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88 comments on “Open mike 25/05/2023 ”

  1. bwaghorn 1

    I hope whomever getting there subsidized tesla today is greatful to this medium income solo dad who has donated $4000 in ute tax for buying a low budget but most economical ute .

    • Jack 1.1

      This country is becoming seriously screwed up.

      All I can suggest is take Minister Woods advice. Take a shorter shower, turn off the lights and heater to counter the governments inability to cut their own spending.

      • newsense 1.1.1

        Don’t worry lad- National want single storey houses connected by single lane roads submerged in water all through the North Island. They’ll give you a dollar back on your tax and then ensure you can’t get insurance. Nothing like a party with vision, eh?

    • Tiger Mountain 1.2

      The rebate ceiling is $80,000.

      Only one Tesla model sells for under the eighty grand according the Automobile Association. This is a period of transition, moving from old to new technology has all sorts of challenges and contradictions along the way–but as the saying goes, “what planet are you on?”

      I have had an EV for a year now, driving past gas stations–priceless.

      • Bearded Git 1.2.1

        Tiger-Thank you for some common sense on this issue.

        Teslas made up 24% of the popular EV's sold in NZ in April, and most of these would not have qualified for a clean car discount.

        58% of EV imports to NZ in the year to March 23 are Chinese brands. In a couple of years time I predict that this will be 80%. Elon is discounting now because he can’t compete with the Chinese.

        More worrying is that EX imports rose 127% to $1.23 billion to the year March 23. NZ's current account is suffering at the moment, partly because of EV imports. We are living beyond our means.

      • Sanctuary 1.2.2

        Yup, I got a modern hybrid a couple of years ago and the difference in fuel efficiency is ridiculous. Our next vehicle purchase will be a pure BEV.

        • lprent

          I had a 2012 Honda Fit RS hybrid until it found the St Georges Bay River in a cyclone. I thought that was amazingly efficient at about 5.5l/100km (I usually found it to be about 6-6.5). Way better than my old ICE Caldina. Not to mention was amazingly snappy to drive in sport. Also had 40L tank compared to the 60L in the Caldina and lasted weeks longer doing my minimal around town driving.

          After the insurance company wrote off the Fit because of wet carpets and possible electrics.

          So I got a 2014 Honda Fit RS hybrid. That is rated at 3.9L/100km if you drove like an old man.

          Drove myself, partner, and luggage to Bay of Islands – 246km starting with a full tank. Did some running around there probably another 100km. Drove back another 246km. Had quarter of a tank showing when I got home. Filled up with 25 litres. Roughly 4.1-4.2L.

          I wasn’t exactly driving conservatively. Drove at speed limit on ECO except when passing. Then I’d flip into sport and pass fast. This included passing lanes going uphill at from 80km/hr to 160km/hour in a couple seconds testing the little 1500cc engine.

      • bwaghorn 1.2.3

        Fair point, if you want to divert from the fact that it ain't all jafas buying remuera tractors,getting caught by this tax,

    • Incognito 1.3

      Elon is grateful and says ‘thank you’.

    • Graeme 1.4

      What's your reasoning for buying a new, or fresh import, 'budget' ute?

      Would have thought going for a second hand item that will get you through a couple of years until electrics arrive, and they are certainly coming, would have been a better bet.

      Although if you need the certainty / reliability of a new vehicle (not necessarily guaranteed) then it's a different story.

      • bwaghorn 1.4.1

        1 piece of mind , it's the first time I've ever bought new, and that warrantee feels good.

        1a I might keep this till they plant me as I don't do many KS a year now

        2 been searching the 2nd hand market for awhile to get anything ghat is under 100 000 Kms is not that different from going new.

        3 definitely an element of because I can.

        4 my one was burning oil needed a warrantee a reg and had other spends coming and is a discontinued make, holden.

        If in 5 years there's an electric that can do 500kms in my bracket I'll be in .

        • roblogic

          I miss my VE Commodore, it died about 18 months ago. Cost a bomb to keep the bloody thing on the road. In the end the steering, timing chain and transmission all needed replacing for over $7k and it didn't seem worth it any more.

