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64 comments on “Open mike 23/09/2023 ”

  1. PsyclingLeft.Always 1

    Coalition..of Chaos ! .

    Winston Peters refuses to use David Seymour's name

    NZ First's leader took his election campaign tour to the heartland of ACT's David Seymour in Auckland's Epsom and, as Garth Bray writes, the crowd couldn't miss his pointed refusal to utter his opponent's name once.

    Oh yea…Cmon the Left. Solidarity…and we have the advantage..they are fighting themselves !

    • AB 1.1

      "Coalition of … "

      Lots of options really. "Cuts" has been used, but my favourites would include "crazies", "con-men" "conspiracists", "cash-lifters", "crackpots" and "cock-wavers". No doubt the potential list is nearly endless.

    • Tony Veitch 1.2

      Was it significant that in the minor parties debate the other night, Seymour and Peters were as far away from each other as was possible?

      Truly, if, God forbid, they ever have to go into coalition with Natz to form a government, they will be a Coalition of Chaos, and a Coalition of Cuts, with or without the 'n' factor!

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 1.2.1

        Divide..and Rule. As they… like some horrific, poisonous, protozoa… self divide.

        Into oblivion.

        I sincerely hope : )

        And obvs….We Rule !

  2. Dennis Frank 2

    Credit Parker with intelligent steering in the right direction, plus delivery!

    Issuing clearer guidance to councils about assessing natural hazard risk is one of the measures in the National Adaptation Plan adopted by the Government last year. Consultation is open until November 13 and the policy is scheduled to be in force early next year.

    Also fair to say that this is Labour at its best & likely worth at least 9/10… although, being political substance rather than fluff they probably won't use it in the campaign…

  3. Dennis Frank 3

    Bomber wants the PM to surprise everyone by morphing into a socialist:

    I’ve known you for ages, you are a good man and this country can not handle the social carnage ACT and National will bring.

    Fight for it Chippy. Fight for NZ. Announce David and Grant’s Wealth Tax and ignite the populism that made Bernie Sanders so powerful.

    You are out of options, and this is the last play.

    If the Left votes – the Left wins!

    Give the Left a reason to vote for you Chippy!

    Numbers, lad. Those disenchanted leftists you reckon need a reason to vote would likely clock in around 1%. Most leftists are already motivated.

    Those who will create the election outcome are floaters, not leftists. Just look at the polling trend since Labour was in parity with National not that long ago. Eyeball that Stuff rolling poll of polls graphic, showing floaters have produced a differential around 10%. That measures the floaters who have shifted as 5% of the electorate. Then spot the floaters who still haven't decided, currently around 10%.

    The PM won't admit he's wrong about a wealth tax, Bomber. It would mean ditching neoliberalism: that ideology in his head, like an operating system in a computer.

    However there's a technical possibility that a brainwave happens to him & he spits it out. Such brilliance can captivate floaters, could make him a winner. Magical thinking.

  4. Dennis Frank 4

    Vlad the Bad hires rightist motormouth:

    Russian TV news channel Rossiya 24 has aired a trailer for a weekend show featuring former Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson.

    Watch this space! Like-mindedness, or useful idiot theory?

    • GreenBus 4.1

      Snarky comment.

      Tucker wants Putin interview, as does half the world. The ratings would set a record.

      An even better interview would be his top minister Lavrov.

      Either of them would shred any western politician.

  5. PsyclingLeft.Always 5

    On TV One News, Friday they had quite a big segment of Vote Compass. Amongst all the main concerns…(cost of living, economy, and healthcare) was Rent and ..Tax.

    I noted unsurprisingly…

    Among renters, support for limits on rent rises climbs to 86%.

    Wealthy should pay more

    A majority of respondents wanted to tax the wealthy more — broken down to 32% who wanted the wealthy to pay much more and 35% who wanted somewhat more.

    This next part did surprise me ..a little ?. This group not so conservative/right wing in that regard? Good on them : )

    Notably, 70% of respondents aged over 65 believe wealthy people should pay somewhat or much more in taxes — higher than the national average and all other age groups.

    Anyway was good to see/hear views.

    • Belladonna 5.1

      Yeah, it is interesting.
      In BBQ conversations (of course an entirely unrepresentative sample), I found increased tax for wealth is reasonably supported. The caveat being, that none of these people would consider themselves wealthy (although many would tip over the edge in the GP criteria – depending on the value of their houses). Support for 'other people' paying taxes is always much higher than support for your own tax bill going up.

