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Open mike 25/11/2011

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, November 25th, 2011 - 67 comments
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67 comments on “Open mike 25/11/2011 ”

  1. Carol 2



    The nervous signs have been evident from National in the last week: the phone calls to private landlines by Key and co; the out-of-sorts JK at the last leaders’ debate; the critical stickers on National billboards… but the polls and media are pedicting an inevitable and strong National victory. So why isn’t the Nat camp quietly confident?

    Of course Nat cheerleader Tracy Watkins ends her article by rallying the troops…. but ya gotta wonder? Hopefully this means, at least, that an outright National majority is not very likely.

  2. James 111 3

    Very good synergy in the National campaign the Phone in after the last debate, The Stickers on the Herald this morning shows good detail in campaign planning.

    One thing that has interested me this Election is if National didnt have Asset sales in their Election Toolbox could they have hit 60% in the polls which would be unprecedented.
    Obivously the voting public hasnt seen a viable alternative out there in times of economic peril

  3. Labour aren’t going to come close (good campaign fromn Goff but poor support from Labour).

    National could rule alone, or need Brash, or peters could hold the balance of power.

    A safe option is to vote for United Future, makes sense.

    • The Voice of Reason 4.1

      UF is a safe option only if you don’t want your vote to count, Pete. Not that that’s a problem for you, as you’re not a UF voter. Whatever happens in terms of forming the Government, the bonus this election is going to be the removal of the two right wing parties ACT and United Follicles. Don Man Walking and Dunne like a Dinner!

      • Frida 4.1.1

        hahahahahaha @VoR

        Yeah, I had two hopes for this election. The demise of the ACT nutbars once and for all, and the defeat of that political prostitute with no discernible policies, Dunny Brush. Both look set to happen and that makes me a happy woman, even if the overall result looks set to disappoint.

        One thing I’ve sworn to myself is that for the next 3 years I’m going to put my money where my ranting mouth is and spend all my spare time helping Labour get rid of National in 2014. For the good of my children and their children and so on.

        • The Voice of Reason

          Cheers, Frida. I promise I’m gonna be nice to Pete and not gloat when UF go down, but deep down inside, I’m going to be very happy to see Dunne gone. ACT I can understand, because they at least have a coherent political philosophy and they represent a section of NZ voters. But Dunne has taken millions of dollars of taxpayer money to just be a Tory glove puppet.

          If both UF and ACT are consigned to the political dustbin, that will open the way to a left wing future for NZ. And I have a hunch the future starts tomorrow!

          • Frida

            Agree with all of that VoR. Except ACT aren’t that coherent in terms of their commitment to true libertarianism! I’d actually, bizarrely, have a modicum of respect for them if they were!

            Yes to that future. I have such a hunch too, but fearful of getting my hopes up too much.

          • William Joyce

            At least Anderton had principles and was looking to hold the bastards to account.
            Dunne is just a political man-whore, “What would you like my name to be, honey?”

    • kriswgtn 4.2

      I have reported your bene bashing to your hairpiece
      I will not stop until you apoligize
      You profess to be for the people blah blah blah and you do this shit?
      You disgust me

      • Pete George 4.2.1


        We need to take a serious look at our welfare system, including helping the poor and those really in need. I’ve been clobbered a few times asking questions and posing reality checks, so be it.

        If anyone who dares mention problems in the system – that adversely affect those genuinely in need – is labeled a ‘bene basher’ and is abused then we will have trouble resolving anything. We need to be able to work together more on our societal problems, that means accepting different points of view and different approaches.

        I suspect I’m in the process of doing potentially far more for those in need than you are. I’m working with social agencies in Dunedin – again today, it’;s White Ribbon day, something io have actively supported for a numbert of years.

        I suggest you pull your head in and look at waht can realisticly be done – by working together rather than nit pick bitching.

        • just saying

          Quote Pete “…….beneficiaries wasting other people’s.”