          Bought a 2016 Atenza (diesel turbo) a couple of months later. Damn thing was even worse. Took it for a drive to Wellington, the turbo shat itself and fscked up the engine, needing a $10k repair job (I just got rid of it).

          ICE needs to die

    • Ad 1.5

      China will cease production of all combustion vehicles by 2035.

      Singapore will stop registration of all combustion vehicles in 7 years.

      Australia as of last month is putting penalties on importing all combusion vehicles and bringing in much stricter emission controls.

      Those three – plus Japan – are the places we get our used vehicles from.

      So inside 7 years we are all going to feel your same pain as we renew vehicles.

      we're going to have to wait for the big fleets like Police and rental companies before we get a proper used electric car and ute surge to help the proletariat.

      If we wanted real subsidy we'd turn ourselves into a steel company.

      • Incognito 1.5.1

        If we wanted real subsidy we’d turn ourselves into a steel company.

        That won’t make one iota of difference if we didn’t retain NZ ownership. And if we did, we would lose considerable negotiating power with the government to attract subsidies. Multinational companies simply chase the best deals & locations and have very little sympathy for the little local guys on the ground and little attachment to the land they occupy. It’s just business to them, nothing personal.

        • Ad

          New Zealand does not own Blue Scope.

          Nor does New Zealand own NZ Aluminium Smelter.

          "Our" negotiating power is extremely narrow since the electricity generators are no longer able to be controlled by the state as they are now only bare-majority shareholders.

          • RedLogix

            One of New Zealand's structural economic problems, going back since forever, has been a chronically weak capital formation.

            It's has a long and complex history – and our failure to address this lies at the root of so many of the problems NZ now faces.

            • Tiger Mountain

              NZ has long had a Comprador Capitalist bourgeoisie, where generally the local ruling class subordinates to offshore imperialist powers and corporates, as evidenced in years gone by with the meat industry, and now with the ‘big 4’ Aussie banks.

              The current account deficit also tells the story of brands that operate in NZ but export their profits to the parent company overseas. The oil industry are experts at transfer pricing and the tech companies at tax dodging.

              • Ad

                If Labour and Greens get back in there is better chances of housing prices continuing to flatten, making asset classes other than housing more attractive …

                … for those who have the money to invest.

                Also for those who have saved, the rate of those withdrawing $20,000 or more from Kiwisaver over the last 6 months is now pretty high.

                I am not giving advice on anything, just noticing.

                • Tiger Mountain

                  Well, as some have noted a capital gains based economy for many (on property) has starved investment in other areas.

                  And since the union busting 1991 Employment Contracts Act, which reduced workers power substantially, some SME owners got into the Bach, boat and BMW groove rather than development and improvement–which I observe living on the coast in the Far North.

                  Reduced union levels make a mockery of claims that wage rises affect inflation substantially.

    • Gabby 1.6

      Bloody fed up with utes everywhere. Get a proper car.

  2. Sanctuary 2

    Those three – plus Japan – are the places we get our used vehicles from.

    The Japanese have been late to the BEV market and Toyota is betting the farm on hydrogen powered ICE vehicles, which may turn out to be the betamax moment for the Japanese auto industry.

    NZ is already the discounted dumping ground for unable to sell elsewhere right hand drive ICE vehicles, and that will slow electric vehicle adoption here big time.

  3. Ad 3

    Great news: a better-functioning New Zealand market for farmers' milk.

    “This forecast is actually a really big signal for Fonterra suppliers and every other dairy farmer in New Zealand to sit back and say is my business worth carrying on in this current situation or do I need to start making alternative investment decisions or system changes,” Davison said.

  4. adam 4

    This went from bad to worse. Why oh why did a cop thinking tasering a 95 year old was a good idea?

    • Tiger Mountain 4.1


      Tasers were meant to be substitutes for lethal force (in the NZ cops pitch to obtain them anyway). In reality they are often used as punishment and compliance devices by more sadistic plods.

