The Standard’s ten most popular blog posts of 2015

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It has been a big year for the Standard.  Page views are just short of what they were last year, which given the general election and the subsequent Labour leadership contest that then occurred is remarkable.  As at the time of writing a total of 2,106 posts have been published which is nearly six a day, every day.

It is that time of year where everything gets reviewed and may words are used to describe what happened and how it happened.

One of the best means of ascertaining the importance of news stories is to measure their relative popularity on this site and the discerning readers of this blog can be trusted to mark out what was and was not important.  And the top ten posts clearly highlight the issues that were considered important this year.  Without any further ado here they are …

Number ten was Te Reo Putake’s post on the announced review of Campbell Live and he correctly predicted that the show would be axed.  He referred to the Government’s interest free loan to Mediaworks and wondered at political involvement in the decision. The answer is pretty clear. John Campbell’s reappearance at Radio New Zealand was a pleasant consequence although the message is clear, media hold this Government to account at their peril.

Number nine was mickysavage’s post setting out the timeline of events involving Mike Sabin.  It borrowed heavily from posts made by Cameron Slater and the impression is strong that National and John Key must have known about Sabin’s difficulties before the last election.

Number eight was mickysavage’s post about the unusual case of the disappearing blog.  Traces of Cactus Kate’s blog were quietly but gradually being removed from the internet.  So preoccupied was she with getting rid of the blog that legal discussions were had with the National Library online archive which had stored a copy of the blog for posterity.  One can only wonder at the reason for all of this activity.  The subsequent discussion was highlighted by the reappearance of Cactus Kate in comments and guest appearances from Giovanni Tiso, Sacha, Matthew Hooton and many others.  At the end of the discussion Felix’s suggestion that the take down may have been to hide the evidence appeared to have touched a nerve.

Number seven was Te Reo Putake’s reporting of the daily blog post on Amanda Bailey and Key’s obsession with her ponytail.  The whole incident suggested that the Prime Minister has some unusual habits.

Number six was Anthony Robin’s post in favour of Red Peak’s inclusion in the flag referendum.  Unfortunately it did not make it past the first stage of the referendum despite its support by the Twitterati.

Number five was mickysavage’s post describing Rachel Stewart evisceration of John Key over his jock radio behaviour and his participation in a prison rape joke.  Her comment about how his behaviour represents a male culture that is toxic and all-persuasive obviously struck a chord.

Number four was Mandy Hagar’s open letter to Andrew Little setting out a proud and noisy proposal for Little to support left wing values and clearly differentiate himself from John Key.  The advice regrettably has not as yet been accepted and Labour’s polling is still not strong.

Number three was BLiP’s post on John Key’s lies since the 2014 election.  BLiP has performed outstanding work for the blogosphere in keeping track of these and this is reflected in this post’s and similar post’s popularity.  The popularity is partially explained by significant Facebook activity.

Number two was a notices and feature’s post displaying Lyndon Hood’s bleak alternative flag that was said to suit John Key’s NZ.  Again significant Facebook activity heightened its popularity.

And number one was …

Drum roll …

BLiP’s short but perfectly targeted post on COP21 and New Zealand being awarded a fossil of the day award.  It was very appropriate that in this year where climate change is recognised as such an important issue that a post on COP21 was most popular.

10 comments on “The Standard’s ten most popular blog posts of 2015”

  1. Ad 1

    – CV’s branch closure post got 425

    – Mickey’s removal of beneficiary rights got 308

    – Paris got 246

    – my Rugby one I think it was over 300.

    Just needs a hit search.

  2. Tracey 2

    Number three was BLiP’s post on John Key’s lies since the 2014 election.  BLiP has performed outstanding work for the blogosphere in keeping track of these and this is reflected in this post’s and similar post’s popularity.  The popularity is partially explained by significant Facebook activity.

    And the list didnt start at over 200 and as yet a credible rebutal of each point has yet to be made. WARNING attempts to derail this thread will be treated harshly

  3. weka 3

    New Year’s wish: the return of Felix.

  4. Paul 4

    New Year’s wish: a reduction in the number of trolls derailing this site.

    • Karen 4.1

      +1 Paul – I waste a lot of time just scrolling through looking for comments worth reading.

      My New Year’s wish is the return of Karol.

      • Macro 4.1.1

        Yes! I miss Karol’s work too. And some more from BLiP please (or am I being greedy?)
        Actually I enjoy reading all the posts from all authors .
        Thank you all, and all the very best for the New Year.
        And a very special big thank you to Mickey, LPrent, and RoB who between them carry out a huge role for The Standard, which I have been reading since – Oh! I don’t know how long. The Standard v1 was required reading in our house before it’s demise, and when v2 came along – well …..

      • Once was Tim 4.1.2

        “My New Year’s wish is the return of Karol.”

        +1 Karen ….. although I gave up on the futility of New Year’s wish lists years ago, and I think I know why she probably thinks there’s more to life.
        (There might actually be a hint of ONE of the reasons for her decision above …. somewhere between 2 and 4.1. Uphill. Shitting. Push. after a while can become a pointless exercise – unless you’re into scat)

      • greywarshark 4.1.3

        +2 Paul
        There are just too many trolls and RW concreteheads who slink in here and the regulars need to be rested for a month at a time. Then the new ones can be recognised for what they are then either burn themselves out, find another trivia game to amuse themselves, with or go in the resting rotation line.

        Then I could look down at the comments and see a mass of names whose comments I want to read. Thanks Joe90 for always having something that is good, with links, and keep me up with the latest ploys of the political gameplayers. And of course BLIP with his indefatigible? list with links.

    • David H 4.2

      New years wish:
      Labour grow a pair. and start to use their heads and Mandy’s open letter. Start to seriously hold Key and is merry band of thieving minions to account in the house. And if that means a never ending line of Labour politicians to the privileges committee the so be it.

      At the moment my Vote’s out there for a party to grab just need to get my attention with some good well thought out POLICY. The unfortunate thing about this is that the Nats steal everything that’s not nailed down and that looks nice n shiny.

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