Red ripple in US

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Except in Florida, where Ron DeSantis led a convincing set of Republican gains, the Republican party in the US have had a disappointing mid-term election. The Democrats who were expecting to face the classic mid-term vote against incumbents, will be pleasantly surprised. There are still a lot of votes to count. This being the US, lawyers will be trying to set court dates.

Widely described as a red ripple, as of this morning it has left Republican without definite control in the Senate with 3 senate races not been called. One of which, Georgia, will probably go to a run-off election in December. As expected the Republican party will have a shallow control of the House with an unconvincing majority which is going to make it hard for them to control their undisciplined mob.

Anthony Zurcher at the BBC described it early on as “Mixed-bag kind of election”

This has been a strange kind of midterm election. Democrats are claiming victory even though they appear poised to lose control of the House of Representatives. Republicans are engaging in the kind of circular firing squads usually reserved for the defeated party.

It’s all about expectations. Republicans – looking at midterm history, Joe Biden’s negative approval ratings and a US economy that was struggling – expected to ride a wave to sweeping congressional victories.

Democrats, after watching their last two presidents get drubbed in their first midterm elections, were assuming the worst.

Antony Zurcher, BBC: Mixed-bag kind of election

That really sums it up. The Republicans focused on inflation, crime and disapproval of Joe Biden. That seems to have resonated with parts of their base.

But outside of the Republican bubble the Democratic and Independent voters voted against nut bar election denialists, shot down further restrictions on abortions and anti-abortion candidates, and against the Trump anointed candidates. They also responsibly seemed to have voted for gun control candidates.

Rising prices and abortion were the two issues top of voters’ minds as they cast their ballots, according to the national exit poll.

Almost a third of people surveyed said inflation was the issue that mattered most in deciding how they voted. A large majority of voters also said it had caused them hardship in the past year.

But abortion was another top issue, with 27% of people saying it was their deciding factor, after the Supreme Court overturned a ruling which had given nationwide protection for abortion rights.

That said, voters were sharply divided along party lines – inflation was by far the biggest issue for Republicans, while for Democrats, abortion was top.

BBC: “US midterms: How the parties are doing in maps and charts

Probably the clearest example of a refusal to elect nut-bar candidates is in Georgia with senatorial candidate Hershel Walker. There was clearly a lot of split voting from Republican supporters who convincingly voted back in Bryan Kemp as governer, while voting for the Democratic senatorial candidate. Hershel Walker is a Trump anointed candidate with what appear to be similar levels of blatant lying and outright hypocrisy between his public positions and his personal actions – especially on abortion. Of course that could also just be simple racism by Republican supporters voting against a black candidate in Georgia. But there are numerous other examples of the Trump touch being off-putting to the general population of voters.

Where restrictions on abortion was a direct question uncomplicated by other positions, it was seems to have clearly been renounced.

Five states voted on changes to abortion rules.

Vermont, California and Michigan all voted in favour of including the right to reproductive freedom in the state constitution.

In Kentucky, however, the question is the opposite – whether or not to specifically exclude the right to abortion in the state constitution. The measure was rejected by a narrow margin.

In Montana, voters have not been asked about abortion directly. Instead they are being asked to decide on a so-called “born alive” measure that would guarantee any newborn infant, even those born as a result of abortion, the right to medical care that will preserve life.

BBC: “US midterms: How the parties are doing in maps and charts

It is probably also a factor in the high turnout, something that the Republican party spends considerable time and effort to try to suppress.

Midterm elections usually have a relatively low turnout, but over 116 million people went out to vote this year, according to early figures from the US Elections Project.

This is one of the highest turnout figures in decades.

BBC: “US midterms: How the parties are doing in maps and charts

2018 was a sweep of repugnance voting against Donald Trump, especially by women. This election looks to me like it was the election by women revolting against a supreme court decision.

I haven’t had a look at the state elections yet, but I suspect that when you factor out the ridiculous gerrymandering (MMP thank you for saving us from that particular political crap) you’re going to see problems for anti-abortion extremists.