      Police execution by firearm have included distressed people wielding a golf club (Steven Wallace) builders hammers, knives and the unarmed. A few shots to the torso (heart) as per police weapons training soon sorted them out.

      Police culture in Australia, NZ, and USA is still largely bent, violent, racist and misogynist–which needs to change asap.

      • roblogic 4.1.1

        "Police culture… needs to change asap"

        That's a tough argument to make when the MSM is splashing ramraid videos everywhere and 501s are changing the dynamic of the NZ underworld.

        We ought to think carefully before disempowering cops — I'd prefer not to follow the dumb "defund the Police" movement that has ruined Portland, Oregon

        • tWiggle

          Disagree with you completely, Tiger Mountain. The NZ Police have significantly tightened their act up since the 80s, when we had the Muldoon-militia Red Squad, corrupt drug squads in cahoots with dealers, and bad boy behaviour like the long-term sexual predation experienced by Louise Nicholas.

          The establishment of the Independent Police Conduct Authority, and the outcome of the Louise Nichols investigation resulted in significant cultural change in the Police. A push for diversity and more women in recruiting have also had downstream effects.

          The NZ Police are nothing like the self-'policing' and racist culture in Australia and the US. And England's (but not Scotland's) police can be lumped in there. I do have to say some Australian State governments, like Palaszczuk's, are having a go at improving Police culture.

          UK confidence in Police sinks to 53% in two years

          Queensland Police racism disclosed

          The most recent surveys show NZers' satisfaction with Police was at 77%.

          Independent survey of public satisfaction with NZ Police

          • Tiger Mountain

            Righto…Police commission own survey…

            There is a real cringe factor the way some NZers fawn over NZ Police, some how thinking subservience will protect them. Unless you grew up in Sunday school and have lived a very quiet life you might realise that indiscretions by the law are common, not down to ‘bad apples’.

            –Rare is the day IPCA finds against a cop, or even criticises one.
            –NZ Police got facial recognition technology under way without proper authority and when caught out attempted to deny it.
            –They illegally photograph and cherrypick young Māori–stopped for driving a car while Māori.
            –Police discriminated when targeting a group of young African men in Auckland

            They have a difficult job (though paramedics, adequate mental health workers, tow truck drivers and civilian search and rescue could likely do some of their work anyway), the officers are drawn from the same society we all live in, but they should set a better example if they want wider support.

        • Tiger Mountain

          I did not mention defunding. How about just making cops more accountable for their actions and less knee jerk thuggish. What would inspire a fit young man to think a 95 year old needed a good old cardiac threatening tasering?

          If mental health services were working better there might be less of the “the mad the sad and the bad” for Police to deal with in the first place.

  5. arkie 6

    Creatives are undervalued, underpaid and burned out:

    CNZ and NZ On Air have combined for a second time on this body of work to produce A Profile of Creative Professionals 2023 and the reading – while important – isn't pretty.

    The quick take: creatives still are nowhere near the average wage earners in Aotearoa.

    The research underlines that New Zealand’s creative professionals’ median income is $37,000, compared to the median of $61,800 for salary and wage earners in this country. But that's even an inaccurate view – given that 44% of creative professionals supplement their income with 'other work'; the median income from creative pursuits alone is $19,500 a year.

    Creative New Zealand CEO, Stephen Wainwright states “The research continues to paint a bleak picture of remuneration in some parts of the arts sector and the sustainability of creative careers. Income growth is very low, and it continues to be a struggle for the majority of creative professionals to plan financially and to secure important loans such as mortgages.

    “It’s not surprising seeing the stats to understand why 68% of creative professionals believe their income is not fair and over half report experiencing burnout in the last year.”

    As Wainwright suggests, there has been little shock in the announcement – artists underpaid? who knew?? – but there's a growing frustration that the gap isn't just not closing, it's widening. Only a quarter of creative professionals are living comfortably on their present income.

    The Big Idea fielded some strong reactions to Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage's (MCH) recent report touting that arts and creative is now a $12.9 billion sector in Aotearoa. There's been plenty to suggest that's not the reality for those on the ground.

