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Open mike 25/04/2010

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 25th, 2010 - 18 comments
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18 comments on “Open mike 25/04/2010”

  1. Quoth the Raven 1

    Once again from the bizarre Obamanomics file: GM Pays Back TARP Loans With…TARP Loans!

    Question: Are you just paying the government back with government money?

    Mr. Girsky: Well listen, that is in effect true, but a year ago nobody thought we’d be able to pay this back.

  2. prism 2

    Free talk by political scientist in Wellington this coming week – Wednesday 6pm Rutherford House by Jon Johansen. Check this information in case I’ve got something wrong.

    He has been in Washington DC and was very interesting on Chris Laidlaw this Sunday 25/4. Worth a listen for those who want a change to hear about other polities from our own pollies rorting, destroying the country and tripping over their tongues. Hearing about the USA is important as most of our pollies look to them as the shining path to follow.
    For Obama naysayers especially, listen and learn from the radio discussion.
    For those in Wellington, I’m not from those parts, but hope you can attend and make use of this rare opportunity.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Take from the Poor and give to the Rich

    if GST is raised to 15% and the top income tax rate is reduced to 33% someone earning $14,000 a year will pay 29% tax while someone earning $100,000 will only pay 28% tax.


  4. prism 4

    Listening to artist Sam Mahon on art prog on Nat Radio. He made a good point succinctly – that what is called ‘consultation’ is these days actually ‘presentation’.
    He mentioned some Christchurch thing where consultation was asked for, a meeting in the name of this was called, a presentation made of what was envisaged, with only 5 minutes discussion time after for 50 people. He also thought that this was probably the method being used in the water management business.

    I suppose if the public, expecting consultation and honest concern for their opinions, were affronted by virtual decisions, and refused to accept them, those who had seen a clear path to their desires would call foul. Any right thinking person can see that they had the right ideas.

  5. Ianmac 5

    On one hand prism we the people need to be heard. That’s fair enough. On the other hand, those who Govern have to get cracking and do things. So your distinction between presentation and consultation is a good one.

    I have been wondering if the Consultations at huis over the Seabed and Foreshore is a gesture towards consultation but really just a means to be able to say, “We have consulted. Now this is what we will do.” Which is what they were going to do anyway unless there wa too strong a reaction.
    Auckland City is a case in point, or as examples of withdrawing because of fuss, Whaling Mining.

  6. Jim Nald 6

    the appearance of consulting but pre-scripted and outcomes pre-determined ?
    hey, wait!

    • Ianmac 6.1

      Jim: My wife consults me. “What do you think Ian darling?” (Last word false.)
      I swell with pride. “In my considered opinion sweetheart, the best choice is Choice A.”
      “Right,” she smiles. “Then we will do Choice X!”

  7. Rob M 7

    From Rod Oram in today’s Sunday Star Times:

    “They farm for capital gain, not income. The game for many of them, particularly in dairy and kiwifruit, is to pile on debt to accumulate as much land as possible. They are content with low income along the way because they plan to make their big tax-free killing from capital gains when they sell out.

    But this damages their competitiveness in two ways. First, their high interest bills mean they generate insufficient cash to reinvest in the business. Maf estimates a dairy farm with 392 cows, the average for the national herd, will run a cash deficit of $15,500 in the current season and notched up a $50,500 deficit in the previous season.

    Even in a typical good year the surplus might be only $35,000 or so on a business with revenues of $750,000. And any improvements in payouts or productivity are immediately capitalised in higher land prices.

    This is such an insane game that dairy farmers quadrupled their debt in the past decade to $43 billion, dramatically driving up land prices in the process while the underlying profitability of the industry remained unchanged. This is a sure way to go broke, which indeed many farmers are.”

    43 billion at say 7% interest = $3 billion in interest a year, most of which is flowing overseas to our Australian friends. Dairy exports are around $9 Billion. Take off imports for plant & machinery and feed (palm oil anyone), plus the conveniently externalized long-term costs of cleaning up the environmental messes of these cowboy cockies and the engine room of the economy is looking more like a pack horse with the shits.

  8. Ianmac 8

    Rob M: “long-term costs of cleaning up the environmental messes of these cowboy cockies and the engine room of the economy is looking more like a pack horse with the shits.” Very apt. Very graphic!

    The pattern of farming for capital gains, sounds like Mr Crafar. He said that the money loaned was interest only and he like others was caught by the downturn last year.

  9. Descendant Of Smith 9

    It was interesting watching the 2007 interview with Brian Waldron defending the player cap system in league and considering the psychopathic tendencies that are oft stated as being part of many of these businessman.

