That is all it will take.

  20. Deadly_NZ 20

    Lanthanide said
    He hasn’t sold any state assets yet.

    Nope he’s saving that little gem for the next term if he gets in. So then if we have to put up with another 3 years then there will be nothing left like the last time the Nats ruled. Probably why labout said no to tax cuts last ime , they had to clean up the mess the nats left …

  21. Swampy 21

    Can’t wait for the election. Goff is gone by lunchtime I reckon

    • You forget history Swampy. Wasn’t it the Tory, Bolger who said “Bugger the Polls”.Wasn’t Helen Clark called miss 2% by the Nats. Just have a good look at the public walking around. Hardly a smile from anyone. They are fed up and waiting.

  22. gobsmacked 22

    3 News had a big story here. They couldn’t be bothered going beneath the surface, so they missed it.

    This was a Reid Research poll. The same poll asked the same people about Pansy Wong, and the tax cuts (results were broadcast on Friday and Monday respectively, while the ‘headline’ party vote poll was reported on Sunday.

    Commissioning opinion polls is expensive – that’s why we’ve had fewer this year, as the various media organisations are cutting costs. So TV3 needed to get as much news value as they could from this one. Hence the extra questions about Wong and tax cuts, to provide fodder for extra news stories.

    I’ll repeat the point: these were the same people who gave John Key the big lead in Sunday’s headline poll. Those same people said that Pansy Wong should resign (55%) and the tax cuts had made no difference (70%). In short, voters were giving Key the thumbs-up, and his decisions the thumbs-down.

    At his press conference yesterday, John Key cast doubt on the findings of the poll. Because he didn’t like the public’s negative response to the tax cuts.

    That’s right – the Prime Minister welcomed the poll on Sunday, and rejected the poll on Monday. The same poll. (As usual, the journalists were asleeep, so Key wasn’t challenged on this).

    But he knows the poll is accurate. It tells us what has been clear for ages. The public like John Key. And … that’s all. They don’t support National policies – they support the “non-political” Prime Minister. (Ignore the partisans on both sides – we’re talking about the swing voters here – they decide the election).

    So to remain popular, all National need to do is keep politics out of politics. In an election campaign, that’s a big ask.

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