(Sort of a) caption contest

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Someone’s noticed that during her recent Tea Party speech Palin had “Energy”, “Tax,” and “Lift Americans Spirits” written on her hand – she used it to crib from when questioned about Republican priorities.

A spy pic from the House yesterday suggests that Key’s taken a leaf out of Palin’s book. Any ideas what it says?

54 comments on “(Sort of a) caption contest”

  1. vto 1

    That looks photo-shopped ayb. You playing tricks on us?

  2. Lanthanide 2

    If this didn’t actually happen, then you need something saying that. At the very least this should be tagged “Humour”.

    [lprent: that is pretty much up to the author. ]

  3. Peter Johns 3

    At least they can put the comments on their hands, they don’t need a telepmompter like Obama which carries a lot more info as he talks more BS.

    But all in all big deal, woopy, what a game breaker.

  4. Parnell Boy 4

    “Fake it until you make it”

  5. Akldnut 5

    It looks like it says “Energy’, “Tax,’ and “Lift Americans Spirits’ lol

  6. Akldnut 6

    Captcha – “appeared” Straight off Palins hand

  7. lukas 7

    Clearly photo shopped, if you zoom in on it you can see it clearly. Bad photo shop effort… C-

  8. randal 9

    it says: pinheads r us.

  9. Scott 10

    “Keep smiling”

  10. BLiP 11

    – make $50 million

    – marry Bronagh

    – fuck New Zealand

  11. greg 12

    Tax Cuts
    GST rise
    Drill baby drill

  12. greenfly 13

    Bill’s ‘Left’ is the killer.

    Don’t sneer?

  13. lukas 14

    So a_y_b, you going to admit that it was edited?

    • Pascal's bookie 14.1

      Is this some sort of political correctness thing?

      “All intent must be clearly labelled, lest the easily confused know not what to think”

      fuck that.

      • lukas 14.1.1

        Not at all PB. AYB said that it was true, which it clearly is not. I am fine with a joke or two, and it does make a good caption contest, but be truthful about it, call it what it is.

        • Pascal's bookie

          Dude, how is that “Not at all”?

          Looks like “bang on” to me.

          • lukas

            PB, AYB has claimed this is a true photo. It is not. He should admit that.

            [lprent: No he did not claim that – I just reread the post to be sure. You either have a reading deficiency or you’re lying. Which is it? Remember I don’t allow direct attacks on authors. ]

            • Pascal's bookie

              Why? Because it might confuse the stupid?

            • felix

              Where? All I see is “a spy pic”.

              You going round to kiwiteen’s after school?

              • lukas

                PB, I doubt that. I guess lying is OK now huh?

                Felix- “A spy pic from the House yesterday suggests that Key’s taken a leaf out of Palin’s book.”

                What do you think that means?

                [lprent: You certainly seem to be lying further up claiming about what a_y_b said. But I guess that doesn’t count in your moral universe? ]

              • Bill


                It obviously all means that at least some of the standardistas are in cahoots with evil foreign overlords who have infiltrated parliament with boxes full of whiz bang spywear, the results of which are being passed on to ‘thestandard’ for dissemination with the intent of fomenting disquiet and revolution.

                Or it might less obviously mean something else entirely.


              • lukas

                “It obviously all means that at least some of the standardistas are in cahoots with evil foreign overlords who have infiltrated parliament with boxes full of whiz bang spywear, the results of which are being passed on to ‘thestandard’ for dissemination with the intent of fomenting disquiet and revolution.”

                oh, you mean just like the media are in cahoots to get the left, Bush planned 9/11 and John Key is secretly controlled by people in the US?

              • felix

                lukas: What do you think that means?

                I think it means you have a comprehension problem. Don’t play language games with me, spotty.

              • @Felix
                You’re welcome too. 🙂

            • Smokie

              Harden up lukas.

    • all_your_base 14.2

      Haha, I didn’t think there would be any doubt that it was 😉

  14. felix 15

    “just think of the knighthood just think of the knighthood just think of the knighthood”

  15. “pull pants down before peeing”

    • Rex Widerstrom 16.1

      For absolutely no reason I could discern, that was also the first thing that came to my mind.

      I’m not sure whether that means we’re particularly perceptive, marty, or that we’re both in need of some intensive psychoanalysis.

  16. sweetd 17

    AYB, tag it as a joke, or do we now assume every post of yours is faked?

    [lprent: Perhaps you should look at the types of posts that a_y_b does.
    s/he concentrates on bringing the web to the site. Your statement is rather meaningless in that context unless you want to claim that the whole web is a faked mirage. ]

  17. Scott 18

    Are people really that stupid they can’t spot a joke?

  18. torydog 19

    the sad thing is on their other hand they have there own names written.

  19. grumpy 20

    I don’t care – Sarah Palin is HOT!!!!

    And, she doesn’t (unlike Obama), need a teleprompter!

    • Pascal's bookie 20.1

      Yeah, though when Obama had that televised meeting with GOP congress critters, he didn’t need a prompter to eat their lunch.

      They won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

      • grumpy 20.1.1

        Glad you agree that Palin is HOT!!!!

        So, it’s just her politics you don’t like?

        • Pascal's bookie

          Nah I only said she doesn’t need a ‘prompter. I was wrong though, using one would probably help.

          But I guess 30 words a minute makes for a pretty dull speech.

          • grumpy

            Come on now PB, you almost let your guard down. admit it, you think Sarah is HOT!!!!

            But, is she HOT!!! enough for you to bat for the other side?

    • Yeah yeah Grumpy and what she does need you could give her aye.

      A good looking dumb red neck perfect candidate for the republicans if only she could act.

      I be baaack!

      • grumpy 20.2.1

        Don’t think I would go thaaaat far.

        But at least with good looking politicians, if you don’t like what they are saying, you can turn the sound off!

  20. prosaic 21

    “Note to self: auction hand on trademe.”

  21. torydog 22

    hehe yes we know when johns on the ropes…..he auctions something…oh and you also get a cup of tea with John…..nice! Janola in my tea please!

  22. Irascible 23

    Look it reads: “Put the right hand in and shake it all about.Put the Left hand in and we’re really double dipton”

  23. Perhaps this should be tagged under “humour”. It is obvious that it is fake but it could be seen as lying.

  24. If you were a child, yes.
    Or stupid.

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