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Open mike 18/09/2010

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, September 18th, 2010 - 33 comments
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33 comments on “Open mike 18/09/2010 ”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Carbon waits for science, again; but the planet won’t

    If something is observed in the field, and a scientist can’t validate it, or can’t validate it quickly enough, does it mean it isn’t true? I try things in my garden, and keep doing what my eyes tell me is working, and will give me a firmer foothold on this planet; I don’t always need to know why or how.

    But that’s not how the international Kyoto accounting system works, of course, or science, or the many vested, and cynical, interests. And that makes me fear for us all, knowing how long it took, to establish climate change, and that we don’t have the same time left to find and implement its solutions.

    It’s a short comparison between the work of two scientists, one here and one in Oz, researching the same subject – soil carbon. The one in Oz is finding that the use of natural cycles makes for better pasture and carbon sequestration and the one in NZ is finding that it doesn’t.

    • ZeeBop 1.1

      Are you discussing engineering not science? Science works on a best model approach, trust, verify, attempt to falisify, and hope to come accross before anyone else a nag in the model. Two soil scientists testing current theories in NZ and OZ are verifying existing science, but no where in their science is there a law that says all soils behave the same in sequestration of carbon. I would however be surprised if N.Z plants, when they die, were to decay and entirely release their carbon back into the atmosphere, but then I’m not a soil scientist. These scientists are attempting to find the best soil engineering to trap carbon it seems.

  2. Janice 2

    I understand the reasons behind the need to change to digital TV, but an aspect of the change concerns me. Many people with an analog TV (including perhaps myself) will take the opportunity to upgrade to digital TV and so far as I have seen, no plans have been made for what it going to happen to all the old TVs, which will contain toxic metals. I would hope they are just not going to finish up in landfills around the country.

    anti spam: replacing – how does it happen?

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      It would be nice to see some proper means of disposing/recycling old TVs and computers but, as you say, no one seems to be concerned with that aspect of progress.

      • prism 2.1.1

        Except to run a scam here on getting shot of them. The project for outdated
        NZ electronic gear to be delivered to the organisers of a recycling project and be dealt with in an adult manner sounded so good, and turned out so bad.
        The job and responsibility was contracted out and I suppose there was hope of selling it to get valuable metals etc. But in the end the firm seemed to be looking for some shore with interests in payola so they could dump it.

    • Armchair Critic 2.2

      toxic metals
      Are these the same “rare earths” that Gerry Brownlee wanted to dig up?

  3. MikeG 3

    For the 2nd time in 2 weeks I have heard that some farmers cannot milk their cows because the power has been cut. Why can’t they do what other industries who need a reliable power supply do and that is to have back-up generators?

    • ryan 3.1

      Have you seen how much power it takes to run an automatic round type milking shed? Generators have limitations in size cost and reliability. Hence the reason we have a national grid to begin with.

  4. Draco T Bastard 4


    * Leading Australasian Water Solutions Group
    * Newly created role with unlimited potential
    * Attractive salary package

    Think Water is a specialist water solutions group who are focused on meeting the rapidly changing landscape of water management in Australasia.

    Gee, I wonder just what is happening to our water supply in Auckland….

  5. Jum 6


    well, well, well, and our Kiwi people weren’t good enough to build our Auckland trains, oh no…

    Joyce, you fxxxwit, consider yourself on notice.

  6. john 7

    Paula Bennett is off to the Eisenhower Foundation in the US to learn corporate responsibility; the new neo-liberal buzz (bs) word. Refer this link showing an example of corporate responsibility!
    http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/censored-gulf-news-gulf-coasters-trail-of-tears-evacuees-flee-for-health-and-safe Refer report about 5 items down as to Gulf having to be evacuated due to corexit poisoning taken up by the hydrological cycle and rained onto Gulf residents

    American corporations are responsible for impoverishing ordinary Americans over 40,000,000 of whom are on food stamps!!! That’s 10 times the NZ population. How did they do this? To make profits from dirt cheap labour costs they off-shored all of the US’s manufacturing except the “War making” Industry. Result Wall Street is having a party while ordinary American schmucks live in tent cities. Who is running that country,obvious isn’t it? It really worries me Mister Nice wants us to follow the same Corporate-government fascism here! Where everything is privatized.