      I can’t find the actual question asked, in the article – but I wonder if it distinguished between increased income taxes and an asset tax (the GP wealth tax).
      The elderly (generalizing here) are often in favour of increased income tax (which they largely don’t pay) and against increased asset taxes (currently rates) which they do.

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 5.1.1

        Taxing the wealthy

        In Vote Compass, users were asked: "How much should wealthier people pay in taxes?"

        Apart from my earlier comments at # 5…this was also notable..

        Only 5% suggested the wealthy should pay less

        And..IMO all of that sounds about right.

        • Belladonna

          Yes. However, I would expect that the assumption from those was increased income tax – rather than asset tax. It's not explicit in the question. Nor is 'wealthy' defined (as I said, the general assumption – unless you're a billionaire – is that this group doesn't include you)

          The answer, certainly from some target groups (over 65 is a prime example) is likely to vary considerably over exactly what form the tax takes.

  6. mikesh 6

    [The elderly (generalizing here) are often in favour of increased income tax (which they largely don’t pay) and against increased asset taxes (currently rates) which they do.]

    It is probably well known that wealth taxes, in those circumstances, could be deferred until their property is sold, or passes into their estate when they die, or is transferred to a trust.

    • Belladonna 6.1

      It can be. However, this group already has this 'defer' option for rates – and are highly reluctant to use it – therefore being one of the major groups opposing rate rises.

      Also being aware that 'sold' is likely to be to fund their retirement care – which is getting more expensive all the time – so unwilling to agree to substantial tax payments to operate at this time.

      They are also one of the least likely groups to perceive themselves as 'wealthy' – since their wealth has largely been gained through the operations of a property market in which they haven't participated (bought 40 years ago, and haven't been property flippers).

      I've yet to see a survey with a question along the lines – "Would you, personally, be prepared to pay a wealth tax and/or increased income taxes?"

      • Drowsy M. Kram 6.1.1

        I've yet to see a survey with a question along the lines – "Would you, personally, be prepared to pay a wealth tax and/or increased income taxes?"

        My answer would be 'YES', but no-one surveys me sad Just as well I can vote smiley

        Party Vote Green

      • Descendant Of Smith 6.1.2

        Would make no difference to themselves for funding for residential care though. It would just mean that as the rest home takes their money they would qualify for government subsidy earlier.

        Might make the difference in being able to afford a residential village arrangement prior to needing rest home care but under current settings the residential village both takes their money and makes the capital gains. They seem to be extremely willing to enter into those arrangements – and yep I have family members who chewed through much more than a million as they lived under those arrangements for more than 10 years. Those villages have great add on costs as well.

        • pat

          License to occupy dosnt attract taxpayer subsidies (currently)…so that rort is of no interest to taxpayers, however the care subsidy is of concern…as is the quality of care.

          • Descendant Of Smith

            No but a prior caveat of a decent value may reduce the money gained from sale to be able to afford the capital outlay/ongoing cost.

            rates deferral less of an issue as if you are deferring your rates you likely don't have the capital to afford a residential village anyway.

            A deferral for wealth tax could build up over the years though.

            • Belladonna

              rates deferral less of an issue as if you are deferring your rates you likely don't have the capital to afford a residential village anyway.

              I think otherwise. This is classic 'granny' scenario. House worth 3 million + – but she lives on her pension (no other income stream) – and can’t afford the 6K or so each year. She's relying on the house sale, when it becomes necessary, to fund her retirement home placing.

        • Belladonna

          Lots of the good quality rest homes require a co-payment.
          The ones which allow only the government subsidy are…. not that great (certainly in Auckland)

          That’s based on a wide range of family and friends dealing with placement of elderly relatives.

          • Descendant Of Smith

            None of my family are in rest homes in Auckland. They all have had good service around the country – apart from one co-payment one which when their money ran out after 12 years she was moved from her room to a ward and died within 3 months.

            When she went in she was very unwell and wasn't expected to live more than a few months. Picked up enormously after she went in.

  7. joe90 7

    A bfd.

    United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain on Friday invited President Joe Biden to join the picket line as striking workers expanded their walkout to dozens more General Motors and Stellantis


    “We invite and encourage everyone who supports our cause to join us on the picket line from our friends and families all the way up to the president of the United States,” Fain said during a Facebook Live stream.

