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As usual, it’s reduced service over the summer break, unless anything big happens. We hope you’ll get a good break with those dear to you, and that we’ll have some decent weather to enjoy. And if you still need your politics fix… Open mike is your post. For announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose. Step right up to the mike…

22 comments on “Summer service: open mike 15/01/2011”

  1. Ed 1

    The links to other websites is a valuable service which I use often, but usually to a few “favourites” that I have not bothered to bookmark. I went through the “Left Blogs” list this morning:
    Fickle Cycle. Requires login
    Grant Robertson Can’t find server
    I See Red. blank screen?
    Joe Hendren Last post Nov 23, 2010?
    Life and Politics Can’t find server
    Nevermind Interesting site but why on the list?
    Policy Progress Last Post 2010?
    Proclomations of a Red Queen 404 Page not found
    Soap Box Last Post June 2011?
    The Irascible Curmudgeon Last Post Jun 30, 2010
    The Stroppery Requires Login

    The sites from this list I go to most often: No Right Turn, Red Alert, Frogblog, Tumeke, Bowalley Road – and I will look more often now to Waitakere News

  2. pollywog 3

    pollywog is no more…

    he will have become a trusty shellback upon his possible return

    live long and prosper !!!

  3. Jackal 4

    Jazmine Heka – Hero of the Week

    With so much bad news these days, it’s nice to read something positive for a change…

    • David H 4.1

      It was in stuff as well. Pity, as usual no comments allowed.

      For gods sake I am NOT a Spambot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny 4.2

      Jazmine Heka – Hero of the generation.

      Who now can claim that rangatahi are not interested in politics.

      • seeker 4.2.1

        Have just come from stuff where I read about Jazmine and her amazing courage and stunning drive to DO something having seen Bryan Bruce’s gruelling documentary on child poverty, and she did! She has started a petition and sensibly outlined what she is petitioning for:

        *free health care for all children whenever they need it
        *free healthy school lunches for all children
        *a warrant of fitness for rented homes

        She has also drawn up a children’s charter and started a facebook page for her
        campaign. Her email address is childrenagainstpoverty@hotmail we wish to contact her.

        What a wonderful name for her movement- children against poverty-CAP, and what a wonderful thing to do and yet only 16!
        They do say,.”out of the mouth of babes”, today I can say that is so true! Thankyou Jazmine, great stuff. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the fight back against the suffering so many of our children endure. It says a lot that it has to be a child that has to take matters into their own young hands to get the ball rolling. I hope the government begins to feel shame, find their missing souls and get on and help this young girl and all our young who need their support.


    “Ill wind blows hint of more supercity plans
    By Deborah Coddington 5:30 AM Sunday Jan 15, 2012″

    Remember folks, how the Auckland $UPERCITY was going to benefit residents and ratepayers through the purported ‘economies of scale’ that were to evolve through the (forced) abolition of the Auckland Regional Council, the Auckland, North Shore, Manukau and Waitakere City councils, and Franklin, Papakura and Rodney District Councils and replacement by the ‘$UPERCITY’ Auckland Council ?

    So – how come rates went UP not DOWN in 2011 – the first year of this ‘corporate takeover’ of the Auckland region? (Friday May 20, 2011)

    “Auckland Council rates will rise by 3.7%, much lower than originally proposed, mayor Len Brown announced this afternoon”

    Some of us have for years, been ‘blowing the whistle’ till our eyeballs have bled (as it were) in trying to let the public know whose interests have really been served by this forced amalgamation (‘reorganisation’) of of the Auckland region, in which residents and ratepayers from Franklin to Rodney were denied our lawful right to a binding vote, to which we were supposed to be entitled (s.24 Local Government Act 2002, Schedule 3 s.49)

    Schedule 3
    Reorganisation of local authorities

    ss 5(1), 24(2), 25(3)–(4), 26(3), 27(2)
    Part 1
    Reorganisation proposals
    Subpart 1—Initiation of reorganisation proposals

    49 Polls must be held

    (1) If a draft reorganisation scheme has been approved under clause 46, a poll of electors on the proposal that the reorganisation scheme proceed must be held in each district or region that is directly affected by the scheme.

    (2) Despite subclause (1), no poll of electors must be held on a reorganisation scheme that deals solely with 1 or more of the matters listed in clause 40(2)(b), (c), or (d).

    (3) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, a poll under this clause must be held under the Local Electoral Act 2001 and the provisions of that Act apply, with any necessary modifications, to the conduct of the poll.

