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Songs for the New Year – summertime!

Written By: - Date published: 9:11 am, January 1st, 2015 - 35 comments
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New Year’s Day is a time when many people in Aotearoa-NZ sit back and chill out, or head for the outdoors.

RNZ has some New Year images from around the world:

palestinian boy eight_col_gaza

A Palestinian boy stands on the beach during the last sunset of 2014 off the coast of Gaza City.

Some suggestions for songs suited to the day/month.

As 2014 was a year when the Scots almost regained their independence, so this first song is a traditional rendition of Robbie Burns Auld Lang Syne:

The political music vid of 2014 in NZ is Darren Watson’s “Planet Key”


A classic from Martha and the Vandellas that suits the exuberance of summer holidays:

And another classic that shows the melancholy side of summer days:

Herbs – not forgotten:

May 2015 be a very good one for the many!

35 comments on “Songs for the New Year – summertime! ”

  1. miravox 1

    Not so ‘hip’ these days, but the leftist credentials are quite strong (the video is a bit sus though, just sayin’)

    We’re still drinking gluhwein and listening to the fireworks and the the sound of the ‘Blue Danube’ and Falco.

    Have these crazy mushroom cups that are apparently lucky.

    Happy new year to all, especially the authors.

    • Rosie 1.1

      Lolz Miravox, you bet me to it! I had this ready to post. And yes, Paul Weller, shirtless, feeling the love, (or what ever he is doing), in soft focus, raised an eye brow……….

      Happy New Year to you, and to all comrades of The Standard.

      Enjoy the gluhwein 😀

      • miravox 1.1.1

        Thanks rosie, and all the best for the new year to you and yours.

        Although Vienna doesn’t make the fireworks list of places to be, it does a pretty good job of seeing in the new year. I’m also looking forward to a couple of days in Wellington in January. I hear the Garage Project in Te Aro is the place to be for a summertime drink?

        • Rosie

          “I hear the Garage Project in Te Aro is the place to be for a summertime drink?”

          That’s what I hear too miravox. Unfortunately I don’t have any $$$ to go out, even for a drink, so miss out on all the interesting places, stuck out here as I am in the deeply unfashionable and incredibly backwards northern suburbs.

          I hear that Garage Project has done really well and folks are very fond of their brews. Maybe those who are more socially mobile than myself would like to comment on ideal summer drinkie spots?

          PS: I just remembered, I have been out once, last year. It was to the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon. It was a great little bar. There’s also one in Pitu One. One of their claims to fame is they don’t have a TV. This is excellent if you don’t like annoying loud sports channels ruining your outing.

          Enjoy the rest of your evening and lebkuchen, if you are having. I bet you can get fabulous lebkuchen in Vienna, or is it more a German treat? I think the German’s came up with it first.

  2. Rosie 2

    Thanks for the beautiful rendition of Auld Lang Syne karol. Always a moving piece of music.

    The Scot in me still feels saddened and disappointed about the way the vote for independence fell, but I found this article very helpful, Gaining an understanding of how and why the vote went the way it did, from a psychological perspective answered many of the questions I had.


    The three areas covered are:

    “Fear and the Old Brain: React First, Think Later” which looks at the way our primal fear response influences our decision making when we are faced with a perceived risky choice.

    “Fear and the New Brain: Rational thought, or not?”: Theories around decision making when there are no known outcomes – some folks on TS are quite familiar with the concept of confirmation bias, which is one theory discussed.

    And “What about Personality?”, discusses “conscientiousness” (conservative personality) Vs. “openness to experience” (liberal personality). Personality traits that affected the decision making process for voters.
    (This theory was covered in a paper I did years ago “Psychology and Contemporary Issues” – fascinating stuff)

    It’s interesting reading the comments section too. Bellacaledonia is a great site to visit if you’re interested in seeing a leftish view of the world through the eyes of the Scots.

    • Macro 2.1

      Robbie Burns had a bit of the leftie in him as well! Not only was he a romantic poet, but he gave a voice to the common man – something very new! Perhaps his most famous song apart from “Auld Lang Syne”, “My love is like a Red Red Rose” and “Ae Fond Kiss”, is “A man’s a man”. This was sung at the opening of the new Scottish Parliament in 1999, and all the new MP’s joined in. But my favourite rendition is a much more modern version sung by Paolo Nutini:

      On a recent visit to Montreal we walked into the centre of the city where there is a small square of trees fountains and a statue. The statue is of Robbie Burns and on the base of the statue are the immortal words:

      “That Man to Man, the world o’er,
      Shall brothers be for a’ that.”

      If ever a sentiment of true Leftist hope.

      • Rosie 2.1.1

        Great song Macro, ta!