But I’m sure there will be a lot more analysis over the coming week. What I am sure about is that the Republican circular firing squad will be interesting after this election. Especially between the Trump arse-lickers and the realpolitik parts of the Republican party who want to gain wider support.

29 comments on “Red ripple in US ”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    What happened in Arizona? Please please let Kari Lake lose, I have never used heroin but I am pretty sure nothing would top the joy of watching her meltdown.

    • lprent 1.1

      Too early and close to call

      69% counted. Hobbs is ahead of Lake by 50.3% to 49.7%.

      The exit polls show interesting sectional voting. Lake isn't very popular with women or younger voters or anyone with tertiary education. A lot of voting on straight party lines which really shows up in the cross-correlations down below the fold.

      BTW: The delays in Arizona counting appear to be largely a result of Republican voter suppression laws and rules.

  2. Ad 2

    The Georgia runoff has the fate of the Biden Presidency in it.

    Ripple perhaps but they can still lock both Houses.

    That will really shut Biden down, makes for a crazy US end to the political year.

    Huge shoutout to all who fought the Republicans to a standstill.

  3. Sanctuary 3

    Given the received wisdom of the dire political pundit class in the US was these elections were going to see a sweeping GOP victory, where does that leave the shibboleths of the media talking heads everywhere? After all, our keyboard interviewing circle jerk pundit class have practically declared the next election and done and dusted for National on much of the same reasoning as the Democrats were written off.

    • Tiger Mountain 3.1

      Good point Sanctuary. The pundits there and here really seem to enjoy the aroma of their own flatulence. Plus I guess many of them are paid mouths for hire anyway.

      A hell of a lot of community organising work went into reducing the widely predicted “red wave” to the “red ripple” as LPRENT well ascribes.

  4. Peter 4

    The descriptive terms like red trickle, or flood or whatever wash over the nitty-gritty, the minutiae. Like the Kari Lake situation and that of gun-toting Lauren Boebert.

    And the most dramatic one of Marjorie Taylor Greene. The appalling, ignorant representative garnered comfortably more than 60% of the vote.

    That alone paints a picture of the terminal state of the United States.

    • lprent 4.1

      Be of good cheer.

      Lauren Boebert with 96% reported counted (153,295 votes)
      Has only 49.7%.

      Her opponent Adam Frisch has the majority

      Pretty freaky how many republicans she must have pissed off.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene is at 65% odd with 97% counted. However her district has always been one of the safest republican house seats for a very long time. She was unlikely to lose. I’d have to look it up – but wasn’t her vote down compared to 2020?

      BTW: why don't you just look these things up rather than dribbling all over yourself in anticipation whilst slagging off something you obviously know fuck all about? Google search is pretty good and designed for the lazy.

      • Peter 4.1.1

        "Slagging off something you obviously know fuck all about?" What?

        I certainly wasn't seeking to slag anything off. Just pointing out that behind the headlines there are all sorts of stories bringing joy and bewilderment.

        One little comment I saw, probably an oldie, was about the Republicans suffered from 'electile dysfunction.'

        Naturally there are stories about Herschel Walker on being told there was to be a 'ru-off.' And him last being seen, headphones aboard, jogging down the road.

  5. Drowsy M. Kram 5

    This bit of re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ victory speech has wide appeal.

    We reject woke ideology.
    We fight the woke in the legislature.
    We fight the woke in the schools.
    We fight the woke in the corporations.
    [Gott im Himmel, it/they are everywhere!]
    We will never ever surrender [one-upping Churchill], to the woke mob.

    Florida is where woke goes to die!

    Select comments under a YouTube video of Ron’s anti-woke diatribe appealed to me:

    To be fair, Florida is where many go to die

    I'd suggest, "Florida is where brain cells go to die."

    "Conservative" politics have become so embarrassing… basically boomers who took an online marketing course. [unfair to DeSantis, who is no boomer.]