          How is contributing to the rampant hate speech against some of the most vulnerable in our communities a “reality check”. I suggest you make the same comment on kiwiblog, or on talk-back radio using the word “superannuitant” instead of “beneficiary” and get a “reality check” of your own.

          The hypocrisy of a superannuitant beneficiary like yourself, campaigning to enter parliament, and thereby declaring yourself to be able to work fulltime +, accepting your own benefit with both hands while accusing other, far less fortunate beneficiaries of bludging, almost defies belief.

          I suggest you pull your head in Pete

          • just saying

            Just to complete the quote above:

            Pete George:

            “…beneficiaries wasting other people’s money“.

            • Pete George

              I’m saying what many people think and are very pissed off about – a minority of beneficiaries waste taxpayer money and think they have a right to as much of it as they can get. They waste money that would be better spent on beneficiaries who actually do deserve some assistance.

              Something that’s very damaging to our country and damaging to many beneficiaries is the support of an attitude that benefits are deserved indefinitely as long as a beneficiary wants it and should guarantee a ‘decent’ standard of living.

              I hear of cases where people choose to not seek employment because they simply don’t feel like it – one yesterday who says they don’t feel ready to work yet, several years after a separation. Another who won’t work because they would ‘only earn $3 per hour” – instead of striving to be self supporting and earning 100% of their own income.

              There are also many people on benefits who take the opportunity of support to do whatever they can to educate themselves and to find whatever work they can. Most who are able to work have a similar attitude to this.

              But some don’t, and shouting down anyone who mentions some of the problems we have with welfare does nothing for those needing assistance, at worst it reinforces a victim entitlement mentality that is damaging to those who suffer from those illusions.

              • Ben

                “…a minority of beneficiaries waste taxpayer money and think they have a right to as much of it as they can get”

                You would NEVER hear that from John Key.

                It’s in the interests of the right wing to paint all beneficiaries as bludgers.

                By their logic, the Great Depression was the best holiday the whole world ever had!

              • Vicky32

                ” Another who won’t work because they would ‘only earn $3 per hour” ”

                Please note that any employer who is paying $3.00 an hour is breaking the law, so your imaginary beneficiary is within his/her rights!

                • They are looking at what they will earn above their benefit, so ‘only $3 extra’ rather than ‘now supporting myself’.

                  • Draco T Bastard

                    Is $3/hour enough to compensate for all the extra stress and shit that comes with going to work? Hell, Gerry Brownlee thought that $1000 per day wasn’t enough for some people.

                  • Vicky32

                    ” so ‘only $3 extra’ rather than ‘now supporting myself’.”

                    Oh, and if it costs them an extra $20.00 a week in expenses, transport, lunches, clothes etc – then they’re $17.00 a week in the hole. So in that case, working is definitely the worse choice! For the past 7 weeks I have been working, and making considerably more than $3.00 extra, and glad of it. However, I’ve paid $30.00 a week extra for transport, $15.00 a week for lunch, and because of the hours I worked (12.00 to 18.00) at least another $15.00 a week on dinner when I couldn’t leave work in time.. (when setting tests and writing reports we worked until 19.30 each day for 3-4 days!) Then there are the new clothes I had to buy, as I can’t stand in front of a class in the same thing every day! (The students noticed and some commented, I assure you). Be realistic! 
                    In my case, at least $75.00 extra a week in expenses…


          • Pete George

            I’m not have have never been a beneficiary.

            • just saying

              So you do not draw superannuation?

              • just saying

                I’ll take that as a Yes then.
                You are a superannuation beneficiary.
                So. I’ll ask again. Do you consider your super to be “other people’s money”, or your own?

              • I am nowhere near eligible to draw national super. I work fulltime (this week off on annual leave).

                It’s always been very unlikely I would become an MP – this time anyway.

                The campaign is costing me a significant amount of my own money.
                What I plan on continuing on with will cost me money.

                Why the vitriolic attacks? Don’t you people trying to contribute to better democracy?

