The Incredible Silence of John Key V2.0

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I wonder if Bridges will perform better after his week of intense media training?

His silence, coming straight after a bad week, that would have attracted HDA, Hosking, Soper, Young Watkins-style surmising had it been Little, but not a single observation from the Opinionati.

National sent out the attack dog in his place, the Young Labour sexual assault debacle provided a shroud for Bridges and the appalling admission from our Defence Force Commander.

Not bad for a Left leaning media. 😉



In classic Key style and Joyce strategy, National Party spams petition signers for donations. Having done something dodgy, gain the advantage from it, they feign sincerity by apologising and promising it wont happen again. A week well spent Mr Bridges.



41 comments on “The Incredible Silence of John Key V2.0”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    A key take out from the past fortnight is that Labour will be relentlessly attacked in an MSM echo chamber of right wing blowhards for issues that Key would have been lightly scolded for (if criticized at all) before everyone “moved on” in the news cycle. The sooner Labour realizes the corporate media is the enemy, tightens it’s discipline, and launches an information counter-attack the better. The trouble is, the parliamentary party is as full of self-serving Blairites and no hoper identity politics seat fillers who simply want their comfy lifestyles maintained at all costs as it was before Jacindamania and their accidental victory.

    • tracey 1.1

      I am not sure why Labour didnt know this a long time ago.

      Simon Bridges aligned himself with someone with cerebal palsy last week despite sitting in a government that treated the disabled like second class citizens. But this was a photo op to build an image of a caring every man.

      Does he know the woman he praised needs a carer(who his lot denied more than minimum wage), lives off a basic benefit despite being born with the disability?

      • Sacha 1.1.1

        lives off a basic benefit *because* born with disability.

        ACC has been more generous in its support provision for identical levels of need to MoH/MSD for many, many years – yet successive govts have done nothing to rectify that unfairness.

        • weka

          Although ACC only offer that generosity if you were in a decently waged job at the time of the accident (I think earned a decent amount in the previous 12 months). Student, unemployed, low waged, had a bad earning year, stay at home mother/father etc and you’re still screwed. Massive class issues.

          • veutoviper

            weka – sorry to try to contact you on this thread, but have sent very long comment to OM re what we discussed last night re Green MP questions but suspect its length plus links has meant it has got stuck in moderation or spam.

            • weka

              Have released it now. There is a limit on the number of links before a comment trips the spam filter.

      • patricia bremner 1.1.2

        Tried to get publicity off her birthday walk . She said “No”.

        • Tracey

          Wanted to walk with her but instead walked tot he top so he could congratulate her.

          • Sacha

            Did the publicity-seeking bastard really not take no for an answer?

            • Tracey

              He didnt walk with her as he wanted. He just turned up. No forewarning. Wanted to do the walk. She apparently said no but was photographed with him at the top and afterwards.

    • Shona 1.2

      thank you @ Sanctuary. Have been saying the same ever since Jacindamania exploded and have been shouted down every effing time! Spineless, materialistic, and shit scared of rocking any boat that’s the Blairites modus operandi.

  2. dukeofurl 2

    I wonder who did the media training ?

    Some of them are also ‘commentators’. After the huf about a contractor in the PMs office also doing some commentating without ‘disclosing’ you could expect a few ‘what about isms’

  3. Tricledrown 3

    I wonder if National used Cambridge analytics.

    • tracey 3.1

      One thing is for sure they are doing exactly what they did once Key was Leader. Keep him clean, let others throw mud. Train, train, train. Family image.

      Pour info into media hands be it rumour or substance and sit back and laugh at how easy it is.

  4. JM 4

    I found it simple enough to understand the silence from Opposition. The notion is an old one…

    Give someone enough rope…and they’ll hang themselves.

    • Enough is Enough 4.1

      That is what I was thinking.

      A big criticism of the Labour opposition was they barked at every car.

      There isn’t really any need to throw fuel on the fire when the party you are trying to attack is doing a pretty good job of making themselves look silly.

      • tracey 4.1.1

        You think Collins wasnt barking?

        I would agree but for the endless stream of barking by them since the Coalition announcement.

        • Enough is Enough

          We are talking about why Bridges remained relatively quiet.

          • Tracey

            No, JM was talking about the entire Opposition

            “I found it simple enough to understand the silence from Opposition. The notion is an old one…”

        • Andrea

          Who listens to chihuahuas nutting off when a mouse goes by?

    • tracey 4.2

      The silence from Bridges. All week. Not the same as silence from the Opposition. Afterall Collins wasnt silent.

      The Nats are, however, past masters at having others do the barking for them.

      • JM 4.2.1

        Not sure what your angle is – but if Bridges spoke out – it would only draw attention away from Labour’s week from hell, why would he do that when the media coverage of such allegations would take care of itself?

        They always have Question Time this week to voice the matters directly if they want Labour to feel some extra heat (which I’m sure they will).

        • Tracey

          Couldn’t shut him up for weeks… and yet Collins spoke out…

          • JM

            Sorry, still not sure what you are insinuating. I get the feeling Bridges loses either way in your eyes.

            1. Bridges says something – he’s a w*nker and a hypocrite.
            2. Bridges says nothing – he’s a w*nker and has gone into hiding.