    I was generally supportive of causes that aim to raise awareness of and/or address racial prejudice, sexism and other social inequalities, long before DeSantis and his ilk started labelling them ‘woke’. Imho he is a fitting successor to the previous GOP President of the United States. Unless overtaken by events, Woke War One (WWI) is coming – buckle up.

    U-S-A, U-S-A – let's make America ‘great’ again!!!

    • Visubversa 5.1

      "Woke" has taken over from "Politically Correct" as the term for "something in the 21stC I don't like", much beloved of lazy thinkers.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 5.1.1

        yes I like the original meaning of the term – its use as a pejorative not so much.

      • roblogic 5.1.2

        IMHO "Woke" is a shorthand for "Critical Theory" that rejects empirical knowledge, and importantly, ignores material (Marxist) analysis of class conflict, focusing instead on its own political project

        The focus on identity, experiences, and activism, rather than an attempt to find truth, leads to conflict with empirical scholars and undermines public confidence in the worth of scholarship that uses this approach. Because critical theories nearly always begin with their conclusion—their own assumptions about power dynamics in society, how those are problematic, and the need for their disruption or dismantling—and then seeks to find ways to read them into various aspects of society (see discourse analysis and close reading), the body of scholarship that has been growing for the last fifty years has become a towering and impressive mountain with very insecure foundations.

    • Macro 5.2

      Sleep on Florida. DeSantimonious is watching.

    • millsy 5.3

      DeSantis wants to impose a theocracy, plain and simple. His mass progroms have already started by trying to purge queer culture from the school system, and allowing people to run down protestors like dogs. I wouldnt be suprised if we started seeing the odd lynching in Florida over the next few years.

    • roblogic 5.4

      DeSantis is a scary character, building on the MAGA base, but he's much more electable and coherent than Trump.

      DeSantis is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of Floridians due to his lies and coverups re Covid safety measures

    • Ad 6.1

      How will the Democrats repay women particularly young women for saving the mid terms from total carnage?

  6. millsy 7

    If nothing else, the furniture has been saved.

    However Biden is still going to face the most right wing, racist, homophobic, transphobic, mysoginistic, authoritarian, anti union, anti welfare, anti public, sector, theocratic GOP in US history. They belive in total Biblical Christianity, and the imposing of it at gunpoint. We are talking about turning the clock back to the 1800's.

    The Republicans will stop at nothing to commence their pogroms, starting with the LGBT community. As far as the GOP goes, the are vermin who deserve to be exterminated. Same with the blacks,

  7. mickysavage 8

    Some magnificent writing from Jack Holmes at Esquire:

    "McCarthy now faces the prospect of a one- or three-seat majority where, even if he can fend off a leadership challenge, he will spend all day, every day trying to appease and corral the National Disgrace Caucus of halfwits and narcissists trying to get themselves on TV. It could amount to a Vice-Speaker Marjorie Taylor Green situation, or possibly Jim Jordan, although the caucus may be one light if Lauren Boebert crashes to shock defeat in Colorado's 3rd District. Adam Frisch led her all night and into the morning there, and the prospect that just one of these ghouls might have to get a real job is some solace indeed. Speaking of which, Sarah Palin is getting beaten like a drum up in Alaska again by Mary Peltola."

    Bobert is still behind although only just …

  8. adam 9

    All I can say is well done to our American friends for not voting in the Christian Fascists who have infested the GOP.

    Seems to be a big reaction against by republican voters.

    Time will tell.

  9. mosa 10

    " Especially between the Trump arse-lickers

    That description does you favours.

    We have such a rich language yet you choose language like that to make a point.

  10. newsense 11

    Where next for the GOP if they can shake Trump?

