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Open mike 27/11/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, November 27th, 2021 - 64 comments
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64 comments on “Open mike 27/11/2021 ”

    • Gezza 1.1

      Another beautiful sunny morning in North Welly. Not sposed to last though. I can see grey clouds moving in from norwest. A week of gardening & lawn maintenance, some new plants in, including marigolds, so a couple of warm rainy days will be just the ticket. 👍🏼 🐧

  1. joe90 2

    Countering rapid antigen tests (RATs) are nowhere near as accurate – they're accurate enough when it matters.

    Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are nowhere near as accurate as traditional RT-PCR tests when it comes to detecting the virus behind COVID-19 but they have their place, Kiwi scientists behind a new study say.

    The Government announced on Thursday an end to its year-and-a-half-long ban on point-of-care RATs. Associate MInister of Health Ayesha Verrall said while we were trying to eliminate the virus "the cost of missing a case was too high", so the Government wanted every test to be via the ultra-accurate but slow RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, or PCR), a type of nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT).


  2. Molly 3

    Prominent trans activist says it out loud:

    • Anker 3.2

      I just don't know what to say in response to India Willoughby.

      I am sorry she got trolled for her appearance, but it doesn't seem to have given her any empathy. These "butch lesbians" should be free to dress how they want, knowing they are lesbian and knowing the are women, not men.

      • weka 3.2.1

        Willoughby is the epitome of the male/TW subculture colonisation of women as a class. Male pattern gaslighting in that tweet.

        • weka

          and as always, one of the core problems here is how to talk about this without throwing trans people generally under the bus. Women need to be free to talk about what is going on, and the active suppression of that has led to a really skewed debate. So I will spell it out: not all trans women (obviously)*, and trans people have the same right to human rights as everyone else (also obviously). Supporting trans people in their rights is part of progressive politics. The above isn't progressive.

          That gender identity politics now positions itself as speaking for trans people is part of the problem, because there is no way in hell that women are going to let the above tweet stand without challenge. Lefties and liberals need to get a grip and step up and push back on that bullshit instead of attacking gender critical feminists.

          *or men for that matter, which apparently still needs spelling out.

          • Molly

            Women need to be free to talk about what is going on, and the active suppression of that has led to a really skewed debate. So I will spell it out: not all trans women (obviously)*, and trans people have the same right to human rights as everyone else (also obviously). Supporting trans people in their rights is part of progressive politics. The above isn't progressive.

            I agree. I've stopped posting along the lines of this obvious paragraph because it is ignored, but it remains true.

            The arrogance of telling women how to women, seems a common thread in protests and other silencing actions. Seems to be done without any sense of irony or self-awareness.

      • Molly 3.2.2

        Trolled for her appearance?

        • Anker

          I read that they were trolled in the Wikipaedia link.

          Have been thinking about India's comments some more. Its like they are trying to erase lesbians, the butch ones anyway. The implication is they are really trans women who don't have the guts to become men. What a bloody cheek.

          To be honest, I find this very offensive. I grew up with someone who was what we called a tom boy. Hated dresses, dolls, wanted to do all the "boy" things. There was never any real pressure on her to be more girly. It was very much accepted. And what a surprize she grew up to be lesbian. Not quite butch, but always clear she was a girl then a women…….not a man or boy. She's a women and is being her self with clothes, sexual orientation etc.

    • DukeEll 3.3

      I try to stay out of the trans wars. Except when I see this. Men fucking ragging on women for not living up to their expectations? Despicable behaviour from someone who wouldn’t want to be picked on for their appearance.

      Sadly shows how far trans rights have moved from feminism and lgb rights

  3. Molly 4

    Brother-in-law's father died yesterday after being hospitalised with Covid. (Treatment they gave caused internal bleeding which they were unable to stop. Will be looking to see if gets recorded as a Covid fatality.)

    These statistics will be given faces for many of us over the coming months, I'm sure.

    • Brigid 4.1

      What was the treatment? Anti clotting medication?

      • Molly 4.1.1

        Don't know really, family still reeling. Family were isolating at home after one member tested positive. AFAIK, three household members tested positive, with the Dad going in for hospital care.