    • Sanctuary 6.1

      Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, Rembrandt, El Greco, Modigliani, Vermeer, Gauguin, and Van Gough all died in poverty.

      If your genius means you are called to be an artist, poet, sculptor or writer don't expect your art to generate great wealth. At least not while you are still around to enjoy it.

      • arkie 6.1.1

        Thanks for proving my point.

        Creative work isn't just fine art, If you think it isn’t worth paying for I trust you don’t consume writing, television, film, games, performance, music or any other things produced by creatives then:

        People who create the art you consume deserve a living for their efforts. It is an antiquated attitude to romanticise the 'starving artist' trope:

        Romanticizing the idea of impoverished artists struggling to create art at the expense of financial security reinforces the notion that artists should create “for the sake of art” alone, with no expectation of compensation, and normalizes the idea that an inability to support one’s self is an inherent part of life as an artist.

        • Ad

          That tells anyone they are marginal occupations best left to the semi-retired or rich.

          Unemployment is still so low at 3.4% that there's plenty of opportunity to get out of low paid occupations and get into something more financially rewarding.

          Many people in this economy are doing it.

          • arkie

            Yet more reinforcement of my point.

            Creatives will continue to be undervalued if the elitist attitudes you express are continually promulgated.

            In times of crisis, arts, culture and creative experiences play an essential role. Whether through a music gig, a performing arts festival, a visual art exhibit or a well-thumbed book—these bring joy, comfort, and relief in troubled times.

            Taking part in creative activities and events boosts individual and collective wellbeing, brings communities together, and keeps our social bonds in tune.

            But the full potential of arts, culture and creativity to create positive social change has been held back by cycles of crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand’s creative sector.


            Over 3000 research studies inform a World Health Organisation report published in 2020 that clearly links the arts to individual and community health. Some of that research makes it clear that the arts are cheaper and more effective interventions in mental health than medical therapies. Research shows the arts helped many people cope with lockdowns. It seems ludicrous then, as we recover from Covid, in the barren wasteland of cones and $2 shops in the CBD, we have a mayor who threatens the existence of the arts as a publicly-funded good.

            Research demonstrates that the arts are lifelines for many of our young people in this city. They provide the reason to get out of bed, to mix and meet with others. To cut community youth arts programmes will feel like further abandonment for those who have used the arts as gateways to return to meaningful purposeful lives. The proposed cuts in this context are both cruel and short-sighted.


            • Jack

              A bit presumptuous to assume creatives “deserve a living” if you are creating content no one wants to consume.

              I write copious amounts of poetry and build the odd sand castle. I certainly don’t expect to be paid, little own earn a living, from it.

              • arkie

                As my links say, professional creatives (people making things that are paid for and consumed) are undervalued by those who consume their art.

                You are once again arguing against something I never claimed.

                If you were employed to write poetry then you would deserve a living for it. It's not complicated.

  6. Luxon has become the gift that keeps on giving. I really thought the Nats were serious about winning the election this year.

    But his stupid comments around free prescriptions, flip-flop on housing intensification, $1.4 billion dollar accounting error from his alt budget, mythical tax cuts for the wealthy, etc etc… offers nothing for ordinary Kiwis.

    Luxo is spending too much time talking to farmers and cadaverous Rotarians, calls them the "real people", while disrespecting Māori and complaining about Te Reo. No wonder he is losing in the polls.

    I predict he will resign on election night.

    • I think you are right about Luxon talking only to the people he is comfortable with…that is the impression I get.

      The flip flop on housing densification loses him many votes among the young who are yet to buy a house ….but he doesn't talk to them….he has 7 houses after all.

      • roblogic 7.1.1

        Yeah he's too focused on the landlord class. Problem is he says the quiet stuff out loud. John Key was much more subtle and deceptive by crapping on about the underclass to get elected (then doing approximately zilch for them)

        • Incognito

          Yes, John Key was sly & subtle, which is how he earned his nickname of ‘smiling assassin’. Luxon is as subtle & shambolic as a blundering bouncer on steroids, politically speaking.