    Anti-democratic campaigning or plotting has been part of their long term goals for a long time. There will have been a lot of anti-democratic ultra partisan Republicans elected in key offices that decide on electoral issues. ID/voter suppression laws weren’t discussed, nor was gerrymandering.
    The Federalists seem to rather have overachieved in terms of flooding the judiciary. There seems to be more Russian sympathy with the GOP, with talk about slowing or stopping support for Ukraine. Fox News has demon spawn in OAN etc. We’ve seen Elon Musk tweeting conspiracies about Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

    In short, Trump is an issue, but if he goes American democracy isn’t necessarily free from disloyal opposition and attacks on it as an institution or a concept. To be cheerful about it, perhaps it’s only going to get worse? Perhaps ‘civility’ maybe be returned in some discussion of their plans, but the plans without the insults and reality denying fabrications won’t change an enormous amount? The next coup may be better organised and less visible.

    And let’s be honest it is far far from clear that they will shake themselves free from Trump 2024.

  11. Maurice 12

    The far greater danger in the US is that BOTH sides have had it clearly demonstrated that NEITHER can prevail by voting and the 50/50 split has been well reinforced.

    • Ad 12.1

      Not true on the Democrat and Biden record of delivery this term.

      American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is a federal bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on March 11, 2021, to provide economic relief in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      According to the White House, the key features of the law include the following government initiatives and investments:[2]

      • Spend approximately $160 billion on national vaccination program and response
      • Spend approximately $130 billion to safely reopen schools
      • Distribute $1,400 per person in relief payments
      • Extend unemployment benefits to September 6, 2021
      • Increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits by 15 percent through September 2021
      • Increase the Child Tax Credit from $2,000 to $3,000 per child over age 6 and $3,600 per child under age 6
      • Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit
      • Expand childcare assistance and provide an additional tax credit for childcare costs
      • Provide $1 billion to states for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients
      • Lower health insurance premiums

      Build Back Better Act of 2021

      The Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376) is a bill pending before the 117th Congress. It cleared the United States House of Representatives on November 19, 2021.

      House Democrats released a $1.75 trillion budget framework on October 28, 2021, for spending on climate change, childcare, and healthcare. President Joe Biden (D) announced his support for the framework the same day. Key spending included the following initiatives:

      • $555 billion aiming to address climate change and renewable energy investment
      • $400 billion aiming to address childcare, childcare costs, and universal pre-K
      • $165 billion aiming to address healthcare and Medicare hearing expansion
      • $150 billion aiming to address public housing and affordability issues
      • $150 billion aiming to address home care

      Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021

      The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 (IIJA) is a federal bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on November 15, 2021.

      According to the White House, the key features of the bill include:

      • $89.9 billion in new infrastructure funding and reauthorizations
      • $66 billion in funding for Amtrak maintenance and development
      • $40 billion in new funding for bridge repair, replacement, and rehabilitation
      • $55 billion in funding for clean drinking water
      • $65 billion in funding to create universal access to reliable high-speed internet
      • $65 billion in funding for clean energy transmission and power infrastructure upgrades

      Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022

      The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022 is a firearm regulation and mental health bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on June 25, 2022.

      • Expanded background checks for individuals under the age of 21 purchasing firearms.
      • Providing $11 billion for mental health services, including increased funding for the Medicaid Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic program, increased funding for school-based mental health programs, and investments in pediatric mental healthcare services.
      • Preventing individuals who have been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor or felony in dating relationships from purchasing firearms for five years.
      • Providing $750 million for state grants to implement crisis intervention order programs, also referred to as red-flag laws, that would allow authorities to confiscate firearms from individuals who have been determined by a court to be a significant danger to themselves or others. The grants could also be used to support mental health courts, drug courts, veterans courts, and extreme risk protection orders.
      • Providing $2 billion for community-based violence prevention initiatives.

      Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

      Signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on August 16, 2022, addressing climate change, healthcare costs, and tax enforcement.

      • A $369 billion investment to address energy security and climate change
      • An extension of Affordable Care Act subsidies
      • Allowing Medicare to negotiate certain drug prices
      • A 15% corporate minimum tax, a 1% stock buyback fee, and enhanced Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enforcement
      • An estimated $300 billion deficit reduction from 2022-2030

      Joe Biden presidential administration – Ballotpedia


      Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Act

      Directing Pentagon to give US$Trillion and counting weapons to Ukraine which have enabled them to repel Russia, and now likely to win

      Revived and expanded NATO

      Unified much of world against Russia

      Deep trade sanctions against China which are working in specific and telling areas

      Very robust defence of Taiwan

      And Biden has successfully defended the Senate majority which hasn't been done in a fair while, and he has two years to go to achieve more.

