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30 comments on “Open mike 18/06/2010”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    Hmmmmm, is it OK to suggest that the rught wing supporters of PEDA could be classified as peda-philes? Or perhaps we could call the increasingly large dossier on this dodgy outfit the peda-file?

    Rich indeed are the opportunites for satire…

    • The Voice of Reason 1.1

      Now, that’s a bit unfair, Sanctuary. Jones and Tuigamala have a spotless record in picking winning names. It wasn’t that long ago they were supporting Graham Capill, who is best known as a christian, a would be politician and a convicted … oh, wait a minute…

  2. uke 2

    Further to the discussion on yesterday’s Open Mike about the possible consequences of the Gulf oil volcano. Global Research have several articles.

    This one describes how the blowout has happened on an oil migration channel, so that the “spill” could run to billions of barrels and pollute all the world’s oceans:

    The second article concerns what might happen if the wellhead is blown away. The article has been inexplicably removed from the site – perhaps the science is not so good? – but it is cached here:

    • Bill 2.1

      He-he. The science isn’t ‘not so good’ so much as non-existent.

      Oil that levitates and leaves a vacuum in it’s wake? And tsunami’s and….would make a good Hollywood blockbuster though.

      On another note. Why are these conspiracy nuts so locked into the one mode of shouted presentation, “What they’re not telling us!” What they’re not allowed to tell us!” “What I found out from people I can’t name and sources I can’t divulge! Cause they’ll kill ’em all! And and us too if I do! And like no, I can’t back up anything I’m saying with any even remotely relevant source ’cause like the people who told me are the only people who know how to work this stuff! Except me! Cause they told me, ’cause…well I suppose they don’t like me much… and reckon that if they’re all for the chop they might as well take me down with them and so it’s come to this. It’s me or them and I’m all tooled up and… anybody got their phone number or address? I had it all written down on a piece of paper somewhere before….”

      • uke 2.1.1

        Yeah, but the first article at least is based on scientific opinion (some Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Russian State University of Oil and Gas).

        Guess we’ll see how the thing plays out in coming months.

        • Bill

          The abiogenic oil stuff is a crock uke.

          The gulf leak may well go on for months or years, but (to reord the article slightly) BP didn’t burst an artery in some petro-carbony circulatory system.

          Oil s a fossil fuel.

      • freedom 2.1.2

        Bill, there is plenty of verifiable science to back up the ‘what they are not telling us’ headlines.
        Everyday the list of official falsehoods and misdirections is getting longer and longer, but the actual facts get stronger and more undeniable.

        I could plant a couple of hundred links here that might educate you a little, but i suspect you would find fault with them all, so i will leave you to sponge up the crap from the MSM and call it information. I only hope you see through it all sooner rather than later.

        I ask you explain one detail though, if the science is so accurate from the official sources, how is it that a ‘spill’ of 5,000 barrels a day for thirty-odd days suddenly is ‘spilling’ 30,000 to 60,000 barrels a day now according to those same sources?

        The Gulf Oil Disaster is building to be the largest man-made environmental catastrophe ever, with lasting affect on our global foodchain, huge implications for the populations of the areas affected and unsuprisingly, severe economic impact upon many industires as BP fights off Bankruptcy.

        The situation will get a lot worse before it gets any better.

        • joe90

          How Unleashing the Mississippi Could Protect the Louisiana Coast

          Great, past attempts to control the Mississippi have been roaring successes too.

        • Bill


          Q. Did I say that msm were great shakes?
          A. No

          Q. Am I a slavish adherent to ‘official’ lines?
          A. No

          Q. Am I so dumb as to buy into obvious nuttery that follows the same time honoured pattern time after time and on issue after issue from hangers full of alien space ships to levitating bananas?
          A. No

          Q. Am I able to differentiate between attempts at misleading, misdirecting and misinforming (propaganda) and sheer fucking stupidity?
          A. Yes.

          • lprent

            On Q2 I can’t say that I’ve ever seen Bill following any lines apart from his own. He has always struck me as a commentator that I was never sure of his position on anything until after he’d written on it.

  3. Armchair Critic 3

    Oh dear, even a small opinion piece suggesting that atmospheric warming would result in ice melting which would, in turn, result in sea level rise, sends the wingnuts in Granny’s comments section into a frenzy.
    No substantive argument (in the bits I read before I got fed up with the BS). No one even addresses the bit about sea level rise being non-linear, it’s just straight out denial. Where do these people hide in real life?

    • prism 3.1

      I blame it on our lack of education on how to comprehend theories and organise data so we can form reasoned opinions. We need to be able to do this as we are swamped with data, comment, opinion, partly correct sources and politically tailored PR.

      Our education often ignored this most important skill – how to find your way through the BS to the probable truth, all things being considered. Being taught in the banking mode, insert prepared educational material in this slot, doesn’t lead to enquiring minds able to make decisions and solve problems in an intelligent, informed and pragmatic way.

      Just got an email showing extreme snowdrifts in a Russian winter with the sarcastic title of Global Warming. Interesting pictures but if trying to make some stupid point about climate, extremely shallow thinking.

