Spray and hope

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This is so funny.

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27 comments on “Spray and hope”

  1. randal 1

    its new but it is not improved! just the same old crap in a different bottle.

  2. Macro 2

    Randal! Its not even new!! Just the same ol crap!

  3. L&P really brings out the creativity in everyone.

  4. Joe Blogger 4

    Hmmmm no authorisation statement……..whooops sorry I forgot those are only required for other people.

  5. Rose 5

    Ha Ha nice one!
    you could use it to wash your hands after you have been digging around in JKs Rubbish bin??
    Maybe Helen used some to brighten up those Billboards?
    I guess the amount of mud you guys are throwing you would need a good product to clean yourselves?

  6. This is a blog. You may like to skim the legislation. A bit of light bed-time reading for you mate. 😉

  7. yeah, Rose, isn’t that incredible? John Key just making up a lie about his rubbish being rifled through.

  8. Joe Blogger 9

    Actually James I think you might find its is a bit of a grey area. The problem being that while it is hosted on a Blog the actual “advert” is an image rather than text.

    Anyway I’ll presume I’m wrong as I accept my comment was inflammatory and I can’t be bothered in a flame war etc.

    A side note James any update to your Police Complaint, perhaps you can let the Site know at some point.

  9. joe. not sure how the nature of political comment on a blog would matter. Material on a blog is not an electoral advertisement.

    if the image was on something other than a blog, it would be an electoral ad and would require authorisation.

  10. Rex Widerstrom 11

    We do need more prisons. Desperately.

    Then we need to put a bulldozer through the filthy, crumbling, leaky, inhumane people dumpsters that currently pass for prisons in many parts of NZ.

  11. stan 12

    I am so pleased to see the polls indicate that the National Party are set for a landslide win at this election
    very best

  12. Ianmac 13

    Stan: Those drawings are pretty mean, at “don’t vote labour”. I can understand where those who post regular tedious abuse on various blogs, get their ideas from. I think that the slippery/spray one above is clever rather than malicious.
    Remember about a year ago John Key said “I will do whatever it takes.” Even Simon Power must be gasping at the life means life from Key/Sen Sent Trust (Trust???). Simon has been consistent in his ideas and critisism re crime and punishment but would imagine that the latest call from Key would appall him. “So Slippery John?” “Do what it takes?” (By the way legislation on crime can’t be retrospective, (Thanks Lyndon) so a crim will have to commit a 5+ year crime next year, be sentenced in say 2010, serve 5 years, then commit another 5+ year crime about year 2014 by which time John Key will have slipped out of sight. Cunning plan Baldrick!!)

  13. Dom 14

    I see that half the population apparently want to bring back the death penalty (Herald poll) so maybe National are onto something.

    Way to go NZ, bring in the death penalty and lets see how it affects the violent crime rate. I guess these people never noticed that the highest murder rates in the US are in the states that still have the death penalty…

    (oddly the Captcha words are enacting Execu-)

  14. randal 15

    I wonder if they will bring back public stoning?

  15. outofbed 16

    This poll is looking very good for National


    Cap:parties ratings (Its alive)

  16. Janet 17

    The poll on the death penalty is actually indicating a growing opposition to it. For years a large majority of NZers have wanted the death penalty brought back, according to such polls.

  17. outofbed 18

    This poll is looking very good for NZF

  18. Dom 19

    yes randal, I believe stoning is one of National’s policies that they having announced yet along with book burning, witch drowning and teaching that the world was created 4,000 years ago and that evolution is bunk.

    Captcha – inner Left

  19. Phil 20


    Johnsonville – residential domicile of the wellington civil servant… seems like we aren’t worried about job losses under National.


  20. Paul 21

    have you guys seen the unashamed hard-on Stuff.co.nz has given itself. It’s reporting on it’s own story, even created an online poll about the death penalty.

    Nobody was talking about the death penalty until some dork in the comments section mentioned it. It became such a hot topic they’ve reported and created a story all about their comments page.

    I don’t know about you guys, but to allow wacko extremists to hijack the comments on a story, create a story and poll all around it, seems nothing more than an orgy of self indulgence by fairfax.

    Further their comments need serious moderation, the idiot who suggested lining people up to save bullets, even DPF wouldn’t really put up with that shit.

    Poor poor poor journalism

  21. Tane 22

    Paul. Yes. Depressing.

  22. Pascal's bookie 23

    “even DPF wouldn’t really put up with that shit.”

    Buggerlugs (1220) Vote: 25 0 Says:

    October 6th, 2008 at 3:52 pm
    Adolf – Cullen should be executed for this pile of shit…

  23. Paul 24

    OK, I was actually trying to be a little magnanimous for dear old Kiwiblog.

    We all know the crap that goes on in that place, but to see it on Fairfax’s Stuff web site was pretty unbelievable.

    Actually I see they’ve taken down the poll, which is a little quick for polls.

    ” bullet to the head, put these guys down like the animals they are. A single bullet right between the eyes is a much cheaper option for those who think nothing of stabbing and shooting others to death.”

    was the actual quote used, not in the comments (although it was made by a person), but used in a story in a national news organisation – that’s pretty reprehensible.

    Actually, even with the thick skin I have, I’ve all but given up on DPF’s site. One could take the shit, but the gloating is too much to bear.

  24. Pascal's bookie 25

    Paul, I’d just seen buggerlugs comment when I saw yours. Irony struck me more than anything else.

    I’m in two minds about ‘promoting’ vile comments from threads into news stories.

    On the crappy hand, the comments at Stuff or the Herald are plainly by idiots. Commenters will say any damn thing, there is little actual discussion and quoting them is pretty stupid. You may as well quote word salad.

    On another less crappy hand, punters in munter land should be exposed to some of the crap that their fellow kiwis are prepared to say.

    I’ve recommended kiwiblog comment sections to friends of my parents, explaining first who DF is and how close he is to those lovely polite National party people. I’ve never needed to send them to whale’s place to make it any clearer.

  25. Quoth the Raven 26

    Funny thing is those fucknuts probably complain about the nanny state and they want the state to have the power to execute people.

  26. Pascal's bookie 27


    Exactly. I’m not prepared to give the state the right to kill it’s citizens. End of fucking story.

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