      The above I'd argue is more extensive than that achieved by LBJ, our last big New Dealer.

  12. Maurice 13

    Remember this:

    In the final count, Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote of the 2016 presidential election was nearly three million votes.

    According to the independent, non-partisan Cook Political Report, Clinton’s final tally came in at 65,844,610, compared to Donald Trump’s 62,979,636, with a difference of 2,864,974. The total number of votes for other candidates was 7,804,213.

    Seems the reverse has occurred:

    According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday morning, November 10, Republicans have won 50,113,534 votes, or 52.3% of the vote, compared to 44,251,768, or 46.2% of the vote. Republicans lead by 6.1%, which is better than their average in “generic congressional ballot” polls, in which the party led by 2.5% in the final RealClearPolitics average before the election. But Republicans have only managed to flip nine seats thus far — likely enough to control the House, but far short of a “wave” result many anticipated.

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  • PHILIP CRUMP:  Team of rivals – a CEO approach to government leadership
    The work begins Philip Crump wrote this article ahead of the new government being sworn in yesterday – Later today the new National-led coalition government will be sworn in, and the hard work begins. At the core of government will be three men – each a leader ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    2 days ago
  • Black Friday
    As everyone who watches television or is on the mailing list for any of our major stores will confirm, “Black Friday” has become the longest running commercial extravaganza and celebration in our history. Although its origins are obscure (presumably dreamt up by American salesmen a few years ago), it has ...
    Bryan GouldBy Bryan Gould
    2 days ago
  • In Defense of the Media.
    Yesterday the Ministers in the next government were sworn in by our Governor General. A day of tradition and ceremony, of decorum and respect. Usually.But yesterday Winston Peters, the incoming Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister, of our nation used it, as he did with the signing of the coalition ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    2 days ago
  • Top 10 news links at 10 am for Tuesday, Nov 28
    Nicola Willis’ first move was ‘spilling the tea’ on what she called the ‘sobering’ state of the nation’s books, but she had better be able to back that up in the HYEFU. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: Here’s my pick of top 10 news links elsewhere at 10 am ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    2 days ago
  • PT use up but fare increases coming
    Yesterday Auckland Transport were celebrating, as the most recent Sunday was the busiest Sunday they’ve ever had. That’s a great outcome and I’m sure the ...
    2 days ago
  • The very opposite of social investment
    Nicola Willis (in blue) at the signing of the coalition agreement, before being sworn in as both Finance Minister and Social Investment Minister. National’s plan to unwind anti-smoking measures will benefit her in the first role, but how does it stack up from a social investment viewpoint? Photo: Lynn Grieveson ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    3 days ago
  • Giving Tuesday
    For the first time "in history" we decided to jump on the "Giving Tuesday" bandwagon in order to make you aware of the options you have to contribute to our work! Projects supported by Skeptical Science Inc. Skeptical Science Skeptical Science is an all-volunteer organization but ...
    3 days ago
  • Let's open the books with Nicotine Willis
    Let’s say it’s 1984,and there's a dreary little nation at the bottom of the Pacific whose name rhymes with New Zealand,and they've just had an election.Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will you look at the state of these books we’ve opened,cries the incoming government, will you look at all this mountain ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    3 days ago
  • Climate Change: Stopping oil
    National is promising to bring back offshore oil and gas drilling. Naturally, the Greens have organised a petition campaign to try and stop them. You should sign it - every little bit helps, and as the struggle over mining conservation land showed, even National can be deterred if enough people ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • Don’t accept Human Rights Commission reading of data on Treaty partnership – read the survey fin...
    Wellington is braced for a “massive impact’ from the new government’s cutting public service jobs, The Post somewhat grimly reported today. Expectations of an economic and social jolt are based on the National-Act coalition agreement to cut public service numbers in each government agency in a cost-trimming exercise  “informed by” head ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    3 days ago