    • john 7.1

      Here is a testimony of a Gulf resident who is scared about what is happening down there-


      I live 25 miles from Gulf Shores, in a rural area north of the beach. I live on two acres and grow chickens to harvest the eggs. My neighbor has lots of livestock, sheep, chickens, ducks, and the such. Having all these animals have always generated lots of flies and other such insects. Which leads to having lots of frogs and lizards which feed on them……..What I am seeing is that we virtually have no flies or frogs or lizards. Even our bird population has dropped tremendously. I have a bird feeder that has been filled continuously for years. The birds have gone as has the reptiles. Some of our plants have had a terrible year so far. Our banana trees that are normally 12 foot tall are about 8 foot. Our plants are developing dead leaves and spots.
      Is anyone else experiencing this type of observations???
      My wife is a Bio-Chem student at USA in Mobile and is very knowledgable on chemicals and the such. She is concerned and has a lung condition that has amplified since this all came about. We have 4 young children and her concerns are what this could cause in the developement of our kids. She is very concerned and feels that we should evacuate the area ASAP. Personally, I am scared!!!
      Lynne Frye
      2 days ago

      What the video didn’t show was my husband and I couldn’t afford to move either. We sold everything we owned except for his work truck and what clothes and camping gear, and whatever we could fit in the back of our small nissan. We met someone that wanted to help out a gulf coast family. She offered a room in her house until we could get back on our feet. We left pensacola. We found a campground by a beautiful a river and some amazing caverns, we stayed for a week. We have met some amazing people that want to help the ‘Gulf Coasters’ just like me and my family. We have lost our beaches. All the information is out there and as individuals, we have to do the research and not rely on corporate media to tell us eveything because they won’t. Your wife is right. y’all should evacuate. We had to think about our daughters health. My prayers are with you!

      • john 7.1.1

        Refer link about the poverty caused by the Corporate neo-liberal dictatorship. While Americans get poorer CEOs complain bitterly about any taxes levied on them.

        • john

          As Americans get poorer many are “losing it” and ending up in America’s growth sector: Prisons!
          Basically cut the b.ggers benefits off after 99 weeks causing them to lose their homes, cars and everything throw them some food stamps so they don’t starve and if they offend then Corporate Prison America makes up to 60,000 US$ per inmate a handsome profit by golly,increases the GDP as well not to mention all those inmate control technologies being developed: Tasers, stun guns, batons ,you name it.Eventually zombies are excreted from this system too bu..ered ever to offend again. Mister Nice thinks that is the way we should go if he can get away with it; the underclass dehumanised no longer NZ citizens.

          • Draco T Bastard

            You forgot to mention the slave labour that goes along with being in prison in the US today.

          • john

            This is exactly the situation the Norwegian criminologist Nils Christie described more than a decade ago. Anglo Saxon countries choose to fund prisons rather than limit the income gap between rich and poor. Scandinavian countries prefer to spend their money on social mechanisms to include most citizens within society, and consequently have much less need for widespread incarceration. Either you step in early to prevent criminalisation or you stand back and pontificate about bad seed and free choice, picking up the casualties along the way and stuffing them into gaol. In this, as in so many other things, capitalism sees more profit in making the inhuman choice.

          • john

            For profit prisons, what a great incentive for putting the poor in prison. Those who’s welfare payments don’t cover expenses adequately to avoid engaging in petty crime. Can be put to work for peanuts while the state subsidizes the shareholders immensely. Neo-Liberal economics at work.

          • john

            US Prisons are a prison guard’s sadist’s paradise. They really get off big time on the dominance and control side(flash uniforms and status hierarchy too) with their Shotguns,Tasers, batons and stun guns,and the leg irons of course,in the hell hole where the inmates prey on each other in every way conceivable while they provide profit for the system,and a bit of common thuggery thrown in as well,no wonder poor Americans choose to join the Army and blow other people away as a better choice!.All societies have a sadistic side I definitely see it in Nact where the rich get richer and if you’re poor it’s your fault.

  7. Jum 8


    every investor should be publicised so that we can see who is grabbing our country.

  8. The Voice of Reason 9

    Posted this on the ‘Tashkoff’ post, but it’s worth repeating here. The latest Roy Morgan shows a continued decline in support for Key’s Government, despite the earthquake PR exercise. At this rate of loss the opposition will be ahead by Xmas or earlier if Hide stays as Act leader. And Winnie’s back in the running big time.