        I hear Burns’ night in Scotland has gone vegetarian friendly with the introduction of the option of a vegetarian haggis at some events. I’d love to attend a Burns’ night but I don’t see the vego thing happening here in NZ. Boohoo.

        • Macro

          We are having one here in Thames (on the 24th – the night before – but who cares – I’m sure not Robbie) – and guess what! Vege Haggis is on the menu! lol Yours truly and several others are to dance, and sing for their supper. 🙂

          • Rosie

            That’s fantastic Macro. I’m sure you’ll have a great evening. You should file a report for Weekend Social. I want to know what goes in the vego haggis…..

            Is there a bit of thing for the Scots going on in Thames?

            I see from my Clan MacKenzie newsletter that the Clan Gathering is to be held in Thames on the 8th May, this year, at the Thames Club. I think they’ve held the Gathering there before.

            PS: I’m ok to disclose my McKenzie name, as it’s my name from the days when I was a maiden, hence I remain anonymous.

            • Macro

              “Is there a bit of thing for the Scots going on in Thames?”
              lol you might say that!

              “…Clan MacKenzie newsletter that the Clan Gathering is to be held in Thames on the 8th May, this year”
              I think I have a very good idea of who might be organising that too! In fact he will be addressing the Haggis after piping it in on the 24th. I’ve stopped piping at the moment owing to a hernia.

              • Rosie

                Well, we are blessed to have a piper among us here at TS 🙂 That’s really very interesting. All the best for a speedy and good recovery from the hernia.

                I’m new to the Clan MacKenzie Society and as yet, haven’t met anyone. At this stage, it’s all still a mystery. I doubt I’ll be able to get to Thames in May due to the $$$ situation, unfortunately. I’m going to have to wait a little longer to meet folks.

                I hope you have a really great Burn’s night, with some of my lot no doubt!

                Apologies to karol, for derailing your post with unrelated chat.

  3. greywarshark 3

    Happy New Year – for all 2015 and thanks for your untiring interest in the blog. And to Tracey also, the good work did not bring all that was hoped for but we advanced to a better position.

    I think we stand on a higher grassy knoll even with only our thoughts and words to broadcast at our world. The finger on the key is ultimately mightier than any weapon.

  4. For this year and the next, I’ll be taking comfort and encouragement in folks singers telling the truth.

    For anyone who needs a reminder to wake the fuck up!
    Ballad of Accounting – Ewan MacColl

    Encouragement for everyone who thinks for themselves;
    No Hole In My Head – Malvina Reynolds

    Remembering the families at Pike River; “Bone and blood is the price of coal
    The Ballad of Springhill – Peggy Seeger

    The war that we are now involved with in the Middle East;
    … every time I read the papers that old feeling comes on;
    We’re — waist deep in the Big Muddy, and the big fool says to push on

    The Big Muddy – Pete Seeger

    For the futility of war and our inability as a race to address the causes leads to the following observation;
    Where have all the flowers gone? – Pete Seeger

    And a light hearted song of loss;
    My Old Horse Died – Dock Boggs
    This version is sung by Ben Presage as I wasn’t able to find the original (which is better) online.
    Also, for any pickers out there who want an instant hit at parties and pubs, it’s just the chicken reel in open G.

    Enjoy the old timey, timeless songs. They’re part of our collective aural history.

    • Macro 4.1

      Could I add the immortal Joan Baez’s Joe Hill to that list:

      Live from Woodstock 69 – the year everything changed.
      It’s rumoured that an envelope of Joe Hill’s ashes was sent to NZ – but never “arrived” – so powerful was his legacy.

      • Naturesong 4.1.1

        I’ve never been a fan of her’s. Her music is just too clean, there’s none of the earthyness I’m after from folk music.

        My favourite version: Paul Robeson singing Joe Hill

        It’s also worth mentioning (for those not already aware) that Joe Hill was also a folk musician as well as a labour activist in the early 1900’s.

        It’s pretty clear that he was fitted up because the songs he wrote were both subversive (if your wealth depends on an exploited workforce) and popular.
        Here’s The Preacher and The Slave performed by Harry K McClintock.
        And Casey Jones – The Union Scab performed by Pete Seeger.

        We see similar forces at work today in New Zealand.
        In NZ, when a political party in power takes a personal interest in those who disagree with it, it’s the police who are used to harass, bully and intimidate.
        In my lifetime, only the National Party has done this – but people are people, all members of all parties need to be vigilant against such abuses of power.

  5. joe90 5

    Florence Reece – Which Side Are You On?

    Drop Kick Murphys – Which Side Are You On?

    Dick Gaughan – Which Side Are You On?

    Natalie Merchant – Which Side Are You On?


    Billy Bragg – Which Side Are You On?

    Pete Seeger – Which Side Are You On?

    Ani Difranco – Which Side Are You On?

