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Open mike 06/01/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, January 6th, 2021 - 28 comments
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28 comments on “Open mike 06/01/2021 ”

  1. Janet 1


    “ a woman who works at a Hamilton managed isolation facility had recently had a Covid-19 test because she displayed symptoms.

    She was still awaiting her test results but turned up at court today anyway.”

    How stupid is this ! For sure this woman knew better than to leave her home till results were known.

    My neighbours are sick with flu like respiratory symptoms from something that arrived with and they caught from family Xmas visitors from Waiheke Island. I asked her – from 6 mtrs away – has anyone gone for testing . The answer was no.

    Step up Kiwis or we’l l be like England in no time at all!

    We really should totally shut our borders for a while.

  2. Andre 2

    Banana Republicans in Pennsylvania are doing a dry run on what they apparently hope Pence can do tomorrow. They're refusing to seat a Democratic State Senator whose win was certified by the state, because the Repug loser is still trying to contest the result, using an argument the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has already considered and rejected.


    For more background:


  3. Andre 3

    With 16% of the vote counted in Georgia, Insider Trading Barbie is even further behind than Chicken Man. Dunno whether that's a reflection of Warnock being more popular than Ossoff, or people being more turned off by Insider Trading Barbie than Chicken Man.

    I have hopes it's an indication of black enthusiasm and turnout for Warnock and Ossoff is riding the coattails. Because that's a cause that's more likely to hold through to the finish of counting.

    • The Al1en 3.1

      What I use to watch yankee news channels.

      Set up for my preferred choice – msnbc, but there are links to other networks.


    • Macro 3.2

      With 21% counted, the split for both Dems is around 52% to 48%

      • Andre 3.2.1

        I've been obsessively watching since counting started. The Dem – Repug split has gone up and down, but Warnock has consistently been around 0.4% higher than Ossoff.

        Maybe all that's telling us is misogyny against Insider Trading Barbie is stronger than racism against Warnock. Or maybe some anti-semitism against Ossoff.

        • Macro

          Yeah – Have been similarly pre-occupied 🙂

          Interesting the factors involved with voter preferences – I see Purdue has also been involved in heavy financial dealings wrt insider trading as well! Although of course he denies any responsibility.

          40% counted and the split is even greater! 56% to 44%!

            • Andre

              Dunno, man. Right now Ossoff is behind by about 120,000 votes. I'm not hopeful there's enough left to count for him to make that up.

              Warnock is behind by 87,000, so that’s a bit more hopeful.

              • Macro

                Yeah! I am a bit apprehensive myself re Ossoff. But according to those in the know there is a heap of votes in predominantly Dem voting counties still to come in – around 330,000 which could split 85:15 to the Dems based on the Nov election results. So I still have my fingers crossed.

                Massive turn out – predicted to be around 4.15m! Which is not a good precursor for Dems apparently – but seems to have been a good turn out of black voters which does auger well. Warnock would be only the 10th Black senator and the first for Georgia!

        • Sabine

          Rev. Warnock and Chicken Perdue are local. Also Rev. Warnocks ads since the election have been upbeat, friendly, approachable, good fun to watch and contain puppies.

          KKKelly is a transplant and it appears has no ground game other then being appointed to the senate by Brian Kemp – who rumor has appointed her to prevent her from running against him – self funded.

          Ossoff he ran for office previously in 2017 and lost – albeit he put up a good game. He is a local in so far that he grew up in Georgia and at the 2017 run lived a short distance outside of the 6th district. So he has some name recognition and also has had a few good moments on TV – i.e. Perdue is a Crook leading to Perdue refusing to debate with Ossoff, and in the last few weeks two good clicks with
          Fox news.

          So maybe its not mysoginy as much as it is a stinking rat that no one wants to poke with a pole and thus the lady can't win.

          It did also not help that a Trump supporting group posted about 100 billboards in red areas not to vote for Loeffler or Perdue as they 'did not do enough to help Trump 'claim' the 16 electoral votes from Georgia.

  4. xanthe 4

    gosh weka you really don't want to learn from this do you.

