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20 comments on “Open mike 09/02/2012”

  1. Stuff is reporting that the PM’s show on Radio Live before the election broke electoral law and have referred the matter to the police.  

    Good job.  The report suggests that the broadcaster will be investigated but I think that Key is clearly a party to what happened and should also be investigated.  

    While the Police are at it I hope they investigate the interest free loan given to Mediaworks and whether this affected the decision to run the show. 

    • Carol 1.1

      And more of an electoral promotion of brand Key (and hence National) than the poverty documentary (that the Nats complained about) was a promotion for any specific party or candidate.

    • Carol 1.2

      And meanwhile, Clare Curran exposed in parliament yesterday that, Key and National’s man on NZ On Air (Steve McElrea) was part of a small panel that gave the green light to NZOA funding some documentaries on topics focused on topics that are the focus of controversial government policies (after complainging about the political bias of the poverty doco):

      The Prime Minister’s electorate chair sat on a working group of four that decided to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars to a documentary about the Government’s controversial Whanau Ora scheme.

      The documentary Whanau Ora was allocated $299,963 of cash from NZ on Air as a result of a meeting attended by Stephen McElrea in November last year.
      Minutes of the November 10 meeting attended by McElrea state that Whanau Ora would be “a behind the scenes look at the roll out of this new initiative that seeks to deliver positive social outcomes for Maori”.
      Two other documentaries would also be funded. High School would be “the inside story of New Zealand education observed through a school year …” Another, The Health Story, would be “an examination of NZ’s health system through the eyes of Queenstown Hospital”.

      National continues to thumb its nose at democracy, and use its power and money to promote propaganda that manipulates public opinion, while also manipulating democratic discourse to hypocritically undermine opposing viewpoints.

      • Lanthanide 1.2.1

        Some bigwig at TVNZ was on National Radio this morning explaining how their decision process works (and has worked for the last 20 years) and pointed out that political appointments to crown boards are quite common.

        All in all, I think Curran is very much going to be on the losing side on this issue.

        • mickysavage

          Sorry Lanth I think this story has legs.  Just consider:
          1.  McElrea is highly political
          2.  He has actively put pressure on NZ on air to try and stop showing of negative documentaries during election time.
          3.  He appears to be actively supporting the funding of a sympathetic documentary on Whanau Ora, a significant Government policy.
          The perception is really bad …

          • Anne

            The TVNZ bigwig was being disingenuous. Political appontments to Crown boards have been around since the year dot. Most have the commonsense to carry out their duties objectively and without controversy. Moreover, they don’t usually take on positions until after their political career/activist days are over. Example: Jim Bolger, Chairman of NZ Post – who was actually appointed by a Labout govt. At least Labour had the nous to appoint people they considered best for the job regardless of political persuasion.

            • Fortran


              Your example of NZ Post chair is to say the least most impressive. Look at NZ Posts’ results after they have “loaned” money to Kiwi Bank to prop up their solvency margins.
              Cullen would have been a better example.

          • Lanthanide

            I think the only real problem is #2.

            You should listen to what the bigwig had to say (I’m sure it’s online on the RNZ site). Basically they had a selection of about 20 documentaries to make, and they whittled it down and chose 4 of them. Actually having a documentary about Whanau Ora seems like a good idea, since 98% of people have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

        • phillip ure..


          in my commentary on quesrtion-time yesterday i gave curran an honourable mention for her efforts on this..

          political appointments are one thing..

          ..political influence on programming is another..

          [email look alike deleted].

          • Lanthanide

            As Mouse Trawler has said in another thread, exactly what subjects could we have documentaries on that aren’t political?

            Can’t have them on crime, on prisons, on health, on education, on transportation, on child poverty…

            Yes, Whanau Ora is obviously a new initiative created by this government. That is precisely why there should be a documentary on it: it’s new, it’s different and a lot of people don’t know much about it.

            Perhaps the documentary will find out that actually it’s mis-targeted and a useless boondoggle. Steve McElrea will actually have no input into the content of the documentary at all – if he did, then I would be concerned.

