Worst campaign video ever?

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In a somewhat crowded field this campaign video by Repubulican Ron Desantis, who is seeking to be the next Florida Governor takes a lot of beating.

He is someone who used the phrase “monkey this up” in a barely disguised racist dog whistle when talking about his Democratic opponent.

His opponent, Democrat Andrew Gillum was backed by Bernie Sanders, spent millions less than others on the Democrat Primary campaign, has a distinctly left wing policy platform and is willing to take on the NRA by insisting that guns should not be shot in public parks.

He replied to Desantis’ comment by saying that it was straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.

His campaign video is distinctly different to Desantis’.

It is good to see the emergence of left wing community based candidates not depending on corporate finances in the United States.

And if anyone has seen a worse campaign video than Desantis’ mention it in comments.

18 comments on “Worst campaign video ever?”

  1. Ad 1

    Gillum v Desantis is a close proxy run for Sanders v Trump, since they are both heavily backed by them.

    Both have hard left and hard right policies respectively (for a US policy context).

    So there’s a fair bit riding on the result.

    • adam 1.1

      Hogwash, Gillum isn’t hard left by anyones analysis – a truly a out of touch statement Ad. You need to stop watching the 5 corporate media outlets for your news and start looking at alternative media to get some balance.

      Because you calling a social democrate hard left in the US context is radically out of touch.

      • Ad 1.1.1

        Not in a US context.
        You just don’t exist in the US political spectrum.

        • adam

          I know I’m not in the US. But I know enough people in the US ‘hardleft’ to use your term, to know your talking through a hole in your head.

          Because MSNBC call someone hard left, is hardly an endorsement of their leftism. Where as Fox news calls anyone hard left by the virtue of being civil. You need to get your head out of the corporate media analysis of the US political landscape and realise that something more is going on in the US rather than this simple, bipartisan, sound bite, 24 new cycle, corporate mythmaking you have brought into.

  2. Dennis Frank 2

    Classic freudian slip! The republican interviewed fronted it well & his advice to apologise promptly was spot on. Explain that it wasn’t intended to mean what those offended assumed it meant.

    Easy to see why some call this stuff racist despite it actually not being so – perceptive observers would suspect a freudian slip like that could only happen if there’s closet racism in the speaker.

  3. Andre 3

    This ad for the gubernatorial primaries in Georgia was a winner. So now that knuckledragger is up against Stacey Abrams, the first major party black female gubernatorial nominee. Who just might become the first black female governor ever in the US.

  4. mickysavage 4

    There is this one with an Elvis impersonator and a guy with his tshirt tucked into his pants …

  5. roy cartland 5

    The DEM one is the only one that doesn’t look like satire.

    • Andre 5.1

      Yeah, the Repug ones could be satire, if any conservatives had a detectable sense of humour. But they don’t.

  6. AB 6

    It’s likely that Republican state officials will be cranking up the voter suppression tactics. Very hard for Dems to win. But if they do win, will there be unprecedented civil strife? I’m watching in fascinated horror.

  7. Sabine 7

    ahh, can you smell that economic anxiety?

    so much economic anxiety.

  8. joe90 8

    So ingrained that they can’t help themselves.

    A county GOP official in Pennsylvania resigned on Friday, just a day after it was revealed that she repeatedly called NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem “baboons.”

    Carla Maloney, secretary of the Republican Committee of Beaver County, made the comments in a series of Facebook posts last year, according to The Beaver County Times.

    Maloney reportedly published the posts under the name Carla Belich Fueller.


    • Macro 8.1

      On the subject of republicans and their use of racial slurs –
      Here is a bit of humour from “The Shovel” over the recent controversy over Trump’s use of the “N” word.

      White House Denies Trump Used N-Word, Says President Doesn’t Know Any Words Starting With ‘N’

      A spokesperson for Donald Trump says it is impossible that the President used the N-word on the set of The Apprentice, because he doesn’t know any words starting with N.

      “The N-word simply isn’t in the President’s vocabulary,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, holding up as proof a list of the 47 words that Mr Trump knows.

      “He’s defintely racist. But let’s be clear here – the word you’re referring to has two-syllables”.

      Trump supporter Kyle Randole said he couldn’t believe the President would use that word. “I know a lot of words. But the only N-word that matters is ‘America’”.

  9. mac1 9

    Talk about kissing babies!

    The worst bit for me was the end where Desantis is described as a “conservative warrior”.

    Also he chooses to be endorsed by a President with a 60% disapproval rating!

    Otherwise he’s your bulk standard anti-immigrant, nationalistic, Trump-aligned, war-making, anti-socialist, dog-whistling racist Right wing candidate.

    Florida is a state where many blacks are disenfranchised by past criminal convictions.

    27 percent of all the disfranchised felons in the U.S. live in Florida; of those Americans who have completed all their punishments but still cannot vote, 48 percent live there. In 2016, Florida disfranchised 10.4 percent of its eligible voting-age population.

    17% of Florida’s population is Afro-American. Florida has a population of 20 million. 29% of Florida’s registered Democrat voters are Afro-American whereas 1% of registered Republicans are.

    Democrats are losing support amongst Florida’s white who are 65% of the population.

    No wonder Denaris’s stupid campaign video is not so electorally stupid.

  10. happynz 10

    I’m a registered voter in Florida’s 16th district. The incumbent, Vern Buchanan (R), is one of the richest members of the House of Representatives. On the day that the House passed a 1.2 trillion dollar tax cut Vern went out and bought himself a yacht. Vern financed the purchase of his yacht with a $5 million loan from BMO Harris Bank. BMO Harris had invested $760,000 in lobbying efforts for Congress to pass favourable tax reform.

    More on Vern’s dodgy dealings…

    In the case of Buchanan’s new yacht, the Republican’s financial disclosure forms show that the BMO Harris loan for the vessel — as well as the earlier loan for the purchase of an Embraer luxury jet airplane that can seat 10 people — were made to Buchanan’s company, Aircraft Holding and Leasing, LLC.

    Buchanan’s financial disclosure forms report that he has collected as much as $5 million in pass-through income from Aircraft Holding and Leasing since being elected to Congress in 2006. Buchanan’s 2017 disclosure forms report that he had between $1.5 million and $3.3 million of assets in a BMO Harris investment account.

    The House Ethics Committee says that it is a violation of congressional gift rules if a lawmaker “is given a loan at a below-market interest rate,” though members of Congress aren’t required to publicly disclose the terms of loans they receive.

    Our governor, Rick Scott (R) who is running for senator, somehow got elected twice as governor, even after overseeing the largest Medicare scam in US History. Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA, the hospital company that was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

    Just another day in the Sunshine State.

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