    “We invite you to join us in our fight,” the union boss said.

  8. PsyclingLeft.Always 8

    Amongst all the NZ Election…mind warps…I found this. In Hamilton. Where only recently a Cluster (?) of Conspiracists, were hating-on the Hamilton City Council about all kinds of weird conspiracy BS.

    Emily Coffey from Hamilton City Council gave RNZ a sticky-beak at the council's new Nature In The City app before it launches on 25 September. It was designed by the council as part of its work to add nearly 1000 hectares of native vegetation to the city by 2050.

    Not a Finch..but a Bellbird !

    In the Mangakotukutuku Gully for example, you could see or hear a bellbird – a sight so rare in Hamilton, Smith could not quite believe it when he first saw them.

    "I thought, 'No, it's a finch mate, it's a finch.' And then I just looked at it for a while, it flew across the stream and it started singing and it was 100 percent a bellbird."

    A..Bat Hotspot !

    Hamilton has one of the only urban bat populations. Smith said he and his family liked to bike down to the "bat hotspot" at dusk, lie on their backs in the grass and watch the bats flicker in and out of the bat houses.

    What could..and should be.

    Onya guys. : )

    • Dennis Frank 8.1

      Thanks for that, real good news… yes I wondered if the bellbird was just a male explorer or one of a couple, then realised that it could be a female explorer too.

      Incidentally, that set of three possibilities is a triad. In the deep Green view of life one can adopt a neopythagorean stance & correlate 3 as archetype (originating principle) to process in nature. Then you get a generic theory emerging which bridges metaphysics and science. Humanity, like many other species, reproduces a child from two parents, thus 3 takes form, extending the sex binary into family via trinity.

      With computers we must discern binary code & the element 3 adds to that binary which transforms it into digital process. Switching 0/1. The slash symbol represents that function. Binary readers need not freak out when told that quantum computing works on the basis that a bit need not be zero or one at any particular moment – it can be anywhere in between those two states. In temporal structure, discern the triad 0/x/1 where x is any fraction of 1, because the switching occurs in real time.

      I've been reading quantum biology lately and can reassure you that it ain't just in high-tech, Gaia does it too…

  9. Mike the Lefty 9

    By my counting there are six certain plus one arguable nutter/conspiracy theorist parties running for election this time.

    Democracy NZ

    Freedoms NZ

    Leighton Baker Party

    New Nation Party

    NZ Loyal

    Vision NZ

    NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party (the arguable one).

    This loony list is the best argument against lowering the current 5% party vote threshold.

    Let's all wish them well, may they each score 4% of the party vote because that will mean 28% of the party vote, a few hundred thousand votes that will NOT go to the NACTs and instead go into the wastepaper basket. Labour will not lose diddly squat because none of these turds would have voted Labour anyway.

    Potential result if it happens this way:

    National losing the election by a whisker and Luxon in shock and disbelief. How could we have lost this?

    Labour sneaking in for a third term and can't quite believe its luck. "You mean we WON!!!!

    The Greens quietly satisfied.

    ACT: Seymour having a tantrum on the floor.

    T Pati Maori: Bwaaaaaaa! Bwaaaaaaa!

    NZ First: Winston insisting the vote was a fraud and demanding another election or threatening a coup detat.

    Wouldn't it be nice!

    • Drowsy M. Kram 9.1

      Imho, "turds" applies to a minority of fringe party voters – most are simply misguided.

      Will be interesting to see what the combined fringe party vote amounts to – please <3%.

      Vision NZ isn’t on that list, nor is the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party, but how about NewZeal – maybe there have been some last minute name changes?

    • Rodel 9.2

      That was good to read.Well said.

    • Graeme 9.3

      That's the potential outcome that may be driving National and ACT's paranoia in pandering to the fringe elements. 20+% wasted vote that would have otherwise predominantly gone to, or gains by National would really rip their nighty. Could get to that easily if NZ First doesn't quite make it.

      Another scenario giving the same result, is National and ACT going too far into cooker territory and their rational base stays home.

      But then it's doubtful that cookers + NZ First adds up to much much more than 5 – 10% of the electorate.

      • Belladonna 9.3.1

        I think that you're profoundly misunderstanding what happens under MMP to the wasted vote. It's distributed proportionally to those parties which are in parliament.

        So, unless you're also pre-supposing a switch of 5% from the right to the left (which would make all of this manoeuvring entirely academic). Luxon would still be leading a National/ACT government.