        Posted initially just to say that many of us will have faces to go along with these numbers that are released each day. It is likely a few of us will have personal connections with the statistics.

        • Brigid

          So sorry. Was thoughtless of me to query you about that.

          I truly hope Jacinda re thinks the plan to open the border. The new variant has mutated to such a degree I wont be surprised if they find the vaccine has little effect on it.

          And you're right. It will, if it hasn't already, be affecting us all personally before long

        • weka

          thanks for this insight Molly. Hope everyone else is doing ok.

        • Molly

          Thanks everyone. Your kind thoughts are appreciated.

        • Patricia Bremner

          Molly, so very sorry to hear that. Yes you are correct. Some of us feel "safe" in our bubble, but that is likely to be tested in the next while, and we will watch the numbers with growing anxiety. This is always a worry for family already on treatment for other conditions. A terrible tragedy for your family. Keep well Molly, and thank you for your brave post. I suggest a family video of the life, so family too young now will see their relative.
          Sympathy from our family to yours Molly.

    • Ad 4.2

      That's devastating Molly. I hope your family find a good way of gathering all that was good about that person and sharing it. Funerals at this time are such stunted affairs.

      • Brigid 4.2.1

        "Funerals at this time are such stunted affairs."

        They truly are. My favourite brother inlaw died recently. I cold only watch by video link which was appallingly badly recorded. It was just horrible.

    • Sabine 4.3

      Condolences Molly. So sorry for the loss your whanau has suffered.

    • swordfish 4.4

      Hell, that's awful … sympathy & best wishes from my family, Molly.

    • RedLogix 4.5

      Sad news for you and your family Molly. I hope this brings you all together in both sorrow and hope. Look after each other – and know that we're here for you too if needed.

    • Anker 4.6

      So very sorry to hear Molly. Condolences to your family

    • francesca 4.7

      Bad news Molly

      Devastating for close family members

    • McFlock 4.8

      Sorry for your loss.

      Seems lately that every day deaths are announced. Grim times.

  4. Foreign waka 5

    Interesting, I like the clear statement

  5. RedLogix 6

    A significant crisis is unravelling in our own backyard:

    There is smoke in the air and rubble on ground after days of rioting and arson attacks in Solomon Islands capital of Honiara.

    Businesses, schools and even the Prime Minister's residence were set alight and looted by protesters during three straight days of civil unrest.

    Now people are struggling to restock food supplies, and there are queues at ATMs and petrol stations as the extent of the crisis begins to take its toll.

    This has a very messy and byzantine backstory.

    So while the ADF will be present at the request of the Solomon govt, the irony is that this is a pro-CPP govt. At the same time there are many hundreds of PRC citizens who are understandably looking for protection and possibly evacuation. If the PRC sends ships into Honiara for this purpose it will demand close cooperation with the ADF to avoid misunderstanding and confrontation.

    And right now close cooperation between Canberra and Beijing is a big ask. The risks of this escalating must be of deep concern to everyone in the South Pacific right now.

    • Blazer 6.1

      Looks like a scene setter for more Canberra/Beijing relationship tensions.

      Was dumbfounded that Darwin leased their port to China in 2015 for 99 years.

      No one seemed too concerned then…as for…now!

    • DukeEll 6.2

      Where is mao smith in all of this? Surely this is the work of western imperialist agitators who no have no understanding of the benevolence the ccp can bestow on its “friends” and those minorities “in its historical realms”

      • RedLogix 6.2.1

        To be fair this crisis lies at a very messy intersection between tribalism, a weak government, and a geopolitical landscape in turmoil. If this one falls apart it won't be pretty and NZ will not remain aloof.

  6. Cricklewood 7

    This is interesting, a group with long term monitoring and data in regards to heart health has seen significant increases in markers that infer increased risk of heart issues post vaccination.


    It would be interesting if a comparison was done amongst people who have caught covid.

    • joe90 7.1

      A rise in endothelial inflammatory markers or a dangerous and potentially fatal endothelial disease….?


