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If you’re still undecided, www.onthefence.co.nz is a cool little website that will help. You choose three issues that matter to you and how much you agree with two opposing statements on each those three issues – and it’s done with cute sheep graphics. The website then matches your priorities and the three parties that best fit them.

5 comments on “Undecided? Try this website”

  1. lprent 1

    Just watch out for it’s reported tendency to sit on the fence and tell always you that you should be voting for United Future (who does vote for them?)

    There was a rather long conversation in OpenMike about it a few days ago

    • Anita 1.1

      It’s also not at all transparent about the amount of influence over the questions the group gave the National Party (through their chief pollster).

      • Bob 1.1.1

        And yet if that were true – then why was there so many criticisms that said it favored left more than right? I think it’s very easy to be cynical about something like this when you didn’t think of it first, but you’ve got to appreciate the time and effort these students have put into it. I don’t see any other third party, political commentator or even commercial entity stepping up. It’s very bold and I give them kudos for at least trying where no one else has, even if it’s lacking perfection.

  2. Natalia 2

    This is a great website!!
    The idea of having something like this out there for YOUNG people to explore their options is fantastic!!

    Its about time!!

    The greatest thing is that if you look on their facebook and twitter feeds you’ll see that they are completely open to critique, understandably as they’ve made it clear that it is a prototype and there is room for improvement.
    I went back and had a look at the negative feedback about its so called bias towards united future and such and found that since then, another party was added (as it accepted it’s invite to be a part of this website), and a few other adjustments have been made you can see the negative feedback diminishing. Not to mention the great tutorial video to let you know how to use it properly which has also been updated and it helped me.

    So I guess its just a matter of really being open to the idea of this website and like I said its about time something like this was done.

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