National does u turn on paid parental leave

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The sense of desperation and cynicism here is strong. After vetoing Sue Mooney’s Paid Parental Leave bill last year using wrong data and cooked up excuses National has announced its own policy.

It is like Labour’s but only 22 weeks not 26 weeks. Typical National, late to the game, offering less, and motivated by political games not achieving good.

Of course their problem is if they resemble Labour too much and it becomes a choice between Jacinda and Bill I am pretty sure Jacinda would win.

Twitter has been scathing …

16 comments on “National does u turn on paid parental leave”

  1. Antoine 1

    Let’s do this!


  2. Macro 2

    National running scared!

  3. tracey 3

    Is Bill English using taxpayers as his personal FATM?

    F%$#$ed At The Moment

  4. dukeofurl 4

    National will be unveiling their latest slogan ( of many) next week

    We-ve Done it Too!

    • McFlock 4.1

      Delivering other people’s promises to New Zealanders, late, and in a half-arsed way…

  5. In Vino 5

    Well, now that there is talk of men getting paternity leave, it makes sense to resource the whole thing better.

  6. lurgee 6

    Problem is, a lot of people will look at the two offers and think, “We’d like to do something … But maybe Labour’s idea is too much.” People (unless they are directly affected by in something) like to appear generous, but not too generous.

    So complaining that it is a Labour policy, just not as good, is beside the point. National is giving voters reasons to vote National, without feeling too bad about themselves.

    I fear Labour face death by a thousand trianglations.

    • Antoine 6.1

      Well, if you give the voters a choice between ‘a bit of left’ and ‘lots of left’, and on balance they choose ‘a bit of left’, you kinda have to accept that…


  7. Doogs 7

    It’s like having a little bit of cancer, or being a little bit dead. It has to be one or the other for god’s sake.

  8. KJT 8

    Must be election time.

    National are pretending to be socialist. Again!

  9. Cinny 9

    If any party wanted to give mums and babies the best start in life, they would be asking hospitals not to kick them out just 24hrs after giving birth.

    Rather they would let them stay a little longer, establish breast feeding, get some rest, monitor their mental health and teach them how to care for a newborn, they need more information than being shown how to bathe a baby.

    If hospitals weren’t so stretched this could happen and would improve the lives of all involved.

    • Antoine 9.1

      I’m not sure the 24 hour thing is universal. We were in hospital for several days each time.

      More help with breast feeding in particular would be awesome. Lactation consultants are the best


      • Cinny 9.1.1

        Gosh you fellas were lucky Antoine, having that support right at the beginning makes a massive difference.

        Far out yes please for lactation consultants, once the breastfeeding is established it makes life so much easier, no good for Fonterra, but such a beautiful rewarding bonding experience for mum and bubs. Loved the convience of breast feeding.

        • Antoine

          > Gosh you fellas were lucky Antoine

          Not quite how I would have characterised it at the time but Thanks for the kind thought

    • savenz 9.2

      +1 Cindy and yes I think in Auckland you are discharge in less than 24 hours for a normal birth. At Auckland hospital you are kicked out after 4 hours for a normal birth and 24 hours for a caesarean.

      Kinda makes sense why we have such high levels of child abuse, depression and postnatal depression.

      In the old days people had extended family to help them, nowadays with everyone working 2 million hours a week or struggling to live at all (it’s work not to work) then it’s the final rattle of a dysfunctional system to push out the new mother after a few hours.

      Yes there are ‘birth care’ facilities but the stress of going from one location to another after giving birth is huge. It’s not even recommended to relocate animals who have given birth – but ok for human mothers it seems.

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