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TPPA Protests this week – Its our future

Written By: - Date published: 9:00 am, August 13th, 2015 - 33 comments
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TPPA protest poster

Details of local activity this weekend can be found on the Its Our Future website.

33 comments on “TPPA Protests this week – Its our future”

  1. Tautoko Mangō Mata 2

    “The Trade Minister has labelled those against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “politically irrelevant” and says he wants the “basic political deal” of it done by the end of July.”

    Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/trade-minister-anti-tpp-activists-politically-irrelevant-2015063009#ixzz3idkNU3md

    We need to show up Tim’s arrogance by turning out in big numbers. See you on the streets on Saturday.

  2. save NZ 3

    Lets hope this is not true – posted yesterday on

    esoteric pineapples 6
    12 August 2015 at 8:53 am
    A TPPA march is being organised for Featherston this Saturday but I was disappointed to learn from the organiser that the Wairarapa branch of the Labour Party has decided not to support it as they believe the the TPPA won’t be signed anyway.

    If it is true – what a joke – no wonder Labour can’t win an election – they petition against the TPPA – but then it is not clear what their position is, then fail to turn up to the TPPA March, in case it might not be signed anyway.

    No wonder the Nats keep getting in. The public need more than slick speeches and a Maybe approach to every policy from Labour – It’s NatLite – done badly.

    • AmaKiwi 3.1

      + 1

      However, I have heard zero from my local Labour MP nor my local Greens.

      I am getting on the phone ASAP to find out what the f*^k is going on.

      • AmaKiwi 3.1.1

        I have just made phone calls and sent emails to Labour MPs urging them to use their mailing and phone lists to get participation for Saturday.

        I ask all of you connected to Labour or Greens to do the same.

        We should have been flooded with notices and reminders all this past week. It’s not too late to do it now.

        Start phoning and emailing ASAP. Please, please, please.

        • save NZ

          +1 – What the F is going on indeed.

          They finally have an issue where the public are overwhelmingly concerned that they can focus on like TPPA, but still getting in the media over rubbish (Greens and Rugby hours) and Labour sent this to me recently

          Our election strategy is nearing completion. We are finding volunteers and building our fighting fund to counter National’s campaign.
          Now, we need to deliver Labour’s message of a New Zealand in which everyone can live the Kiwi dream to as many homes as possible. It’s a message of good jobs, health, housing and education, and a prosperous future for all.
          We’re planning to print 1 million postcards and deliver them to 1 million homes all around New Zealand – getting our plans in front of millions of people – but we can’t print them without your help.
          Sarah, chipping in just $10 can help us get postcards into 500 homes – putting our message in front of over a thousand people. Even just $2 will get postcards into 100 homes.

          Sorry giving hard earned money to Labour for impersonally delivered Postcards is probably not the action that is going to win the heart and minds of voters!! What the F is a post card going to do?

          They have too many marketers in Labour and not enough common sense and willingness to actually do something on the streets as individual MP’s.

          • AmaKiwi

            “They finally have an issue where the public are overwhelmingly concerned”

            and 94% of New Zealanders who have an opinion about TPPA are OPPOSED.

            (Sorry, I can’t cite the source.)

            • Wayne

              Even if there is a source, it will hardly be a scientific assessment of overall public opinion. For instance I imagine hardly any of the 100,000 people who signed the anti TPP petition voted National.

              That is why John Key and Tim Groser back themselves on winning the public debate on TPP when the negotiation is complete and the actual deal is revealed. They know that most New Zealanders have not made up their minds on TPP, and will not do so until they see the actual deal.

              Of course winning the public debate is not the same as changing the minds of the 100,000 who signed the petition. That group, which will largely be Green and left Labour voters, are not convertible on hardly any issue promoted by John Key and National, unless of course it is a “motherhood and apple pie” issue, where just about everyone will have a similar view.

              TPP, and free trade generally, is not in that category. However, apparently opening bars for World Cup All Black matches is.

              • Tautoko Mangō Mata

                Some questions for you, Wayne.
                1.What if the public are not convinced by John Key and Tim Groser?
                2. When will the public see the text? Will it be 4 years after signing?
                3. Can you direct me towards the cost benefit analysis on which your support for the TPPA must be based?

