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22 comments on “Open mike 16/03/2010”

  1. Jenny 1

    The actions of the Chinese rulers post-1997 described in this piece sound remarkably familiar.

    Following the 1987 stock market collapse in New Zealand, the “Bank Of New Zealand” collapsed owing $602 million. The Roger Douglas (Act) Labour government hived off the $602 million into a “bad bank” and sold the BNZ to Australian banking interests to finance the deal. It would be interesting to find someone with the ability to look behind the curtains at New Zealand’s banking scene and national liabilities in a similar fashion to this article.

    Jubak’s Journal3/11/2010 7:00 PM ET

    Is China actually bankrupt?

    • freedom 1.1

      Jenny, you are kidding right?

      china owns vast amounts of the world’s gold bullion and has paid trillions to the US, and others, buying debt, if they wanted to call in what they are owed it is the rest of the planet which would be bankrupt

  2. ropata 2

    I’m in Auckland at the moment for work, and playing badminton is a favourite hobby. There are a lot of Asians playing and I had a good chat to one very nice bloke who was pleased with the NZ housing market.. he said it was great that so many Chinese doctors had 1 or 2 houses in Auckland (that they would never visit) but they were a good investment — probably 50,000 or so houses in Auckland alone owned by absentee Chinese landlords.

    Way to look after the future of NZ Labour and National!
    ( has a new fan)

  3. jcuknz 4

    Paul Krugman suggests that America should impose a 25% tax on all Chinese imports until the Chinese government re-values its currency which is holding the world ecconomy back from recovery. NYT todays Op-Ed.

  4. Pascal's bookie 5

    There are important and powerful lobbies in America: the NRA, the American Medical Association, the lawyers — and the Israeli lobby. But no lobby is as important, or as powerful, as the U.S. military. While commentators and pundits might reflect that Joe Biden’s trip to Israel has forever shifted America’s relationship with its erstwhile ally in the region, the real break came in January, when David Petraeus sent a briefing team to the Pentagon with a stark warning: America’s relationship with Israel is important, but not as important as the lives of America’s soldiers. Maybe Israel gets the message now.

    Interesting background to the recent flair up over settlements.

  5. freedom 6

    guess the only question left is when

    • Pascal's bookie 6.1

      Worth bearing in mind that Diego Garcia is also within b-52 range of Afghanistan. So it may not mean what the article suggests…

  6. gobsmacked 7

    Ever wondered what the Prime Minister really thinks? Not sure which version of National policy is the real one? Confused by the contradictions?

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Have pity on a Mr JK from Parnell, who has clearly given up trying to understand what on earth the Prime Minister is on about:

    From today’s Herald:

    Australian cricket vice-captain Michael Clarke was a no-show at a reception held at Parliament yesterday, which did not surprise Prime Minister John Key.

    “We host these functions all the time, whether it’s for the All Blacks or the Black Caps and touring teams. You always get some of the players turn up, but not always.”


  7. Pascal's bookie 8

    Lookie here folks

    The problem at present is that Conservation will not allow any slump at all on the surface above the mining operations. Pillars would still be left in, but even so slump, subsidence, would occur. We should selectively fell trees above the mine site, that is, select them and then fell them. Plant new ones later.

    This is why Peter Whittell is in Wellington. To try to get permission to allow a gradual slump of the surface above the mine, plus get us rights to do more mining in the area. Hence using our facilities 100%. We have to work now since the Labour lot, plus Greens, are totally opposed to mining. But once we employ staff as at Pike it is difficult for them to close us down. Pike is establising a track record with Govt which will stand us in very good stead when the contracts are issued.

    Also, dont forget, National are very interested in West Coast votes. Forty million tons of coal would be helpful.

    Modern surgical methods leaving things just as we found it my arse.

  8. copycat (was poxywog) 9

    Charlie Chauvel – done like a dog’s dinner by Boomtownprat, eh?

    Newsflash Charlie – kids behave like kids because they ARE KIDS – picking on a 2 year old for fucks sake; big guy, huh?

    • Tigger 9.1

      Newsflax poxydog – this is a grubby little beat up and the worst example of a non-story Stuff has run in a long time. The comment on Henie’s little smear about this making ACT look bad is bang on. Whiny little righters.

      • copycat (was poxywog) 9.1.1

        Don’t like getting some of your own back huh Tigs?

        • Tigger

          No, poxysog, I suspect you don’t like the fact that this little gossipy piece of junk makes ACT look even less serious than they already did. What next from the right, whining that someone once turned them down at a school social?

  9. yeah not a good look eh poxy.

    this is the guy who’s been anointed to oust Dunne from Ohariu ? I still say get Lucy Lawless to run 🙂

  10. freedom 11

    ok, my interest was aroused and i wandered over to the clint heine blogspot.

    oh my god

    the guy is a F@%#$ng idiot. sure his bit about the plane has some fair points, and my sympathies on his dog, but bloody hell he reports and repeats some mind-numbing drivel. and as far as the views on education, beneficiaries, police, TVNZ, unions etc. i truely worry about the households some of these people were raised in, and are raising kids in.

    when his family is standing in the food queue with the surveillance drone buzzing overhead i hope he has fond memories of the squandered moments of lost opportunity

  11. Draco T Bastard 12

    Blogger Cameron Slater on his Whaleoil website has been merciless in his portrayal of Mr Carter as a “trougher”.

    Yep, the Granny based an entire friggin article on what the blubberboi had said.

    Journalism in NZ – sinking to new lows.

  12. Jum 13

    You know, it’s hard to think of one National MP who is fit to lick the boots of Nat MP Mike Minogue who died in 2008. Whatever backbone National had went with Minogue, who along with Marilyn Waring stood up for what they individually believed in. He was a Nat but an ethical one – there ain’t any left now.

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