  • The stupidest of stupid reasons
    One of the threats in the National - ACT - NZ First coalition agreements was to extend the term of Parliament to four years, reducing our opportunities to throw a bad government out. The justification? Apparently, the government thinks "elections are expensive". This is the stupidest of stupid reasons for ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    3 days ago
  • A website bereft of buzz
    Buzz from the Beehive The new government was being  sworn in, at time of writing , and when Point of Order checked the Beehive website for the latest ministerial statements and re-visit some of the old ones we drew a blank. We found ….  Nowt. Nothing. Zilch. Not a ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    3 days ago
  • MICHAEL BASSETT: A new Ministry – at last
    Michael Bassett writes – Like most people, I was getting heartily sick of all the time being wasted over the coalition negotiations. During the first three weeks Winston grinned like a Cheshire cat, certain he’d be needed; Chris Luxon wasted time in lifting the phone to Winston ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    3 days ago
  • Luxon's Breakfast.
    The Prime Minister elect had his silver fern badge on. He wore it to remind viewers he was supporting New Zealand, that was his team. Despite the fact it made him look like a concierge, or a welcomer in a Koru lounge. Anna Burns-Francis, the Breakfast presenter, asked if he ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    3 days ago
  • LINDSAY MITCHELL:  Oranga Tamariki faces major upheaval under coalition agreement
     Lindsay Mitchell writes – A hugely significant gain for ACT is somewhat camouflaged by legislative jargon. Under the heading ‘Oranga Tamariki’ ACT’s coalition agreement contains the following item:   Remove Section 7AA from the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 According to Oranga Tamariki:     “Section ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    3 days ago
  • BRIAN EASTON:  Peters as Minister
    A previous column looked at Winston Peters biographically. This one takes a closer look at his record as a minister, especially his policy record. Brian Easton writes – 1990-1991: Minister of Māori Affairs. Few remember Ka Awatea as a major document on the future of Māori policy; there is ...
    Point of OrderBy poonzteam5443
    3 days ago
  • Cathrine Dyer's guide to watching COP 28 from the bottom of a warming planet
    Is COP28 largely smoke and mirrors and a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel? Photo: Getty ImagesTL;DR: COP28 kicks off on November 30 and up for negotiation are issues like the role of fossil fuels in the energy transition, contributions to ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    3 days ago
  • Top 10 news links at 10 am for Monday, Nov 27
    PM Elect Christopher Luxon was challenged this morning on whether he would sack Adrian Orr and Andrew Coster.TL;DR: Here’s my pick of top 10 news links elsewhere at 10 am on Monday November 27, including:Signs councils are putting planning and capital spending on hold, given a lack of clear guidance ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    3 days ago
  • Gordon Campbell on the new government’s policies of yesteryear
    This column expands on a Werewolf column published by Scoop on Friday Routinely, Winston Peters is described as the kingmaker who gets to decide when the centre right or the centre-left has a turn at running this country. He also plays a less heralded but equally important role as the ...
    3 days ago
  • The New Government’s Agreements
    Last Friday, almost six weeks after election day, National finally came to an agreement with ACT and NZ First to form a government. They also released the agreements between each party and looking through them, here are the things I thought were the most interesting (and often concerning) from the. ...
    4 days ago
  • How many smokers will die to fund the tax cuts?
    Maori and Pasifika smoking rates are already over twice the ‘all adult’ rate. Now the revenue that generates will be used to fund National’s tax cuts. Photo: Getty ImagesTL;DR: The devil is always in the detail and it emerged over the weekend from the guts of the policy agreements National ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    4 days ago
  • How the culture will change in the Beehive
    Perhaps the biggest change that will come to the Beehive as the new government settles in will be a fundamental culture change. The era of endless consultation will be over. This looks like a government that knows what it wants to do, and that means it knows what outcomes ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    4 days ago
  • No More Winnie Blues.