  2. Carol 2

    So Brownlee claims his “clown” comment about Mayor Parker was a result of his frustration with the council. Funny, I thought it just showed Brownlee’s tendency to bully-boy tactics. And it also seems that Brownlee doesn’t like Parker making public some of the options being discussed for the council funding of earthquake recovery.

    Brownlee also criticised councillors for their reluctance to consider a rates rise or asset sales, saying the council needed to examine “every single option” to fund the city’s recovery.

    In yesterday’s Christchurch Mail, Brownlee called Parker a “clown” over comments about possible rates rises in the city.

    Parker told The Mail last week the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) Act allowed the Government to force the council to hike rates or sell off assets to fund the city’s recovery.

    “Cera has the ability to say, `This is how you have to meet your costs, and can make us take measures such as raising rates or selling assets’,” the mayor said.

    Treasury officials had made overtures to the council about a potential rates rise, Parker told The Mail.

    Brownlee dismissed the remarks, saying the legislation did not allow the Government to make the council set a rate. “That’s an outrageous abdication of his responsibilities. The Cera Act specifically forbids that,” he told The Mail.

    So Brownlee puts on pressure for the council to look at rates rises and asset sales, draws a distinction between this soft coercion and the dictatorial powers of CERA, and wants such disputes and coercion to all go on behind closed doors.


    “..The International Space Station has been killing it with time-lapse videos of the earth lately, and now NASA’s Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth has responded to popular demand and put up ten more.

    From 240 miles up you can see a lot of amazing stuff.

    In the video above for example – the aurora toward the end looks different from any you could observe on Earth –

    – because you can see the chaotic patterns it makes across a whole continent…”

    [email look alike deleted].

  4. johnm 4

    Why economic inequality leads to collapse
    The lesson of the Great Crash was that unequal enrichment provokes asset bubbles, excessive demand for debt and, finally, economic failure. Now we are painfully learning that again.
    Refer link:

    “During the past 30 years, a growing share of the global economic pie has been taken by the world’s wealthiest people. In the UK and the US, the share of national income going to the top 1% has doubled, setting workforces adrift from economic progress. Today, the world’s 1,200 billionaires hold economic firepower that is equivalent to a third of the size of the American economy.”

    “Britain’s richest 1,000 have accumulated fortunes that are collectively worth £250bn more than a decade ago. The biggest global corporations are also sitting on near-record levels of cash. In the UK, such corporate surpluses stand at over £60bn, around 5% of the size of the economy. This money could be used to kickstart growth. Yet it is mostly standing idle. The result is paralysis.”

    Stewart Lansley is the author of The Cost of Inequality: Three Decades of the Super-Rich and the Economy, published by Gibson Square

    Really great article on how Inequality with the concentration as in NZ of wealth to the unproductive few stuffs up a society and economy removing optimism, ability and incentive below to contribute to that society . Example? Look at the once mighty U$ now effectively a Third World nation except for the happy 10%. and the profiteering 1%.

    “asset bubbles” Look at our Housing Market for example. Young couples find it almost impossible to buy their first home due to amongst other factors the easy money given out by banks to already well off people to buy Investment Properties thus self bidding up a vital social asset into bubble status and a market monopoly toy to make wealth. Having your own house is one of the most positive incentives a young couple could have to contribute and belong to society-this has been greedily removed from many of them. So, they are reduced to paying rent for the rest of their lives usually paying off the mortgage of a greedy get rich type.

  5. nooneinparticular 5

    An update for those late-night insomniacs I discussed this with.

    The electoral commission wasn’t interested, said if I had concerns I should take them to the police. If the EC doesn’t care the police sure as hell won’t.

    A bit pathetic really.