            Might as well have just posted those 2 options and be done with it.

            • Baba Yaga

              Reading some here write about the LoTO voluntarily remaining silent is hilarious, given the number of Government Ministers in witness protection!

            • Tracey

              I cannot help you with reading comprehension.

  5. adam 5

    Isn’t great our army kills civilians, and the corporate media does reporting job for a week –
    which undercuts the rights of victims here in New Zealand.

    I’m surprise some on the left are finally releasing we live in a truly nasty country. Liberalism, when it’s pulled back to it’s core, like the neoliberal experiment has provided. Is selfish, nasty, vindictive, and down right petty system of economics and governance.

    It is doubly so without Christianity or Socialism curtailing the excesses of this liberal capitalism. We now live in an age where people are considered worthless, unless they can be manipulated. Working people are the enemy who must be crushed. And cupidity is the new God.

    I’m afraid that the new government will get nowhere confronted with; a hostile media, a hostile civil service, and a hostile military hierarchy.

    • Andrea 5.1

      “without Christianity or Socialism curtailing the excesses ” You must have missed the Industrial Revolution. Sunday School and a six day working week for the kids in the factory. The mine kids got less.

      Christianity’s like democracy – often promoted and very rarely practised.

  6. cleangreen 6

    Labour need a strong leader to counter National as they had with Key.

    I see Bridges as “a caretaker” for Judith their “strong leader to come.

    So Jacinda should get strong or move over to allow another strong leader to take control of an errant caucus.

    At least helen Clark was a strong leader why isn’t jacinda?

    Jacinda has a wild card caucus now.

    She was ignorant as we see that the National Party has already got their own “operatives” inside her cabinet now as Shane jones (who jioned the National Government as a Pacific Island representative years ago,) has already showed us this.

    We now see when Jacinda is busy signing off TPP or giving money to other countries the national Party “black ops” will strike to damage her.

    My advice to her now is; she needs to take a firm control so all her ministers must step up while she is “absent here”.

    But Jacinda now needs to get real and re-organise her cabinet soon!!!!!

    Because her ministers like Shane jones ” are now failing her sadly as Shane Jones is an arrogant man that will not meet the community groups and pushes his often right wing policies now since his Gisborne “fuck-up speech “when he said “I have not seen any support for rail”!!!!!!!!!

    Is he an idiot??????

    Our community has for a very long time been calling for Winston Peters policy to re-open our rail to be adopted by this labour NZF coalition!!!!!!
    But Shane Jones is appearing to be deaf it seems, and so far is unresponsive to our repeated requests to his office to meet us but still wont meet with us on this.

    Shane Jones needs to be ‘sorted’ by Jacinda now.

    • Tracey 6.1

      Clark was flayed by the media when she first became leader. Collins will settle for not being Leader provided she get to be a Minister again. They have reinvented Bridges as Key, is my point. English couldn’t pull it off… and neither would Collins. But she is a great attack dog which makes the new Leader look calm and kind

  7. Stuart Munro 7

    Bridges was much too aggressive – his coaches will be trying to morph into a trustable smiling tiger.

  8. red-blooded 8

    Ardern is doing a stunning job as leader. While I agree she should have been informed about the problems at the YL camp (after all, identities didn’t need to be shared so confidences didn’t need to be broken) she’s dealt with it extremely well since it was brought to her notice.

    It may have escaped your notice that Shane Jones is a member of NZF. He’s not in the Labour caucus, and while I agree he’s a blow-hard, she has to manage her relationship with NZF. This is a genuine coalition government and that means there are going to be differences and disagreements.

    And I don’t think Collins is going to be leader of the Nats. She’s too tarnished and too divisive. Much better as a shit-stirrer than a team-leader.

    • Tracey 8.1

      Agreed. Collins gets to be abrasive and nasty which appeals to certain voters while Bridges (aka Key V2.0) gets to look moderate and kind and appeal to those that Collins doesn’t.

  9. tracey 9

    I assume the press and others will now be apoplectic about how loose National Party has been with people’s privacy, their incompetence with handling peoples privacy and the disgrace of not being able to something so simple?

    Or just back slap Bridges for “front footing” and saying “cock up” and being an all round ordinary NZer.

    • AB 9.1

      Were any of the people whose privacy was violated under 18? Were their parents told? Have the police been asked to verify that the data is now permanently deleted? Did the information captured include date of birth? Can the National Party give an assurance that the information captured will not be used to issue ‘Princess Party’ invitations and therefore be a possible conduit to give senior party National Party proxies social access to young women?

      • tracey 9.1.1

        Exactly. Am awaiting the frothing. Deceptive conduct to drum up money from people… After Bennett and Collins breaches of the Privacy Act is the National Party really expecting us to believe they don’t know about their obligation to safeguard privacy?

  10. soddenleaf 10

    Why is John Keys cousin? Look alike? riding a cycle over alike bridge in Auckland every time nz one needs to advertise itself!

  11. adam 11

    Tracey – I don’t think I’ve said.

    It’s truly wonderful to have your voice back here, long may it last. Really enjoy having your view point, and what you bring.

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