  10. gsays 10

    "Labour will not lose diddly squat because none of these turds would have voted Labour anyway."

    What makes you so sure of this?

    • Mike the Lefty 10.1

      What makes me so sure?

      You only have to read what they write, listen to what they say. They each think they are the only way to salvation. Their only unifying force is hatred of Labour and even that is not enough for them to do the sensible thing, form an alliance and have a chance of winning a couple of seats.

      The Loony Alliance – that would look good on the ballot paper!

  11. joe90 11

    Surprise! The cooker wonder drug of choice does zip.


    Question Does ivermectin, with a maximum targeted dose of 600 μg/kg daily for 6 days, compared with placebo, shorten symptom duration among adult (≥30 years) outpatients with symptomatic mild to moderate COVID-19?

    Findings In this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled platform trial including 1206 US adults with COVID-19 during February 2022 to July 2022, the median time to sustained recovery was 11 days in the ivermectin group and 11 days in the placebo group. In this largely vaccinated (84%) population, the posterior probability that ivermectin reduced symptom duration by more than 1 day was less than 0.1%.

    Meaning These findings do not support the use of ivermectin among outpatients with COVID-19.

  12. Drowsy M. Kram 12

    On National’s Tax Cuts [31 August 2023]
    Revealingly, National’s chart setting out the potential income gains has omitted everyone earning below $30,000 as if they don’t exist – and that’s an accurate reflection of how the “bottom feeders” simply don’t register on the centre-right’s voter radar.

    Today's classroom visitor is Mr Luxon from the National Party
    MR LUXON: If you were naughty you went to boot camp and got scared into being an ordinary hardworking New Zealander. Or you became a bottom-feeder. Don’t become bottom-feeders, boys and girls.

    So how many Kiwi "bottom feeder" votes might it take to avoid a NAct government?

    Nat pollies may own (a lot) more properties than "bottom feeders" (3.3 properties per polly on average), but every Kiwi has the same number of party votes – ONE.

    So c'mon, there's still time to enrol to vote – help is available if you need it.

    What other methods are there to enrol?

    If you don't have regular access to the internet, or the right identification details (New Zealand driver licence, New Zealand passport or RealMe ID) to accompany an online enrolment, you can still enrol in other ways.

    You can enrol or update your details by filling in an enrolment form. Call 0800 36 76 56 or freetext your name and address to 3676 to have one sent to you. You can pick up an enrolment form at a Citizen's Advice Bureau, most public libraries, and Electoral Commission offices.

    Three weeks to go – Up the "Bottom Feeders", Up the Wahs, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE smiley

    • Johnr 12.1

      It would be nice if we could ignore the gurus expounding theories as to will pepsi or coke win the election for a wee while.

      Roger Whitaker has died, a sad sad day.

      One of the most talented and likeable muso's of our time

  13. fisiani 13

    The Left vote in Wellington Central might be 60% but if it splits 35% Omer for Labour and 25% for Paul for the Greens then Sheeran of National will win with just 36%

  14. Belladonna 14

    Greg O'Connor is apparently ditching Hipkins and Labour in the campaign, and making an all-out-effort to convince the Ohariu voters to return him, personally.

    He said that Nicola Willis will be the Finance minister in the next government – and that voters should give him their electorate vote to ensure he gets back into Parliament (no mention of party vote Labour at the meeting, although he subsequently corrected this)

    In a bid to hold on to his north Wellington seat Ōhāriu, O’Connor also said residents should give him their “electorate vote only” to ensure he remains in Parliament.

    • weka 14.1

      what a dickhead. How many election campaigns has he been through, and he 'forgot' to mention the party vote?

      That article is a little unclear, but if he did in fact say “electorate vote only” I hope he loses his seat.

    • Drowsy M. Kram 14.2

      He said that Nicola Willis will be the Finance minister in the next government…

      C'mon B, that's what you wanted O'Connor to say – odd for a ‘centrist’ to leave out the word ‘likely’, when it’s in the URL in your comment, and occurs several times in the linked article, including the article’s title.

      Maybe it’s an example of perception being at odds with reality – makes you think?

      Let’s face it, unless something changes in the debate tonight, Nicola’s likely to be the next Minister of Finance,

      My main opponent is Nicola … there’s probably a very good chance that if the polls stay the way they are, she’ll end up a cabinet minister in the next government,” he told the Bupa retirement village.