  4. Adrian 4

    Listen to Key on Natrad this morning and tell me he wasn’t drunk. He was running words together as usual but he’s slurring as well. Getting pissed and being late ,in your own country to boot, to a dinner with the Chinese Vice-President is not aspirational in my book.

    • prism 4.1

      Keeping the top Chinese leader waiting five minutes in his car – what’s Key thinking of! He shouldn’t have worried about the spot on his trousers, or to change his tie, or respond to the privatisation comment from John Palmer with Gerry B (more likely). Guess he was afraid of being called to account for speeding as Helen Clark was as she tried to meet a less prestigious sporting deadline.
      captcha – historys

      • Lanthanide 4.1.1

        5 minutes late isn’t a big deal. That sort of thing happens for busy leaders.

        15+ minutes is insulting, though.

    • ianmac 4.2

      On the two clips on Morning Report this morning, I reckon he had a rate of 1 Ahh to every 7 words. Since this was a prepared speech for a powerful guest, ahh, shouldn’t there be a reasonable National Standard of presentation from, ahhh, a Prime Minister?

  5. ianmac 5

    Two things on PEDA:
    1. Weren’t Jones and Tuigamala directors of PEDA until very recently then suddenly bailed?

    2. Bill English says the Peda application before Treasury was not the few pages that Annette King held up. That may be so – now! How can one find out just when the application now before Treasury, was lodged. It would have to have been many weeks before the Budget was set ie late April at the least????

    • pollywog 5.1

      According to the company register Jones and Tuigamala were never directors.

      The only other one, apart from the current ones, was Mose Saitala who has since left to be replaced by the owner and single shareholder JR Pereira. Done, i might add, in haste when it looked like they knew the funding was to be approved .Mose Saitala, who has been described as the ‘brains’ behind the company, was credited with writing the initial proposal.

      Since then, and because of public scrutiny, i would imagine a scramble by PEDA to cobble together some additional paperwork specifically outlining real objectives they can deliver on within a time frame and to a detailed budget otherwise its bye bye $$$. Also, i envision, to cover Te Heu Heu and Englishs arse in hoping this deal might fly under the radar.

      Perhaps then, if it fits within budgetary parliamentary rules, the ‘new money’ might be open for contestibility to other organisations and not neccessarily exclusively Pasifikan ones either. Though why not loan it to specific individuals who can submit a ‘real’ business plan or make the funds available as Pasifikan scholarships to established educational providers and distributed out of the Ministry for PI affairs is beyond me.

      Theres something fishy in this tale, if you smell what the gov’ts cooking…

    • freedom 5.2

      i am no techie but isnt there metadata or something on the file that was printed for Annette King, that can at least say when the file was last altered. Which is really the point of the inquiry if Bill English is suggesting now it is/was a lot more substantial than the papers presented.

      They can compare data and we will see which is the porky

  6. freedom 6

    just popped over to the dom to see the nooner updates and wow! Mr Key better get his message straight on this one, China does not get to do this to us in our own fucking country

    the treatment of free tibet protesters in New Zealand at various events the last couple of years has been bad enough but this is a whole other thing

    capcha; period – upper case

    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      Mr Key said Mr Xi’s visit was part of an important exercise in diplomacy.

      ”Our understanding is that there is a very good chance that Xi Jinping is going to be a potential future president of China,” he said.

      ”In the pecking order, he is right up there to replace President Hu.”

      Ah, our PM kowtowing to a foreign authority figure.

  7. ianmac 7

    I have a vague recollection of a very distant cartoon perhaps in Punch?
    It shows a very large sow (or elephant?) and undereneath her flank is a very tiny piglet. Should the sow choose to roll over a bit……

  8. big bruv 8

    Have any of you read Hooton’s piece in the NBR on the speech Phil Goff should have given?

    That is what you guys need to do if you ever want to gain back the treasury benches, pity it will never happen.

  9. gobsmacked 9

    After the Budget, there were two polls discussed on here – TVNZ, and Morgan. They produced quite different results. So was the government losing support, or not?

    Answer – losing support. Here’s the latest poll: National down. Labour up. Greens strong.

    • gingercrush 9.1

      I still maintain TVNZ’s last poll was falling in line with other polls as previously it had National’s support way too high. Meanwhile, the Roy Morgan poll fluctuates with National around the 50% mark and Labour between 30-34%. On some months its been different but on the whole that’s where the support seems to lie. The Greens seems to jump around a bit more and its always difficult with the Greens since they outperform on most polls but never deliver on election day.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if next poll National’s support increases with either Labour or the Greens support dropping. Things to look out for with Roy Morgan is National dropping below 48% and Labour getting more than 34%. Labour has reached 34% just twice since the election and last time National was below 48% was the December 2008 poll.

      The fact is too much is said about any poll and most of us are way too partisan we interpret the polls how we want to see it.

  10. Cnr Joe 10

    Anyone. Why does GooGle now need a cell ph no/. for one to set up an acc.?

  11. lprent 11

    WordPress 3.0 released and release version now installed. Just have to get one plugin upgrade and I can go multiple site

  12. NickS 12

    Oh crap:

    And I’ll try and read the paper and post something/surf the climate blogs for good breakdowns tomorrow before I get paid a decent sum to destroy my arms lifting awkward, heavy pieces of furniture all afternoon.

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