    • RedLogix 7.2

      Without gainsaying or pre-empting any conclusions on this – this is just an abstract and lacks some important data.

      The way I look at signals like this is that they should not be ignored. If there is only a small, say 10% chance, of the eventual paper being correct – it would have very severe implications. On the other hand it's too soon to call on it.

      • francesca 7.2.1

        A bit of a gold rush at the moment for scientists and researchers wanting to make their mark

        There'll be a lot of wheat and chaff to sort through

        But it does seem that the short period (up to 2 weeks) monitoring for heart issues may not be enough.

        I do hope this won't be neglected in the rush to get everyone vaccinated

  7. Gezza 8

    Could anyone posting here who read this premium article in The Herald today give us a precis or summary?

    The great divide: Why are NZ interest rates so much higher than Australia?

  8. Brigid 9

    Re the new variant Nu (B.1.1.529).

  9. Stephen D 10

    Interesting that John Key is working the phones for Luxon.
    Luxon himself isn’t.

    • woodart 10.1

      working the phone for somebody else is what a corporate shill does. luxom doesnt even want an election on tuesday, wants to be made boss without asking. needs to get on with privatising things. big corp needs a mouthpiece.

    • mary_a 10.2

      Stephen D (10) … That would guarantee a Luxon/Key Nat leadership, because Key would be pulling Luxon's strings from behind the scenes no doubt. If Luxon is allowing someone else to do his work for him at this stage, then he’s weak!

      After quitting the game halfway through a term in 2016 and as a past Nat leader and former PM, Key needs to butt out doing anyone’s 's lobbying for leader.

      • woodart 10.2.1

        key is only doing what he is told . key doesnt pull strings, ponytails are his limit. he has always worked for big corp, and still does.

      • Anne 10.2.2

        "If Luxon is allowing someone else to do his work for him at this stage, then he’s weak!"

        Totally agree. A strong PM – regardless of their political leanings – earns the right to be elected after proving their mettle for the job.

        Two PM's on opposite sides – Rob Muldoon and Helen Clark are cases in point. I despised Muldoon but acknowledge he earned the right to be elected in 1975. So did Helen Clark in 1999.

        If Luxon thinks he can just walk into the job by relying on someone else to do the running for him then he is not fit to be a PM.

    • observer 10.3

      Key has now denied that he has done this. Other Nats say he did.

      So to sum up, they're still a bunch of liars, divided.


  10. Blazer 11

    Guilty of femmesplaining.Leave your thread now.

    [TheStandard: A moderator moved this comment to Open Mike as being off topic or irrelevant in the post it was made in. Be more careful in future.]

    [Your problem now is that not only will I ban you from all my posts if you troll like that again, but you are now on my radar for being a troll generally. I want disagreement under my posts, but it has to relate to the post and mean something. This is a political blog, we expect people to make political arguments and engage in debate. If you want to drop random reckons that suggest you didn’t even bother reading a post, try FB and see how you get on. You try and bait me again over feminism instead of posting something meaningful, expect a ban site wide. – weka]

    • weka 11.1

      mod note.

      • Blazer 11.1.1

        The default defence…'trolling'…my allegation of femmesplaining relies 100% on your criteria of what 'mansplaining' is.

        I realise now, that when you start threads,they are only for the 'faithful'…I can tell you, I have no wish to comment on any topic you originate ,on the basis that you will use your power as a moderator in an extremely prejudicial and blatantly, oppressive ,intolerance of people who do not accept your viewpoint.


        • weka

          you're certainly entitled to your opinions Blazer, and you can by and large express them on this site. What you can't do is troll, and calling a feminist on her post post a femmesplainer without saying how or why is in fact trolling. There's no substance there to respond to, there's no politics, there's just a lazily thrown out slur.

          Mansplaining is a known phenomenon. If you want coin the term 'femmesplainer' you have to be able to explain what it means.

          And, seeing as how you brought it up, sexism isn't symmetrical in the way you imply. Just because mansplaining is a thing, doesn't mean that there is automatically such a thing as femmesplaining. That you think I was doing the female equivalent of mansplaining, instead of setting boundaries on my own post, tells me you don't actually understand what mansplaining is.

