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10 comments on “Open mike 13/07/2010”

  1. Carol 1

    I’ll be looking out for this book. Seems useful:

    Journalism and Meaning-Making: Reading the Newspaper (Verica Rupar)

    This collection of essays puts the issue of making sense of reality at the center of the debate about journalism. Intellectually challenging and provocative, the essays invite readers to think critically about the information circulating in the news media, and to explore the position of journalism in society. Well-illustrated case studies support historical, linguistic, sociological and cultural analyses of the tools, techniques and rules journalists use to reprsent, interpret, and construct reality. Well-written, well-timed and supported by a number of examples, this book is directed at an academic as well as general audience interested in journalism and its place in our understanding of the world.

    Includes some chapters on NZ & Aussie news media:

    Journalism and Social Change: 100 Years of the New Zealand Daily The Dominion (Post), Verica Rupar. Ownership, Cooperation, and the News: A Case Study of the New Zealand Press Association, Grant Hannis.
    Death in the Media: Representations of Tragedy and Trauma—The Port Arthur Massacre and the Thredbo Landslide, Annona Pearse.
    What You See and What You Get: The Evolving Role of News Photographs in an Australian Broadsheet, Helen Caple.

    Also chapters on cross-media, and tabloidisation.

  2. felix 2

    Not brand new but in case you missed it like I did – John Clarke at his finest on asylum seekers:

  3. Pascal's bookie 3

    Review of that series that’s always on The History Channel:

    I’m not even going to get into the whole subplot about breaking a secret code (cleverly named “Enigma”, because the writers couldn’t spend more than two seconds thinking up a name for an enigmatic code), the giant superintelligent computer called Colossus (despite this being years before the transistor was even invented), the Soviet strongman whose name means “Man of Steel” in Russian (seriously, between calling the strongman “Man of Steel” and the Frenchman “de Gaulle”, whoever came up with the names for this thing ought to be shot).

    • BLiP 3.1

      Sky should rename the History Channel to the WWII Channel.

      And, while I’m on my high-horse lurking in the Sky #70s channels, is anyone else sick of them? The first one is a constant re-run of Deadliest Catch, the Crime Channel is reruns of reruns of reruns of Cops, 48 Hours, World’s Toughest Jails, Cold Cases, and Forensic Something, the next channel over is pretty much reruns of the reruns on the Crime Channel, the documentary channel – ha-bloody-ha – and the other one is an endless series of Lets Save The Cute Bunny plus Wild Planet. F F S, what a waste of money.

      I rang and complained the other day – (actually I couldn’t get my PlayStation to work but the topic of endless reruns came up) – and the poor lass on the other end of the phone ended up agreeing with me. At least I got a three month free trial of the Arts and Rialto channels out of my moaning.


      • felix 3.1.1

        Paraphrasing Ricky Gervais – “I watch discovery so I know everything there is to know about sharks and nazis”.

        As fer me, one afternoon in the #70s I saw 4 different docos about bridges – Longest, most difficult to build, most unusual etc. Needless to say there was a fair amount of overlap between them and the whole afternoon’s programming only covered about 3 bridges.

  4. Hateatea 4

    If Murray McCully won’t appoint Buck Shelford as a Rugby World Cup amabassador, does that mean he is anti-Maori?

    Nothing against the other chaps who I am sure are great ambassadors for the game and the country but where is tangata whenua in all this?

    Just wondering

    • The Voice of Reason 4.1

      I suspect the tangata whenua will be working behind the bar at Party Central, cleaning the streets afterwards and at least one maori in each AB game will be allowed to lead the haka. If the tangata whenua want to get more involved, then they’ll just have to pony up for one of those $1500 tickets.

      Alternatively, they could just ignore the whole fiasco and get behind the Warriors, who at least have some history of promoting maori culture within their sport and don’t rely on massive handouts to bolster a fading fantasy that Rugby Union is still ‘NZ’s game’.

      • Lanthanide 4.1.1

        “a fading fantasy that Rugby Union is still ‘NZ’s game’.”

        I guess the world cup next year will be the last hurrah.

  5. comedy 5

    Polanski should be held to account and that’s no joke……. useless Swiss pricks

  6. schrodigerscat 6

    Where is kiwiblogblog when you need it? Davey has a post up about our dear leader in which he states

    “I don’t think John Key wants to try and break Seddon’s record as longest serving Prime Minister. He is not a Helen Clark who still seethes at being removed from office after *only* three terms.”

    How does he know? Is he actually really close to Helen? He seems less certain of Keys intentions.

    DPF really is a drivel producer these days.

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