    (4) For the purposes of subclause (1), a district or region is directly affected by a reorganisation scheme if—

    (a) the scheme provides for the abolition of that district or region; or
    (b) the scheme provides for the union of the whole of that district or region with all or part of another or other districts or regions; or
    (c) the scheme provides for the constitution of a new local authority whose district or region will include the whole of that district or region; or
    (d) the scheme provides for the constitution of a new local authority whose district or region will include part of that district or region; or
    (e) the scheme provides for the exclusion of an area from that district or region.
    Compare: 1974 No 66 s 37ZZZE

    Of course the Local Government (Tamaki Makaurau) Reorganisation Act 2009, railroaded through Parliament by the 2008 National/ ACT Coalition Government, trampled over the above-mentioned democratic rights of Aucklanders to a binding VOTE on whether or not the majority of us wanted this ‘corporate controlled’ organisation – or not.

    The John Key-led 2008 National Government effectively lied to the voting public and did NOT keep their 2008 election promise on the Auckland ‘Supercity’:

    ” National will:

    • Support the Royal Commission providing an opportunity for people within the Auckland region to express their views about the structures that will best achieve the goals set out above.

    • Consult with Aucklanders once the findings of the commission are known.”

    Yeah right.

    For more information – I recommend you check out

    If YOU believe that the public majority should benefit from OUR public monies (rates and taxes) – not the corporate beneficiary minority – I strongly recommend you take all possible steps to STOP the Wellington (or any other) $UPERCITY!

    Penny Bright
    [email deleted]

    • RedLogix 5.1


      This time you are barking up the wrong tree.

      Fran Wilde is working for something fundamentally different to the Auckland City monolithic city.

      It clearly proposes a two-tier city with a stronger ‘Regional Council’ dealing with those functions like transport and water which do gain from efficiencies of scale… while at the same time clearly retaining existing local councils to do the things they do best at a local level.

      It’s quite a different critter to Rodney Hide’s monster. I strongly suggest you do some more research on this one. Please.

      • Penny Bright 5.1.1


        Is Fran Wilde proposing to ‘CUT OUT THE CONTRACTORS’?

        How many services that used to be provided ‘in-house’ by Councils in the Wellington region have now been contracted out to the private sector?

        Where is the EVIDENCE that the use of consultants and private contractors is a more cost-effective use of public monies than former in-house provision?

        In my considered opinion ‘efficiency’ is just corporate-speak for ‘we want to get our filthy hands on it’?


        Penny Bright
        [email deleted]

        • millsy

          This obsession with ‘contracting out’ has costed and is costing this country dearly. Taking services in house will result in a) a better standard of service, and b) better wages and conditions for workers.

        • RedLogix

          Is Fran Wilde proposing to ‘CUT OUT THE CONTRACTORS’?

          Yes. Fran is committed to a public service in-house model.

          Where is the EVIDENCE that the use of consultants and private contractors is a more cost-effective use of public monies than former in-house provision?

          There is none. Capacity which is the CCO owned by Wellington and Lower Hutt to distribute water is a very poorly functioning organisation.

          In my considered opinion ‘efficiency’ is just corporate-speak for ‘we want to get our filthy hands on it’?

          Couldn’t agree with you more. And so would Fran. She’s on your side with this one… and is the one you should be backing.

          • Penny Bright


            “Ms Wilde stressed no-one funded the discussion paper.

            “Auckland has given the issue an extra urgency – it used to be the basket case of local government in New Zealand, now they have their act together and have a level of engagement with the government and private sector no other council in Wellington could get right now.” ”

            Not convinced – sorry.

            In Auckland – we have a corporate takeover and the Auckland region is effectively being run by big business for big business.

            The mechanism is Council Controlled Organisations – CCOs – run by unelected Boards of appointed businesspeople.

            Is Fran Wilde opposed to CCOs for water and transport?


            “Council environment portfolio leader Celia Wade-Brown said there was no council agenda to introduce water meters though Kerry Prendergast and Fran Wilde were convinced they are the way to go.”

            If Fran Wilde supports water meters for residential ratepayers, and user-charges for water (and wastewater) services – then there is NO WAY she is on ‘my side’.

            Penny Bright
            [email deleted]

            • Colonial Viper

              If Fran Wilde supports water meters for residential ratepayers, and user-charges for water (and wastewater) services – then there is NO WAY she is on ‘my side’.

              You’re not going to be enable households to understand and manage their very precious residential potable water use without the ability to monitor it. And you won’t be able to support households who minimise their use of water compared to the households who waste their water.

            • RedLogix

              Metering has been discussed…. but at present there is relatively little motivation to progress it. It would cost about $90m to meter every household in the four cities to produce about a 10-15% drop in consumption. Not actually very good value for money… there are much cheaper ways of sourcing equivalent volumes.

              Consumption has been dropping quite nicely anyway. Education, garden mulching, low flow shower heads and dual flush toilets have produced quite good results. In fact consumptions have hit record lows recently.

              So while metering is one logical way to reduce demand, for the reasons CV outlines, the motivation to progress it just isn’t there at the moment.