  6. fisiani 6

    When will the Opposition become effective?
    Winston was wallowing in witless wondering. He was asking the wrong person for the third day in a row.
    The Greens put up two ridiculous questions and wasted their opportunity.
    Labour was just pathetic again. Jacinda Adern and Grant Robertson were particularly inept
    Democracy requires a decent and well organised Opposition. We had this pre-2008.
    Back then Lockwood Smith grilled Ministers. Benson -Pope was self- skewered.
    Oh for an even half-baked loyal opposition.

  7. aerobubble 7

    Did this rich billionaire buys Gingrich (who obviously had no chance) to run in the US primaries and drown out any possibility of a competitor to him, and now is finding that he still can’t take the nomination. Because at the core Romney represents everything wrong with America politics, a big scavanger speculator.

    • Vicky32 7.1

      Because at the core Romney represents everything wrong with America politics, a big scavanger speculator.

      Absolutely! But I keep hearing that he’s winning… although Sick Rantorum is coming up on his flank..
      So glad I am not an American! (Obama who’s turned out to be a sorry disappointment) or these evil clowns? )

  8. Jackal 8

    Time for a housing WOF

    Despite numerous calls for houses to have a warrant of fitness, the National government has done very little to ensure the housing stock in New Zealand is safe to live in…


    “Submissions may be sent by email to mixed-ownership-consultation [at] or by post to:
    FreePost Authority No.126395″

    Extending the Mixed Ownership Model Consultation with Māori

    Page updated 3 Feb 2012

    The Government has announced that it will consult with Māori on legislative changes it considers are necessary to proceed with its policy of mixed ownership for four State Owned Enterprises (SOEs): Genesis Power, Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power and Solid Energy New Zealand.

    The Government is seeking written submissions on its proposal to remove the four SOEs from the State-Owned Enterprises Act and put them under new legislation that ensures the Government retains at least 51 per cent and other individual shareholdings are limited to 10 per cent.
    About This Consultation Process

    A consultation document, together with information on how to make written submissions, is available on this web page.

    The deadline for receipt of submissions is 5pm on 22 February 2012.

    The Government is holding a series of consultation hui as a further means of presenting its proposals and receiving feedback from interested parties. Note that the start time for the hui in Auckland has changed from the originally advertised time of 3.30pm to the new time of 5.00pm.
    Consultation Hui Date Time Venue Location
    8 February 10.00am – 1.00pm Distinction Rotorua Rotorua
    8 February 3.00pm – 6.00pm Waikato Stadium Hamilton
    9 February 3.00pm – 6.00pm Whanganui Racecourse Whanganui
    10 February 9.30am – 12.30pm Toll Stadium Whangarei
    10 February 5.00pm – 8.00pm Novotel Auckland Airport Auckland
    14 February 10.00am – 1.00pm Waihopai Runaka
    Murihiku Marae Invercargill
    14 February 4.00pm – 7.00pm Chateau on the Park Christchurch
    15 February 10.00am – 1.00pm Emerald Hotel Gisborne
    15 February 3.30pm – 6.30pm Te Puni Kokiri Wellington
    Documents are available in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format only. Please contact to request HTML versions. Using PDF Files
    Date Title Download
    1 Feb 2012 Extension of the Mixed Ownership Model: A proposal to change legislation in relation to: Genesis Power, Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Solid Energy New Zealand: Consultation with Māori
    Consultation document, includes information on the submission process. Updated 3 February 2012 with new start and end times for the Auckland consultation hui. mom-cons-maori-v2.pdf (292 KB)
    1 Feb 2012 Mixed Ownership Consultation Submission Template
    Downloadable form in MS Word 2003 format. mom-subm-form.doc (70 KB)
    27 Jan 2012 Media statement by Hon Bill English, Minister of Finance and Hon Tony Ryall, Minister for State Owned Enterprises: Iwi consultation for partial SOE share floats On the Beehive website.

    The deadline for receipt of submissions is 5pm on 22 February 2012.

    Submissions may be sent by email to mixed-ownership-consultation[at] or by post to:
    FreePost Authority No.126395
    Mixed Ownership Consultation: Consultation with Māori
    Commercial Transactions Group
    The Treasury
    PO Box 3724
    Wellington 6140

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