Open mike 20/07/2010

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8 comments on “Open mike 20/07/2010”

  1. Herodotus 1
    What next in the fluffying up on news and current affairs, TV1 news presented by Nigel no body and Lisa Lewis?
    No wonder politics and the effects of are so well treated and understood by the people. Smile and Wave will win out every time, all that Lab can hope for is JK gets bored and goes elsewhere otherwise it is a long winter , as his strategy is better than that of the invisable man!!

  2. I read a piece on Iran and its ‘religious’ zealots and their latest attack on women and sent a pro-forma protest set up by the family. It has now been returned to me as unable to be delivered with this message –
    : (email address was here – deleted by system)
    : delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]: Connection timed out

    Information on this serious ongoing sexist torture through Jane Young link –

    • Whiskey Tango Mike Foxtrot 3.1

      Shame they don’t talk about the energy it takes to create it.
      My sixth form Chem Teacher instilled in us that it was better to drive an old car into the ground (even if it belched out smoke), than it was to fuel the demand for new cars (even with non-polluting engines), because the energy of creation (and so pollution) far exceed any energy used by said car.
      our little invention with only further add to toxins in land fills.
      I believe it would be better if NZ worked on a better way to collect and recycle the batteries we already got.

  3. Steve Walu 4

    Did anyone manage to see Darren Hughes speaking to the Governor-General Tax Bill in parliament today. I only caught the last few flashes of his brilliance but I had hoped TV news would have carried it tonight. He rattled off a series of failed projects/policies of the Govt referring to them as Key’s answer to turbo charge the economy. Does anyone have a link to this great performance? It bears repeating on this site.

  4. Steve Walu 5

    Here is the link to the wonderful piece which would have done many a stand up comic proud! In fact it’s the sort of piece the PM, an aspiring comic, aspires to being able to deliver but has no show of ever mastering this sort of timing!

    • BLiP 5.1

      heh – excellent!!

      Interesting to watch Key in the video – I hadn’t realised just how camp he is.

      • Steve Walu 5.1.1

        Watch him the next time he’s filmed walking to or from the chamber (or wherever the TV cameras film him going!) he has a particularly camp walking style. There’s nothing wrong with that except you don’t expect to see it so overtly from our “leader”.

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