          • roblogic

            Policy has always been a National Party weakness. They seem to do better with feel-good fluff pieces and minimal difficult questions, and to take pot shots at government errors while promising pie in the sky solutions.

            But if the candidates are basically unlikeable the PR stuff is pushing shit uphill

    • newsense 7.2

      Key tacked centrally. Luxon is tacking right.

      Perhaps liberals in the party are done with him and he is clinging on to his leadership with the votes of the religious conservatives in his caucus.

      • roblogic 7.2.1

        He seems desperate, flailing around for something, anything that might get traction. Would have been far better to state a bunch of principles and ambitions – NZ needs a leader with vision, not some guy randomly making up policy on the hoof

      • tWiggle 7.2.2

        No tacking for Luxon; rowing in circles and catching crabs.

        I do like those Big Hairy News snippets. From 10 min onwards is a discussion with Horizon pollster of how NZers saw Luxon in Nov 2022, and of vote pattern shifts from 2020 election. At the start, this poll shows NZ First still a critical player.

        BHN interview Graeme Colman of Horizon Research on voter poll

    • alwyn 7.3

      He must be doing something right. According to tonights One News poll he is going to be PM after the election with a National -ACT coalition.

      In this post-Budget poll National is up by 3%, ACT is steady, Labour is down by 1% and The Green Party have dropped by 4%. Meanwhile Hipkins has dropped in the PM stakes and Luxon is up.

      What do you base your opinion on?

      • SPC 7.3.1

        The problem for Luxon is that most ACT supporters would prefer Seymour as PM, that keeps him lower than Hipkins

        That was once a problem for Clark before becoming PM (the numbers preferring Peters as Leader of the Oppositon – problem solved when Peters went with National in 1996).

        PS Polls are showing L-G-TPM 62-58, then NACT 62-58. It's a race not yet run.

        • alwyn

          You are probably correct about the PM numbers. It is only the ACT party, out of all the minor parties in Parliament, who has a leader who can even be considered as a possibility for PM.

          Can you imagine anyone who thinks that Davidson, Shaw, Ngarewa-Packer or Waititi could possibly be PM?

        • Belladonna

          I agree that the numbers are far too close to call.
          Luxon certainly doesn't have the popular appeal of a Key or an Ardern – but, then neither did Helen Clark before being elected (IIRC – I can't find the preferred PM results that far back)

          However, that's a known issue for National (he's never been Mr Popularity).

          What must be concerning for Labour is that Hipkins isn't exactly resonating with the electorate either.

          Of course, that only matters for people who vote for a party based on whether or not they like the leader. Perhaps we'll see an election that is more about policy and less about personality.

    • Stuart Munro 7.4

      He might need heavy protective gear to make it that far – the entitled ones resent leaders that have no sinecures to grant. I can smell the barbecue already.

  7. Graeme 9

    Signs for National's "Get NZ Back On Track" tour have popped up around the district over the last couple of days, seems they might be starting in Queenstown.

    Have we got an guerrilla songwriters around who can come up with some images of modern trains to plaster across them… Leave the National logo in the top left, and "Get NZ Back On Track" in bottom right, but the rest a train. Much better billboard.

    • Phillip ure 9.1


    • roblogic 9.2

      My local (new) barber just left Queenstown, to get that place on track they need to ban AirBNB. Normal workers cannot live anywhere nearby and end up sleeping in cars

      A squalid town ruled by a grasping elite

    • PsyclingLeft.Always 9.3

      There's a clear choice this election – a choice between the 'Coalition of Chaos' or a National-led government that will fix the economy to lower the cost-of-living, restore law and order, improve our schools and healthcare, and Get New Zealand Back on Track.

      National has a plan to fix our economy by stopping wasteful spending, providing tax relief

      The unaware irony of them. A choice, between the 'Coalition of Chaos' OR a National-led government ? !….like a Nact govt wouldnt literally be the Coalition of Chaos for the majority of NZ : (

      And stopping wasteful spending? Geez yea, about that…

      And of course…tax relief. For those who dont even need any. Just extra gravy…as always.

