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27 comments on “Today’s DomPost cartoon”

  1. Rodel 1

    Brilliant cartoon. I assume the desolate landscape is NZ as the result of the Key/Slater connivance..

  2. Clemgeopin 2

    Scampering shady scoundrels.

    • mac1 2.1

      Certainly, in the cartoon they are in the shade of Little.

      And blighted landscape. What a vision of how NZ is for many.

  3. Skinny 3

    With the rise in popularity of Andrew Little, and the fortunes of Labour increasing expect National to turn hard right with the introduction of measures that will be hard to change once Labour & the Greens take office in 2017.

    • aerobubble 3.1

      Key was a currency broker, his job was to put two interested parties together who wanted to trade currency, his whole goal was to make profit. And this is his weakness, that he cant unlearn his profit seeking or his imptessive ability to get along with people even if they lose from the relationship. Key is after all a bad leader when it comes to nation building, and NZ has been seeing more and more of him, they are now learning leadership is more than growth, more than likeability. Leadership is all about hard questions like housing, homelessness, about after dairy, its about long term Chinese mostly ownership of the full vertical chain, its about the skewed tax system that rewards wealth with more wealth while ignoring any citizen not wealthy.
      A while back students had to borrow to get a degree, they entered the housing markey later, or left for overseas, so demand for new homes dropped, those who got by without degrees had more choice due to the stripping of NZ of it brightests. Now the trends have turned, those getting by are hard up against with little choice, and government has inherited its own doings, failure to invest because in part it pushed kiwis overseas. So its a duty on government to rebuild the housing stock and return to providing for those who will never buy a home, with cheap affordable public housing. Greed was good when the oil flowed cheap, but the limits of resources impress upon us the need to sep in when market failures dominate. Key does not have the skill, or the positioning, or the future in his corner.

  4. Sable 4

    How funny. A good laugh to be had for sure…

  5. Tom Gould 5

    Anyone who saw the National Herald ‘black ops’ smear on Len Brown on the weekend should be preparing for their inevitable character assassination on Andrew Little, which they will be surely working on tirelessly. The problem with ‘black ops’ is that it needs constant feeding.

    • Chooky 5.1

      In the meantime Bomber Bradbury is in pursuit of Jason Ede ….because Jason holds the MASTER KEY to ‘black ops’ goings on…..WHERE IS WALLY ?….um JASON

      • Tom Gould 5.1.1

        Is anyone chasing down the other one, de Joux, who was apparently running the show in Key’s office? Isn’t he now the head of ‘government and industry’ relations with Air NZ? Do they use Garrick Graham’s new PR firm, or the others implicated, or Slater for that matter? Or have they in the past? Has anyone asked? Isn’t the taxpayer is still a significant shareholder, a majority shareholder?

    • Once Was Tim 5.2

      “Anyone who saw the National Herald ‘black ops’ smear on Len Brown on the weekend should be preparing for their inevitable character assassination on Andrew Little,”
      You can see signs of it already. Let’s just hope the LP’s ‘apparachicks’? are up to the task – I’m not that confidant on past record – HOWEVER maybe Little is up to the task on his own.

      Generally though, I think ‘the right’ are at least starting to get a wiff of fear, globally (the South American ‘problem of a shift left), trans-nationally (NZ’s big brutha OZ’s anti-Abbot shift), nationally (sleepy Hobbits beginning to awaken), and locally (be it Campbell Live on Wairarapa differentiation or Ron Mark, or Paekakariki hippies awakening from their pot nflicted stupour).
      Even that trout and Douglas worshipper Fran Wilde is desperately trying to make up stories and get people on side over things like a Wgtn Super-city – her hypocsrisy astounds me actually. (The latest being that anti-supercityists are merely trying to protect their jobs – as untrue as that is – she is one that is capable of educating those that might be in the various techniques).

      Still a few things that worry me though about Labour (and the “left” generally) – such as they still haven’t quite clicked to the need for media reform (check out CBB head’s critique of NZoA funding mechanisms, and Ruth Harley’s views).

      Geez – another rave is coming on – so time to exit, but FFS Labour and Left – seize the fucking day! Who the fuck are Crosby Textor and cameron Slator anyway – they’ll scatter like squealing pigs when the heat goes on

  6. Chooky 6

    Matthew Hooton on ninetonoon suggesting John Key may consider resigning over the summer holidays after consultation with his family

    (imo …seems like a reasonable option to resign after winning a third election….and the rest of the next three years is likely to be hiding to no where for John Key and Nact… culminating with defeat for John Key !… Andrew Little winning the next General Election with a Labour/ Green coalition)

    • vto 6.1

      that would confirm my long held belief that John Key is a coward

      • Tom Gould 6.1.1

        Even Bernie Madoff knew when the game was up.

        • Skinny

          Give Madoff a bit more credit than Key, Bernie swindled many of his greedy rich mates ahead of Joe public. Where as slippery John has lined his mates pockets at the expense of the average Joe & Joanna Lunchbox Kiwi’s.

    • tc 6.2

      family = corporate backers, US interests etc who will decide if it’s time then call in CT for the rinse/spin cycle.

      Given his dislike of fronting any bad news he can’t attribute as someone else’s fault Billy boy will be doing his best scrooge routine around the single track dairy cow direction the economy’s heading in.

    • b waghorn 6.3

      He told Campbell he’d do the three years , but I’d be wrapped if that’s his last lie as prime minister.
      Might be why the PR machine is getting behind Collins.

    • les 6.4

      extreme wishful thinking…odds about 500/1.

    • Cave Johnson 6.5

      Sounds more like MH is just trying to curry sympathy for Key by floating that.
      Being PM would be quite addictive to someone with a lust for power, and not easily given up.
      If Key did want to resign without looking like a fugitive he would have to wait and hope the whole dirty politics thing died down first.

  7. Pat O'Dea 7

    Generally I agree the above cartoon is an apt depiction of Andrew Little as the new Labour Leader who hasn’t put a foot wrong in keeping the Nats on the run

    However he has one major blindspot, that he shares with John Key and that could still trip them both up.

    Press briefing;
    COP20 CMP10
    Lima, Peru
    Friday, 05 December 2014

    @ 0:01:11 Minutes

    “Now I want to show you a bit from the New York Times on line that appeared on November 30th…..”

    Even with a deal to stop the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, scientists warn, the world will become increasingly unpleasant. Without a deal, they say, the world could eventually become uninhabitable to humans.

    “To me this is a milestone that the mainstream press is using that strong language.”
    STUART SCOTT member of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group

    That even conservative mainstream media like the NYT can see the deadly threat posed by climate change, is worth remarking. Meanwhile back here in little New Zealand the two big mainstream political parties, Labour and National, share a head in the sand approach to climate change. Labour by making climate change a lowly mid row portfolio. National by outright lying about our country’s progress.

    Thank goodness for the Green Party who have just came down with the decision that Climate Change will be their leading campaign issue for the next three years. (Alongside their already agreed child poverty alleviation campaign)

    Declaration: Pat O’Dea is the Mana Movement spokesperson for climate change

  8. Red delusion 8

    get over yourselves the elections is over, every one barring politicos and left wing tragics have tuned out, nobodies on the run, no one cares it’s just all to boring like a broken record going on and on and on “…………..

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