      At a third meeting, again at the town hall, he said: “Polling going the way it is, she’s likely to be a minister.

      All I said is, on current polling, she is likely to be,” he told The Post. “You don’t need your school cert to work it out. That’s not to say the polling won’t change.

  15. fisiani 15

    National will win the trifecta of Ohariu, Hutt, and wellington Central

    • weka 15.1

      Fisiani will get banned if he doesn't stop trolling.

    • Roy Cartland 15.2

      Nup. Tamatha has WC in the bag.

      Couldn't give a fuck about that idiot Greg O'Connor, in fact I hope he gets bumped. He's in the wrong party.

      • weka 15.2.1

        Hard to know which party he should be in, but I'd say NZF based on his behaviour the other day 😈

        • Roy Cartland

          I seem to remember No Right Turn calling him a "jack-booted fascist" at one time. Pretty harsh! But I always got a bit of a right-leaning vibe from him (like I did from Stuart Nash).

  16. joe90 16

    Oh dear…

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  • As Cabinet revs up, building plans go on hold
    Wellington Council hoardings proclaim its preparations for population growth, but around the country councils are putting things on hold in the absence of clear funding pathways for infrastructure, and despite exploding migrant numbers. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: Cabinet meets in earnest today to consider the new Government’s 100-day ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    2 days ago
  • National takes over infrastructure
    Though New Zealand First may have had ambitions to run the infrastructure portfolios, National would seem to have ended up firmly in control of them.  POLITIK has obtained a private memo to members of Infrastructure NZ yesterday, which shows that the peak organisation for infrastructure sees  National MPs Chris ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    2 days ago
  • At a glance – Evidence for global warming
    On February 14, 2023 we announced our Rebuttal Update Project. This included an ask for feedback about the added "At a glance" section in the updated basic rebuttal versions. This weekly blog post series highlights this new section of one of the updated basic rebuttal versions and serves as a ...
    3 days ago
  • Who’s Driving The Right-Wing Bus?
    Who’s At The Wheel? The electorate’s message, as aggregated in the polling booths on 14 October, turned out to be a conservative political agenda stronger than anything New Zealand has seen in five decades. In 1975, Bill Rowling was run over by just one bus, with Rob Muldoon at the wheel. In ...
    3 days ago
  • Sanity break
    Cheers to reader Deane for this quote from Breakfast TV today:Chloe Swarbrick to Brook van Velden re the coalition agreement: “... an unhinged grab-bag of hot takes from your drunk uncle at Christmas”Cheers also to actual Prime Minister of a country Christopher Luxon for dorking up his swearing-in vows.But that's enough ...
    More than a fieldingBy David Slack
    3 days ago
  • Sanity break
    Cheers to reader Deane for this quote from Breakfast TV today:Chloe Swarbrick to Brook van Velden re the coalition agreement: “... an unhinged grab-bag of hot takes from your drunk uncle at Christmas”Cheers also to actual Prime Minister of a country Christopher Luxon for dorking up his swearing-in vows.But that's enough ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    3 days ago
  • National’s murderous smoking policy
    One of the big underlying problems in our political system is the prevalence of short-term thinking, most usually seen in the periodic massive infrastructure failures at a local government level caused by them skimping on maintenance to Keep Rates Low. But the new government has given us a new example, ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • NZ has a chance to rise again as our new government gets spending under control
    New Zealand has  a chance  to  rise  again. Under the  previous  government, the  number of New Zealanders below the poverty line was increasing  year by year. The Luxon-led government  must reverse that trend – and set about stabilising  the  pillars  of the economy. After the  mismanagement  of the outgoing government created   huge ...
    Point of OrderBy tutere44
    3 days ago
  • KARL DU FRESNE: Media and the new government
    Two articles by Karl du Fresne bring media coverage of the new government into considerations.  He writes –    Tuesday, November 28, 2023 The left-wing media needed a line of attack, and they found one The left-wing media pack wasted no time identifying the new government’s weakest point. Seething over ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    3 days ago
  • PHILIP CRUMP:  Team of rivals – a CEO approach to government leadership
    The work begins Philip Crump wrote this article ahead of the new government being sworn in yesterday – Later today the new National-led coalition government will be sworn in, and the hard work begins. At the core of government will be three men – each a leader ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    3 days ago
  • Black Friday
    As everyone who watches television or is on the mailing list for any of our major stores will confirm, “Black Friday” has become the longest running commercial extravaganza and celebration in our history. Although its origins are obscure (presumably dreamt up by American salesmen a few years ago), it has ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    3 days ago