    Which Side Are You On?

    Come all of you good workers
    Good news to you I’ll tell
    Of how that good old union
    Has come in here to dwell
    Which side are you on?
    Which side are you on?
    Which side are you on?
    Which side are you on?
    My daddy was a miner
    And I’m a miner’s son
    And I’ll stick with the union
    Till every battle’s won
    They say in Harlan County
    There are no neutrals there
    You’ll either be a union man
    Or a thug for J.H. Blair
    Oh, workers can you stand it?
    Oh, tell me how you can
    Will you be a lousy scab
    Or will you be a man?
    Don’t scab for the bosses
    Don’t listen to their lies
    Us poor folks haven’t got a chance
    Unless we organize

    Florence Patton Reece

  6. just saying 6

    “What’s the time Mr Wolf” an old favourite, feel-good song and a protest song to boot. I’ve always loved Pacific reggae.
    Feeling a bit odd being back from South Auckland for Christmas. The song was featured in the first “Once were Warriors’ movie. I felt a kind of relief when it came out. Despite the content, it seemed like the first time South Auckland had ever been represented in the media (outside of ‘Police 10-7’, which was a big source of finding out what many old school friends were up to). It was such a strange feeling that most of the sets were old childhood haunts.

  7. Anne 7

    Here’s my contribution from the legendary George Gershwin’s beautiful opera “Porgy and Bess”- summertime

  8. Murray Rawshark 9

    I always like this one at the beginning of anything.


  9. joe90 10

    Old and new.

    The Dynotones – Devils Martini

    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Man On Fire

    Yakoto – Perfect Timing

    Billy Strange – Walkin

  10. Andrew Welsh 11

    “Swords of 1000 Men” by Tenpole Tudor.

    Great song that was the theme to Maggies boys off to The Faulklands to beat up the Argies.

    Second choice is “Neighbourhood Bully” by Dylon when he supported the Israeli
    attack on the Iraqi nuclear facility.

    Far more inspiring than Seeger and company

    • Murray Rawshark 11.1

      I bet you love this rousing little ditty too:


      • miravox 11.1.1

        😳 ‘not available in [my] country’ I think I may have broken a law or something going to look for that one.

    • Naturesong 11.2

      If you beleve that war is the natural state of man.
      And that killing each other for resources or differences in opinion is both rightous and proper.

      Then yes, those songs really get you in the mood for killing the “other”, the outsider, or whoever is branded “enemy” that your leader points toward.

      Weirdly, many of the songs sung by Pete Seeger et al. are hundreds of years old – there’s a reason they are popular.
      They express the human condition, something that every human being can connect with.

      Also, Pete was pretty inspiring;
      the Hudson River is clean because decided to do something about it. Singing My Dirty Stream and starting the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater project.
      He helped the anti-war movement reach critical mass, with Bring them home
      And also his adaption of We Shall Overcome that became the Civil Rights movement anthem.

      A good song reminds us what we’re fighting for.
      The world will be saved by people fighting for their homes
      The American Indians were Communists. They were. Every anthropologist will tell you they were Communists. No rich, no poor. If somebody needed something the community chipped in

    • One Anonymous Bloke 11.3

      Crass provided the soundtrack as Galtieri & Thatcher spilled other people’s guts for personal gain and called it glorious.

      As for inspired, c.1982, try Hex Enduction Hour.

    • miravox 11.4

      Inspiring angry war song

  11. Aaron is a national treasure, a genius – love his work from the beginning with weta, to Cairo Knife Fight and AHoriBuzz – some videos and music to enjoy from now to then


    Origin of Slaves

    and where it began

    Let it Go

    This year imo we need to raise the energy, turn the amps up, let go of our fear, understand our slavery, and turnaround… everything…

  12. (i’m picking there will be a bit of civil-disobedience in this upcoming yr..

    ..this will help with the soundtrack for that..)

    “..Soundtrack for a Police-Brutality Protest..

    (ed:..a good demo needs a soundtrack..

    ..here is a ready-made one..

    ..and yes..!..of course ‘fuck da police!’ is there..)



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    6 days ago
  • Māori vaccination rates reach 80% first dose
    Associate Minister of Health (Māori) Hon Peeni Henare today confirmed that Māori across the motu have now reached 80 percent for first doses of the COVID-19 vaccination nationally. “We have seen a huge increase in vaccinations for Māori throughout November, since the beginning of the month the increase for first ...
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    1 week ago
  • Subsequent Children legislation to change
    The Government has today introduced legislation that will reverse provisions in the Oranga Tamariki Act as part of a path to rebuild trust and confidence in the organisation. “The Oranga Tamariki Amendment Bill makes a number of changes but by far the most important is the partial repeal of the ...
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    1 week ago