    Looking someone straight in the eye and telling fibs isn’t easy but if he is telling fibs he pulled it off with no pause, no eye flicker, nothing.

    I’ve had the occasional staff member do that with me (even when the evidence and odds are highly stacked against them) and they have all had something wrong with them emotionally – they don’t care about anyone else but are pretty good at pretending they do.

    What’s evident also is when caught there is no remorse, no sense of wrongdoing.

    I wonder if this is the same trait that allows them to have no empathy with the unemployed, those with children, sole parents, the battered and abused. It’s not that they can’t say the right words when needed it’s their lack of emotional empathy that doesn’t allow them to accept diversity and view points other than their own.

    It’s no different really to predators hiding in the gangs – a true predator can spot an emotional wreck a mile away. Doesn’t matter what background they come from, doesn’t matter what they look like – these guys can spot em. I’ve seen the ugliest, smelliest of gang members walking down the street with arms around young attractive schoolgirls.

    In 87 and now I see the business type of predator preying on mom and dad investors, preying on the fears that money for super will run out, preying on them with the promise of big returns. All with no conscience about who gets hurt.

    How many of these advisors really looked at what these mum and dad investors had – their house and nothing else and advised them against using their hard worked for possession in the ways they did.

    At least some lawyers advised people against it – one of the few times in my life my respect for lawyers increased. Well done to them.

    There really is something seriously wrong with some of these people.

    • Draco T Bastard 9.1

      They’re psychopaths. There isn’t that many of them in relation to population but they do tend to accumulate at the top in business and government and they also tend to the political right.

  10. gobsmacked 10

    Today’s “stupid is as stupid TV does” award goes to Duncan Garner and 3news.

    Could they really not have waited one day to run their poll story? It struck a really discordant note, straight after the Anzac Day coverage. Very poor judgement.

    I’ll let others argue pointlessly about the results: my only reaction was “FFS Duncan … get some perspective and take the day off, you self-absorbed show pony.”

  11. prism 11

    Ianmac – Previous post finishes “”Right,’ she smiles. “Then we will do Choice X!'”
    That’s a bit of a cliffhanger. What happens next? How is this matter resolved fairly and amicably? (There might be something that pollies can learn to assist with decision making. Guess you’re not going to go off in a huff and replace with a commissioner.)

    And Mr Crafar.
    “The pattern of farming for capital gains, sounds like Mr Crafar. He said that the money loaned was interest only and he like others was caught by the downturn last year.”
    Thinking of Cra-far – reminds me of brit comedy Balham I think, where the public were raising money to send discordant musician far away – address anywhere! That whiny voice with its complaints about not getting fairly treated, how he loves his cows and how he should be a special case could not impress anybody of worth.

  12. prism 12

    I seem to be late for the party, everyone has gone on to another venue. But found a little piece that refers to war in a booklet on the Danish resistance movement.

    You passing through this hall
    Stop here and think a moment
    Of those who in their sacrifice
    Gave us the reward

    And go again your own way
    But remember yours is the choice
    To waste their blood
    Or honour it in the flame of life.
    Otto Gelsted

    and to a lost resistance comrade

    Quietly he slips away
    Nothing can hurt him now
    His group is not betrayed
    He is beyond beating
    The stormy hour of harvest passes
    Dwindling as even fighting must
    His friends are here tonight
    His dreams are ours for ever
    Halfdan Rasmussen

  13. sukie Damson 13

    Friday’s Business Herald raises once again the spectre of a new Paul Henry show leading into the 6pm news.

    “State television bosses have begun sharpening knives for the next round of staff and budget cuts. I hear that TVNZ has been chatting with a producer who would revive the concept of a a 5.30pm, or more likely 5pm, Henry show as a lead in to One News.”

    “”One name mentioned is Briar McCormick, a former Holmes producer who recently returned from London with her partner – former TVNZ Europe correspondent Mark Crysell. McCormick is the daughter of former Act MP Deborah Coddington and respected in the TV scene.”

    The Foxification of TVNZ anyone? Give that man a blackboard.

    • Draco T Bastard 13.1

      TVNZ doesn’t want anyone to watch TVNZ News….

      At least, that’s the impression they’re giving.

  14. Jim Nald 14

    Foxification. Beautiful
    I would have been less sophisticated and used other ‘f’ words
    p.s. I haven’t watched TVNZ for a few years now (!)

  15. Quoth the Raven 15

    Good article by Kevin Carson at the Freeman: Common Versus Government Property It is a distinction I hope more people come to understand and one I think is pertinent to the mining issue here.

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