  • In Defense of the Media.
    Yesterday the Ministers in the next government were sworn in by our Governor General. A day of tradition and ceremony, of decorum and respect. Usually.But yesterday Winston Peters, the incoming Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister, of our nation used it, as he did with the signing of the coalition ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    3 days ago
  • Top 10 news links at 10 am for Tuesday, Nov 28
    Nicola Willis’ first move was ‘spilling the tea’ on what she called the ‘sobering’ state of the nation’s books, but she had better be able to back that up in the HYEFU. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: Here’s my pick of top 10 news links elsewhere at 10 am ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    3 days ago
  • PT use up but fare increases coming
    Yesterday Auckland Transport were celebrating, as the most recent Sunday was the busiest Sunday they’ve ever had. That’s a great outcome and I’m sure the ...
    3 days ago
  • The very opposite of social investment
    Nicola Willis (in blue) at the signing of the coalition agreement, before being sworn in as both Finance Minister and Social Investment Minister. National’s plan to unwind anti-smoking measures will benefit her in the first role, but how does it stack up from a social investment viewpoint? Photo: Lynn Grieveson ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    3 days ago
  • Giving Tuesday
    For the first time "in history" we decided to jump on the "Giving Tuesday" bandwagon in order to make you aware of the options you have to contribute to our work! Projects supported by Skeptical Science Inc. Skeptical Science Skeptical Science is an all-volunteer organization but ...
    4 days ago
  • Let's open the books with Nicotine Willis
    Let’s say it’s 1984,and there's a dreary little nation at the bottom of the Pacific whose name rhymes with New Zealand,and they've just had an election.Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will you look at the state of these books we’ve opened,cries the incoming government, will you look at all this mountain ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    4 days ago
  • Climate Change: Stopping oil
    National is promising to bring back offshore oil and gas drilling. Naturally, the Greens have organised a petition campaign to try and stop them. You should sign it - every little bit helps, and as the struggle over mining conservation land showed, even National can be deterred if enough people ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    4 days ago
  • Don’t accept Human Rights Commission reading of data on Treaty partnership – read the survey fin...
    Wellington is braced for a “massive impact’ from the new government’s cutting public service jobs, The Post somewhat grimly reported today. Expectations of an economic and social jolt are based on the National-Act coalition agreement to cut public service numbers in each government agency in a cost-trimming exercise  “informed by” head ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    4 days ago
  • The stupidest of stupid reasons
    One of the threats in the National - ACT - NZ First coalition agreements was to extend the term of Parliament to four years, reducing our opportunities to throw a bad government out. The justification? Apparently, the government thinks "elections are expensive". This is the stupidest of stupid reasons for ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    4 days ago
  • A website bereft of buzz
    Buzz from the Beehive The new government was being  sworn in, at time of writing , and when Point of Order checked the Beehive website for the latest ministerial statements and re-visit some of the old ones we drew a blank. We found ….  Nowt. Nothing. Zilch. Not a ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    4 days ago
  • MICHAEL BASSETT: A new Ministry – at last
    Michael Bassett writes – Like most people, I was getting heartily sick of all the time being wasted over the coalition negotiations. During the first three weeks Winston grinned like a Cheshire cat, certain he’d be needed; Chris Luxon wasted time in lifting the phone to Winston ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    4 days ago
  • Luxon's Breakfast.
    The Prime Minister elect had his silver fern badge on. He wore it to remind viewers he was supporting New Zealand, that was his team. Despite the fact it made him look like a concierge, or a welcomer in a Koru lounge. Anna Burns-Francis, the Breakfast presenter, asked if he ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    4 days ago
  • LINDSAY MITCHELL:  Oranga Tamariki faces major upheaval under coalition agreement
     Lindsay Mitchell writes – A hugely significant gain for ACT is somewhat camouflaged by legislative jargon. Under the heading ‘Oranga Tamariki’ ACT’s coalition agreement contains the following item:   Remove Section 7AA from the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 According to Oranga Tamariki:     “Section ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    4 days ago
  • BRIAN EASTON:  Peters as Minister
    A previous column looked at Winston Peters biographically. This one takes a closer look at his record as a minister, especially his policy record. Brian Easton writes – 1990-1991: Minister of Māori Affairs. Few remember Ka Awatea as a major document on the future of Māori policy; there is ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    4 days ago