    “The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for John Key’s National-led Government has weakened to 53% (down 1.5%), comprising National Party 48.5% (down 1%), Maori Party 1.5% (down 1.5), ACT NZ 2% (up 1%) and United Future 1% (unchanged).

    Support for Opposition Parties has risen to 47% (up 1.5%); Labour Party 34% (up 1.5%), Greens 8% (down 0.5%), New Zealand First 4.5% (up 1%), Progressive Party 0.5% (up 0.5%) and Others 0% (down 1%).

    If a National Election were held today the National Party would be returned to Government.

    Gary Morgan says:

    “Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows a drop in support for the National-led Government (53%, down 1.5%) for the third straight interviewing period. The lead over the Opposition Parties (47%, up 1.5%) is now at its narrowest since just after the General Election in November 2008.

    “Support for National (48.5%, down 1%) has also fallen — now at its lowest since May 2010 while the increase in support for the Labour Party (34%, up 1.5%) has cut National’s lead to 14.5%, a significant lead but the closest since November 2008.”

    • Salsy 9.1

      Wow and the great GST robbery hasnt even kicked in yet…

      • Armchair Critic 9.1.1

        Speaking of which, the government is planning on a bit of a robbery with road user charges, come 1 October. Well, not planning, it’s actually going ahead with it. It works like this:
        Any road user charges that are paid for but not used by 01 October become invalid.
        A credit equal to the value of the unused road user charges is given.
        The credit can be used to re-purchase new road user charges.
        The new road user charges are more expensive (by about 6%), and the higher rate of GST applies.
        Now, keep in mind that this applies only to vehicle over 3.5t, and the purpose is to prevent their owners from pre-purchasing to avoid the extra charges and the extra GST. But it catches people like me, whose Goods Services Licence prevents me from doing more than 12,000km per year, and had to purchase a big pile of road user charges in April and have used less than 1,000 of them. I’d be happy to comply if I’d bought them after the announcement was made (in August), but applying it to anything before that is very much retrospective.
        I can’t wait to see a huge convoy of trucks blocking the main streets of all the big centres because the RUC is being raised, like what happened last time. Or was that just an exercise in rent-a-crowd astroturfing?

        • Draco T Bastard

          That was rent-a-crowd astro-turfing. Those truckies were paid to cost us millions of dollars.

      • jcuknz 9.1.2

        What ‘GST Robbery’ ? That is left wing nonsensical rubbish by those who don’t seek the truth.
        In my case the cut in tax is double the increase in GST even if I paid GST on all my expenditure, which obviously I don’t. I remember the Labour scaremongering comparing nil GST with 15% GST … Blatant mis-information by a party who has sadly lost its way.
        There will be and have been some increases for a household to bear but they were forecast at whatever level GST was set at.
        The calculations are pretty simple to do so it takes a pretty mind boggling twit to talk differently.

        • Armchair Critic

          Nah, jckunz, they’re taking back confiscating something I bought six months ago and forcing me to buy it again, with a price rise and extra GST chucked in for good measure. Thanks National – bunch of f**king looters.

  9. Jum 10

    You’re right there John.

    The same advice Key got from America about building prisons would have included how you get them there and the money you could make from their incarceration – the more you jam in the more you make – Judith Collins knows that.

    The devilry of this government in its social engineering against women, its building of prisons (build it and they will come), its growth industry of unemployed cheap, desperate labour, its disestablishment (innocuous but nasty fxxker, that word) of concrete elected councils (ECAN) and using a natural disaster to rush further reform through must surely show even the stupidest New Zealander just how corrupt and criminal this government which includes Act and Maori and United Future really is.

    If Winston Peters does hold sway at the next election I will expect him to sign a contract that will include the words “I will not form any sort of government or cross party support with National or Act or Maori or United Future because they cannot be trusted”.

    I remember Helen Clark and Michael Cullen campaigning on that. Shame more people didn’t listen to them.

  10. john 11

    Are you one of the Sheeple whose Political ignorance enables corrupt and self serving Governments to rule? View these categories:

  11. Jum 12


    But, but, Jim your ratings as a Party have gone up! What’s going to happen to the nation’s teeth if you go?

    I actually think you could do both jobs. Parker the pillock has trouble with just one.

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