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Can someone remind me which party Stuart Nash belongs to?

The Herald yesterday said that Matthew Hooton, hardly a left winger, had arranged a fundraiser for Nash at the Northern Club, hardly a left wing stronghold.  The Herald said:

Labour MP Stuart Nash pulled the pin on his own fundraiser at the Northern Club today, saying it would be inappropriate to attend because of the involvement of right-wing lobbyist Matthew Hooton.

Hooton is an old friend of Nash’s and had been involved in organising the fundraiser of about 20 of Nash’s friends since 2014.

Nash’s decision came after the Herald learned the $1000-a-head lunch was also a fundraiser for Hooton.

Nash said his decision to pull out was because Hooton had criticised Labour and his fellow Labour Minister David Parker in recent days over the ban on foreign buyers in New Zealand – criticism Parker has said was unwarranted.

It was more than criticism.  Hooton basically defamed Parker. This is why the Herald pulled the story, presumably after Parker objected.

The reporting implies that Nash may still have attended the fundraiser if the Herald had not learned about it.

Nash has an interesting history.

He is mates with Cameron Slater. Just read any blog post of Slater’s that does not also include Judith Collins and see how positively he is treated.

He was implicated in an attempt by Simon Lusk to set up a centrist party. Friends of Lusk paid $20,000 to investigate the possiblity. Nash said he torpedoed the idea and did not know about it until the report had been prepared.  Troy Bowker, the person behind the report, disagrees and says Nash told them to see him when the report was completed. Why Nash was having anything to do with one of the people most implicated in Dirty Politics is hard to understand.

He was also implicated in the attempt by Josie Pagani to set up a right wing faction within the Labour Party.

More recently as Fisheries Minister he made the alarming decision to slow down and possibly stop the implementation of monitoring cameras on fishing boats. Talley’s must have been very pleased with that decision. Cabinet considers this decision next week.

The fundraiser was for the Napier Labour Party. Maybe they should stick to chook raffles instead.

9 comments on “The Stuart Nash fundraiser”

  1. Nick K 1

    The fundraiser was for the Napier Labour Party.

    Yeah, of course it was. LMAO.

  2. koreropono 2

    Nothing surprises me about Labour politicians (or indeed most politicians). I’ve long suspected that the Labour party has been nfiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing, been thinking that since Labour embraced Rogernomics with a passion. Still, if any of the OP is true then Labour probably should have another clean out.

  3. Bill 3

    Sorry, but I can’t be outraged over the fact that some NZ Labour MPs are in bed with weird right wing types and their machinations. It’s kind of expected or predictable given the ‘lean’ of NZ Labour as a party.

  4. One Anonymous Bloke 4

    Nash answered some of these allegations in 2014:

    …the Nats are playing ‘divide and rule’ politics with candidates like Kel and I when they link our names to Lusk and Whaleoil.

    Joyce in particular, Key in the past and now Finlayson, have all linked my name to such rubbish. Whaledump, however, has come out and said that he has nothing on me…

    If we allow their lies to become truths then they have won that battle. Personally, I couldn’t care less what Finlayson, Joyce or Key say about me, but it does surprise me when Labour people start believing their rhetoric, because it means that their lines are beginning to get cut-through…

    I’m reflexively suspicious of the fisheries decision, and then:

    Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage has been investigating bycatch in the fishing industry and said there were other methods that could improve sustainability.

    ..and yeah, what Bill said.

  5. dukeofurl 5

    I can see this whole story being pulled before Sunday midday… much as the Herald did to the one on Parker.

  6. dukeofurl 6

    “He is mates with Cameron Slater. Just read any blog post of Slater’s that does not also include Judith Collins and see how positively he is treated.”

    That is only because it was Lusk who wrote all the HB stories.
    There was no way Slater cared or new much about dairying pollution in HB rivers or would be very opposed to the HBRC dam project – which Nash also opposed.

    Until recently when authors were given their own by lines/nom de plumes, the author name Whaleoil was shared by different people.

    Think of it as a ‘collective’, but one ruled by a tyrant

  7. Chris 7

    Odgers always spoke highly of nash. If someone as filthy as odgers speaks highly of anyone then that anyone is just as filthy. That’s how she rolls – complete and utter filth.

  8. Lucy 8

    Think Labour is a bit less critical of people with generational Labour credentials – see John Kirk! I have thought Stuart Nash was OK not the brightest bulb in the cabinet and would have been a more natural fit with Shane Jones in NZF.

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