    So what do you think of the coalition’s decision to cancel Smokefree measures intended to stop young people, including an over representation of Māori, from taking up smoking? Enabling them to use the tax revenue to give other people a tax cut?David Cormack summed it up well:It seems not only ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    4 days ago
  • 2023 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #47
    A chronological listing of news and opinion articles posted on the Skeptical Science  Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, Nov 19, 2023 thru Sat, Nov 25, 2023.  Story of the Week World stands on frontline of disaster at Cop28, says UN climate chief  Exclusive: Simon Stiell says leaders must ‘stop ...
    5 days ago
  • Some of it is mad, some of it is bad and some of it is clearly the work of people who are dangerous ...
    On announcement morning my mate texted:Typical of this cut-price, fake-deal government to announce itself on Black Friday.What a deal. We lose Kim Hill, we gain an empty, jargonising prime minister, a belligerent conspiracist, and a heartless Ayn Rand fanboy. One door closes, another gets slammed repeatedly in your face.It seems pretty ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    5 days ago
  • “Revolution” is the threat as the Māori Party smarts at coalition government’s Treaty directi...
    Buzz from the Beehive Having found no fresh announcements on the government’s official website, Point of Order turned today to Scoop’s Latest Parliament Headlines  for its buzz. This provided us with evidence that the Māori Party has been soured by the the coalition agreement announced yesterday by the new PM. “Soured” ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    5 days ago
  • The Good, the Bad, and the even Worse.
    Yesterday the trio that will lead our country unveiled their vision for New Zealand.Seymour looking surprisingly statesmanlike, refusing to rise to barbs about his previous comments on Winston Peters. Almost as if they had just been slapstick for the crowd.Winston was mostly focussed on settling scores with the media, making ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    5 days ago
  • When it Comes to Palestine – Free Speech is Under Threat
    Hi,Thanks for getting amongst Mister Organ on digital — thanks to you, we hit the #1 doc spot on iTunes this week. This response goes a long way to helping us break even.I feel good about that. Other things — not so much.New Zealand finally has a new government, and ...
    David FarrierBy David Farrier
    6 days ago
  • Thank you Captain Luxon. Was that a landing, or were we shot down?
    Hello! Here comes the Saturday edition of More Than A Feilding, catching you up on the past week’s editions.Also in More Than A FeildingFriday The unboxing And so this is Friday and what have we gone and done to ourselves?In the same way that a Christmas present can look lovely under the ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    6 days ago
  • Cans of Worms.
    “And there’ll be no shortage of ‘events’ to test Luxon’s political skills. David Seymour wants a referendum on the Treaty. Winston wants a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Labour’s handling of the Covid crisis. Talk about cans of worms!”LAURIE AND LES were very fond of their local. It was nothing ...
    6 days ago
  • Disinformation campaigns are undermining democracy. Here’s how we can fight back
    This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Misinformation is debated everywhere and has justifiably sparked concerns. It can polarise the public, reduce health-protective behaviours such as mask wearing and vaccination, and erode trust in science. Much of misinformation is spread not ...
    6 days ago
  • Peters as Minister
    A previous column looked at Winston Peters biographically. This one takes a closer look at his record as a minister, especially his policy record.1990-1991: Minister of Māori Affairs. Few remember Ka Awatea as a major document on the future of Māori policy; there is not even an entry in Wikipedia. ...
    PunditBy Brian Easton
    6 days ago
  • The New Government: 2023 Edition
    So New Zealand has a brand-spanking new right-wing government. Not just any new government either. A formal majority coalition, of the sort last seen in 1996-1998 (our governmental arrangements for the past quarter of a century have been varying flavours of minority coalition or single-party minority, with great emphasis ...
    6 days ago
  • The unboxing
    And so this is Friday and what have we gone and done to ourselves?In the same way that a Christmas present can look lovely under the tree with its gold ribbon but can turn out to be nothing more than a big box holding a voucher for socks, so it ...
    More Than A FeildingBy David Slack
    6 days ago
  • A cruel, vicious, nasty government