    Your misconduct in your roll on this site is inexcusable and is a large driver of the ongoing bullying here.

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    [You started this morning with wild and unsubstantiated accusations of bullying and group blindness and already clearly hinted at “moderation policies” being the issue (https://thestandard.org.nz/no-extradition-for-assange/#comment-1773348).

    I was a little perplexed, to be honest, because I had not seen any bullying of any commenter, including yourself, nor could I figure out what “moderation policies” you were referring to at the time.

    However, you have now crossed a line accusing an Author-Moderator of serious misconduct on this site and blaming them for not just being responsible but being “a large driver of the ongoing bullying here” [my emphasis].

    It is becoming quite clear to me that you have an axe to grind with this Author-Moderator because of unresolved past personal grievances. However, it seems likely that this is just going to fester indefinitely, by the looks of it.

    In order to protect the site from further fall-out, again, which will drive many readers as well commenters away, again, and which does not make it exactly welcoming for female/feminist Authors to contribute here, I am instructing you to cease your personal vendetta with weka about Assange’s rape charges or face a permanent ban; you don’t set the rules here.

    Because emotions are running high, I’d suggest that you don’t respond to this Moderation note immediately, but let it sink in, for a while, and then decide whether you want to keep dignity and integrity intact and stay here or walk away in protest, preferably without too much fuss.

    I sincerely hope you’ll make a wise decision – Incognito]

    • Incognito 4.1

      See my Moderation note @ 2:43 PM.

      • xanthe 4.1.1

        Could we possibly discuss this in private?

        • Incognito

          If you wish, you can send an e-mail to Lprent (https://thestandard.org.nz/contact-us/) when you have serious concerns about moderation, moderation policies and/or particular Moderators. Irrespective, if the Trustees think that a Moderator has overstepped their mark, they will take appropriate action against that Moderator. The site is paramount; individuals come second, in a particular order too.


          • xanthe

            Thanks for that. I did attempt to communicate on that channel in 2016?. I received a reply (and here i heavily paraphrase) "Its my site i can act like a dick if i want to". While I do not dispute the obvious truth of this I cannot see it as a way forward. Anyway the facts are all in full view you can choose to act for the good of the site or not. I do suggest that a review of the rest of whole thread will show the extent of uninformed bullying and commentator turn off that you are confronted with

            • Incognito

              That was then, this is now. Unless your concerns are the same and your e-mail is the same, chances are that you might get a different response.

              The reason I stepped in/up was that the commentary was at a point of no return, with no realistic option of reaching some kind of agreement even if it were to hold a cease-fire. For obvious reasons, this is called ‘shit hits the fan’ because the crap flies in all directions and turns the whole site into a stinky disgusting place where nobody in their right mind wants to be.

              Besides one very angry and emotionally charged and scarred commenter, who has been banned since, I could not and still cannot see evidence of bullying under the Post up to the time of your first allegation @ 6.6 (6 January 2021 at 9:36 am).

              For any issues regarding alleged bullying and/or driving bullying by an Author-Moderator, the only option is to contact Lprent and state your concerns clearly and with evidence. You cannot realistically address another Moderator for this!

              • xanthe

                "I could not and still cannot see evidence of bullying under the Post up to the time of your first allegation @ 6.6 (6 January 2021 at 9:36 am)."

                Well you are wrong.

                be that as it may I re-state here

                neither complainant alleged rape and this is documented in this link form an impeccable source


                [No, you may not “re-state here”! You had been given clear instruction to drop the issue and you had agreed to let things cool off. You have broken your word.

                If you think I am wrong, which is quite possible, the least you must do is to present your evidence, which you did not. As such, it was a baseless assertion. Instead, you used it as a pivot to “re-state here”.

                I have been very patient and lenient with you and have tried to help. However, you’re taking the piss with me because you are adamant that you are right and have the right to set and follow your own rules on this site. You don’t give a toss about being under Moderation, which is/was not an avenue for you to claim your right of being right here (i.e. litigate and re-litigate your points), but to calm down and find a constructive way forward. The way forward, the only option available to you was/is to e-mail Lprent.