                • KJT

                  John Key “thinks it is a good idea”

                • greywarshark

                  It seems to me Wayne and yek and the Nats are relying on a well-known trial and error approach.

                  A man (NACT) says he has to have sex with his latest object of desire (TPPA) before he knows whether he cares for her (or him). Then while he is conducting the trial activity, he finds that he doesn’t care, but by then – who cares.

                  If TPPA doesn’t work after the years roll on and we have learned to bow our shoulders under the weight of its strictures, the Nacts of today will be out of reach for stoning, and the aggrieved public will just have to swear and kick whatever is handiest, perhaps themselves.

              • AmaKiwi

                Wayne, the Nats have no intention of “winning the public debate” because they don’t give a damn what the public think.

                Never have. GCSB, asset sales, casino payoff, Auckland SuperCity, etc., etc., etc.

                You attack those opposed to TPPA because you can’t say one good thing about TPPA itself.

                Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

        • Jenny Kirk

          This sounds a bit odd to me. We – in the north – are certainly doing our bit to show Labour’s involvement with the Rallies and opposition to the TPPA as it stands at the moment.

          • Ian

            Labour continues to equivocate on the issue of the TPPA and so no united, coherent campaign against it, is not possible. They still seem to think it might have some redeeming features and so want to bet both ways on it. It reflects just how embedded neoliberal thinking is in the NZLP. Chris Trotter’s article in that other blog is on the money. Labour need to either reaffirm their commitment to ‘free trade’ (a liberal/neo-liberal notion in itself) and get behind the TPPA negotiations, or outright oppose it. They have the political courage to do neither. Its political chickenshit and will cost them (us) dearly

    • greywarshark 3.2

      That Labour committee – like a soggy scrap of paper towel, not even the whole piece.

  3. save NZ 4

    100,000 signature Anti TPPA petition handover

  4. Detrie 5

    Here’s a superb overview from the US democratic senator. Seems US workers and legal system is getting screwed over too. Only Corporates and wealthy shareholders benefit. Nothing in it for the working class or small businesses.

    Did you also see John Key on BBC recently, expressing his optimism over this? As a multi-millionaire moneyman himself, he’s likely got shares in these same corporates.

    Selfishness, greed and inflated egos drives it all.

    • Detrie 5.1

      That US senators (democrat) view of TPP. She asks the key question. Who will benefit?

      A pity Obama isn’t this smart.

  5. AmaKiwi 6

    New Zealand, have I got a deal for you.

    600 of the world’s most successful arms dealers, drug peddlers, environmental rapists, polluters, genocidal killers, and sweat shop owners are making you an offer you can’t refuse. Because if you refuse our Hollywood p.r. machine will obliterate any honest politicians you have left.

    Trust us, you don’t need to see this contract before you sign it.

    Yours sincerely,

    ExxonMobil, Monsanto, BP, Nike, Warner Brothers, Lockheed, JP Morgan, on behalf of your multinational friends we wish ourselves a brighter future.

  6. Tautoko Mangō Mata 7

    Here is some info on some of the corporations mentioned by AmaKiwi.

    An international trade tribunal has ordered Ottawa to pay ExxonMobil and another oil company $17.3 million, following a complaint that the companies were required to spend money in Newfoundland and Labrador on research and development.
    The oil companies fought the federal government in a trade challenge brought under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    “Not really much to say on this one, except check out this brilliant graphic (source) that shows the links between Monsanto and US Congress.”

    “Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE), a company sometimes associated with inexpensive Asian labor, has pledged to bring 10,000 jobs to the U.S. if the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership “trade” deal is approved. “
    This is only “near 1 percent of its 1 million workforce, most of which is located in Vietnam”.

  7. Karen 8


    American citizens living in NZ have been emailed by the US Consulate to warn them not to take part in TPPA protests tomorrow because the protests could be violent! See Dimsie’s twitter:

    Heavy D and the Boyz ‏@dimsie 13h13 hours ago
    The US Consulate just emailed me, as a US citizen, to warn me about the possible threat to my safety posed by the anti-TPPA march. AHAHAHA.

  8. save NZ 9

    Post on Facebook to see if Labour and Green MP’s are going to be on the Marches.

    Is Andrew Little too busy?
    Will Metiria be there?

    I’m pretty sure Russell Norman is going:)

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