Spreading privilege

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This week I’ve been to see the surrealists at the Tate Modern in London, and read about the surrealists at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham. God knows what Cameron was talking about, with his  line about spreading privilege – Knighthoods for all? Everybody off to Eton and Oxbridge?

The Tories are in trouble. They’re behind in the polls, their plan to rejig electorate boundaries has come unstuck, and their own supporters don’t think they can win next election, due in two years. Cameron is desperate to get rid of the image of the “nasty party”, who only govern in the interests of the rich. “Spreading privilege” is not a line that’s likely to work; it is more a tribute to how much he has been thrown off balance by Ed Miliband’s speech at the Labour party conference.

But they are still the same old Tory Party. When in trouble, embrace Laura Naude. Earlier in the week the new Justice Secretary Grayling’s line was to promise that homeowners defending their property against burglars would not be prosecuted if they used unreasonable force. Prosecution would only happen if the force was egregiously unreasonable. Stabbing would be ok if they were conscious; stabbing while unconscious  would not.

We should remember that the Tories around the world talk to each other and share ideas for campaigning and communications. So as National gets more desperate in New Zealand we might perhaps look to see “Stabber Collins” replace “Crusher Collins”.  After all, Cameron borrowed his lines from Key; Tories are different because they are “aspirational”. Yeah right – for themselves.

More importantly, Tories on both sides of the world are wedded to austerity politics. Not for the top end though; Osborne and English have both cut the top rate of tax, and refused any kind of wealth tax. Spreading privilege doesn’t go that far.

10 comments on “Spreading privilege”

  1. Hilary 1

    It was a bit sickening to see Cameron and his wife weeping about how inspirational the Paralympics had been because they had had a disabled child themselves (who has since died), when his government has overseen the greatest dismantling of disability support for generations.

  2. freedom 2

    Stop teasing ..please tell us , how was the exhibition???

  3. Johnm 3

    “London: Parasites’ Paradise -(Or the Best Criminal Sanctuary Money Can Buy)”


    “The Cameron-Clegg regime demands sacrifice, austerity and belt tightening in Greece, condemning millions to destitution, suicide and desolation, even as it encourages the top 1% of Greek kleptocrats to “invest” and reside in central London’s exclusive neighborhoods. According to the IMF 56,000 Greek plutocrats are tax evaders. According to a US study of their annual income, $28 billion Euros ($36 billion USD) is unreported. Most of which is deposited in London banks or ‘invested’ in luxury property in Mayfair, Belgravia or thereabouts. If the illegal accounts were taxed or better still used to pay for the foreign debt, it would conform to Greek law, reduce the deficit and social cuts and perhaps revive the economy. But respecting Greek tax laws would mean fewer commissions for the real estate moguls at Savells, Marsh and Parsons, Knight Frank; less private accounts for HSBC and Barclay’s; less sales at the upscale art galleries; fewer patrons for the high end ‘escort’ agencies of both sexes.”

    It was in Merrill Lynch’s London Office that Shonkey roped in his Dinero pile. No prizes to guess accurately which side he’s on in the above expose of the truth about the London Financial Centre.

    “The crises? That’s for the other England outside of the City, with the wrong postal codes. Where workers crowd emergency rooms, where the poor await evictions in what were once council houses and where those who study and work can look forward to debt and dead end jobs.

    “God bless God damn London, the Parasites Paradise!”

    • muzza 3.1

      City of London is of course not part of England, I believe that much has become abundantly clear by now!

  4. Johnm 4

    Re Above comment:

    “It’s painful to listen to these stuffed shirt BBC so-called presenters. It good that Max gets on there and the planned opposition can’t do his bankster apologist routine because Max is totally on the money.

    If you notice the bankster apologist got his opening pitch in as he started to introduce his view that the fraud was spontaneous but Max closed that down, flatly disagreeing forcing the apologist to abandon his pitch and leaving the apologist into agreement with Max about too big to fail.

    The male presenter tried in vain to build a straw man argument on the necessity of banks but Max also killed that dead. It’s good to see that the BBC can no longer ignore the alternative media and that they cannot co-opt Max with pre-planned attacks.”

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      Max has money, inside first hand knowledge as a trader, and the support of Russia Today. And no time for fools. A great combo.

  5. lostinsuburbia 5

    Ha, I worked in East London. I saw daily the impacts of Cameron’s vision – which built on Blair’s efforts to fark the working and middle classes.

  6. muzza 6

    Remember that privilages can be given, or taken away….These are weasel words of the highest order!

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