                • just saying

                  If that is the case, I stand corrected. I won’t apologise because, (like you I’m sure), I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being a superannuitant, and I genuinely believed you were one.

                  Vitriolic attacks – hate speech against beneficiaries, dog-whistle appeals to racial hatred, and both for personal gain. Where is your honour?

                • Colonial Viper

                  Why the vitriolic attacks? Don’t you people trying to contribute to better democracy?

                  Yep, by kicking Dunne out on his ass. More questions Petey?

            • Deadly_NZ

              But you would push your snout deep into the public trough for 3 years, if in the highly unlikely event that you actually made it to parliament. And politicians are Beneficiaries as well, as they are paid from the same money the Dole or Super comes from. So admit it all you want to do is nothing for 3 years at about 120k a year. Fucking Bludger

            • Colonial Viper

              I’m not have have never been a beneficiary.

              Didn’t get a bursary from highschool? Get your teeth checked by a school dental nurse? Make an ACC claim? Enjoy a free hospital appointment? Learn to read and write for free? Get a cheap uni education?

              Because mate all these things are also part of the socialist fabric of NZ life.

  4. The Voice of Reason 5

    Latest Roy Morgan:


    No majority for John Boy, Winston back in the driver’s seat.

    • Bored 5.1

      My ideal scenario post election….

      John: “If you dont give us confidence its back to the Polls…..you are holding the country to ransom”.
      Winston: “No John, you are not the country, I am holding you to ransom: ……my terms, no asset sales and the Winebox reopened”.
      John: “You want me to debate every issue, thats not viable”….
      Winston: “Its called democracy son, been doing it since you were in nappies, works rather well if you let it”.

  5. Tiger Mountain 6

    It’s obviously going to be a day of it. Footware will be important for some of us come Sunday, will it be the Havaianas or the steel caps?

    Whichever way it goes the weekend will be jollied up if dirty filthy ACT and time wasting seat warmer Dunny are out of parliament.

  6. millsy 7

    Truth be told, I would rather National govern alone than with ACT or UF (who I regard as being on the right of National on some issues).

    I never thought that Labour was going to win this. The challenge for them is to get a solid showing and live to fight another day, I’m hoping for them to get about 35% of the vote.

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      35% Labour with a strong Green vote, and Labour will govern – with support from NZ1.

  7. lostinsuburbia 8

    Just saw Maurice Williamson waving National Party placards at cars in Pakuranga. Christ, it felt like Dawn of the Dead.

  8. KTY 9

    The latest Horizon poll, interesting results and including factors concerning those with no landline telephone. Also states that it can’t be compared with other polls that have a smaller sample base that do not take into account undecided voters.


    • higherstandard 9.1

      Complete fantasy, conservatives on 5+% and Winston on 10+%.

      Whoever pays horizon for these polls should ask for their money back.

  9. Bored 10

    On another note heres a thought for the day from the Archdruid..It still amazes me how many people never wonder why what appears on TV is called “programming.”

    Might explain photo op Johns popularity.

  10. Colonial Viper 11

    Phil Goff @ 19.5% Preferred PM

    Yes, the Goff man comes through.


    • ianmac 11.1

      Note that Audrey waits till the last line to say that the landline poll had 7.7% undecided voters.

      And Phil at 19.5%? Considering the battering that he was given by MSM and the underground National Party, I would say Victoria Cross in the face of great adversity.

  11. Colonial Viper 12

    Air NZ diverts flight to pick up PM. PM orders crew to announce Vote National to passengers

    Not sure if his is a joke, it must be. Right?


    • ianmac 12.1

      It is true! Reported on NZRN at10am. Air NZ says it is because a plane had broken down at New Plymouth and it was not unusual to divert a plane therefore. Wonder if it was only a group of Key workers who were on-loaded? Smells? It sure does!

      • freedom 12.1.1

        Air NZ were very clear, there were seven passengers collected.