                As I have stated before, my job is to protect the site. I’m not interested in being pulled into the rabbit hole of Assange’s rape charges. The issue is, for me, your allegations about bullying, particularly by an Author-Moderator. The other issue is that you play by your own rules here from a dogmatic right-wrong binary position, i.e. you are right and weka, others, and I are wrong. This in itself is quite telling.

                Given that you blatantly ignore help, warnings, instructions, and rules, given that you break your own word, and because you are wasting Moderator time, I will leave you no other option but to discuss your grievances with Lprent. He or another Administrator can also decide whether you deserve to have commenting privileges here.

                Banned until further notice – Incognito]

                • RedLogix

                  This has been an incredibly tough and divisive issue over the years, and while I've taken a position supporting Assange right from the outset (the political manipulation behind the 'charges' was obvious to anyone who cared to look), I've also tried not to be unnecessarily provocative toward those who took the other view. Sexual politics being a minefield, it's poor form to be throwing rocks around.

                  But of all the things I've read over the years, this Nils Melzer letter pretty much covers it off. Required reading.

                • Incognito

                  See my final Moderation note to you @ 10:27 AM.

  5. alwyn 5

    Why is everyone preoccupied with trivia like US Senate elections, and the mad behavior of the Orange one when there are far more important topics to be resolved?

    Should man of the match in the Cricket Test go to Kane Williamson for a very good knock of 238 in the New Zealand innings or should it go to Kyle Jamieson who took 5/69 in the first innings and is now on 5/33 in the second?

    My pick is Jamieson. The clinching factor of course that he also got a score of 30 not out in the NZ innings. All those in favour?

    • In Vino 5.1

      Sorry, Alwyn, but TS needs a lower grade of thread into which should be dropped any comments regarding circenses.

    • gsays 5.2

      Reading the write-up on the win on Stuff, this was one of the comments and bears repeating.

      HT Slim Shady.

      Nz in home tests since Dec 2017

      16 Matches

      13 Wins

      0 Loss

      3 Draws

      8 consecutive series wins (2 each against England and West Indies, 1 each against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan)

      Margin of victories

      By an innings – 8 times

      By more than hundred runs – Thrice

      By 10 and 7 wickets – Once each

      This team is phenomenal at home

      Now if they can win their first ever series against South Africa (they are scheduled to tour Nz in Feb 2022) and then against Australia (possibly in the summer of 2023) it'll be the icing on the cake

      (Nz has never won a series against South Africa home or away while their last series win against Australia was three and a half decades ago in 1986)

      • alwyn 5.2.1

        That last paragraph is really depressing to someone who was relishing the win.

        Mind you, Australia are bloody hard to beat anywhere, at least at Cricket. To balance that I like to remember that the last time Australia beat New Zealand in Rugby at Eden Park was also in 1986.

  6. xanthe 6

    Now you are just being silly. Read the bloody thing, then we talk!

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    • xanthe 6.1

      OK here is direct quotes BUT I will not enter into argument with a position of ignorance either accept this as definitive or READ THE WHOLE LINK.

      "as far as SW is concerned, her police report states that, after Assange woke her up trying to initiate intercourse, the two had a conversation in which she asked Assange whether he was wearing a condom and he replied he was not. She then said he “would better not have HIV” and he replied that he did not, after which, she “let him continue” (lät honom fortsätta) to have unprotected intercourse. There are no indications of coercive or incapacitating circumstances suggesting lack of consent."

      "as far as AA is concerned, even the Swedish prosecution never suggested that the conduct alleged by her could amount to “rape”. In a Twitter-message of 22 April 2013, AA herself publicly denied having been raped (jag har inte blivit våldtagen)"

      DO NOT RESPOND UNTILL YOU HAVE READ THE WHOLE THING I am sick or your assertions and attacks on other commentators from a position of wilful ignorance!


      [you appear to have misunderstood Xanthe. This isn’t a conversation, you are being moderated. Commenters don’t get to tell moderators what to do. Please reread the Policy so you understand where the boundaries are. I see Incognito has given you a mod note above, and I certainly don’t want to be spending any more time on this, so will leave it with the two of you for now – weka]

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