              • The FACTS are that water metering is the first step in the introduction of volumetric user-charges for water services. First for water – then wastewater has been the Auckland experience.

                Using the excuse of water metering to stop waste – the REAL reason behind volumetric charging is to drop rates for those living in high value properties and commercial customers.

                In Auckland City in 1997, when Metrowater, the commercialised, profit-making ‘Local Authority Trading Enterprise (LATE) water services company was forced upon residents and ratepayers the introduction of volumetric ‘user-charges’ for wastewater, was accompanied by a 20% reduction in property rates.

                20% of an elephant is far more than 20% of a mouse (as it were).

                So – those living in the highest valued properties got the biggest rates reductions, while those living in low value properties, particularly those with large families ended up with crippling water services charges.

                Many poorer families particularly with a lot of kids who NEEDED to use more water ended up with Metrowater bills which annually were higher than those for their property rates.

                Metrowater’s ‘wastewater’ charge was based upon an arbitrary figure twhich ‘guesstimated’ that 75% of incoming water would end up as wastewater.

                Wastewater is not metered. (You can’t measure wastewater because of the ‘lumps’ as it were).

                Auckland City already had water meters.

                When Papakura District Council privatised their water services in 1997, under a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) with United Water (owned at that time by water multinationals
                Vivindi and Thames Water – now Veolia) volumetric charges for wastewater were set at 80% of incoming water.

                The Water Pressure Group was founded in 1998, in opposition to the commercialisation of water services through the establishment of the LATE Metrowater (which was the local government equivalent of a State-Owned Enterprise), and opposition to user-charges, first for wastewater charges – then water charges.

                We opposed the Rogernomic$ ‘commecialise, corporatise – PRIVATISE’ model for the operation and management of water serives, and volumetric ‘user-charges’ as the means for paying for water services.

                The Water Pressure Group believes that the cost of the service of bringing water to households and the removal of wastewater should be more equitably shared across the community as a proportion of property-based rates.

                User-charges for water services disproportionately burden poorer families compared with wealthier families, and as such violate the basic human right to water.

                The right to water is accepted by the United Nations as a basic human right, as follows:



                General Comment No. 15 (2002) The right to water (Articles 11 and 12 of the International Covenant on Economic,Social and Cultural Rights) 26 November 2002.

                1. Water is a limited natural resource and a public good fundamental for life and health. The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights

                2. The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses.

                8. Environmental hygiene, as an aspect of the right to health under article 12(2)(b) of the Covenant, encompasses taking steps on a non-discriminatory basis to prevent threats to health from unsafe and toxic water conditions.

                For example, States parties should ensure that natural water resources are protected from contamination by harmful substances and pathogenic microbes.

                10. The right to water contains both freedoms and entitlements. The freedoms include the right to maintain access to existing water supplies necessary for the right to water, and the right to be free from interference, such as the right to be free from arbitrary disconnections or contamination of water supplies.

                11. The elements of the right to water must be adequate for human dignity, life and health, in accordance with Articles 11(1) and 12. The adequacy of water should not be interpreted narrowly, by mere reference to volumetric quantities and technologies.

                Water should be treated as a social and cultural good, and not primarily as an economic good.

                27…. Any payment for water services has to be based on the principle of equity, ensuring that these services, whether privately or publicly provided, are affordable for all, including socially disadvantaged groups.

                Equity demands that poorer households should not be disproportionately burdened with water expenses as compared to richer households.”

                Penny Bright
                Media Spokesperson
                Water Pressure Group

  5. Jenny 6

    —– Original Message —– From: “October 15th Solidarity”
    Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 12:36 PM

    Tena koe, Jenny

    in one month exactly, the trial of the four remaining defendants from
    the state terror raids of 15th October 2007 will begin in the Auckland
    High Court. They have been waiting on bail for 4.5 years now and we
    continue to say: DROP THE CHARGES!

    Police raided approximately 60 houses in October 2007 as part of an
    ‘anti-terrorism’ operation targeting political activists from various
    movements. They wanted to charge 12 people under the Terrorism
    Suppression Act, however, their case is falling to pieces, bit by bit.
    What was at one point 20 defendants is now down to four: Taame, Rangi,
    Emily and Urs.

    They face a charge for ‘participating in an organised criminal group’
    and various charges under the Arms Act.

    We are in the process of updating our website – – and are planning events in the
    lead-up to the trial. Public meetings in Wellington and Auckland are
    planned. Please email us if you can help with organising and
    postering. Also, we are organising a rally at court for the first day
    of trial and encourage people to come to court and observe the trial.

    Please forward this newsletter to your networks, friends and family.

  6. Jackal 7

    Rena scam warning

    There have been reports of a number of phone, online and merchandise scams for people to donate to an oiled wildlife fund for the Rena response…

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      IMO once diesel is $3/L that lignite is coming up to be liquified. Voters will demand it and politicians will give in.

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