        PM x1 tick
        Chief Aide to his magnificence x1?
        Campaign Manager x1 ?
        Security x 3
        Attendant Shoe licker x1?

  12. Lucy 13

    Important announcement:

    Don’t vote for climate chickens!

    Go to http://www.electwho.org.nz to find out how to vote for a safe climate future.

  13. I have done my utmost best to bring to the citizens of this beautiful country the ugly truth about international Finance and John Key’s very, very close connection to it and while I wish I had reached more people I know I have reached thousands of new readers over the last couple of weeks and that I find very encouraging as some of them came of Kiwiblog without leaving large amounts of trolling comments and many of them came by way of other National dominated Websites were I left links to posts on my blog. I think people are waking up. I only hope it will be enough of you in time!

    Tomorrow you the good citizens of this country are going to vote and I think this is one of the most crucial elections this country has ever seen. This is not an election about which party is going to rule New Zealand the coming three years but an election which could very well end the sovereignty of New Zealand in favour of a banking cartel ruled global occupation which will see the last great Global looting commence as is happening in Greece, Italy and will continue to engulf Spain, France and in the end every sovereign country in the Western world.

    I hope you use your vote wisely!!!

  14. infused 15

    Give up your spam Lucy.

    • millsy 15.1

      Dont like it dont go on this blog, I think Kiwiblog is more suited to you. You might find people who actually agree with you about things there.

  15. Armchair Critic 16

    Will there be any postings on TS tomorrow?
    Will comments be published?

  16. joe90 17


    After 93 years, it is almost the final act. The end for me is not very far off any more. But it still leaves me a chance to be able to remind others of what acted as the basis of my political engagement. It was the years of resistance to the Nazi occupation — and the program of social rights worked out 66 years ago by the National Council of the Resistance!

    Democracy Now:Stéphane Hessel interview.

    The Nation: Time for Outrage!.

  17. joe90 18

    Shrinkage of Humboldt squid puzzles scientists

    A mysterious force has stunted the growth of Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez, and marine biologists suspect a change in the weather is to blame.

    The ravenous animals normally weigh up to 30 pounds when they spawn at 12 to 18 months of age, but Stanford biologists have discovered a group of the squid that weigh only a pound apiece and spawn at less than 6 months old.

    The rubbery animals with their long tentacles are a precious livelihood for Mexican commercial fishermen along the Gulf of California, and they’re a prized prey for gringo sportsmen.

    But to William Gilly, a marine biologist at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, they’re a scientific puzzle.

    In a paper recently published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress, Gilly said he suspects the squid’s shrinkage was caused by the abrupt warming of the gulf’s water as a result of an El Niño that was detected during the 2009-10 winter.

  18. Mutante 19

    I came in to work today and Granny Herald was sitting on the table in the kitchen. Not only did the headlines scream victory for the Tories, it helpfully came with a free glossy sticker instructing us to vote National. Fuck off.

    • Vicky32 19.1

      “Granny Herald was sitting on the table in the kitchen. Not only did the headlines scream victory for the Tories, it helpfully came with a free glossy sticker instructing us to vote National. ..”

      Oh dear – after 7 weeks, I am able to hear 3 News now, and I would like to see Fatty Garner resign and go to work for National openly! What a git! I am ashamed of the Herald, but 3’s partisanship is more dangerous…

      • freedom 19.1.1

        I was told when i got into Wellington today National had stickers on the Dominion Post yesterday.
        Is this correct?

        Is anyone tracking all this spending?
        The Stickers: approx 90,000 papers is the daily circulation of the Dominon Post and the last thursday of the month they normally run an extra 17000 , The Herald circulation is ? 180,000?
        There’s fifteen grand right there to get it designed printed and applied to the newspaper,
        that’s if the sticker is only .5 cents per. Any other papers get the treatment?

        The Telephone Calls: Short term automated calling projects are never cheap and i have heard of three nights where this happened throughout different parts of the Country.

