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21 comments on “Open mike 09/11/09”

  1. So Bored 1

    Just glimpsed on the TV news last night something about the Copenhagen climate round, think it said that any protestors faced jail sentences to keep them off the streets or something of that nature. Anybody able to comment or illuminate?

  2. Winston Smith 2

    Just saw another rogue poll result – The latest Marae Digipoll of 1002 Maori from General and Maori Rolls:

    National’s levels of support improves, climbing from 15 per cent in March last year to 20 per cent.

    John Key’s popularity is stronger – 30 per cent choose him as the preferred Prime Minister and 55 per cent say they are satisfied with his performance.

    Labour at 25 per cent, well down on the 35 to 40 per cent support it was getting in the poll last year.

    • prism 2.1

      Do these polls allow a don’t know for leader or are people to vote for the least disliked? Possibly they are too simplistic – do you want the red pill or the blue pill. No, no pill at all!

    • lprent 2.2

      Amazing how some on the right cling to sampling polls like a fluffy blanket.

      As I’ve pointed out previously I don’t trust any polls apart from the real ones, when people actually vote.

      The methodologies are crap – landline polls in a day of falling landline access. The questions are as crap as the self-serving s59a referendum, as many polls have demonstrated. Generally you can figure out the expected result from the questions.

      But hey Winston likes his cuddly blanket. Who am I to deny a citizen their ignorance buffer.

      • lukas 2.2.1

        Does that mean you honestly believe if an election were held today Labour and the one man party would be able to form a government?

        If not, what do you think the result of an election held today would be?

        • The Voice of Reason

          If an election were held today, Labour and the Progressives could not form a government. Same as in all the MMP elections.

          Labour, Progressives plus some combination of the Greens, United Peter, the Maori party and (god help us all) Winston would be able to form either a minority or majority government. All it takes is for the Nats to keep stuffing up and no amount of personal relaxation is going to see Key remain PM. Key is popular, his government isn’t.

          Personally, I think there will be a snap election while he is high in the polls. The issue being a mandate for privatisation. “I promised not to do it in the first term, so please vote me a new term, so I can flog off the rest of the family silver”

          • lukas

            you have got to be kidding…. you honestly believe that A- the Maori Party would go with Labour… B Winston First would get back in and C that they would beat out the centre right who are killing the left on pretty much every issue at the moment.

            • The Voice of Reason

              Yep, I do believe that Labour will lead the next Government. While National got a handsome victory a year ago, under MMP, their vote would not have to drop much for them to require coalition partners to make it back. And a few points less and they end up like Brash; close, but no cigar.

              The MP, UF and Act are part of this Government by invitation. The Nats have enough seats to go it alone this time, but chose to take those parties with them anyway. Next time, they won’t have the luxury of offering a gift. It will be a full negotiation to get enough votes to form a government. By then, they will have pissed all over the Maori party’s fantasies, Rodney Hide the Sausage will have reduced Act to 2 seats, if any, and Peter Dunne will take the best deal on offer.

              So, if Labour can come to terms with the Greens, compromise with the Maori party (who will have some less venemusly anti-labour MP’s at the next election) and buy off Dunne, they will be back where they belong.

              If Winston scrapes back in by hoovering up the redneck vote that the Nats took off him, he is a complicating feature, but I would guess he’s more pissed off with the Ntats than idealogically opposed to Labour, so that will probably help.

              Some, ifs, buts and maybe’s there, Lukas, but it’s a reasonable enough scenario.

          • Jasper

            While I agree that Key is the type of person to want to get a snap election (and is something that has been ticking away in the back of my mind regarding 2010 before Auckland becomes SuperShitty), if the full term is allowed to go through, then there won’t be an election in 2011 until after the world cup.

            It definitely won’t be before as having an election before the cup will be like saying the government doesn’t have faith in the ABs winning. Yes, elections are lost on All Black losses.

            However, Key will want to remain as Minister of Tourism so he can get the photo ops “here’s me with Johnny Wilkinson”

            God help us if there is a snap election in 2010. National AND Local body in the same years thereafter? Please no.

  3. randal 3

    if an election were held now Labour would sh*t in carrying a pig.
    the transparent cloak of the right wing veil is about to rend and the full ugliness and of their grasping philosophy will stand exposed.
    sure the voters gave them a “TURN” but thats just because new zealanders are fair minded does not mean that they will let idiots go on forever.
    national have hired key as the “opener” because they knew that the electorate would never elect biil as premier but his mana is about to expire long before the warranty.

    • Gitmo 3.1

      “if an election were held now Labour would sh*t in carrying a pig.”

      translation ?

      • lukas 3.1.1

        perhaps…. Labour have less chance than a prize pig of getting in?

        • prism

          Perhaps slippery pig would be the term. I understand this is a great fete attraction in Britain. I think that Labour will run around squealing for a while. Don’t think that Labour has recovered yet from people feeling ennui about them.

  4. Winston Smith 4

    apropos of nothing in particular has anyone noticed how out of step with the electorate Sprout and Felix have been in defending Hone’s vileness???

    • Bright Red 4.1

      are we all meant to be in step with what the majority think all the time Winston?

      Is it a goose-step?

    • felix 4.2

      Really? Didn’t know I’d done that. Where?

    • Vileness??? Were you offended? would you like me to post you some tissues? (sorry I can’t play the violin).

      I thought it was established years ago that merely offending someone is not sufficient reason for a politician to be censured, unless of course there is a different standard when it comes to offending white people and offending brown people?

  5. Tigger 5

    “Prime Minister John Key has struck it lucky at next week’s Apec conference in being one of three leaders who will sit beside American President Barack Obama during a session discussing the priorities of business in the Asia-Pacific region.”

    Ooooh, Key gets to sit with the cool kids! Hi-five, Mr PM!

    Honestly, could they make Key sound any more like a giddy schoolgirl? Can’t fault the sentiment though, Key is probably wetting his jockey’s at the thought of being within touching distance of Obama.

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    The state would earn $15,000 per $100,000 of mortgage, at a cost of about $1,700, while the homeowner would save $88,000 in interest and pay for the home 15 years sooner. “Our bank will save people about seven years of their pay over the course of 30 years, just on interest costs,” says Dr. Khavari. He also proposes 6 percent credit cards and 6 percent certificates of deposit.

    Why do we have commercial banks again? Because it sure as hell isn’t for the benefit of the community.

  7. Melusine 7

    Are you lucid, awake?

  8. Mesuline 8


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