Nats: no plan, no hope to offer

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I turned on the news hoping to see the Nats’ rebuttal of the Greens’ detailed plan to protect Kiwi manufacturing like our competitors are doing. Instead, I saw a smirking fuck who has overseen the loss of 40,000 manufacturing jobs say ‘the high dollar’s good’. Joyce actually says a over-valued dollar is a good thing. ‘Flat-screen tellies are cheaper! Pity you don’t have a job to buy one!’

Meanwhile, foreign film makers are getting handed $50m a year. For 4,000 jobs in NZ. That equals $12,500 per year per job in taxpayer support. [And, now, Key’s offering Hollywood more money to help them because of our high dollar! h/t Fender]

Wish manufacturing got that kind of support. Maybe if factory workers took Key to fancy dinners and helped him meet movie stars, they would get some slush money from the Nats, too.

8 comments on “Nats: no plan, no hope to offer”

  1. fender 1

    Yes I was sickened to hear James Cameron on 3pm National Radio news indicating Key had suggested help to rich movie makers from Hollywood due to the exchange rate!


  2. Logie97 2

    How about Tina Joyce.
    His formative years were those of Thatcherite Britain.
    TINA was her assumed name. Her stock answer, parroted by Joyce and
    his mates – There Is No Alternative.
    And so he should be crowned – TINA

  3. xtasy 3

    Mierda, totalmente mierda, il governo mierda!

    Maybe a bit radical, but honest! No plan no ideas, that is Keypone!


    • xtasy 3.1

      Wrong link pasted in the above comment, something went wrong.

      Never mind, back to topic:
      Joyce has the standard answers, which is just more or less his justification for the “laissez faire” approach NatACT are so fond of, that is unless it comes to beneficiaries, who are going to be told to get their kids int ECE, are going to be drug-tested (at their own expense if they “fail” the test) and who will be forced to go shopping with payment cards, only accepted in selected stores.

      I wonder how Key, Joyce and English want to attrach Hollywood film companies to produce more films in NZ, when the NZ dollar is so high, that it would be much cheaper for them to film in most other places?

      So where is the answer to that, John Key and Steven Joyce?

      And then they want to give them more tax breaks, I presume?

      NZ – the tax haven for dodgy overseas investors, using local trusts here to avoid taxes elsewhere, and increasingly a low wage, low income, yet high cost country for most to live in, that is the reality.

  4. tc 4

    Yes Muldoon’s love child was saying high bank profits were a great thing last week also for us lucky kiwis.

    It’s easy when you have the media in your pockets, franet, JA, TVNZ, right wing rant talk radio etc etc

  5. Tracey 5

    No surprise that Key will use Green Party suggestion to paint them as looney. I note, as is consistent during his tenure there is no outline of the Govt plan, whatever the hell it may be,.

  6. Tracey 6

    I wish IT would get that kind of support. There is a step toward the future for NZ.

    At least he hasn’t had the gall to keep hounding us with “aspirational” that was gone rom his vocab by 2011…

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