        Hiring the Bus, Petrol aint cheap ask Phil, he got a budget Bus,
        the driver,
        ( plus airfares 🙂 )
        Detailing of the Bus, I know a bit about vinyl signage and that bus was not done on the cheap.
        Neither is the job on Natahn Guy’s car and i am sure there are Electorates up and down the country wth similar showmanship from the National Party.

        The T-Shirts all cost money
        (even if they were made in China, as let’s face it they probably were, has anyone got one btw?)

        The never ending ads, on the Web, the TV, Radio ads the Postcards the DLE’s, the Letters, and of course the Billboards, even if Goldsmith didn’t want anyone seeing his, they still cost money. Is a record kept of each billboard that is destroyed and replaced?

        I do not envy the Auditor

  19. Tiger Mountain 20

    enough of the simpering gargoyle surely…

    Whatever the result on Sat nite, and it may take way longer than one nite to sort out a parliament, teabaggers like Farrar are going to be held to account.

    • Anne 20.1

      Farrar is skipping the country on Sat. Going on a 3 week safari in Africa – no newspapers, no Tv, no phone(?), no nothing.

  20. freedom 21

    Jean Hubbard the widow of Alan Hubbard has just declared on TVOne Close Up that she will NOT be voting for John Key, Not voting for National as she admits she would have done.

    The largest gift can sometimes be the smallest gesture.

  21. randal 22

    so the announcer on RNZ tonight said he noticed that kweewee would not or could not look Phil Goff in the eye.
    I wonder what he feels guilty about?

  22. Tigger 23

    Can anyone in the tory know please confirm that Key had a closed door meeting with Nat leaders and told them he wasn’t interested in continuing with being PM? I don’t have confirmed attendees but I do know Marie Quinn was at that meeting.

    • mike 23.1

      True or not John Key has been looking distinctly ‘over it’ the last two weeks. I thought he’d wait until after the next election to jet off to a higher paying money-scaming job overseas. Maybe he decided to leave before the eggs start flying his way. I won’t shed tear.

      [lprent: This arrived after the cutoff. Was held over for the closing of the polls. ]

  23. Crashcart 24

    Am I the only one digusted at the lazy way National have approached this campeign. Their opening address was deservedly panned. So for closing they take the same add they have played the whole 4 weeks and splice footage from the opening. Fail!

    • mike 24.1

      No you’re not alone crashcart. It made me feel insulted, depressed, angry, and embarrassed all at the same time. That so many people in this country can buy this shallow act… wow. Quite worrying.

      • Colonial Viper 24.1.1

        Maybe a lot of NZers have just become more shallow in their outlook and thinking over time. Thats the only explanation I can give for why so many accept this pitiful campaign from National and their policies to sell off NZ.

        And if that is truly the case, NZ has got bigger even problems than a Key/English led 2nd term.

  24. uke 25

    US vs China conflicts loom over Obama’s recent diplomatic “offensive” at East Asia Summit:


    Interesting consequences for Australia, too, may result from the Darwin deployment of US troops:

    ‘Obama’s push into Asia is strengthening the “war” faction in Beijing. Song Xiaojun, a prominent nationalist figure and strategic analyst, declared that because Australia had sided with the US, rather than China, Beijing should target Australia with strategic nuclear missiles. Another leading military analyst Ma Dingsheng argued on the Hong Kong-based TV channel Phoenix that, given the booming trade between Australia and China, “it would be best to keep Australia out of war.” However, because “Australia is playing a role supplying naval ports and air bases [for the US], it is now a nest that must be targeted.”’

  25. United Future happy to score some last minute undecided votes if there’s any out there.
    A safe sensible option.

    • Colonial Viper 26.1

      Peter Dunne – a right winger who can’t remember how many different parties he’s been a member of, and who is past due retirement.

  26. Colonial Viper 27

    My bet. A big petrol price hike early next week.

    The corporates have been delaying any petrol price increase until after John Key gets elected back in.

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