      Anway Graeme…hope all good with you? Best of .

    • Mike the Lefty 9.4

      Getting back on track is appropriate for National because the (railway) tracks will one of the first thing that the ACT Party will demand is sold off if their junior coalition partners National win the election this year.

      But as for Queenstown?

      Preaching to the converted I'd say.

      Incidentally, I noticed in downtown Masterton today, the National candidate Mike Butterick opened up a campaign office just a few doors down from Labour's Keiran McAnulty's existing office.

      Too close for comfort?

    • devil Good idea. Made my day. Especially as Nats hate trains lol.
      Shades of “Make Merica Great again”

      • Ngungukai 9.5.1

        "Get NZ Back on Track" has a nice ring to it, hopefully some Government whether National or Labour will start governing for the people and not themselves and their cronies.

  8. Incognito 10

    It [Cancer diagnostics company Pacific Edge] said the weaker New Zealand dollar had also helped operating revenue.

    Total revenue, which included government grants and other income, nearly doubled.

    It’s very tough competing out there even when you have a sound high-value product and some help from the NZ government.

  9. Incognito 11

    Will Luxon reverse this too? I think he might.

    More than 6000 GP and community nurses will be eligible for an average 8 percent pay rise from 1 July to address pay disparities with hospital nurses.

  10. Ad 12

    Hopefully from this morning's disaster De Santis has realised he can't trust Elon Musk.