  • Cathrine Dyer's guide to watching COP 28 from the bottom of a warming planet
    Is COP28 largely smoke and mirrors and a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel? Photo: Getty ImagesTL;DR: COP28 kicks off on November 30 and up for negotiation are issues like the role of fossil fuels in the energy transition, contributions to ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    4 days ago
  • Top 10 news links at 10 am for Monday, Nov 27
    PM Elect Christopher Luxon was challenged this morning on whether he would sack Adrian Orr and Andrew Coster.TL;DR: Here’s my pick of top 10 news links elsewhere at 10 am on Monday November 27, including:Signs councils are putting planning and capital spending on hold, given a lack of clear guidance ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    4 days ago
  • Gordon Campbell on the new government’s policies of yesteryear
    This column expands on a Werewolf column published by Scoop on Friday Routinely, Winston Peters is described as the kingmaker who gets to decide when the centre right or the centre-left has a turn at running this country. He also plays a less heralded but equally important role as the ...
    4 days ago
  • The New Government’s Agreements
    Last Friday, almost six weeks after election day, National finally came to an agreement with ACT and NZ First to form a government. They also released the agreements between each party and looking through them, here are the things I thought were the most interesting (and often concerning) from the. ...
    4 days ago
  • How many smokers will die to fund the tax cuts?
    Maori and Pasifika smoking rates are already over twice the ‘all adult’ rate. Now the revenue that generates will be used to fund National’s tax cuts. Photo: Getty ImagesTL;DR: The devil is always in the detail and it emerged over the weekend from the guts of the policy agreements National ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    4 days ago
  • How the culture will change in the Beehive
    Perhaps the biggest change that will come to the Beehive as the new government settles in will be a fundamental culture change. The era of endless consultation will be over. This looks like a government that knows what it wants to do, and that means it knows what outcomes ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    4 days ago
  • No More Winnie Blues.
    So what do you think of the coalition’s decision to cancel Smokefree measures intended to stop young people, including an over representation of Māori, from taking up smoking? Enabling them to use the tax revenue to give other people a tax cut?David Cormack summed it up well:It seems not only ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    5 days ago
  • 2023 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #47
    A chronological listing of news and opinion articles posted on the Skeptical Science  Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, Nov 19, 2023 thru Sat, Nov 25, 2023.  Story of the Week World stands on frontline of disaster at Cop28, says UN climate chief  Exclusive: Simon Stiell says leaders must ‘stop ...
    5 days ago
  • Some of it is mad, some of it is bad and some of it is clearly the work of people who are dangerous ...
    On announcement morning my mate texted:Typical of this cut-price, fake-deal government to announce itself on Black Friday.What a deal. We lose Kim Hill, we gain an empty, jargonising prime minister, a belligerent conspiracist, and a heartless Ayn Rand fanboy. One door closes, another gets slammed repeatedly in your face.It seems pretty ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    5 days ago
  • “Revolution” is the threat as the Māori Party smarts at coalition government’s Treaty directi...
    Buzz from the Beehive Having found no fresh announcements on the government’s official website, Point of Order turned today to Scoop’s Latest Parliament Headlines  for its buzz. This provided us with evidence that the Māori Party has been soured by the the coalition agreement announced yesterday by the new PM. “Soured” ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    6 days ago
  • The Good, the Bad, and the even Worse.
    Yesterday the trio that will lead our country unveiled their vision for New Zealand.Seymour looking surprisingly statesmanlike, refusing to rise to barbs about his previous comments on Winston Peters. Almost as if they had just been slapstick for the crowd.Winston was mostly focussed on settling scores with the media, making ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    6 days ago
  • When it Comes to Palestine – Free Speech is Under Threat
    Hi,Thanks for getting amongst Mister Organ on digital — thanks to you, we hit the #1 doc spot on iTunes this week. This response goes a long way to helping us break even.I feel good about that. Other things — not so much.New Zealand finally has a new government, and ...
    David FarrierBy David Farrier
    6 days ago
  • Thank you Captain Luxon. Was that a landing, or were we shot down?
    Hello! Here comes the Saturday edition of More Than A Feilding, catching you up on the past week’s editions.Also in More Than A FeildingFriday The unboxing And so this is Friday and what have we gone and done to ourselves?In the same way that a Christmas present can look lovely under the ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    6 days ago
  • Cans of Worms.