          You came into my post, made an assertion that didn't make sense on the context of the post, I pointed this out the problem and your next comment wasn't to talk about the politics you had raised or I had written about, but to instead take a pop at me, that my post wasn't clearly written.

          The reason I don't tolerate this kind off approach on my posts is because it is well known in feminism and it's just a basic derail.

          You are also wrong to believe that you cannot disagree with me. You can, you just need to have an actual argument. Put one up and then I'll respect what you are saying even if I disagree. There are plenty of people in that thread that I disagree with, but it's only you that got mod attention. Consider that it's about what you did.

          • Blazer

            1-'femmesplaining'-'mansplaining' is a known phenomenom…really..so you believe in equality I presume=the criteria you applied to accuse someone of …'mansplaining' can logically be applied to its equal and opposite..'femmesplaining'..whether or not you accept that as ..'known' is completely moot.

            2-'made an assertion that didn't make sense on the context of the post'

            That is merely your OPINION..nothing more ,nothing..less.,

            ' because it is well known in feminism and it's just a basic derail.'

            O.K please understand that what is 'well known in feminism' is NOT well known in …general.

            'There are plenty of people in that thread that I disagree with, but it's only you that got mod attention'=what relevance is that!

            Your reply to Gezza was quite benign compared to your response to me.

            Quite frankly the you are guilty of the very crimes you rail against as a feminist..imo.

            • weka

              ok, well I did try. /

            • Gezza

              No point in your adopting your counterpunching technique here, imo, B. It too quickly deteriorates into hooflungdung shit fights you can’t win here.

              Interesting perspectives in this Guardian article – which also covers femmesplaining or womansplaining:

              • Blazer

                Interesting link…Gezza.

                The reality is …'who cares'!laugh

                • Gezza

                  Outside of here – this blog, you mean?

                  Not most people, imo. Women are simply starting their own businesses & young women are noticing that that’s the way to get around the male-centric gender pay gap, for example. Work for a female boss.

                  In the Public Service there’s a requirement for 50% of CEOs to be female. My stay i hospital showed as many doctors are females as males. I don’t think there’s a gender pay gap there. As I found, when I decided to copy my thank you email to the ward doctors and staff and ancillary staff who looked after me during my recent two week stint in Welly Hospital, to the CEO of Wellington’s CCDHB, THE CEOs a woman.

                  But weka’s right, if you comment & its only to attack someone (or e.g. childishly call them a nasty name like “roll-on deodorant” based on their appearance, not their politics or policies) you probably won’t last long here.

  11. joe90 12

    Fucking sad, 'Murica.

    • joe90 12.1

      Aunt Lydia is real.

      Supporters of the law say their goal is to save the life of every embryo, regardless of the circumstances of conception.

      “We never advocate taking a life of an unborn child unless it is necessary to protect the life of a woman,” said Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life.

      Even in cases of rape or incest, “we don’t advocate for taking the life of an unborn child for the crime of the father,” he said.

      The law’s supporters say that it provides sufficient leeway for physicians to act if a mother’s life or bodily functions are compromised, and they insist those cases are rare.

      Dr. Ingrid Skop, an obstetrician in San Antonio who belongs to the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said that even a girl as young as 9 or 10, impregnated by a father or a brother, could carry a baby to term without health risks.

      “If she is developed enough to be menstruating and become pregnant, and reached sexual maturity, she can safely give birth to a baby,” Dr. Skop said.



  12. joe90 13

    The only way you can lose your immunity in Russia is if you're caught with either a dead elk or a live reporter.

    Russia’s State Duma has voted to deprive a Communist MP of his immunity from prosecution after police found the dismembered remains of an elk in the boot of his car.

    Valery Rashkin, who recently led protests against the Kremlin over alleged election fraud, could face criminal charges for illegal hunting and may also be stripped of his seat in parliament.

    Police say officers discovered the animal remains during a traffic stop in the Saratov region in October. Rashkin also faces punishment for refusing to take a breathalyser test, Russian prosecutors said.


  13. Sacha 14


  14. Blazer 15


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