    So, after weeks of negotiations, we finally have a government, with a three-party cabinet and a time-sharing deputy PM arrangement. Newsroom's Marc Daalder has put the various coalition documents online, and I've been reading through them. A few things stand out: Luxon doesn't want to do any work, ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Hurrah – we have a new government (National, ACT and New Zealand First commit “to deliver for al...
    Buzz from the Beehive Sorry, there has been  no fresh news on the government’s official website since the caretaker trade minister’s press statement about the European Parliament vote on the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement. But the capital is abuzz with news – and media comment is quickly flowing – after ...
    Point of OrderBy Bob Edlin
    6 days ago
  • Christopher Luxon – NZ PM #42.
    Nothing says strong and stable like having your government announcement delayed by a day because one of your deputies wants to remind everyone, but mostly you, who wears the trousers. It was all a bit embarrassing yesterday with the parties descending on Wellington before pulling out of proceedings. There are ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    6 days ago
  • Coalition Government details policies & ministers
    Winston Peters will be Deputy PM for the first half of the Coalition Government’s three-year term, with David Seymour being Deputy PM for the second half. Photo montage by Lynn Grieveson for The KākāTL;DR: PM-Elect Christopher Luxon has announced the formation of a joint National-ACT-NZ First coalition Government with a ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • “Old Coat” by Peter, Paul & Mary.
     THERE ARE SOME SONGS that seem to come from a place that is at once in and out of the world. Written by men and women who, for a brief moment, are granted access to that strange, collective compendium of human experience that comes from, and belongs to, all the ...
    6 days ago
  • Weekly Roundup 23-November-2023
    It’s Friday again! Maybe today we’ll finally have a government again. Roll into the weekend with some of the articles that caught our attention this week. And as always, feel free to add your links and observations in the comments. This Week in Greater Auckland On Monday Matt ...
    Greater AucklandBy Greater Auckland
    7 days ago
  • Geoffrey Miller: New Zealand’s strategy for COP28 in Dubai
    The COP28 countdown is on. Over 100 world leaders are expected to attend this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which starts next Thursday. Among the VIPs confirmed for the Dubai summit are the UK’s Rishi Sunak and Brazil’s Lula da Silva – along ...
    Democracy ProjectBy Geoffrey Miller
    7 days ago
  • Coalition talks: a timeline
    Media demand to know why a coalition government has yet to be formed. ...
    My ThinksBy boonman
    7 days ago
  • The Hoon around the week to Nov 24
    Luxon was no doubt relieved to be able to announce a coalition agreement has been reached, but we still have to wait to hear the detail. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / Getty ImagesTL;DR: The five things that mattered in Aotearoa’s political economy that we wrote and spoke about via The Kākā ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    7 days ago
  • Passing Things Down.
    Keeping The Past Alive: The durability of Commando comics testifies to the extended nature of the generational passing down of the images, music, and ideology of the Second World War. It has remained fixed in the Baby Boomers’ consciousness as “The Good War”: the conflict in which, to a far ...
    7 days ago
  • Skeptical Science New Research for Week #47 2023
    Open access notables How warped are we by fossil fuel dependency? Despite Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 35-40 million cubic meters per day of Russian natural gas are piped across Ukraine for European consumption every single day, right now. In order to secure European cooperation against Russian aggression, Ukraine must help to ...
    7 days ago

  • New Zealand welcomes European Parliament vote on the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement
    A significant milestone in ratifying the NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was reached last night, with 524 of the 705 member European Parliament voting in favour to approve the agreement. “I’m delighted to hear of the successful vote to approve the NZ-EU FTA in the European Parliament overnight. This is ...
    1 week ago
  • Further humanitarian support for Gaza, the West Bank and Israel
    The Government is contributing a further $5 million to support the response to urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, bringing New Zealand’s total contribution to the humanitarian response so far to $10 million. “New Zealand is deeply saddened by the loss of civilian life and the ...
    2 weeks ago

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