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  • TAB partnership helps secure future of racing industry
    Minister for Racing Kieran McAnulty has announced the approval of a 25-year partnership between TAB NZ and UK betting company Entain that delivers at least $900 million in guaranteed funding for the racing industry over the next five years. Entain, a UK based group that operates multiple sports betting providers ...
    5 days ago
  • Government project delivers more reliable and resilient water source to Northland
    The Government has delivered the first of three significant water security projects in Northland, boosting regional business and climate resilience, with the opening of Matawii reservoir today, Regional Development Minister Kiri Allan announced. A $68 million Government investment supported the construction of the reservoir, along with two other water storage ...
    5 days ago
  • Trade Minister to US to attend Ministerial meetings
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor will travel to Detroit tomorrow to represent New Zealand at the annual APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade meeting from 24 – 29 May. Whilst in Detroit, Damien O’Connor will also host a meeting of Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Ministers ...
    5 days ago
  • Murihiku Regeneration energy and innovation wānanga
    I want to start by thanking Ngāi Tahu and the Murihiku Regeneration Collective for hosting us here today. Back at the  Science and Innovation Wananga in 2021, I said that a just transition in New Zealand must ensure Iwi are at the table. This is just as true now as ...
    5 days ago
  • New Ambassador to Mongolia announced
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta today announced the appointment of diplomat Dr James Waite as Aotearoa New Zealand’s next Ambassador to Mongolia. He is currently the Deputy Head of Mission at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing, a role he will continue to hold. “New Zealand and Mongolia share a warm and ...
    5 days ago
  • Government commitment to Māori Education continues
    Biggest-ever investment in property with more money for new sites and modernisation Roll-out of learning support coordination in kaupapa Māori and Māori Medium Schooling Boost in funding for iwi and schools to work together on Local Histories content Substantial support for Māori Education has continued in Budget 2023, including ...
    5 days ago
  • More students to benefit from next round of Creatives in Schools
    Applications for the next round of Creatives in Schools will open on Friday 16 June 2023, Minister of Education Jan Tinetti and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Carmel Sepuloni announced today during a visit at Te Wharekura o Mauao in Tauranga. “The Creatives in Schools programme funds schools and ...
    5 days ago
  • Speech to WasteMINZ conference, Hamilton
    Tena koutou katoa and thank you all for being here and welcoming me to your annual conference. I want to acknowledge being here in Tainui’s rohe, and the mana of Kingi Tuheitia. I hate waste. So much so that when we built our home in Dunedin, I banned the use ...
    5 days ago
  • Extra boost for Southland’s Just Transition
    Southland’s Just Transition is getting a further boost to help future-proof the region and build its economic resilience, Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods announced today.  “This Government is committed to supporting Southland’s just transition and reducing the region’s reliance on the New Zealand Aluminium Smelter at Tiwai Point,” Megan ...
    5 days ago
  • PM concludes successful Pacific visit, confirms intention to visit India
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has concluded a series of successful international meetings with Pacific region leaders in Papua New Guinea. Prime Minister Hipkins secured constructive bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, PNG Prime Minister James Marape, Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown and United States Secretary of ...
    5 days ago
  • Agreed statement from NZEI, PPTA and the Minister of Education
    On Friday 19th May, Minister Tinetti facilitated a meeting between NZEI and PPTA with the Ministry of Education to discuss options for finding a way forward in the current stalled collective bargaining. The meeting was constructive, and the parties shared a willingness to work towards a solution. The following was ...
    6 days ago
  • Five community energy projects kick start
    Eighty-nine households will soon benefit from secure, renewable, and more affordable energy as five community-level energy projects are about to get underway, Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods announced today.    Five solar projects – in Whangārei, Tauranga, Palmerston North and Christchurch – are the first to receive funding from the ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand confirms recovery support for Cook Islands
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has confirmed New Zealand will provide NZ$15 million in emergency budget support for Cook Islands in its ongoing recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. New Zealand’s support was confirmed during a meeting with the Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown in Papua New Guinea today. “New ...
    6 days ago
  • Budget 2023 provides significant investment in kapa haka
    The Government’s continued recognition of and support for the important place Kapa Haka has in Aotearoa was evident today at a celebration at Te Wharekura o Kirikiriroa Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Willow-Jean Prime said. “Our investment of $34 million over two years ensures that this kaupapa is ...
    6 days ago
  • NZ’s biggest ever emissions reduction project unveiled
    The Government is partnering with New Zealand Steel to deliver New Zealand’s largest emissions reduction project to date, with half of the coal being used at Glenbrook steel to be replaced with electricity to recycle scrap steel.  Prime Minister Chris Hipkins made the announcement alongside Energy and Resources Minister Megan ...
    1 week ago
  • Government welcome Waitangi Tribunal Wai 2750 report into homelessness
    The Government has welcomed the Stage One Waitangi Tribunal Wai 2750 – Housing and Housing Services Kaupapa Inquiry report into homelessness released today. Minister of Housing Hon Megan Woods and Associate Minister of Housing (Māori) Hon Willie Jackson as Co-Leads for the government, with Associate Minister of Housing (homelessness) Hon ...
    1 week ago
  • PM confirms details of Papua New Guinea visit
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has confirmed his upcoming visit to Papua New Guinea. The Prime Minister travels to Port Moresby on Sunday May 21, and will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PNG Prime Minister James Marape and Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown. He has also been invited ...
    1 week ago
  • Bill ensures ongoing reporting on tax system fairness
    A Bill requiring facts about the fairness and efficiency of New Zealand’s tax system to be reported and published annually has been tabled in Parliament today. Revenue Minister David Parker said the Taxation Principles Reporting Bill would ensure that tax information is reported against a set of fundamental tax principles. ...
    1 week ago
  • Tax bill improves fairness at home and abroad
      NZ joins global effort to ensure multinationals pay a minimum rate of tax Tax on ACC, MSD lump sum payments changed to reduce amounts owing for some KiwiSaver topups for child carers taking paid parental leave Implementing changes to trustee tax and tax relief for flood-hit businesses Several measures ...
    1 week ago
  • New approach on law and order delivers
    Successful ‘circuit breaker’ pilot targeting repeat child offenders to be expanded to Hamilton, Christchurch and Auckland City Funding to maintain Police to population ratio achieved after 1800 extra Police officers added Creation of NZ’s first comprehensive digital Firearms Registry Modernising frontline police processes to free up time for officers Budget ...
    1 week ago

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