    “And there’ll be no shortage of ‘events’ to test Luxon’s political skills. David Seymour wants a referendum on the Treaty. Winston wants a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Labour’s handling of the Covid crisis. Talk about cans of worms!”LAURIE AND LES were very fond of their local. It was nothing ...
    6 days ago
  • Disinformation campaigns are undermining democracy. Here’s how we can fight back
    This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Misinformation is debated everywhere and has justifiably sparked concerns. It can polarise the public, reduce health-protective behaviours such as mask wearing and vaccination, and erode trust in science. Much of misinformation is spread not ...
    6 days ago
  • Peters as Minister
    A previous column looked at Winston Peters biographically. This one takes a closer look at his record as a minister, especially his policy record.1990-1991: Minister of Māori Affairs. Few remember Ka Awatea as a major document on the future of Māori policy; there is not even an entry in Wikipedia. ...
    PunditBy Brian Easton
    7 days ago
  • The New Government: 2023 Edition
    So New Zealand has a brand-spanking new right-wing government. Not just any new government either. A formal majority coalition, of the sort last seen in 1996-1998 (our governmental arrangements for the past quarter of a century have been varying flavours of minority coalition or single-party minority, with great emphasis ...
    7 days ago
  • The unboxing
    And so this is Friday and what have we gone and done to ourselves?In the same way that a Christmas present can look lovely under the tree with its gold ribbon but can turn out to be nothing more than a big box holding a voucher for socks, so it ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    7 days ago
  • A cruel, vicious, nasty government
    So, after weeks of negotiations, we finally have a government, with a three-party cabinet and a time-sharing deputy PM arrangement. Newsroom's Marc Daalder has put the various coalition documents online, and I've been reading through them. A few things stand out: Luxon doesn't want to do any work, ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • Hurrah – we have a new government (National, ACT and New Zealand First commit “to deliver for al...
    Buzz from the Beehive Sorry, there has been  no fresh news on the government’s official website since the caretaker trade minister’s press statement about the European Parliament vote on the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement. But the capital is abuzz with news – and media comment is quickly flowing – after ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    1 week ago
  • Christopher Luxon – NZ PM #42.
    Nothing says strong and stable like having your government announcement delayed by a day because one of your deputies wants to remind everyone, but mostly you, who wears the trousers. It was all a bit embarrassing yesterday with the parties descending on Wellington before pulling out of proceedings. There are ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    1 week ago
  • Coalition Government details policies & ministers
    Winston Peters will be Deputy PM for the first half of the Coalition Government’s three-year term, with David Seymour being Deputy PM for the second half. Photo montage by Lynn Grieveson for The KākāTL;DR: PM-Elect Christopher Luxon has announced the formation of a joint National-ACT-NZ First coalition Government with a ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    1 week ago
  • “Old Coat” by Peter, Paul & Mary.
     THERE ARE SOME SONGS that seem to come from a place that is at once in and out of the world. Written by men and women who, for a brief moment, are granted access to that strange, collective compendium of human experience that comes from, and belongs to, all the ...
    1 week ago
  • Weekly Roundup 23-November-2023
    It’s Friday again! Maybe today we’ll finally have a government again. Roll into the weekend with some of the articles that caught our attention this week. And as always, feel free to add your links and observations in the comments. This Week in Greater Auckland On Monday Matt ...
    Greater AucklandBy Greater Auckland
    1 week ago
  • Geoffrey Miller: New Zealand’s strategy for COP28 in Dubai
    The COP28 countdown is on. Over 100 world leaders are expected to attend this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which starts next Thursday. Among the VIPs confirmed for the Dubai summit are the UK’s Rishi Sunak and Brazil’s Lula da Silva – along ...
    Democracy ProjectBy Geoffrey Miller
    1 week ago

  • New Zealand welcomes European Parliament vote on the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement
    A significant milestone in ratifying the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was reached last night, with 524 of the 705 member European Parliament voting in favour to approve the agreement. “I’m delighted to hear of the successful vote to approve the NZ-EU FTA in the European Parliament overnight. This is ...
    1 week ago
  • Further humanitarian support for Gaza, the West Bank and Israel
    The Government is contributing a further $5 million to support the response to urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, bringing New Zealand’s total contribution to the humanitarian response so far to $10 million. “New Zealand is deeply saddened by the loss of civilian life and the ...
    2 weeks ago

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